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  1. *jumps up and down like a 5 yr old* Never thought I'd bookmark a thread before but hey... I managed to snag the Posable Sonic from work (Yay for working at TRU), once Shadow comes in I'll grab him as well. These things are awesome. I like them more than the smaller ones, and mine manages to stand up ok too. *applauds JW for making an awesome fig*
  2. Maybe Mattel will pick it up, what with MK v DC coming out, and them having the DC license.
  3. Hey, I like SS as much as the next guy, but the figure is so....darn......tiny. I'm actually thinking about getting another Target Spidey and painting him up.
  4. I found the entire wave last week in the Evans, Ga. Walmart. On a sidecap. Thinking about getting another Torch just so I can have a decent looking Johnny Storm fig. WTF is up with the tiny Scarlet Spider???? Compared to the Target Spidey (which I think is all kinds of awesome) his body is lilputian, and his hands are small and girly.
  5. Friend of mine is needing the Grundy torso if anyone has an extra. He doesn't want the figure it comes with, just the torso.
  6. Much appreciated. Though I'm certain the Target toy dept folks are getting annoyed with me by now. I've been in the Evans one every day now, and have called the other one as well. I shall not rest until I have them! *raises fist* Go OCD! Woo!
  7. I've been hitting both Targets down here to no avail. One Target still has loads of Brood series in the back, and the other one hasn't gotten any more in yet.
  8. These look great, but all I found was UJ....Someone got them before I did. *shakes fist at robb* Curse you! Thanks for letting me know UJ was there though.
  9. My question is simple; What are the chances of us getting less "kid-friendly" DCUC characters (like Lobo) on an online only capacity?? The majority of the buyers of this line are adult collectors anyways, why punish us? We OCD-folk need a complete set.
  10. I've been told the Aquaman with the gold armbands is the variant, and the one with the short hair and green gloves is the normal....that true?
  11. Coming from a fan of both Marvel and DC (though I'm not a giant comic fan, I just like toys), both sides seem to have their ups and downs, story wise and toy wise. I did think the whole Superboy trying to break out making reprecussions on the whole DC world thing was a bit hokey, but its comics after all. Toy wise, both ML and DCUC are running about the same, more or less. I see tons of ML warming the pegs here, but DCUC sell out in a snap, (so much so I went ahead and ordered them online.) You can get the same range of motion with DCUC as you can with ML, and I'm sorry, but DCUC has better sculpts to them lately thanks to 4H. As for Johnny there, I wouldn't pay him any mind, his troll-fu is weak, and he'll probably be smacked down by the mighty power of Thor---I mean the mighty power of the Mods.
  12. Hey, no matter what complaints anyone has, like I said, it could always be worse....Uwe Boll could be in charge of it.
  13. Yeah, I'm gonna be the one to do it. "Oh noes!!!1!! The pictures don't look like I think they should!!!11!! DOOOOOM" Geez, so screw if the acting is great, special effects and story are all A++++++++, the costumes don't scream "I'm an old 80's cartoon", so the movie must suck. Yeah, I know, people complained about Transformers too, I liked it, and I grew up watching it AND G.I. Joe. Friend of mine is an insane TF Fan, and he liked the TF Movie. Thousands of people like it because, *gasp* it was a good movie (and b/c it wasn't done by Uwe Boll.) I know theres always gonna be the whiney "doom-sayers" whenever a "popular-franchise" movie comes out, but really, get a grip, some things do hafta be changed for the times and so they don't look, well, like an 80's cartoon. Now yes, I do also have issues with the pictures too; 1: I'm hoping that S.S. picture is only at one small part of the movie because really, how hard is it to have a ninja dress like.....a ninja??? 2: Destro does not look imposing. At all. Not even menacing. Not even counting the obvious fact that hey, no mask, Destro doesn't even look like he could hold his own in a fight. 3: I have no other complaints, the G.I. Joes should have updated logical military type garb, and not be running around in their street clothes. >>>>>Commence bashing of me.......wait for it......wait........now<<<<<
  14. I just got my case from BBTS as well. And I too recieved the classic Aquaman and classic Firestorm. I was also relieved to see both blue and red supes in there, no need to hunt for anything from this wave now. When did you two order your case from BBTS?? When I went there to order it, it has it listed for preorder. *hugs knees* I want my toys!
  15. All I wanna know is how they're justifying charging that much for something that is normally only 9.99.
  16. Anyone still seeing these in store?? We didn't get any of them in Augusta AT ALL. And I can't afford to pay online scalper prices to get the wave, and I'm running out of ideas on how to get it.
  17. What is the "D&R Lineups"? I find myself addicted to these now, and wanna try to snag at least one of each.
  18. *drools* Preeeety. Now I need the #'s for these things so I can track them down when they start showing..... *rubs hands together maliciously*
  19. I bolded the letters, but they were made capital by the CSR. As for the initial email, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, and maybe they'd end up being all "well i checked and there is one in the warehouse", much akin to asking any retail employee if theres any cases in the back. As for the "coincidence" of it appearing, I don't really believe in coincidences quite that much. I've regularly (almost daily) checked at HTS for that figure to no avail, then I bring it to their attention and it appears? Enh. As for my 2nd email, yeah, I was a little arsenine, but since I've had countless times where I've asked one store associate about something and been told that there weren't any in the store (even the back), then asked another more helpful one (from the same dept) and had the helpful one find it, so you can see my aggravation. But, regardless of how much of an arse a customer is, they are just that; a CUSTOMER. I work in retail, and no matter how rude a customer is to me, I'm still polite and do what I'm supposed to, and not tell the customer "F-you." If it were the same CSR that responded to all my emails, then their ignorance is apparent with their badly veiled message to me, so my assumption of incompetance (sp?) seems correct to me. Either way, as long as I get my toy, I'm happy. Augusta sucks for toy hunting.
  20. Yeah, even I found it horribly amusing, but sheesh. So is HTS actually seperate from Hasbro themselves?? That would be kinda odd. Though then I could complain to hasbro as well. (not like they'd really do much either.)
  21. well, i have the original email as well and could happly take a picture of it as well.
  22. I'm pasting the original email I sent, the reply I got, the reply to that from me, and then the incriminating email I just got where a Hasbro customer service rep tries to get away with slyly hiding letters in their reply to tell me "F-You." Except it has all the letters. I plan on calling them up as well to complain, and I thought about letting the BBB and some newsy types know about a toy company pulling stuff like this. Reply from Hasbro----------- And the "reply" in question I recieved minutes ago, all copied and pasted, with the not-so-cryptic letters bolded: (mods, if the bolding of the letters is iffy as being a no-no, tell me and i'll un-bold 'em) I mean, seriously. Someone should not be working at customer service.
  23. Don't know how many people are still hunting for this one, but according to http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/ProductsByCat...=19282&PG=1 it is available for buying.
  24. Looks great! Though every time I see Nimrod, I get the craving for marshmallow peeps....
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