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  1. I don't see how that makes any difference to the topic or what your graphic depicted? Al Gore's wife Tipper was behind the whole issue of rating CD's back in the 80's and blaming MTV for the corruption of our youth. Obama has threatened to censor FOX news and Conservative radio over Conservative voices like Limbaugh and Hannity and trying to put a strangle hold on them. Atheists seem to have their way when trying to USE our Constitution to remove Christianity from public SIGHT altogether, all the while boasting about how obscene content is PROTECTED by it. They spread constant fear tactics over global warming in an effort to CONTROL our life styles and bankrupt those that contribute HIGHLY to Conservative causes (big corporations tend to lean Right) and while they claim a woman has a right to chose the DEATH of another life growing inside of her, they kick and scream about terrorists being held in Gitmo or the death sentence of a mass MURDERER!! #WTF# Hell, even the whole GAY issue isn't about telling any homosexual HOW to live their lives, it's more about just telling them how they're are LIVING, and if that doesn't bother THEM, then I guess they're FREE to live it jsut as they WANT? There's no "control" in that, but maybe for a refusal to open up the institution of marriage to include same-sex partners. I'd safely say that if there's any CONTROL freak-a-zoids out there in the big bad world of living in the U.S....it's coming more from the LEFT than it is the RIGHT! ANYWAY! If the graphic shows slaves (from our history) being whipped by southern democrats and Jews (from our history) being led to the gas chambers by Nazi's, then i don't see how my graphic of the Christians (from our history) being fed to the lions...is not admissible as evidence in YOUR court? Let's try and address the whargarbl. Again, let me put it simply. Christians are the MAJORITY now. MA-JOR-ITY. As depicted in the "persecution" picture, it shows Christians in the NOW. NOW. Not persecuted. Not oppressed. But still whining like they are being thrown to the lions. I imagine thats why you chose that picture to post up in reply. But it holds no bearing since I'm referring to NOW. Recent history. In relation to all the whining in this thread by "conservatives" crying oppression. And as for athiests trying to remove RELIGOIUS junk from PUBLIC land, how dare they. How dare they not want the government to show favortism to one RELIGION. How DARE they have common sense. How DARE they not want to have their taxpayer money be used to promote a religion/belief that is not their own on PUBLIC land. (again, more whining of oppression coming from the majority.) As for abortion: hey, not my cup of tea, I nor my wife would ever. But its not your choice. Its the womans choice. It's also not up to "conservatives" to pass judgement and murder the abortion doctors either, but hey look, it happened anyways. As for Gitmo and the mass murderers: I say burn 'em all. The actual terrorists and supporters could be kept there until the end of time for all I care. And mass murderers and child molesters need to be gotten rid of as well. And since you brought up the marriage thing, guess what, marriage isnt an institution held in monopoly by Christians. It's been around in one form or another long before christianity came around, and it'll still be here when it's gone. The LGBT community as far as my understanding don't want to get married in your silly little churches, they want to get married in a courthouse, by the state, and *gasp* be treated like EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS! *gasp* OMG OH NOEZ11!!11 How dare they not bow down to some silly cult, how dare they want to have equality. Pft. And to add little notes to some of the other stuff you've said in this thread that are full of nonsense and whargarbl: "" liberal pukes "" really? liberal pukes. wow. ""Look what Janet Reno did to those crazy RELIGIOUS people in Waco Texas for having some GUNS?"" Yes, how dare they have stopped those cult-nutjobs from molesting their kids and breaking the law. how DARE they. The whargarbl is strong within you. You're defending them?? Really??? (mind you, if I'm off on the news and there was another wacko group there, lemme know.)
  2. Oh wait, I guess I should just do what you say. Sorry. Statue of limitations? Referencing something that happened when Christians were an actual minority holds no bearing now, when they ARE the majority. My main gripe is the "conservatives" trying to tell everyone how to live their personal lives, and how if we don't believe what they do, that we're evil. And besides....the graph is amusing.
  3. Sorry, but referencing something that happened THAT long ago when the religion first started doesn't cut the mustard, especially when your supposed "oppressed" group is the majority.
  4. Thats a few hundred different kinds of awesome.
  5. Yeah, thats what they're all supposed to do as far as I know. It's called the "Feature Shop" and all the new stuff belongs there. That's what we did last Sunday here at the Augusta store. TF Stuff went up front in the Feature Shop, the Trek and Terminator stuff went back to the aisles. As far as dogging TRU, not all of us are morons. Alot of them are yeah. But some of us work there because we like toys (like me) and have no problem helping out anyone else who likes toys too. I always make sure to grab stuff for customers off the truck (because I work the truck every week) if they were looking for it. Not only is it just the nice the to do, but it also keeps the customers coming back. And as for the supply of Sonic, I guess it varies. We have 3 pegs of Sonic at work. 1 peg for the 5 inch. 2 pegs for the bigger super-posers. I stocked them 1 peg with regular Sonic and Super Sonic, the bottom peg with Super Shadow and Super Sonic. And we have like, 3 more boxes of them too.
  6. lol. Leaning. I actually, right after posting that, got mine to stand.
  7. Anyone else got good tips on getting Black Knight Sonic to stand?? Poor lil hedgehog has a giant, heavy noggin, and can't stand up well.
  8. I've yet to see the newest wave anywhere here in the Augusta, Georgia area. It notoriously bad here to get "exclusive" waves. I got lucky w/ the Ares wave, but never even got the Ronan wave.
  9. Rorschach and Deadpoool!!! that and the next one is great.
  10. Ok, I seem to remember seeing a picture of Deadpool, from the comics, in a pimped-out mech suit. I figured what with the small-scale Deadpool being out, this would be a good time to try and make that, but I wanted the picture for reference. I've tried searching every term I could think of, to no avail. Anyone help me out?
  11. Not sure exactly what's going on sale, but the Star Trek and Terminator stuff will be Feature Shop items. At least it is at the TRU I work at, because I had to set it today. If it stays par for all TRU's, then most of the stuff will be up at the front of the store.
  12. Was called in to work tonight, and made a point to aisle search for the BK Sonic, managed to get one and I'm pleased! Well....except his head....very....heavy head. Still awesome looking, can't wait for the tiny figs. And I agree, the badnik collection is pretty cool.
  13. I picked up one of these figs (Spock) mainly for the bridge piece, and the chair itself seems a little small to me for GI Joe figs. Tried putting CC in the chair, it looked a bit.....off. :|
  14. *grumbles* Medium-sized Story; Got both my kids a werehog fig for xmas. Right out of the package, my oldest ones is already broken. No big, he decides he wants to get something else, he picks a NERF Maverick. (yay me. just what i need) Earlier today, my 5 yr old brings me his b/c the leg has popped off, easy fix, the peg just popped out, so I push the peg back in, and go to test it by bending the knee, and *pop* the peg from the waist breaks. Did my Toys R Us (I work there) just get a bad shipment of those things in? I remember we had tons of them be returned with broken legs. Off that topic, looking foward to the tinier figs, hopefully they'll look awesome w/ the Joes and Marvel figs.
  15. Yeah, I got a T-Rip to see how they look w/ the Joes, I'm kinda dissappointed....I'd take a picture but I'm entirely too lazy, but lets just say they look too short next to any Joes...I'll keep this one for the nostalgia factor, maybe pick up some of the robots (bigger) to terrorize the Joes, but other than that, meh.
  16. Any word on how these scale with the GI Joes?
  17. Well, I know the Augusta, Georgia TRU has them....cause I work there and we put them out yesterday. I'm not a huge Trek fan, but I can't help but wanna pick up that for the bridge....
  18. Oh noes! Fox is using source material as TP again? Big. Friggin. Suprise. Like was already said, you guys did watch the X-Men movies right? You were expecting any different?
  19. Well I hadn't had any problems with DCUC until the Metallo wave. Though I finally got a BL, I'm still trying to get a non-broken 2 Pack Orion. This time, both his legs were broken....silly kid shoulda paid his protection money...
  20. Silly update time!!! Went back to WM today with the 2nd BL I bought (which broke), and the 1st BL that broke, and the Amazo that broke. Got a good replacement for Amazo. BL...well...I went back in 3 times....and the last BL they had on the pegs is now in my freezer....because all the others....broke. *facepalms*
  21. They give vouchers for what? The exact same figures? Cause I had that problem with Hasbro, figures would break, and they would offer to send a "replacement," with no guarantee that I'd get the exact figure that broke.
  22. Ok, so for the holidays, I managed to snag all the 2 Packs, as well as the WM wave. I of course was forced to wait until today to open them, mind you. And behold my suprise when a leg broke off of 4 of the figures. I knew they were on that path, and I tried every "unstick" trick I've read of, and sure enough, I have a one-legged Amazo, Abin Sur, Black Lightning, and Orion. And I know its going to be next to impossible for me to find replacements at the store, and I'm almost certain Mattel won't give a flip and help me out.....*grumbles* ranting over....stupid "enter expletive here". *facepalms* *pulls out his hair* *screams in disgust*
  23. You would prol' get minimum wage. I'm 27, so I get a wee bit more (not by much though.)
  24. It must be a seasonal thing, because quite a few of our cashiers we have here are pretty hot.
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