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  1. So I'm sittin here looking at my 3 inch Sonic, and a thought occurs to me: Sonic could easily be turned into Mickey Mouse.
  2. Hey, what I'd like to know is the 3 inch line going to be offered for sale online?? I dunno if my TRU here is going to be getting any in.
  3. *cries* My work isn't going to be getting them in!!!! I checked the planogram for that section, no spot for the 3 inchers. Can you guys hook me up w/ the Item Numbers for those? (if you don't know, the Item Number is the 6 digit number on the price tags on the shelf/peg) That way I can further get irritated when looking in my stores computer?
  4. The lil' green dot actually means that the spot was originally empty, and someone scanned it to see if there were any in the stock room. The date is the day that tag was scanned. The scanner told them there were none (more than likely) and that it was a "hold" space, which means even if there are none in the store, there will be. (at least thats my understanding of the magical dots)
  5. If by "little tag" you mean a green dot or something, that means that that TRU will definately be getting them in.
  6. Yah for accessories; Emeralds, Rings, the spring jumpers, even the item/ring boxes would be neato. Not to mention the tiny baddies from in game could be considered a pack-in accessory, just like the Megaman figures had the little guys with them.
  7. Farkin warehouse. Only Sonic stuff we got in on the truck today at work was Superposers and Black Knight. Bah. Guess I'll be spending my money on the new ML 2 Packs.
  8. Wow. Take days to unload?? Did they get in more than one truck? At ours we get in 1 truck, and we have 6 hours to do it. And we do.
  9. thats why you flag them for misleading videos.
  10. No! No sad stories. I don't wanna go to work Thursday and find no 3 inchers on the tuck. Must......have.....positive......thoughts!
  11. You guys are makin me antsy for Thursday.
  12. Awesome news!! That means we HAVE to be getting them in here at work Thursday! That $4.99 price tag makes me giddy as well. Awesome pics, btw.
  13. I saw Sonic, Shadow, and the silver one. I only gave them a passing glance though. That one store is selling all 3 3 inchers for $20?? Wonder how much they'll retail for at work...
  14. Dunno if anyones mentioned this or not, but at work we got in some Mini-Plush Sonic figures. They come in the same kind of boxes the pokemon miniplush do, and they're $8.99 a pop.
  15. It'd be nice if the 3 inchers will eventually get some kind of accessories; rings and emeralds at least.
  16. Wait, so the 3 inchers are supposed to be out?? Oooh, gives me something to look foward to when I go unload the truck Thursday.
  17. *cries* You kids get off my lawn??? (28)
  18. Man, I didn't need to hear that. Though I did manage to snag me my Nemesis wave. There were so many I got to do something I never do: Be picky about paintjobs, joints, etc... Of course, it made me feel like a bigger dork...but thats ok, I'll live.
  19. Quit bringing serious stuff into the not-serious-stuff thread.
  20. Let's see, theres the military officials using their position to preach to other soldiers, theres that ##$%$#ed "defense of marriage" act (which I don't claim to be a political afficionado, but I thought it was a federal thing, I could be wrong.) and other things, but since it's early in the a.m. I'm not going google hunting for it. And yeah, I find it acceptable to refer to it as an "imaginary friend", if you would prefer that name. And on that point, so it's acceptable for Christians to refer to non-believers as "lost" or "blind" and, since I've heard it said before, "stupid" and "ignorant" or to refer to them as "liberal puke jacka$$es"? ( @ VH) As for the "god and country" festival, I've already said that the people in charge of it, if they want to honor our servicemen and women, should do so to them as a whole, and not try to stick their religion into it. There are more than just Christians in the military, and some of the non-christians might find that title of the festival offensive to them, their beliefs, and disrespectful to their time of duty. And no, going against Christianity isnt sad, its the natural progression. Christianity popped up, and ended up squashing out other religions, inevitably, will have the same done to it by some other made up cult. Of which I just hope isn't Scientology, cause thats just creepy. And "end of days"?? Really?? Seriously??? Wow. I'm going to quote myself again and say "The stupid...it makes my head hurt." You can keep your silly little book, with its silly little threats, and keep it in your private household all you want. My taxes shouldn't have to pay for your cult to advertise itself. Ever. This is not a christian nation. Its a nation of many people, with many different beliefs or what have you. As for what "happened to me;" Nothing. I live in Georgia, I have to hear the stupid on a daily basis. Didn't believe it when I was little, don't believe it now. If someone hadn't introduced YOU to it, you might not either. There are countless religions out there now, and have been in the past, what makes YOURS right, and everyone elses wrong? Why do you think that being a Christian makes you better than me? And before you say "Oh I never said I was better than you." You don't have to outright say it. You're a Christian, so you automatically think, because I'm not, that you are "enlightened" and I am a "poor lost soul." Also you said its "sad" people are going against Christinaity, as if you think its some kind of wrong choice; whereas you made the "right one."
  21. Never heard of those, must be a localized thing; all we have over here is Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Dominos (yuck), Little Caesars, Ci Ci's (gag), Pizza Joint, and Roma's Pizza (which gets my vote locally, cause i like the big NY Style pizza)
  22. Better pizza: Pizza Hut or Papa John's?
  23. That looks awesome! This is something that needs to be put out, they'd go great w/ the MU and Joes.
  24. Geez. The stupid. It hurts. *rubs temples* The climate in the country has gotten to the point where peope aren't afraid of being "black-sheeped" for not bowing down to Christians, or for admitting to not being one. It's not "against Christianity." Get over yourself, quit, once again, whining persecution, you're just ass bad as Bill ORLY. I'm glad more and more people are going "against Christianity" though, since we all get tired of taxpayer money being used to further your "religion." I'm not even going to comment further on Rev Wright, cause he seems like he's off his rocker to me. As for the Pentagon following the rules, yah, see, it is illegal for the govt to ENDORSE a specific religion. It is nothing new. A "God and Country" festival, if only in name, actively seeks to exclude anyone who doesn't believe in your sky-friend. You can try to cry its patriotic all you want, but since there are more than just Christians in the military, it is also disrespectful to those servicemen and women who don't happen to believe in your God. Now I don't know what kind of person you are other than from what I've read on here, but your incessant name calling, as well as your tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracies is why other countries look down on Americans as ignorant, rude people. Get over it.
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