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  1. Sometimes its easy to pick out certain ones. In the sci-fi series one, I could always find an Alien or Robbie the Robot cause they were super heavy. Same with the TMNT ones, all I wanted was Krang in his robot suit. The Game of Thrones ones, I easily found the dragons cause when you shake the box, they don't move much due to large wings. With the anime ones, that's gonna be rough though.
  2. I've seen mystery mini's go for anywhere from 5.98 to 7.98 I believe. Depends on where you get 'em from.
  3. Didn't see anything anywhere else, mods feel free to move and/or delete if I'm wrong. Anyone into these lil buggers?? I've gotten hooked on them and the Funko Pop! Figures.
  4. No, but you can marry a woman. And under that stupid logic, then a woman can marry a woman. Problem solved? And as I stated, a large majority of the time, the entire basis against homosexuals is RELIGION. Furthermore, proving the stupidity of the argument that I always see; WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT SEX WITH YOU PEOPLE? Homosexuals want to marry because they are IN LOVE. Also being homosexual isn't a choice. To say it is is akin to saying the universe revolves around the Earth, or that the Holocaust didn't happen. Legally there is no intelligent or LEGAL reason to deny homosexuals the right to marry. And eventually they will be given that right, once all the majority of moronic bigoted senior citizens die out, and the only "majority" of your type left are now the minority. You don't have to accept the whole thing, but you do NOT have the right to deny them equality. You can whine about not wanting to be called a "bigot" all you want, but if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, its a duck. You cannot give any intelligent reason why they can't marry. Its really sad that you guys were brought up in such a moronic lifestyle to think such a way, and I really do feel sorry for you. I hope that your kids (if you have any) don't grow up with such a small mind. And again like I said, you should all be ashamed of yourselves for treating human beings as you do, simply because of your (more than likely) religious objections to homosexuality.
  5. No not exactly. Gays do not have the right to apply. They are automatically denied on the basis of their homosexuality. That is not equal. It is not a special right. Just because you have some off-kilter reasoning that makes sense only to you to deny them marriage, does not make it ok to deny it. Negative. Common sense dictates that you don't withhold something from a group of people when theres no intelligent reason to withhold it. Common sense dictates that you treat your fellow human being with respect, and stop relegating them to being seen as second-class citizens. Emotions (and usually religion) guide any thinking against same-sex marriage. Yeah, people who want to treat homosexuals as inhuman abominations to nature. As Mongoose said "If straight people are legally allowed to marry, and gay people are legally allowed to marry, then no local government can vote no to that. A law banning gay marriage would make straight people and gay people unequal. Regardless whether marriage is a right or not, treating gays differently is unequal. Unequal = Unconstitutional." You can try to slap it around whether its a right or not. But when it comes down to it, it is simply wrong to treat our fellow human beings with such disdain as to deny them such a simple thing. And to try and rationalize why you think it is "OK" to treat them this way, no matter how many friends/family you say you have that are homosexual, it is still a hateful and bigoted thing to do, because, like I said, you are telling them that you think they are second-class citizens and not worthy of being held equal in the eyes of the law, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Mind you, I don't post alot on here because I've seen the stances, and I know that arguing with you is akin to arguing with a brick wall. It is still sad that in this day and age, people can try to rationalize hatred, and think its ok to treat others this way.
  6. The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage - Newsweek
  7. I walk in on my wife sleeping with another man and I kill him. It's only a "hate crime" if he's Mexican. So a while back when a black man beat a Rabbi with an aluminum baseball bat, while shouting slurs, (mind you, I had read stories saying there were and were not things said during the attack, so I don't know,) but this was during a time of tension between Jewish and Black community in NJ, and you're telling me that man wasn't beaten almost to death b/c he was Jewish? That's not a hate crime?
  8. Now I'll agree with you that the people messing with the cross in the Mojave are on the same level of stupid as other thieves/vandals. But I have to ask, whats wrong with that billboard? It's simply stating that people can be good people w/o religion. Its not anywhere near as spiteful or insulting as some of the other atheist billboards that were shown. I don't think being rude helps either sides cause at all, mocking or insulting others is no way to "convert" if you will, followers. (To note, while I don't believe in any sort of Deity, I'm not so arrogant as to say I'm right. I'm agnostic, I fully believe it is possible there is a God, but, as it stands I don't think there is. I just don't think people should be constantly insulting/attacking/forcing their beliefs on others. And yes, in the sparse times I've commented on things here I've been more on the childish side of posting, and for that I apologize. But I think people just need to leave each other alone. Live and let live.)
  9. Ok for 1: I thought we were discussing the here and the now, and more to the point, billboards and signs of the like; 2: We could both spend all week finding quotes from both sides using disparaging remarks about the other from books/interviews/etc. It is common knowledge that when one side doesn't like the other sides beliefs, they will say mean things. That is not the issue here. The issue is how each side reacts to it. Now mind you, I could be wrong, but I've not come across any stories where pro-god signs/billboards have been stolen/defaced in an obvious way by atheists.
  10. Roseanne Barr, anyone?? Perez Hilton???? You wanna start the petitions, or shall I? If we get down to work NOW we can have 'em stricken from sight before Christmas.... I'm on it and I'm adding one more... Micheal Moore! Oooh! This sounds like it could turn into something amusing. I nominate Rose O'Donnel, Keanu Reeves, and Tom Cruise! And this lady: OMG Or this lady : Ew.
  11. Atheists = Murderers ? Anti-American? Again? Fear Stupid Etc... All I could fine at the moment. And this is not pointing out the local church signs that constantly have disparaging remarks about non-believers, under a thin veil of trying to be witty.
  12. Ok, so its not ok to do things insulting to people who believe in God. Have the believers in God ever thought that alot of the stuff they do/put out in public are insulting to others??
  13. Bonkers candy. I remember it fondly from my childhood. Was my favorite. Sadly it disappeared.
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