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  1. Some of you may remember a year or two ago there was a Line by Hasbro called Unleashed The line had Movie Spidey, classic comic black spidey, Classic Doc Ock, Goblin, Movie Venom and the last one they released was Extremus Iron Man... they aren't as big enough to Sigma's to look like people in armor I repainted these to correct some of my dislike for the Hasbro release For Ironman I repainted the banana yellow with shining Gold by Citadel and trimmed the shoulder pads down to lower his profile also redetailed the face and I always preferred the blue arc cell to the yellow War Machine is Citadel Mithryl and testors flat black with some drybrush weathering trimmed off the round hip thingies used tayami(sp?) clear red for his eyes repainted the repulsor effect into the missle<BR clear=all>
  2. Here are the original 13 in Sigma 6 form Grandslam, Steeler, Clutch, Shortfuse, Hawk, Snakeeyes, Grunt, Scarlett, Rock n Roll, Stalker, Flash, Breaker and Zap GrandSlam I never really liked him as the huge hulking meatwall they made him so I redid the vision of him as more of a RnD test armor, made a jump pack for him and gave him more of a Rocketeerflare to key in on his file card's referance to him being a scifi geek Steeler is the result of buying a lot of Action Jackson clothes to see if they would look good on this scale, just too expensive and fragile vintage stuff for customs, so he's the only one with this gear, lightgear to be tank commander and night spotter Clutch uses knock off Bratz clothes again for the soft goods attempt, permanent penned in the arm hair, one of my earliest sigma customs the gap in his beard is intentional, intended on giving him the Harrison Ford chin scar look as the resident grease monkey Shortfuse is based off both the classic character and the unreleased Sigma that used the same name, I gave him a EOD armor that resemble the latter while keeping in the original 13 greenshirt style, since he stands as tall as Sigma Destro I used his code name as more of a joke Hawk is an amalgamation of several of his forms, the greenshirt, the arah general, on the side I also have the jetwing duke flight pack and the helmet he's seen with for his "Get tough" appearance, cleaned up the shaggy hair of the original sculpt and ade it grey to age the general and sepparate him from Duke SnakeEyes is the commando SE just painted to his classic color scheme Grunt I made to be the all around soldier, more like his Hall of Heroes 12" release he could be anything for any situation, I have always used Grunt as a competant equal to SE in the commando respect, think less eyes and more plisken Scarlett was a labor of burnout and redo, on again off again start and stop I for awhile thought I'd never complete this one. but I found the right parts at a comic show and it all pulled itself together. little ninja, mostly cqc but most of all finished Rock n Roll... it wasn't until I finished him, making an attempt to find a half point between his original and tan uniforms, that I realized he stole Quarrel's outfit.... Stalker is based off his Sonic commander outfit whitch was also his 12" one, and Samule L Jackson's character in Basic, I wanted the stocky build from Shipwreck but wanted himtaller than Duke, so the GrandSlam legs fufullied that need Flash... ooh... Flash, he'll save every one of us... ahem I honestly couldn't think of anything for him outside of him being the laser guy before they all got lasers, the cool animation of him shooting bricks and dying alongside Mainframe are all I could ever really muster Breaker needs a bubble, I'm looking for that, I went for the toon blue uniform cause that's how I remember him best. Zap, is inspired mostly by his sonic fighter look but was too bland so I broke it up with giving him back the fatigue pants and it helped his look
  3. Backstop has arrived! The prison orange dayglow pants are classic for a time I thought of just making them leather brown and add him to the ranks of Night Force or modernizing him with the orangeblaze camo seen at most hunting supply places I moved his knife from his chest to his belt, he has his canteen onhis back and even gave him a driving glove inspiration to his home in the Great White North and to add a lil more to his character I gave him one brown eye and one blue
  4. Scoop: Information specialist Scoop's addition to the team was more/less a forced note to shed light on what and where the Joe team was and what their actual role in the world was. To in many ways silence the doubt that Cobra really existed. His induction was shortly after the events in Cobra La. During Operation Dragonfire his intel was almost predenatural. No detail goes unnoticed by him or his cameras, he was an observer sent by Hawk with Duke's covert ops project Tiger Force, where he and his team assumed false identities and traveled as a regular Army battalion in order to maintain a low profile while tracking the Sierro Gordo operatives that cost the lives of several Joes. Again later he followed the escapades of Sgt Slaughter and a hand picked team he called the marauders that traveled to known abandoned Cobra bases and made sure no one could use anything left behind to further their fight while putting some of their own tech to good use. Lowlight has little patience for him and even less for his constant whistling.
  5. In the closing events of Cobra La, A squad of Assorted Vipers that where loyal to Cobra Commander attempted to retrieve him in his Snake form from the ensuing chaos, in their efforts they encountered Zartan and the 'Noks attemping to escape with anything they could get their hands on When the BET when critical the backlash triggered an effect in the Dragonfire Crystal given to Zartan by Pythona. Slight mutagentic changes not unlike but not as extreme as those Cobra La was formed from. It eccelarated Zartan's skin condition but made his cloaking and visual abilities natural. Each of the Vipers dominant feats where amplified. Faster, Stronger, with animalistic cunning.... the Python Patrol was born. Python Patrol Crimson Guard: Codename: Lyre Among the Crimson Guards he was an unknown unknown, nothing of true exception neither good nor bad. He had an unnatural aversion to cameras, notably he is remembered as"Tthe face of Cobra" at the attack on Liberty Island for assaulting a News Reporter. Like his squadmates his exposure to the Dragonfire Crystal amplified his inborn abilities at the cost of amplifying his most negative features as well. His attention to detail is remarkable as if time seems to stop for a moment at a time for him to investigate every single thing before anyone else, ie CSI vison/bullettime reaction, allowing him to be able to go toe to toe with evenSnakeeyes for awhile at least.... His always calm disposition can fool most forms of lie detectors, drugs and interrogation, no one can tell if he is telling the truth or llying, not even himself, all the lies have folded into and on top of eachother, with little chance of decoding them, the effect increases the closer to their power source and again there is something else he seems to hide at all times. Even before the transformation he had an annoying habit of whistling.
  6. Action Force's enemy Baron Ironblood led an army that rivaled that of the Nazis and The Grand Siberian combined, among his ranks where his most trusted loyal and dedicated if not brainwashed compnions... They where the Red SHadows, The Lethal Creator of the eliminator Laser system known only as The Red Laser. His loyalty so devout that in recognition of such, his image was copied to the form of every trooper in the Red Shadows Legend say that it was Baron Ironblood that betrayed them to his Action Force enemies and the UN, as a mear cover to build a new empire without the roots to other controllers, hushed rumors say that the Baron and Cobra Comander are the same man, others feel it to be more of a passing of mantles from one dread pirate to another.... reguardless The RedLaser embittered seeks revenge be it on Action Force, GI Joe, Cobra or anyone else fool enough to get in his crosshairs
  7. SAS liason to GI Joe BigBen in the aftermath of WW3 the ranks of Action Force where reduced severly, in recognition of his merit in battle Big Ben was reassigned as a Field Commander of the reformed Action Force earning the rank and title of ActionMan what started as a bored mash up became a random viper thug, to the beggining of an all purpose trooper, I came up with an idea to make one trooper have multiple personality disorder triggered by exposure to the dragonfire crystal and each one has a specialty, still working on the back story and the other gear for him but The Python Viper: Krait The Python EEL: Cottonmouth The Python Flak Viper: Sidewinder Krait
  8. LBC for now.... Brock from Venture Brothers big props out to everyone at JBL that inspired this Depthcharge Started out as Sparks, then became Breaker, decided look didn't quite fit, then became recondo and just wasn't right but looks like a winner for Footloose, sporting some old Action Jackson gear
  9. Tiger Force Pilot Skystriker Cobra Elite Pilot Strato-Viper one figure Commando snake eyes lower legs, filled in the toe Flint Body, IG forearms, barrelroll hands LR head, scupted hair Para Duke helmet, Backblast helmet, Flint vest, iron on studs
  10. General Hawk, redid lower legs Flint AT Recondo, Ghille LR lower Legs and Forearms, Toxic Zartan Head scultped hair and Stone beret Billy shirtless SS, TRat head, trat lower legs scultpy and bratz jeans handcuffed and lead away or handcuffed and hanging out
  11. Submersible Heavy Armor Recovery Craft DeepSix and SHARC both are very WIP
  12. Agent Faces as an AVAC and the Cobra Firebat
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