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  1. can the viper &/or alley viper weapons fit in that thing that comes in the wave 9 2-pack?
  2. yeah right, no one wants to read a comic about scarlett's trip to the VD clinic or how the cable bill shows all these porn charges to a "c.d. houser"
  3. if it were something kinda cool like a button that made the figure blow up somehow without having to throw it against a wall or a little kid really really hard, or just a built-in lil rocket for the right arm that would be pretty cool. @afroman@ on a hugely OffTopic note: where'd everyone get the marvel comics avatars?
  4. OH! A WHITE serpentor painted in black costume.......wow that is a letdown ...i thought it was gonna be a serpentor w/ a fro. @hmmm@
  5. very creative use of the led zeppelin dvd case. @firedevil@
  6. One of the black & white sketches definitely looks like Destro...given that they're both on the side w/ the "bad guys" couldn't the other sketch be of a new Firefly (urban camo or else!!!)? The figures do look better in those pics than the ones off ebay, just wish they had better paint apps on a few. I'm still kinda thinking they should shorten the legs and stretch the torso's down and maybe make them a little bit wider/thicker around the waist. There really aren't any instructions or anything for what that thing is that the Viper comes with?
  7. So why can't link be hispanic or asian? there aren't many of either of those in Joe The concepts seem pretty cool, and while venomous max does look quite the snake guy part, it is a more creative and better thought out idea than how cobra commander got turned into a snake. at least they're incorporating some scientific basis for ideas instead of pure fantasy (gene manipulation vs. "KILLER ALIEN SPORES") so uh, the effort's there, hopefully it will pay off for them...or else.
  8. So....w/ a name like Heavy Duty what type of gun should he carry? Maye one of those pistols that they give figures that go in another figures holster better? A lil more seriously, I think they could give him a grenade launcher sorta like hardball's old one....or make something up along those lines
  9. for some reason i could've swore i read somewhere the treads were supposed to move......why's it so hard for them to make decent vehicles?
  10. Ok you're going to have to keep in mind that they are able to buy in bulk enough to get some kind of discount on the prices of those figures, but doubling the prices per item? While that is cheaper than the cost of gas or admission to Disney, that's still a bit....stupid. Most (yep there's a few) Joe sites only charge maybe $1-2 more per figure than what you'd pay in stores, but then you have to include the costs of shipping. So in the case of those star wars figures, they aren't just $20, but more like $25 or so per figure. So uh, just how much profitability do they need? I hear the internet porn industry's pretty profitable if they wanna get into raping people fulltime instead of occasionally over toys @*-
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing a little bit more ethnic diversity on the parts of both Joe & Cobra. Sure you can always say "well he's *insertminorityhere* under the helmet" but it isn't quite the same 8) I dont know the exact #'s but the way the joes represent the military it does seem a bit out of proportion in terms of ethnicity. If they have to reuse existing molds in order to fill out waves, I wouldn'tmind seeing them doing it in paint apps that would suggest themes such as night force and/or using parts of other characters in order to accomplish this thematic approach. I was wondering though, in wave 7.5 CC is slated to be included, is that going to be the new sculpt and if so, what colors will he be in? I don't really know what to want or expect in the future, but I'd like better looking vehicles w/ new characters/figures for them and some accessories for the figures. Also a bit more creativity and variety other than a crappy looking jeep/hummer design that's getting overused fast. What about Barrel-Roll and Blackout's sister? When do we get a figure of her?
  12. 1. Neo arms, forget them? or let em be sometimes? I'd prefer the regular C-grip hands, maybe occasionally w/ a figure set up w/ a trigger finger on a ahnd. The wrist sculpt works on some, but for others could we maybe get a forearm sculpt (At the elbow joint)? I dunno how that would look or if it's been tried yet or not by any toy company, but it might look fairly cool given the right sculpt for it. 2. Should frankensteing be used? and to what extent It depends on who the character/figure that's being created. For some it would be ok provided that the parts used were recolored differently or possibly retooled so they could be used more efficiently for better fits between parts and/or to look different. Ex: Hasbro could look into the idea of reusing existing JVC arm molds but with removing the varying arm band designs that occur right above the joint. 3. How many new characters do you wanna see a year? I can see how this one could depend on #2. Again, this also depends on the quality of the characters/figures being proposed. Also, it depends on whether someone's meaning entirely new characters, or new sculpts of existing characters. Personally, IF the characters are unique and have as much to bring to the plate as the existing characters in the Joe Canon do, then I'm all for it. If there has to be a ratio, I guess maybe 50/50 would be decent, possibly 60/40 in favor of newer characters w/ unique or re-tooled molds. 4. How often do you want a new wave? For figures? Once every 2 and a half to 3 months is fine w/ me. I think the wave size for the figures is fairly decent, but I'd like to see a little bit more attention to detail spent on their accessories and some unique weapons/accessories for them. Also, what I'd like to see is more small to medium-sized vehicles(READ: boats!!!!) in the line at a higher frequency with lower numbers so that they'd go through the stock faster. PS: Take the big ben mold to a recycling center...you should be able to get a few bucks for it by now. 5. Worst joe cobra why? Worst overall? (Exculiding t-crotchs) Worst Joe: Hmm..that's a toughie. As far as good-looking figures but bad proportions, then its the obvious flint, beach head, and dusty. Those 3 would benefit greatly from a standardized sculpt basis. However, Big Brawler sticks out so bad in wave 7 when the sculpting and figures have improved greatly....For some reason he seems like a leftover from earlier waves but just wasn't, and probably shouldn't have been, released. The proportions on him are absurdly off and well, the figure just sucks. Worst Cobra: This one's a bit trickier. Most of the Cobra figures have some small fault you can find in them. Whether it's the monkey arms, bulkiness, hands shapes (COILS), not to forget how the iron grenadier can't even wear the helmet all the way down.....heh or the occasional poor quality control... I want to say Firefly b/c of the non-traditional paint job, but that can always come out later on, or give him a new mold and do it then. However, For me it's the snow serpent largely because of his mold and how off it is. Overall: It's probably Big Brawler.....I still don't know any background info on the character but the mold is so...bad. 6. Worst Vehicle? why? As with the figures, this is ignoring any TRU exclusives... For me, it's been disappointing seeing the ground vehicles (the air vehicles have been treated relatively well give or take helicopter propeller shape/size and armament on the smaller copters) get treated like crappily designed Tonka toys. Sure, when kids play w/ them they're gonna hit walls or furniture eventually, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the sculpt or realism for the sake of toughness. Also they don't come w/ unique figures, which isn't a huge deal, but it is something nice to get. It seems like they need to rethink their approach to vehicle design if they're going to include a bunch of play features kids don't use or even want in the vehicle. If they absolutely have to be in there, then at least be original about it. Every competing military toyline (not counting BBI's stuff) has flashing lights, sounds, and "real firing missiles"......think of other things to incorporate in to the playability of the toy. whew long post
  13. did the SE figure look like the one depicted sparring w/ kamakura in one of the recent comics? if so that'll be pretty cool w/ a silver mask looking like a blend between v1 & v4 of SE
  14. So why does Hasbro need to put sound features & crap on Joe stuff for TRU to sell them but they didn't for the Transformers reissues? I'd have rather gotten a Tollbooth figure in EcoForce colors instead of another DialTone
  15. How does Red Spot resemble Clinton? I think someone's already compared his face to an 80's actor somewhere, but his face definitely isn't fat enough to compare to clinton's. Zit..err Red Spot's mold does kinda suffer though from both the paint job and his legs bein too much out of proportion w/ the rest of him. I don't really get how his hands got to being *THAT* much smaller, but they are a fairly good match w/ the original hand molds from the first couple of years of the RAH series Some of the figures have been able to get away w/ the short torso/long legs and still look ok, but RS definitely hurts b/c of it. Same thing w/ Big Brawler. But of these two I think RS at least has more potential as a character and is better sculpted. Aside from the head mold, there isn't much redeeming about Big Brawler's figure.
  16. good job of taking a pic that doesn't show the ugly handle on top..... 8) i'm still not sure of the best way to cover over the handle on top while having it still look good after repainting the heli....
  17. do you mean having lady jaye's waist sticking out more, or wider in terms of hips? or uh...both? :lol: it was kinda odd but at the wal mart where i found them, there wasn't any stickers or promo stuff for the upcoming movie around, like there has been at other places (that, sadly, didn't have any of the wave 7 figs)
  18. Yeah there's a word for whoever keeps making Tonka Joe vehicles.....FIRED. These things don't match up to the figures presented in quality of design or sculpt or in their filecards. I can understand that they have to have certain "price points" met, have playable features and all, but there are other ways to make toys fun for kids without ruining the design or building ugly vehicles. At some point I'd have to stand up for the quality of the product I was putting out if I were Hasbro and stop making these abominations while the competition gets to put out toys that aren't laden w/ useless crap and therefore don't have to suffer from lack of quality of the product itself. In short: Something Cool w/o a bunch of bells & whistles, OR a POS w/ a bunch of batteries & springs.
  19. I thought it was supposed to have moving treads, not wheels underneath it? Oh well that I can live w/ even though it'd be pretty cool. But how hard would it have been for them to make the turret's main gun be adjustable? Even if it was just to get set up in 3 diff. angles, that would've been fine.
  20. That's because the torso are very out of proportion. The shoulders are too broad. They stick out farther than previous figures. The shoulders are fine the way they look now. They look more like the original RAH style in how they have the entire rivet showing. THAT is what allows the figures' arms to be able to hang down at their sides. Notice how the IG, whose arms are not designed like that, is the only one whose arms can't? If anything, the torso problem is still that it's too short while the thighs are too long. And even that looks like it's getting corrected starting in Wave 8. I agree that it shoulda been done, but I don't think that's the ONLY thingthat shoulda been done. I agree on that too, even if it does give 'em that hand-painted convention display figure look -
  21. Quite true. I'm still putting off repainting a JvC Firefly in the hopes that Hasbro puts one out, or at least have a new mold of him coming out in early 2004 some time? :wink: But I am tired of seeing people do customs of Firefly tryin to get that camo pattern down, some are good but most aren't hehe. As far as other figures go, I'm really impressed with Wave 7, even though a couple of problems remain from the figures that came out in earlier waves (IG's helmet not fitting right and COILS left hand bein odd). What I was wondering though is if Hasbro is going to reissue the figures in the flesh-colored plastic of wave 6 when they darken Lady Jaye's uniform...I know that seems kinda minor since it'd mainly just chnage Lady Jaye's face/arms, Kamakura's arms, Red Spot's Face, and Big Brawler's face/arms, and possibly COILS face. I like the flesh colored plastic look more than painted on flesh, makes me feel safer about playin w/ them. Also, when are the Joes or Cobras going to start getting some *GOOD* smaller & larger boats? This is one area of the line that's starting to lag behind...it needs more vehicles (Preferrably w/ figures!!)
  22. eh either v3 or 3v.....sounds like a bmw, which is fine w/ me -
  23. what paint does everyone use on the newer figures? i know the plastic's different from older figures. that is a pretty cool custom. if anything about the new figures, i hate how much they vary in design from figure to figure, it's like there's one or two guys doing the designs who can't get proportions right or understand that it's a toy and not a statue that's being sculpted while the other guys designing figures are doing fine. i wish they'd standardize stuff more and not try to make the 3 3/4" joes be like the 12" joes.
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