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  1. Well I think you can rationalize it several ways, but the bottom line is that $120 is $120. I do think Snake Eyes has the ability to have that "wow" factor when seen in person. That's something true of many things - collectible or otherwise. Seeing it in person tells the tale. There is more likely to be a bit more "hmmmmm" when the quality is sitting (or standing) right in front of you.
  2. The price kinda shocked me. I know that Sideshow's price scheme fluctuates based on the figure released - just look at the variety of prices across the Star Wars 12" line. I was considering "going completist" on this line...but starting it out at $120 is tough to swallow.
  3. Not yet. They have only announced that it is a Geordi. That part about him being from the Voyager episode is only speculation..... I am definitely curious!
  4. From trekmovie: * Disc 1: o Mirror Universe: + Mirror, Mirror (The Original Series) + Crossover (Deep Space Nine) + Through The Looking Glass (Deep Space Nine) + Shattered Mirror (Deep Space Nine) * Disc 2: o Mirror Universe: + In A Mirror Darkly,Part 1 (Enterprise) + In A Mirror Darkly, Part 2 (Enterprise) o Parallel Dimensions: + The Alternative Factor (The Original Series) + Parallels (The Next Generation) * Disc 3: o Twisted Realities: + The Enemy Within (The Original Series) + Turnabout Intruder (The Original Series) + Frame of Mind (The Next Generation) + Shattered (Voyager) * Disc 4: o Alternate Lives: + Yesterday's Enterprise (The Next Generation) + The Inner Light (The Next Generation) + The Visitor (Deep Space Nine) + Before And After (Voyager) * Disc 5: o Alternate Lives: + Timeless (Voyager) + Course: Oblivion (Voyager) + E2 (Enterprise) + Twilight (Enterprise)
  5. Hey all - Latest word on the street of the world wide web is that the upcoming "Alternate Realities" DVD set includes an offer for an exclusive figure. According to Diamond, it is of Geordi. One website is speculating that it is his "alternate reality" self from the Voyager episode Timeless. That's an interesting idea. The differences would be he would have a command red collar for the purple uniform, gray hair, and that future communicator. While that sounds appropriate for the box set, I wouldn't mind Season 1 Lieutenant J.G. Geordi in red. "Blind man flying the ship" edition. Apparently you gotta buy the set in order to get the fig. It's another one of THOSE types of things. You can preorder the set from Amazon for $27.99. It's a 5 disc set. 20 episodes + "exclusive bonus features." I am probably not going to go for it as I kinda already have all the ST episodes I need on DVD.
  6. I ended up scoring Volume 1 sometime last week. Volume 2 is in the mail.
  7. I had no idea they were making a sequel to Starship Troopers.
  8. Hey guys. Haven't really been a part of the Ninja Turtles scene since the cartoon, figures, posters, etc of the late eighties & early nineties. I have started paying more attention to the world of TMNT figures lately as some more product (April) was shown at NYCC. This caused me to look further into the NECA line of figures. I remember following the sculpting progress of the line here at TNI with the uploaded pics of Leo. I knew that if NECA were involved that things would be good, but I wasn't really a turtle collector. But wow! The sculpts alone have me gaining an itch for TMNT, and I might jump on the NECA line. We'll see. But all this recent nostalgia for turtles has me thinking about the 80s cartoon. Maybe it would be fun to pick up Season 1. Err...wait. Dang it. So this is another one of those series that started as singles and then stumbled into season box sets...but not at the beginning? As far as my quick glance goes, it looks like there are 6ish random single shot DVDs and then Seasons starting with Season 4. Am I right on this? So my question for you turtle fans is what do you recommend doing? I wanted to start at the beginning and potentially work my way through, but it sounds like that might not be the easiest thing to do. Thoughts? "just pick up X" or "Wait! They are going to release X" - anything along those lines is welcome.
  9. People around here (Houston) have already picked up GL and Hawkman from this wave.
  10. The metal ones from G1. The crazy cool sparkle-painted ones from Beast Wars. ...and that's about it.
  11. Jase - Ahh man. These figures look great. I don't know if I am going to jump in on the whole thing or not. It sure can be expensive. Leroy - Not sure about opening the other one yet. I don't really have a good place to put her, and I don't want to have both Batgirls right next to each other in the display case. Hmmmm...we'll see. Maybe when the Mego one shows up, I'll have to do a photo shoot of them both.
  12. Extra notes: The "Batpurse" comes packaged "off" the belt. I haven't decided to put it on or not. The half open hands grip the Batarang very easily. Accessories and extra hands: Finally, here is a shot of the base with brightness/contrast up high so you can see the logo: I thought the color scheme of both the Variant and the Classic Batgirl is excellent. I like the fire red hair of the variant Batgirl. It contrasts with the blue, black and yellow quite well. The classic Batgirl hair is quite a bit more tame both in paint scheme and in the fact you don't have to manage it. I know you hair haters are out there, but I still love this one. All I need now is a 13" scale motorcycle. Make it happen DC!
  13. Since the variant has "real hair," Barbara comes packaged in "cafeteria mode" Carefully removing the hairnet and untwisting the hair leaves it in a very...err...neat and tidy..<cough>...style. Errr...well..... Just look!! Your fears have been confirmed. Rat nest Batgirl does exist (but I still love her). Okay here are some full shots. I thought they did a great job with giving her a strong but sexy look. The loose-fitting belt that you could tilt at an angle helps quite a bit.
  14. Hey all. Well...it's official. I am now a part of the 13" DC club. I've been wanting Batgirl since her first convention debut earlier this year. From that point until now, there have not been very many pictures of the figure. Even after its release, I have not seen many pictures. I assume Shaun Wong and Michael Crawford will have some excellent pictures up on their websites here soon. Until then, perhaps I can help out a bit. I snapped a few photos of the Variant 13" Batgirl. She looks really good....really good. There are a few complaints, but overall I am happy with the figure. I also have the Classic 13" Batgirl. Classic will probably get displayed with the 70s Mego Batgirl that is on the way. Goodness - it'll be beautiful. The pictures. I thought it was nice of them to do different photos and graphic art for the Classic and Variant Batgirl boxes. Rather than just toss the variant inside a mass printing of the "standard" Batgirl box, they did some different photos and different poses. Forgive my glare. I was in a hurry to shoot the boxes. Opening the front flap reveals a picture all too familiar for Batman/Batgirl fans - As I took her out of the package, I noticed a few things that were disturbing. Glue on the cape. Chipped paint on the hands. How on earth did glue get on the cape? Did I hear correctly that chipped paint on the hands is "normal" for the DC 13" line? That's disappointing.
  15. Then you need to come over to my home. @loll@ Seriously though - I am actually blown away by the sound more often than the video.
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