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  1. DCS-Direct G.I.Joe: Battle Points! G.I.Joe: Vehicles & Figures! G.I.Joe: Books & Magazines! And Many Other Toys? By: Captain-DC 02/06/2008
  2. Rucker vs. Ravage - Eagle Eye vs. Vulture - Rip vs. Plague - So far i have only found 6 of the 15 New figures available in this series? Has anyone here found any other figures than these 6 listed here? Let me know. Here is a run down of the figures names? (Terra Team) Rucker Crash Ice (Sea Squad) Sparks Gills Rip (Flying Force) Eagle Eye Condor Jump (Covert Command) Fixer Shadow Ghost ((Marauders) arch Enemies of The Corps! Ravage Vulture Plague Go Corps! By: Captain-DC 02/06/2008
  3. Our Target got the first Three Wave 1. Comic packs in on Friday 12/28/2007 So i got mine that day. It's now 12/31/2007 And the rest of the Comic packs from Wave 1. are still sitting at Target yet! No one else has bought any at all. The only ones bought were the packs i bought. They seem to be Peg Warmers for sure in this Wave. Oh-Well! By: Captain-DC 12/31/2007 Happy New Years Eve! Everyone...
  4. Street Fighter EX3 This is the best game in the EX series. Way better than EX 1 or EX2. And it's in 3D as well. And it had the best 3D in this game series. Far as Characters they are? - Ryu Ken Chun-Li Guile Dhalsim Blanka Zangeif Vega Sakura Hokuto Skullomania Doctrine Dark Jack Sharon Nanase - So hope that is what your looking for? Just saw your post here now. 11/12/2007 By: Captain-DC Go Street Fighter!
  5. Kreate-A-Fighter It's time to show characters from my last memory card i can use for this game at this point. Who are they? Superhero's of course. 1. C.A. Ninja 2. Cyclops 3. Ghost Rider 4. Invisible Woman 5. Magneto 6. Superhero 7. Thor 8. Wolverine And i changed two other characters or say removed the V Officer and V Trooper from the other card series. They have been replaced by? 1. Indiana Jones 2. TX (Female Terminator from T3) So that will wrap up all my characters for this game. Hope you like some of these? Please let me know. Thanks for stopping by. By: Captain-DC 10/03/2007
  6. Update: New Cobra (K.A.F.) Just added as of Tonight Sept 25, 2007 Who are they you ask? 1. Black Dragon Ninja 2. Chameleon 3. Firefly 4. Nemesis Enforcer 5. Ninja Viper 6. Road Pig 7. Vypra 8. Zandar This will wrap up all my G.I.Joe and Cobra (K.A.F.) for this game. Please let me know what you like? Thanks. By: Captain-DC 09/25/2007
  7. Kreate-A-Fighter Upfront: This topic is for the Kreate-A-Fighter section of this game only. So if you have made any characters for this game and would like to tell or show us who you made for this game this is the place for that. Thanks. I myself i have made several characters for this game and would like for you to see them if you like? Please let me know what characters i made here that you like? Thanks. I have characters from? 1. Classic Mortal Kombat Characters 2. Street Fighter Characters 3. Movie Based Characters 4. G.I. Joe Characters 5. Cobra Characters So if you into these type of Characters please check out what i have made here. Thanks. If your a Street Fighter fan just think of it this way? Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat (About Time!) Or G.I. Joe vs. Cobra again that is about time. Movie characters fighting anyone that alone is something else. Of course you can also make other characters like some superhero or other but i'll leave those for you. Kreate-A-Fighter Go Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Kreate-A-Fighter Section By: Captain-DC 09/24/2007
  8. Captain DC

    M T T T T

    I hit Toys 'R' Us today and i was sure shocked as i found Wave 7. So i picked up my set. Left behind the extra Wave 7. Gung-Ho and Cobra-Viper pack and left behind the extra Duke and Over Kill pack. They also had the 6-packs with Tomax and Xamot today! Got one Tomax set and one Xamot set. They still had 4 of the Tomax sets left. And 5 of the Xamot packs left... No Big Deal! And they do have the Adventure packs with Kamakura and the other two as well It seems they only are packing one of the Depth Charge and one of the Viper packs and four Kamakura's packs in the case. I passed on all of those as i picked up one set of these last week at Target. So don't need those now. Since Wave 7. is the last wave of New G.I.Joe's to be issued this year as it is over. guess i'm pretty done as no more new stuff will be made other than a few more New 6-Packs yet to come so i'll keep an eye on those. But in the mean time for me it's back to Star Wars then. And Star Wars is going to be going all year so i'll be busy now looking for those... Sorry to see the G.I.Joe's go. But if Hasbro wakes up and brings them back i'll buy them.... Yo Joe! Captain-DC
  9. The Corps! & More? In the light of the Bad news we got about the 3 3/4" G.I.Joe line being cancelled again. I though we all needed to have something to get our minds off all that bad news. So since some of you have collected Lanard figures in the past? Here is a websight that contains many many many Different Lanard action figure lines in the 3 3/4" Lines... 2006 will be the 20th Anniversary and now that G.I.Joe is going out! Let's just hope Lanard steps up to the plate and puts out some Classic style figures in 2006 then. (I'm Crossing my Fingers) So if you like to check it out? Please do. And let me know what you liked or think? Thanks! Captain-DC Their are over 250 Plus figures to see. Enjoy!
  10. Lanard's only doing The Corps! (Commando Force) figures right now and have since 2003. With past lines they ran two or three years before anything New was made or repainted. So this only makes the 2nd year for Commando Force. But i'm hoping this will be the last year of those. And they go back to Classic Figures and other New figures... But not anything right now. 2005 will be busy for me anyways with new G.I.Joe's coming out and all that New upcoming Star Wars stuff. I will be very busy this year. So if Lanard makes new figures hopefully it won't be until 2006 then. Otherwise keeping up with G.I.Joe's and Star Wars and Lanard stuff would be a real pain anyways. But after 2006 i hope they do... Captain-DC
  11. Yep i know two of them. I posted a reply in that section for those two. Hope that helps? by the way in case i didn't mention it can't remember now. He! He! i have also added to The Corps! websight? The Corps! Commando Force and Total Soldier. Just in case you don't want to see them again? He! He! Captain-DC Anyways their still Lanard figures so they had to be added, Sorry!
  12. Does anyone here these days collect Lanard The Corps! action figures? I know they don't make the old style 3 3/4" figures no more. But did you collect them in the past? Did you ever want a websight that would show you what Lanard figures came out and when? Do you think you own all they made of certain Characters that you liked? Well it's here people. No not New figures! But a Websight that does just that. It shows you what has been made and when. With many different Lanard lines and a few other 3 3/4" lines... If you like The Corps! This websight is for you. The Corps! & More? This is the only place you will find any websight with this many figures. Right from the start of The Corps! 1986 until now. 19 Years of figures... What else can you ask for if your a Corps? Collector like me... Well if you don't collect The Corps! that's ok... Thanks for stopping by anyway. Have Fun and Enjoy! Captain-DC
  13. Remco? Figures? It would be nice to see pitures of the Remco figures if you have any. I would not be able tho to use them on my web sight. Being on webtv i would have no way to use your pictures being on webtv. But i would like to see them tho. And if you know what the names are of the Remco figures that would be nice to know as well. I might even have a few of them myself. I did get a few Remco figures here and their. So maybe? The web sight here is a personal web sight i made of figures i own. The figures you see if the figures i own myself. They are not from an outside source. They are my personal Collections. That i'm sharing with all of you. People doing a search on the World Wide Web will not be able to find my web sight. It is not listed on the World Wide Web... So no one out their will know of it. That's the bad thing. But that's why i share it now with all of you. You check it out and pass word of mouth on to your friends and they pass it on etc... They get an exclusive look that no others on the World Wide Web can see. And that alone is Special... So pass the word on... Thanks! Captain-DC
  14. UPDATE: Well more figures have been added to the web sight now. Star Force (New Series) Star Force (Expedition) Wow! Power Wow Power Girls! Have Fun! Captain-DC
  15. Power Commandos? These were only released once that i know of in the USA. They were made by Lucky Bell. And far as i know Lucky Bell only made these figures... Why they did them? Good Guess! But they did later issue only 6 of them to the UK. And i have talked to Lucky Bell not that long ago. And asked them if they planned to ever release them again? I was hoping for some repaints. But they said all of the molds have been destroyed now and they will never be made again. So that's about all i know of these. When they came out here where i'm at they only had them at one store here. They got them in one time only! They were sold as 2-Packs! And once they were sold out that was it. No More! No other store here ever got them afterwards... So i would consider them to be Rare! Being that no one seem to carry them after that.
  16. Wow! Girls? Yep i will be adding both Series of the Wow! Girls... Then you will see that series 1. And series 2. conflict each other Big Time... A Major one. But you will have to see both series 1 and series 2 when i add them. So keep checking back for those. Thanks! Captain-DC
  17. T-crotch? Yah i thought when those came out in 2003 that Lanard was just trying something new out and that the older figures would still be made as well. But NO!!!!! Instead they stop the old style figures all together. What a Shame! What i rather see tho? Is not for the old style figures to be repainted again they been out for years... So that would ok, And i would buy those as well. But instead of those? I'd rather see some Brand New old style like New Molds and New Characters... A New line all together in the Old style... It's way overdue... The last Brand New one's they did were... Lars Lazer Full Proof Justin Case Stuff more like that... But new stuff that hasn't been out yet. Man O' Man! And after 19 years they need to bring out some Enemy figures for once... Come on in 19 Years none of them have been Enemy figures... Who they susposed to fight anyway? Each Other! They say hey today you the bad guy and i'm going to come after you!!! And the next day the other guy says hey i get to be the Bad guy today... He! He! But yah New figures and an Enemy needed man... That's what i want to see. Captain-DC
  18. Someone here said they thought they had some Lanard figures or Corps? and you say now they aren't? Do you have any pictures of them? Maybe i know who they are? Worth the try? Thanks! Captain-DC
  19. Knock-Offs? To G.I.Joe??? G.I.Joe was not the first 3 3/4" action figures to be made like the G.I.Joe's were. In fact it was MEGO that did the first 3 3/4" figures way back in the late 1970's... Way ahead of G.I.Joe... so you could say Hasbro knocked-off Mego in this case. And Hasbro would be the 2nd rate figures... Of course Mego figures don't have the Quality as Hasbro's does... But most of the other lines don't. Mego: Buck Rogers Mego: C.H.i.P.S. etc. all came before G.I.Joe's... Captain-DC
  20. Nope don't have the Newer figures added just yet. But they will be. I have added more figure lines now tho. like? Bio Wings. Atomic Ranger Warriors! S.T.A.R. Force By: Lanard Again more stuff will be added a few at a time. The main focus was the main Corps! Line from 1986 up to 2001. Those were the main figures that kept the line going all those years ago. And i still have allot more to add yet. So check them out and keep checking back later to see what New stuff may be added then? Yo Joe! Captain-DC
  21. The Corps! & More? Are you into The Corps! action figures? If so this is a New web sight done by me. It starts with the main Corps! line from 1986 until now. So you may find it to be somthing you want to Bookmark? If you have any figures that are not listed on my web sight? Please send me pictures of them ASAP and let me know what line they are from and what year they came out. That way i know what to look for. Thanks! Yo Joe! Captain-DC
  22. Hate to Break the Bad News to anyone here? But unless you want to Brake the figures here up? You can't take them apart at all. They are all Glued together and do not come apart. They would have to be broke open and most likely be destroyed by doing so. Something i am not willing to do just to Wreck these figures myself. And yes i have tried to take all of these apart and they are all Glued. So that told me just to leave them alone... He! He! So unless you want to Brake them? Otherwise they don't come apart. I have no idea why Hasbro Glued all of these? I wonder if they are planning to do this on the Regular action figure lines or what? If they do people are going to be Mad as He**!!! I can see that now if they do? Captain-DC
  23. You asked about the Mini-Series? The one's that are on DVD right now are the First two Mini-Series from the 1983 and 1984 years. But we do have two more 5 part episodes to go here? one was done in 1985 I think that one would be if i can remember after all these years? The Further Adventures of G.I.Joe (I Think?) anways that was the five part series that started off the 1985 season! So that alone could be considered a Mini-Series for one DVD disc here. Then let's not forget that yet another five part Mini-Series was done yet again in 1986 for Arise! Serpentor, Arise! This was another five part series that started off the 1986 season. So this is the 2nd one that would take one DVD also. These are the two Mini-Series to go yet for a DVD Release then. Unless they do a Complete season box set for the entire 1985 season and include the first Five part show in with those? And same for the 1986 season also they would have to include that five part episode series as well if they did a Box set for the 1986 season. But being that both these were five part shows. It seems to me if these would not be included in the season box set but be done as a seperate DVD Disc set? But who knows??? After all they released the 1983 and 1984 five parts series in the same offer? Wouldn't they do the same here as well for the 1985 and 1986 five part series here also? I have no idea! But that would seem more likley to be done as seperate DVD's than to be included as part of the Season box set for that year? Anyone know, Let us Know? Thanks! Captain-DC
  24. Season DVD sets? What happened to the other 2 five part episodes for the 1985 and 1986 Season? Seems like they would do those 2 five part series first? What gives? Captain-DC
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