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  1. Top 10 Figures I'd like to see get the "Classic 25A Figure Design" but probably won't: 1. Headhunter 2. Headhunter Stormtrooper 3. Night Vulture 4. Incinerator 5. Annihilator 6. T.A.R.G.A.T. 7. Crimson Guard Immortal 8. Toxo-Viper ('91 ver.) 9. Mega-Viper 10. Undertow Of course this trend of the new figures being styled after classic designs from the 80's may only last so long, perhaps a year (maybe two) until Hasbro decides to start making whole brand new looks for many of the core characters. Maybe they'll keep doing a few classic design characters every so often but right now no one knows for sure.
  2. Impressive, I salute you. It's always good to meet another COBRA warlord. Do you plan on adding the new COBRA Troopers/Officers from the 25A line to your ranks as well?
  3. The second version of Storm Shadow kicks ass! I'm only sorry it's the Joe version.
  4. I'm sorry it failed, but seeing as how the writing was just getting worse and worse I'm not exactly surprised. In the beginning I went nuts when I heard it was going to be animated by Studio GONZO I was so excited. I realized that the writing would probably be crap but was too worked up over how much I liked the animation. Sure enough GONZO delievered the goods but whatever writers 4Kids hired should have been dragged out to the middle of the street and shot. It was nice while it lasted but it was probably only natural that it would never last very long. At least one of my Joe related fandom wishes came true, I got to see a G.I. Joe Anime series. Now I just have to keep praying until Hasbro gives the thumbs up on a G.I. Joe RTS game.
  5. I don't know if Wahlberg would make a good Duke or not, who knows. Just as long as we get Milla Jovovich as the Baroness I'll be happy and I'll show you why -
  6. Mekk Z

    Moth 4 Pics

    @bH@ Why Hasbro? Why can't the stuff you put out for the masses be as cool as this?!
  7. Figures I don't want. Well let me see . . . COBRA Commander Destro Baroness Zartan Zarana Buzzer Ripper Torch Major Bludd Scrap Iron Copperhead Wild Weasel Tomax & Xamot Serpentor Dr. Mindbender Oh and none of the Joes. I'd just prefer it if Hasbro made Storm Shadow, Firefly, and Zandar and every COBRA troop-type and vehicle operator between 85' and '86. Then next year concentrate on making all the COBRA troops and IRON Grenadier troops between '87 and 1990.
  8. I liked it, I had a really good time. As far as Marvel movies go they can be hit or miss, but this one was really a hit.
  9. Nice diorama shots. If you don't mind my asking where did you pick up most of the dio accessories?
  10. No it certainly isn't, but despite the number of people I've asked about this on the different G.I. Joe fan boards (Joebattlelines, CobraIsland, HISSTank.com) a lot of them think that it's more likely we'd get brand new stuff from Hasbro first before we got the Sigma 6 vehicles in 3 3/4" size. Which I can't make sense of at all especially since I've got to think it's cheaper simply to use a pre-existing design and simply make a bigger version. If Hasbro did this we could possibly enjoy some vehicle releases when the rest of the line was released at the end of this year instead of having to wait for potentially new stuff at the end of 2008. Plus there's supposedly 2.5" vehicles that were made that now may never see the light of day since the line was cancelled, like this beauty -
  11. Customizing them into 3 3/4" vehicles is close to impossible and a pain to do. But hopefully, Hasbro will see the error of their ways and use these designs to make 3 3/4" versions to supplement the new 25th Anv. line of figures.
  12. It really is one of Al's best isn't it. I bought one of those CG figures from him almost 2 years ago and it's still a favorite of mine. Although the paint on the beret is begining to thin a little. @hmmm@ Picture of mine, from JoeDios.
  13. Since Hasbro said that they'd be releasing these bad boys in single card format as well as in the COBRA 5 pack, these suckers are going to sell like hotcakes!
  14. You forgot the SE repaint COBRA Mortal. Although the Python Trooper was a good idea. The happiest news I've heard so far concerns the packaging arrangements and the price points, both good. I'll pass on the 5 packs since I was never big on the core COBRA characters, but if Hasbro releases some single pack CGs, BATs, or Snow Serpents I'm all over them.
  15. The IRON Grenadier looks promising but I'd much rather prefer a new 3 3/4" one.
  16. Very nice. The scene at the checkpoint was great, the layout of the diorama was superb. I loved the purple colored SNAKES, that's one of my choice COBRA colors. Excellent work can't wait for the next one.
  17. The Headhunters are a great suggestion, they were always one of my favorite COBRA troop-types. Well we now know that the COBRA Trooper will be the first of COBRA's masked soldiers to be produced in this new sculpt-style. But if rumors of the first 10 figures being sold in 5 packs is true don't get your hopes up about army building this guy. So let's all cross our fingers that Hasbro is going to make the smart decision to sell these figures in singles. As for other COBRA troops I'd like to see get this treatment . . . Alley-Viper Annihilator H.E.A.T.-Viper Incinerator Night Vulture Snow Serpent Strato-Viper T.A.R.G.A.T.
  18. And Im sure the NON army Builders agree with you. But of 25 figures if only 3 are army builders, like Cobra troopers, Vipers and Crimson guard, then you still got 23 figures. Let me put it a different way, if this line doesnt provide for massive Cobra Troopers legions, This line wont be as exciting as RAH and other previous lines. Hasbro Make Army BUILDERS!!!!!! I am in complete agreement with you Obi. Hasbro has the opportunity to make some seriously kickass versions of our favorite COBRA troops. The only thing they could do to screw things up would be to revert to the 2-pack stupidity they carried on with from JvC to VvV. If Hasbro is going to do multi-packs for the beginning of this 25th line I think they'll do it just for the initial 10 figures (something like 5 Joes, 5 COBRA members, all uniques) and then sell the rest in singles like the DTC figures. At least that's what I'm hoping for. Personally I can't wait to get some old-school style Crimson Guards, B.A.T.s, Techno-Vipers, and IRON Grenadiers in this new sculpt design.
  19. Many of the molds for a lot of the classic vehicles are missing, damaged, or incomplete. And those ones we know Hasbro does have (from previous re-releases) probably won't be used again unless its for some store exclusive. Hasbro is NOT going to spend the money to design whole new vehicles unless this 25th Anniversary line is a big hit but those we probably wouldn't see until late 2008. However if they simply used the designs of some the 2.5" vehicles they could 'technically' do some new 3.75" vehicles at half the effort. And as far as jiving with the 80's look of the original figures thing goes I'd be willing to forgo that to get some of the Sigma 6 vehicles in RAH scale. Besides the Sigma 6 VAMP is what I'd expect a modern version of that vehicle to look like anyway.
  20. If Hasbro wanted to do vehicles and do them simply then there's probably no better place to look then the 2.5" line. Just take the designs of the Firebat, VAMP, Street Razor, Hammer and possibly a few others, and make versions that could accomodate 3.75" figures. Because if anyone thinks Hasbro is going to make brand new vehicles for 3.75" figures after all the b****ing and moaning they gave the fans about how poorly the DTC vehicles sold, think again. But making the 2.5" vehicles for RAH scale works out well for both the fans and Hasbro because then we get some kickass vehicles and most of the design work has already been done for Hasbro. All Hasbro would need to do is enlarge the molds.
  21. Very nice and as long as it's 3 3/4" tall I have no problems what so ever.
  22. Now THIS is what I want to hear. Though I'm happy the 3 3/4" line will get some new releases I can't exactly be thrilled at the prospect of getting characters who already have 5 to 10 figures to their names. But if the line is continued then maybe there's hope of finally getting some characters I've wanted but never got during new sculpt run like Zandar, Wraith, Techno-Viper, etc. Some of the Sigma 6 lineup I wouldn't mind seeing in 3 3/4" scale as well, such as Steel and Machete. My personal hope is that this means Hasbro might take a more serious approach to rekindling interest in the 3 3/4" line, and relaunch it without making the horrendous screw-ups they did back in 2002.
  23. I don't think there's too many repaints one can do with the small number of Classics available, except of course finishing the Seekers with Thundercracker, Thrust, and Dirge. There are however a few of the Cybertron figures I'd like to see repainted as G1 characters: Scourge - Hun-grrr Hot Shot/Excellion - Breakdown Evac - Vortex Clocker/Swerve - Rumble/Frenzy CD Scattershot - Onslaught CD Hot Shot - Brawl
  24. 100% COBRA, ZERO Joe, always have, always will. I might collect some Joes if I really liked them (especially the Sigma 6 stuff if it came in 3 3/4 size) unfortunately due to the massive size of my COBRA army I'm a little squeezed for room.
  25. Hasbro truly has got to be run by some of the dumbest people in the business world if they think those shoddy movie figures are going to eclipse this line. Those things will be warming pegs all through next Christmas while people are still asking for new Classics.
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