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  1. I'm going to wait until Target releases their exclusive HISS Tank. The driver has almost the same uniform colors as the Stinger Driver (a little bit better in my opinion) and this way I'll be able to stock up on gray uniformed COBRA Troops and HISS Tanks.
  2. Any COBRA unique characters like Copperhead, Wild Weasel, Thrasher, and Zanzibar that originally came with vehicles I think should be released in single card format. The COBRA troop-type vehicle drivers like Motor-Viper, Lamprey, Strato-Viper should accompany vehicles.
  3. Even though we'll be getting the single carded CG with a black face mask (which I too prefer like many others) your point about having a silver one instead however could still be used. Face it guys, when this new figure hits the market its going to probably fly off the shelves like lightening. Unless Hasbro puts some more effort into the 25A's production numbers no way are we going to get our fix come next year. So why not have TRU release a 25A Crimson Guard troop builder set, but instead of doing 5 figures in a whole other paint scheme (like their upcoming Night Watch theme set using the new COBRA trooper molds) just repaint the face masks silver. Then Hasbro could release the new CG as both a single card and later again in a troop builder set with only minimal differences in the paint schemes.
  4. Cobra- 1. BATS v1 2. IRON Grenadier v1 3. Techno-Viper 4. H.E.A.T.-Viper v1 5. Zandar Cobra Vehicles- 1. Hurricane VTOL w/ Vapor 2. Buzz Boar 3. D.E.M.O.N. w/ Ferret 4. B.U.G.G. w/ Secto-Viper 5. Night Raven w/ Strato-Viper
  5. that sucks, I must have missed that. Who else did Hasbro say is definitely not planned? The Snow Serpent was the only one mentioned that Hasbro doesn't plan on doing at the con and the B.A.T. was the only COBRA troop-type that they said was planned. I'm sure we'll get the Viper in 25A style that one's a no brainer. I just hope Hasbro plans on upping the production numbers for future COBRA troops, like the CG and others.
  6. Hasbro already said the Snow Serpent wasn't on the list of stuff they've got planned so unless the 25A 'theme' gets extended a bit longer that one's out. But I do think we need a new Techno-Viper that one's a must along with the B.A.T. and IRON Grenadier.
  7. COBRA's unique characters I'm not that all concerned about because most of the big ones on their side have already been made or Hasbro has already told us their planning on making. It's what new COBRA troops we'll be getting that concerns me. Hasbro already said at the con that the B.A.T. was on their list, I'm sure the Viper is another one we'll probably get, and the fact that the IG Destro is being released gives me hope we'll also get a new IRON Grenadier as well. But after those big three I just don't know. I know I would like to see: Techno-Viper H.E.A.T.-Viper Annihilator Alley-Viper Strato-Viper I left out the Snow Serpent since Hasbro said themselves they weren't planning on doing that one (Oh well!).
  8. Firefly I really think is the crown jewel of this new line of G.I. Joe figures, it really is just the best.
  9. Spotted them at my TARGET here in CT. Firefly was the only one I wanted so I left the rest. Also found most of Wave 1 but no Wave 2.
  10. Mekk Z

    25th Vehicles...

    Personally I'd like to see Hasbro release a lot of the planned Robot Rebellion vehicles we were supposed to get that got used in the S6 line. 1.) H.I.S.S. V: Same thing as the DTC version only the back isn't open but rather has a door ramp that can be opened and closed. A black/gray camo paint scheme would be nice. 2.) Firebat II: Awesome jet, would make a great addition to COBRA's airforce which has been stagnant for years (Night Adder anyone?). 3.) Street Razor: Ladies and gentlemen the next COBRA STUN. 4.) Stinger II (S6 VAMP): Both the original VAMP and Stinger were based off the same design so why not let COBRA have this one in the 3 3/4" scale and replace the missile pod in the back with a chain gun. 5.) WOLF II (Arctic VAMP): Again another vehicle type that has been longer overdue for COBRA's forces. Give it a white and purple camo job, throw in a new Ice-Viper and you've got COBRA's answer to the Joes Ice Saber. 6.) Juggernaut (Iron Hammer): The S6 name for this mech just sounds too IRON Grenadier so I thought this name might fit more. It's addition would certainly distinguish both sides a little more. While COBRA sticks to their HISS tanks in terms of armor the Joes take a step in mecha weapons. 7.) Talon: Come on! Anyone who's seen the pics of this jet knows they'd just love a 3 3/4" scale version to add their collections.
  11. Firefly and Crimson Guard.
  12. Zandar Darklon Big Boa Croc Master Dr. Knox Wraith B.A.T. Techno-Viper H.E.A.T.-Viper Toxo-Viper ('91 ver) Incinerator Night Vulture IRON Grenadier Undertow Annihilator Headhunter Headhunter Stormtrooper
  13. I second that! As long as Hasbro isn't packaging any COBRA troop builders in the comic packs then I really don't see a major problem with the comic packs.
  14. CRYSTAL BALL? If he can get a new figure when can I expect my new 25A versions of Zandar, Big Boa, Croc Master and Darklon?! Also good news to hear that Hasbro plans on including at least one COBRA troop builder per wave. Hopefully I'll still get my new IRON Grenadier, B.A.T., and Techno-Viper before the 25A theme goes away.
  15. I'm curious as to what exclusives Wal-Mart might have in mind?!
  16. Word on the grapevine is that the driver for the HISS tank will be the 25A COBRA Trooper in black/gray urban camo. Pic here: HISS Driver
  17. Very happy with a lot of the stuff that's already slated to be released as well as possible releases later on. The Crimson Guard is still my favorite of the new figures coming out. While I'm impressed by the IG Destro I'm more curious if this means Hasbro might be making a 25A IRON Grenadier down the line. Happy to hear that the B.A.T. is also on the list of figures to be made as well as the news of future army builder packs and older Joe/COBRA vehicle store exclusives. Another figure possibility I'm wondering about is which Dreadnoks will be included in the second wave of comic packs. I think it's time Zandar was brought back to the fold and given a new figure.
  18. IRON Grenadier Techno-Viper B.A.T. Headhunter Night Vulture Zandar Big Boa Annihilator H.E.A.T.-Viper Incinerator
  19. The new Firefly kicks a$$. Can't wait to see what the Crimson Guard for next year will look like.
  20. Does anybody know a good place online where I could order Menasor?
  21. If this set was just troopers, maybe I'd get behind it, but adding in another SS and CC repaint?! It's just another one of Hasbro's lame ideas. The only way I'd be tempted to get this set would be if the Storm Shadow packaged was going to be the new '88 version but with COBRA white and red colors.
  22. The "1986 or earlier period" thing went out the window the minute we found out Hasbro would be producing the '88 version of Storm Shadow for the 25th. At the very least Hasbro is casting their net up to 1989.
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