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    Heavy Water

    Since so many people seem to be getting Wave 8 ahead of schedule, does anybody know if this new Cobra recruit Heavy Water is a Cobra unique or another new trooper caste?
  2. At this point then the set will be a total failure and Hasbro will get the sense to either give Cobra a suitable base set or just not. I mean the Joes are getting the Mobile Command Center back, anybody remember that? Hell, at this point I'd settle for the Tactical Battle Platform redone for Cobra for my Vipers to at least have a decent piece of field command equipment. All I got is a Toxo-Lab, and even though I've kept it in great condition and it's very impressive with my Cobra legions I'd still like something bigger to use in my dioramas.
  3. Mekk Z


    Well it's a helluva a better jet fighter then the Rattler. I was lucky enough to find a Liquidator MIB and am rather happy with it. Another great thing about Cobra was that they always had some of the best fighter jets. The Hurricane, Night Raven, Python Conquest, and even the Firebat. If you're a diehard Cobra fan I serously recommend this fighter it really is worth it.
  4. I'd actually like some old RAH vehicles to make comebacks and with what Hasbro is going to get back from India's Funskool line in terms of that there's plenty to choose from. I wouldn't mind seeing some Python Patrol versions of the C.L.A.W., Razorback, and even the original HISS tank. Maybe if we're real lucky we'll even see the Conquest done done with PP colors again. For the Night Force I'd prefer to see another release of the black Skystriker jet, the Night Boomer, as well as possibly NF versions of the Swampmasher and Mean Dog. For the Crimson Guards I'm more then happy enough for now with the Crimson Attack Tank from KB Toys.
  5. I personally loved the COBRA troop builder packs, both the BATs and Python Patrol. I bought 6 of the BAT packs and 12 sets of Python Patrol, and am seriously looking forward to the Viper/Alley-Viper and Sand-Viper/Desert C.L.A.W.S. two packs coming out. Everyone who is a COBRA army builder I would suggest that you get out there and buy as many COBRA themed figure sets as you can because they really are the answer to this Joe/COBRA pack BS. As for the Crimson Guard and Cobra Trooper packs coming out next year I'm not really impressed by either. I'm not so sure if the BATs would have done better as as TRU exclusive and this new COBRA trooper pack would have made for a better internet exclusive since many of the online fan community are crazy for the old school COBRA soldiers. The Crimson Guards I might be excited about, if it wasn't for the fact that they're made out to be apart of this lame Spytroop gimmick Hasbro is pushing. Here's an idea for future online exclusive stuff. Hasbro should put those Battle Points we've all been racking up to good use and offer some online EXCLUSIVE stuff in exchange for Battle Points. And by stuff I mean COBRA troops and vehicles. Remember back in the day when Hasbro would offer driver figures, the Strato-Viper, Copperhead, and HISS Driver as mail away exclusives without their vehicles. I'd like to see something like that again. I'd love to collect some of those black Neo-Vipers that are going to be sold with the new Ringneck, but that vehicle is just too ugly and too ineffcient. Second I'd like for them offer some of the original HISS tanks, in HISS III colors. Now those would be some good mail away items.
  6. I never had any Alien figures but I know where you're coming from. Using my COBRA figures when I was younger, the Aliens were one of my favorite imaginery opponents as a kid. That reminds, the new "Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction" PS2 game is coming out this week and anyone who's a fan of the movies and GI Joe should check it out. It's a real time strategy game like "Command & Conquer" and one of the types of armies you get to command is the Colonial Marines, so all you'd have to do is pretend the human soldiers were either Joe or COBRA.
  7. Interesting concept but I'd I think I'd only really be intrigued if COBRA was involved. A good story idea incorporating the whole "Night of the Living Dead" movie series was if the dead were returning to life and G.I. Joe and COBRA teamed up to fight the legions of the undead. Perhaps the four Joes trying to make it back to their base are unexpectadly saved by Destro and Zartan and a squad of Vipers, at which point the scenario becomes a zombie shooting gallery.
  8. Well I have to say I had mixed feelings about the recent anaheim convention. I was pleased to hear about the upcoming Cobra trooper 2-packs, the new Viper, Alley-Viper, and Storm Shadow figures, the Toys R Us exclusive Cobra APC (Joe vehicles always look so much better as Cobra ones anyway) and that Hasbro has recovered the HISS II mold. However my major pet peeve is that Hasbro still has no plans for a future Cobra fighter jet of any kind! And if any of you out there in snake land think the that BTR Raven thing qualifies you need serious professional psychiatric help. So what do the rest of my fellow Cobra colleagues think about Cobra's lack in air superiority?
  9. I think the new package and filecard artwork absolutely ROCKS! This is the kind of artwork I'd like to see in the comic book once in a while. I sensed a definitive old school Image comics feel when I saw the first images of the new package art and am happy to now learn that I was right. Now if we can just get Joe Benitez to do a few issues of the Devil's Due Joe series or even a frontline issue or two.
  10. I plan on getting six right now but might get more if I have the capital to do such. It sure is a great time to be a Cobra fanatic isn't it? COBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  11. The Night Creepers will of course serve as covert operatives and assassins because they're ninjas. The COILs I find more impressive and intimidating with their helmets on. I never got into GI Joe fully until '86 when the faces of Cobra's legions became more and more hidden. The COILs will serve as basic vehicle operators for my legions piloting machines like the Dominator, Crimson Cruiser, Rage, Buzz Boar, Earthquake, Parasite, and of course Venom Cycle. The only thing that would make the COILs/Red Spit two pack even better would be if they came with Destro's new shotgun. Don't get me wrong, the weapon assortment in this two pack is an accessory pack in itself with the Sand-Viper's G36, Flint's OICW, two of Shipwreck's sub-machine pistols and a 9MM handgun to top everything off. But I really think Destro's shotgun would make the set complete. When I first saw the COIL figure I remembered a sci-fi film from the 80's called "The Wraith", with Charlie Sheen. Sheen's character was this decked out futuristic looking race car driver that wore a similar bodysuit and carried a FAMAS 12 shotgun. So if Hasbro packages that gun with a future Cobra trooper I'm going to be anxious to get it to complete my COIL squad.
  12. An original character I created called Blight. I first got into GI Joe in '86 when Serpentor was introduced on the animated series and became a Cobra fan with Serpentor leading my collection of Cobra Vipers and HISS tanks. But later on I got bored with his character since he seemed as incompetent as Cobra Commander. At the same time I was getting into Anime, so I crafted my own personal Cobra warlord. In my Joeverse, after the movie, Cobra was left leaderless with the disappearance of both CC and Serpentor and a mercenary from outside Cobra's ranks buys his way into the organization with new weapons technologies and resources. He quickly becomes one of the leading hierarchy and comes close to gaining complete control when Serpentor AND Cobra Commander return to the scene. Cobra is splientered into three factions, with Cobra Commander and his forces taking root in North America, Serpentor setting up shop in Europe, and Blight and those forces loyal to him establishing operations in Japan and China. The result is a full scale Cobra civil war that lasts to this day, with new contenders vying for the Cobra throne from Destro in Scotland and Overlord who has a base in Egypt. Since I only collect Cobra figures and vehicles this kind of storyline works well for me and of course the faction I like to side with is Blight's. I'm actually in the process of writing his beginnings in Cobra and have posted the first two chapters here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1326179
  13. That's your opinion little man. But the NAC's a kick ass vehicle to me and the only reason I haven't bought one till now is because I'm a strict Cobra fan, so it's going to be a joy adding two or three of these things to my collection. As for the Mamba for all we know that's another one of Hasbro's molds being currently held hostage in Brazil, so I doubt we'll see the return of that anytime soon. Besides, even if Hasbro did have the mold I wouldn't want to get it in any other color besides its original purple . . . well, maybe. But again we have to work with what we've got and I think this Crimson NAC is going to ROCK!
  14. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO! Kiss my ass all you Dragonfly punks! @-@ Those Crimson NACs are going to look great along with the rest of my Cobra vehicles and troops. A Crimson MOBAT AND a Crimson NAC in one year, this is EXACTLY what the doctor called for. I thought the only good Cobra vehicle to look forward to this year was going to be the Polar Blast. But good'ol Hasbro had one of it's rare insights of brilliance which it only seems to get after three or four month of continual abject stupidity and wised up giving the Cobra legions the best new armored airship in the Joe's arsenal. COBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  15. Seeing how none of us know what Hasbro has in terms of upcoming plans for new Cobra soldiers, I'm going to ask for stuff I know Hasbro has access to so I don't get my hopes up. Numbered from least to most wanted: 10) Ferret 9) Night Creepers (2003, Wave 7 color scheme) 8) IRON Grenadier (2003, Wave 5 color scheme) 7) Eel (1992) 6) Mega-Viper 5) Range-Viper 4) Neo-Viper (O-ring, original filecard color scheme) 3) Crimson Guard Immortal 2) Sand-Viper (2003, Wave 6 color scheme) 1) Viper (2002, Wave 2 color scheme) I didn't list the Wave 7 COILs because in that case, it's good he comes with Red Spot because he gets those two extra rifles, particulary Flint's OICW and the Sand-Viper's G36. It's a lot of figures I'm wishing for but since we don't even know if these 2-packs are going to be same figure sets or different pairings keeping our options open is probably a good thing. :roll:
  16. We don't even know if the troop builder 2 packs will be two copies of the same Cobra soldier or two different ones. However if Hasbro does reissue recently released Cobra troopers like the Viper (Wave 2), IRON Grenadier (Wave 5), Sand-Viper (Wave 6) and Night Creeper (Wave 7) I hope they'll come painted in the colors they had for those waves. As for the Crimson Command Chopper I'm hoping it'll be a Night Attack Chopper repaint and at this point what with Sgt.Savage not even sure and Hasbro's emphasis on recycling new JvC vehicles it probably will. The Dragonfly both sucks and blows. It was a crappy helicopter when it first came it, and it's still a crappy helicopter. Are you kidding? :roll: It's got hardly any armor or ordinance and can only hold two figures. The NAC can hold three figures inside and two on the outside making for an excellent air assault transport and it's armed and armored up the yin yang. Plus, because of it's size and durability it'll probably last longer then the Dragonfly, in terms of playability. But then again maybe the Dragonfly will get released again as a Joe vehicle. They seem to have no problem riding around in sub-standard vehicles. Except for the NAC, all the Joe's vehicles in the recent years have been more ridiculous then most of the Cobra machines. -
  17. It's true, Hasbro has been using the same molds over and over again since the TRU collector's line in '97 and on some points that is getting on people's nerves but there are some molds Hasbro is not using again that they obvioulsy have. Plus there's more stuff coming from India that I'm sure we'd all like to see get reissued as well. The vehicles that have been used over and over again include: MOBAT/C.A.T. (TRU '98, RAHC 2000, KB 2003) Conquest X-30 (TRU '98, TRU '03) Rattler/Thunderbolt (TRU '97, TRU '02) Dragonfly/Crimson Command Helicopter (RAHC 2000, JvC 2003) AWE Striker (RAHC '01, TRU '03) 2nd G.I. Joe Headquarters (RAHC '01, JvC '02) The stuff I'm pretty sure Hasbro has or is getting back from India that I would like to see again include: Flight Pod Rage Stinger H.I.S.S. C.L.A.W. IMP Razorback And if Hasbro wants to do some Cobra repaints of Joe gear I'd prefer these in Cobra colors: Conquest X-30 Night Attack Chopper Night Rhino Skystriker X-14 Desert Striker Mean Dog Swampmasher RAM I completely support the MOBAT being released for a third time, because it'll be as a Cobra vehicle this time and it is a good tank. The Dragonfly on the other hand is just one of the those Joe vehicles I wish had just been sent to Brazil and lost there.
  18. The Thunder Machine in my mind will always be the essential Dreadnok vehicle, it's just too cool. I'd love if Hasbro would reissue that thing. But besides the Thunder Machine I also really liked that Skyhawk repaint that was a Sears exclusive. It could be called the "Sky Vulture", or something, and since it's supposed to be ideal for use in swamp land areas (see "Revenge of Cobra", prison break sequence) it would be a great Dreadnok vehicle.
  19. Just what I heard from the SgtSavage board. You can check it out here: http://pub126.ezboard.com/fgettingsavagefr...icID=1757.topic I'm still seriously pissed, I wanted the repaint to be a Night Attack Chopper. The ARAH line had such better vehicles of higher quality then the bloody Dragonfly. Why couldn't we get a Cobra version of some better classic Joe vehicles, like the Phantom X19, or the Storm Eagle, or the Desert Fox, or even the Rolling Thunder. Well at least Cobra got the C.A.T. so it finally has some decent armor since the HISS III.
  20. Well SgtSavage over at SgtSavage.com is pretty confident this chopper is going to be a Dragonfly repaint. In which case my wallet just became a little less deflated because there's no in hell I'm spending money on that piece of junk. The Joes can keep the Dragonfly, that thing is as ugly and useless as the Rattler. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  21. Judging from what Master Collector has said, I doubt the helicopter in question will be a Mamba since that was originally a Cobra vehicle so any original Cobra gear is out. So as far as Joe helicopters go the only ones I want to see get added to the Cobra armory is either the Tomahawk or the Night Attack Chopper, which I think everyone is betting on.
  22. Command & Conquer. I got hooked on real time strategy games a couple of years ago and still am. The more I played the more I remembered playing with my Cobra figures and vehicles when I was younger and thought how cool it would be to command a whole legion of Vipers instead of NOD infantry. Then I started crusing Joe diorama websites and tabletop war games and am now trying to create a hybrid Cobra tabletop war game like Warhammer or Battletech. And thus I have a perfectly logical excuse to amass the amount of new Cobra action figures to date which includes: 17x Vipers (Wave 2) 09x Alley-Vipers (Wave 2) 15x Shock-Vipers (Wave 4) 09x Ice-Vipers (Wave 4 Neos) 03x IRON Grenadiers (Wave 5) 18x B.A.T.s (BAT Pack) 12x Inferno B.A.T.s (BAT Pack) And still growing . . . 8)
  23. Hey, I liked the NAC. And if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a Cobra fanatic I might have bought one, so if this is a Cobra NAC repaint I welcome. There are a number of other Joe choppers I'd rather not see reissued for Cobra including the Retaliator, the original Locust, and Dragonfly. I'd either like to see a Cobra repaint of the Night Attack Chopper or possibly the Tomahawk which personally I think are the Joes two all time best helicopters.
  24. It's true, whatever Cobra troops were left sold out in record time. However there are still a small quantity of Duke Vs. Ripper, and Surefire vs. Slice packs left. I just got 9 of the the Duke/Ripper packs because those two came with two of the best rifles in the JvC series. M4 Carbine M16 w/ Shotgun It's a pain that JvC reissued Cobra troops like the Viper, Alley-Viper, IRON Grenadier, and others come with such poor weapons so I tought, what the hell it's practically a buck a weapon why not stock up. The M4 I think will look much better with my red Alley-Vipers and I'm arming my Headhunters with the M16 & shotgun.
  25. Hopefully this will mean KBToys.com will be getting some new Wave 5, 6, and 7 figures in. Then we just have to wait till another 2 for 1 sale and let the legion building begin again.
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