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  1. My Wal-Mart still has them. I picked up six packs tonight actually. 2 Black Out/B.A.T. combos and 4 Destro/Night-Creeper combos. I really don't need either Destro or Black Out but their weapons are kick ass especially Destro's SPAS 12 shotgun. As a bonus the two Black Out figures I bought came with 2 Desert Eagle pistols each. Usually he only comes with 1 but I guess this was a packaging error. (Heh, Heh!)
  2. Thank you! I was beginning to feel like the odd man out since no one else likes the Viper in it's purple color scheme. If Hasbro does decide to change the colors however, I will personally track down the SOB who made the descion and take a chainsaw to his crotch. Some of my favorite Cobra figures have had purple paint schemes so don't knock the purple. Besides, blue of any shade looks better on wimpy, #$### whipped Joes anyway. I could care less about the Alley-Viper but I want my purple Cobra Vipers to compliment my Wave 2 PURPLE Vipers.
  3. Are you kidding?! Those are GREAT! That Viper is exactly what I wanted the Neo-Viper to be. Purple, red, and black are my favorite colors and suit this new Viper to a T. I just found my new main line Cobra trooper. I've got to at least get 40 of these guys if not more. The Alley-Viper is OK, not stellar, but certainly a better choice then that pathetic Sand Scorpion. This completely makes up for that stupid new Cobra jet. Now I can actually praise Hasbro again.
  4. Whne I first saw the designs for the new Storm Shadow I thought his new duds were typical of feudal Japan. Perhaps the designer is a big "Rouroni Kenshin" which if that is the case, gets a big thumbs up from me. As far as the action attack thing goes I don't collect any of the Joes so that's no skin off my back. Only if Hasbro includes this new gimmick with either of the Alley-Viper or Viper figures in Wave 9 will I get really pissed.
  5. I'm totally blown away by the new Storm Shadow even if he may have something similar to that stupid Ninja Action crap from the Ninja Force line. Dr. Mindbender I also think is pretty neat and never considered getting another version of him besides his original '86 mold. The only one I really have a problem with is the Sand Scorpion. Lame design and uneccessary. Why would you need even one of these guys when you've already got a couple of Sand-Vipers (or 16).
  6. Ditto. My Wal-Mart's still got plenty of the two-pack 2 for 1's left but the only good troop builder is the Coil/B.A.T. one. All the Night Creepers come with either Wet Suit or Big Brawler. The only thing I did notice they had knew was the Rampage, but I don't collect Joe stuff. They did have Wave 8 so I bought a pair of Heavy Water troops but he was the only figure I wanted from this wave. I thought the CCC would show up in my local Toys R Us then Wal-Mart first because that's where everybody who posts on JoeSightings.com has been seeing them.
  7. Cobra, then, now, and forever. Better weapons, better equipment, more troops, and completely lacking the kind of emotional and ethical restraints that hamper G.I. Joe.
  8. I bought Sixshot for $29 from PlanetAnime.com during their sale week a few weeks ago and am glad I did. He was one of my all time favorite Decepticons as a kid and I'm glad I have him again, and it was nice because I got him and my reissue of Soundwave on the same weekend.
  9. On an average 9-12, but for some I might do more or less depending on the role they play in my army. Since collecting the JvC line I've accumulated these: Wave 2 Viper - 22 Alley-Viper - 9 Wave 4 Shock-Viper - 15 Neo-Viper - 9 Wave 5 IRON Grenadier - 3 Wave 6 Sand-Viper - 16 Wave 7 B.A.T. - 10 Coil - 10 Night Creeper - 2 Exclusives B.A.T. V.2 - 18 Inferno B.A.T. - 12 Python HEAT-Viper - 12 Python SAW-Viper - 12 Python Laser-Viper - 12 Python Rock-Viper - 12 Python Lamprey - 12 In a way the order fits nicely for me. Vipers are standard troopers so there should be more of them then any other figure. The BATs make for expendable replacement troops so you need plenty of them. Shock-Vipers make for good heavy weapons troops so you should have a moderate amount of them. 9 Alley-Vipers are sufficient for urban settings just like the Wave 4 Neo-Vipers which I use as updated Ice-Vipers for cold weather scenarios. I was planning on getting only 9 Sand-Vipers to compliment my other enviro-specific troops but they were an exception where the figure was too cool to just get 9. The IRON Grenadiers I feel fit the same role as the Crimson Guard as in their en elite trooper so you don't need too many of them, plus I was kind of dissapointed in the way they turned out. The Coils I needed because of all the Cobra vehicles I have that came without pilots/drivers or came with unique ones. And the Python Patrol troops because they fill the Special Forces branch completely and they were just too cool not to get 60 of. I plan on getting more Wave 7 Night Creepers because you always need spies and assassins and like the Sand-Vipers they are just too cool. As well as at least 6 Heavy Water troops because even though having too many Toxo-Vipers might seem unnecessary they are still a cool figure.
  10. Now this I approve of. Yet another good Cobra repaint of a Joe vehicle. I could easily see myself getting 5 of these and the Crimson colors the CLAWS get is an extra bonus.
  11. (Looks at new Cobra jet.) Oh - my - god! (Pukes dinner up all over floor.) @cry@ That is the definitive, all time, no. 1, worse Cobra air weapon I have seen in my entire LIFE. I thought that half-assed version of the Rattler, which up until know I thought was the worst jet Cobra ever had was, was bad but this thing looks like it's straight out of MOTU. Now listen guys, I like the comic book/fantasy/sci-fi elements of G.I. Joe just as much as you guys do but this thing looks completely RIDICULOUS. Only a few days ago I saw a new diorama up on "Cobra Command Online" that was of a Cobra air strip with 11 Cobra Night Ravens and I was not only in awe but damn proud to have been faithful to Cobra's side for so many years. I mean look at this- And now look at what our Cobra air force has been reduced to- It's days like this when I wonder if Cobra will ever truly make a triumphant and glorious return to terrorizing the air up there or whether the Joes will always dominate the skies. WHAT IS HASBRO THINKING! It's times like this when I just want to turn to some hired ninja assassin and say, "Bring me Deryl DePriest's testicles in a jar!"
  12. Thanks to Wal-Mart I already have 10 B.A.T.s and 10 Coils. I also have 2 Night-Creepers I picked up from TRU and plan on getting another 10 of those to have a total of 12. I plan on getting at least 6 Heavy Water troops to go with my Cobra Toxo-Lab and my other Toxo-Vipers and Sludge-Vipers. I'm giving the gray IRON Grenadiers, Pit-Vipers, and Tele-Vipers a miss. I'm waiting to see what the NEW Vipers and Alley-Vipers will look like.
  13. I think the Terror Drome still takes 1st prize as being the best Cobra base I just wish I had won. The only piece of Cobra HQ equipment I have is a Toxo-Lab, but nevertheless I still think it's pretty cool. The Cobra Mountain I could see being used as an outpost type thing or like someone else said, the entrance to a larger base area. Even if the Cobra Mountain doesn't do well I doubt it will be the last big playset we see. After all the Mobile Command Center is already out. The only question now is whether the good future big playsets will be for Joe or Cobra, and frankly I think everyone would like to see more Cobra sets.
  14. I'm glad that my Wal-Mart was well stocked with Coil/BAT packs. I bought 5 at the beginning of the week and bought another 5 last night. This Wal-Mart 2 for 1 deal has been really nice because not only was I able to get the number of Coils I wanted to accquire for my COBRA army but I also got 10 BATs for $2 each. Although now I'll have to get 10 Wave 4 BATs and switch around some body parts to get the right color combination. Heavy Water is the only figure from Wave 8 I really want so I can wait for him. Or what would be even better would be if Wal-Mart would now package the Night Creeper and Heavy Water troops together.
  15. Must be the new Crimson Treadfire and Venom Cycle repaints. I can't wait to get a hold of some of those because those paint jobs make both those vehicles and the Vipers and Coils that come with them even better then the originals.
  16. I found a ton of them at my local Wal-Mart and grabbed 5 of the Coil/B.A.T. packs. This deal really rocks, this is turning out to be the best sale opportunity for Cobar army builders since Kay-Bee's 2 for 1 deals.
  17. This is exactly what I mean. A lot of people are going on about 'how we need an American action cartoon' when the original Joe series was animated in Japan as was the original Transformers and most of the action toons of the 80's, but since the stuff was made for an American market it was all Americanized and lost, what I still feel to this day, might have been a significant edge in it's intensity and enjoyment. Only because I like COBRA so much is the only reason I watch the original Joe Sunbow series otherwise I'd just watch more Anime. There are loads of great Anime series out there besides DBZ and Pokemon but because THEIR the series which have attracted the most kid attention they're unfortunately the best well known series here in the states. But there are other Anime like Robotech, Ronin Warriors, Gundam, Outlaw Star, Big O, Cowboy Bebop and others which I'm sure a lot of Joe fans know about and probably like and if any of the creators of those shows were hired to do a new GI Joe animated series we'ed have a 30 episode series hit on our hands, rather then a 44 minute computer crap flop. And as for the idea that military themed stories don't translate well into Anime series well that's complete BS. Anyone who can call themselves an Anime fan knows there's dozens of good Anime series out there which are military theme oriented that are terrific, including titles like Golgo 13, Area 88, Gasaraki, Appleseed, Aika, and others. Not to mention the number of urban crime drama shows like Gunsmith Cats, Bean Bandit, Burn Up, Patlabor, Angel Cop and so forth. In terms of live action movies, this country is hands down the king. But for Animation - I'll see you all in Tokyo. COBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  18. Man did this film suck. I mean this thing was the suckiest, sucking filmed, that ever sucked. They've reduced G.I. Joe to a format that's almost claymation like and on many instances down right sacriligous. I mean the Beast Wars CGI was alright, not great, but OK for a series about ROBOTS. But this thing was downright unbearable at points. Now when they brought the original Transformers back in the form of "Robots in Disguise" and "Armada" Hasbro did it the proper way - they did both shows as ANIME. Key word here folks - A - N - I - M - E. The original Sunbow series many of us still know and like, even though it was somewhat Americanized, was an original cell shaded animated show that was mainly drawn probably some of the best well known Japanese Anime creators in Japan (including Urushihara Satoshi). Now I understand that from a business point of view Hasbro needs to make this marketable to the kids but the Japanese toy and video game companies like Sunrise, Bandai, and Takara have the same issue but at least their stuff is amusing, fun, and most of all LOOKS GOOD. In fact the only thing I enjoyed about this film was that the Wave 2 version of the Cobra Viper got a lot more air time then I was led to believe by others who'd already seen the film.
  19. I always preferred the '92 version. They looked a lot more menacing and dangerous and I could always use the robotic sharks as extra Cobra minions in my Joeverse stories.
  20. These Crimson repaints just get better and better. First the Viper and COILS repaints and now this kick ass Sand-Viper! I don't care what anyone says, compared to the dissapointments of the TRU Cobra Trooper pack, the Spytroops Crimson Guard Cobra Infilatration set, and the poorly done Wave 7.5 troop builder packs these Crimson repaints give me hope for Cobra in 2004. I only hope Hasbro is going to drop the ball AGAIN and make this guy into a Cobra lieutenant since we don't know these Wave 9 characters Razorclaw and Sand Scorpion are supposed to be.
  21. The only figures I'm intigrating into my collection from Waves 7 and 8 are going to be exclusively Cobra figures. My universe focuses solely on Cobra and presently the organization is split into three factions, each led by Cobra Commander, Serpentor and my own original character Blight. Night Creepers: The ninja clan known as the Night Creepers are contracted by Blight to act as spies and assassins exclusively for his faction and to ensure this he takes over the clan by killing its 'former' leader and then placing Storm Shadow in charge. The Creepers are then given a new base of operations in Kyoto. Destro: The arms dealer has once again tired of being Cobra Commander's lackey and is plotting to rebuild his Iron Grenadier army again. However to gain some measure of an edge over Cobra, even though it is divided, Destro plans to deal Blight's faction which at current is the dominant one, a crushing blow by launching an assault on the warlord's base in Japan. Iron Grenadiers: After the majority of Destro's Iron Grenadiers defected to Blight's faction for better pay, Destro has assembled a new corp of Iron Grenadiers, many of them new recruits and some who've not served under his command since the early days of the organization. However, the Scottish lord doesn't realize it but again many members of his new private army have begun seeking better employment elsewhere. Namely under Cobra Commander. COILS: Ever since Reiko Terayama's confrontation with Blight and getting caught in the crossfire between him and a squad of Serpentor's COIL troops, the 'bike chick nut' has been trying to win his favor by using her contacts in the Japanese underground street bike races to further his own cause. However Blight doesn't want her around anyway but doesn't want her getting hurt either, so he creates his own unit of Cobra COILS. He tells Reiko their to help her facilitate her assisstance to his faction but their secret job is to make sure she doesn't get killed. BATS: On Cobra island Serpentor is still furious over his agents in Japan losing the plans to the new MASS Device to Blight. He orders Mindbender to step up production of the new troop divisions which include a new model of BAT with an upgraded weapon system. Pit-Viper: In addition to the new BATs, Mindbender has developed a new genetically enhanced Cobra soldier, the Pit-Viper. Trained in Serpentor's gladiatorial rings by Skullbuster and some senior CLAWS and then treated to Mindbender's own brand of DNA manipulation the Pit-Vipers are Serpentor's answer to Cobra Commander's Neo-Vipers and Blight's Shock-Vipers. Heavy Water: The Toxo-Vipers and Sludge-Vipers working on the new MASS Device, the Gate Sphere, for Blight are ill-trained to work with the hazardous radioactive material used to power the device. Interrogator recruits the help of some ex-Soviet weapons scientists, who since the collapse of the USSR have been working as freelance nuclear weapon's designers to help the completion of the teleportation device. Interrogator even supplies them with custom designed radiation suits so they can work on the device. As an additional incentive the new Heavy Water troops are promised further work in Blight's faction. Including the development of an armor treatment to shield HISS and CAT tanks from depleted uranium bullets and shells. Zarana: Serpentor intends to launch a full scale assault on Blight's bases in Japan, but before sending in his new troops dispatches Zarana to scout ahead and gather as much intel as possible. Upset over the fact that her brother Zartan sticks closer and closer to his daughter Zanya, Zarana has signed on with Serpentor in defiance of her brother's wishes. She knows the odds are stacked against her by disobeying Zartan and then signing on with a lunatic like Serpentor. However her luck changes when she sees Reiko outside a bar in downtown Tokyo, talking with a Cobra COIL. Cobra Commander: The Commander has become even more manical and ruthless since Cobra splintered into three groups and has spent every waking moment trying to unify the organization back under his rule. An opportunity then presents itself when one of Destro's new Iron Grenadiers whose secretly sided with the Commander, tells him of Destro's plans to attack Blight's forces in Japan and break away from Cobra again in the process. Cobra Commander orders the CLAWS Commander to assemble a legion of Vipers, Alley-Vipers, and Neo-Vipers and sends the army to Japan to exploit Destro's efforts. The Commander's goal being to eliminate Blight and either subjugate or kill Destro.
  22. I'd love an Anime spin off of GI Joe as well, only I think I'd like it to cover all of Joe and Cobra and not just the ninjas. The CGI Spytroops film is OK, but it would pale next to a decently produced Anime series.
  23. 1. I would like to see some new third party enemies for GI Joe and Cobra. 2. Perhaps someone from the comics. 3. Viper 4. Crimson Guard 5. Frag-Viper. Good concept, bad design. 6. I would prefer a little less realism to tell you the truth in some cases. What always attracted me to GI Joe was the amount of fantasy/sci-fi elements added to the toys, comic books, and TV show.
  24. Even if it's a prototype it's still pathetic. If Hasbro had to redo the Cobra trooper why couldn't they have done a better job. For instance if they'd modeled him after the version we've all seen in the Devil's Due comic, with the shoulder pads, metallic mouth cover and re-styled helmet, that would make a kick ass Cobra trooper/officer. But just rehashing the original version, which was never one of my favorite Cobra soldier types anyway, is just showing Hasbro's faults again. Sadly this will be one Cobra troop builder pack I'll be shying away from.
  25. Mekk Z

    Heavy Water

    Thanks for the info Storm. I would never of guessed this guy was a new addition to the ranks of the Toxo-Vipers and Sludge-Vipers. Although I still think they could have come up with a better name then Heavy Water.
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