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    G.i. Joe Anime

    @grumpy@ You know . . . and everyone is probably going to think I'm a complete psycho for saying this and I'll probably get kicked off this board forever and I don't care . . . but except for a few individuals like knightbymoonlight, Man-3-Faces or a couple others it makes me really happy that all these years I've been rooting for COBRA! "GI Joe's American so it should be done by American animators?!" What are you a bunch of rednecks! The original G.I. Joe WAS done by the Japanese and the only reason it looked half as good as animated series like Robotech or Gundam was because Hasbro wanted it to look like Americanized crap. You people really want more of that Spytroops garbage with the piss poor dialogue, the bad voice acting, the unrealistic, close to Looney Tunes scale, battles and all that other junk! I honestly just do not know what to say. I've been a fan of both G.I. Joe and Anime for YEARS and the fact that the majority of other Joe fans think the idea of a Japanese style animated series is a poor idea really, really upsets me. I guess I'll just have to look forward to seeing more Greenshirts getting slaughtered in the comic books. And if this is the majority's attitude I hope we never get a long running G.I. Joe animated series EVER AGAIN!
  2. Mekk Z

    G.i. Joe Anime

    Well since a lot of G.I. Joe fans thought the Spytroops flick was a bomb what does everyone think of G.I. Joe coming back to TV as an Anime? I'm asking this question because I've been hearing rave reviews for the new "Transformers: Energon" so I downloaded the Japanese intro to get a taste of what we all have to look forward to January 31. And from what little I saw I can already tell you this thing is a BIG improvement over both "Robots In Disguise" and "Armada". It just doesn't look like a good Transformers series, but it just genuinely looks like a good Anime series. Probably because Hasbro/Takara did something right and hired a credible Anime character designer by the name of Masaki Yamada to do most of the artwork. He's got a couple actual Anime series under his belt including the remake of Bubblegum Crisis, "BGC 2040" and another series called "Great Dangaioh", so he's the real McCoy. And from the sound of things on websites like Seibertron.com he's giving the Transformers Anime franchise the best makeover its ever had. So back to my question. If Transformers can get a decent Anime series why can't G.I. Joe? If Hasbro got someone good, who does actual Anime, wouldn't that be something. Of course as I said I, and I'm sure a lot of you, would want somebody who has done other Anime series we like behind the wheel. My top choices for who I'd want to see do a G.I. Joe Anime series would have to be Hajime Shimomura ("Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex"), Shukou Murase ("Gasaraki", "Gundam Wing"), Osamu Horiuchi (Full Metal Panic, Last Exile), or Yasuhiro Oshima (Geneshaft). Now here's my next question, are there any favorite Anime artists you guys like that you think might do a good Anime adaptation of G.I. Joe?
  3. The only Cobra troop builder figure that would even come close to fitting in with the Dreadnoks would be the Headhunters or Headhunter Stormtroopers. Now for a set of those I'd pay good money. Maybe when Hasbro gets off their butts and finally releases that Cobra Urban Assault Team we all voted on months back.
  4. Dreadnoks?! You've got to be f***ing kidding me! I've already got Zandar, Zanzibar, Monkeywrench, Burnout and Ripper. The only other one I'd consider getting would be Thrasher and that's just because I want a Thunder Machine. Now I'm really glad I'm not blowing a grand on this year's convention because without a really good Cobra trooper I wouldn't spend $5 on a set of repainted figures like Road Pig and Gnawgahyde.
  5. I like it, a lot, and it's about time COBRA got a decent APC. The Parasite was OK but this thing looks better and it can even double as an artillery piece. Plus, THREE B.A.T.s! I'd rather pay $30 for this then $15 for that Night Adder piece of crap. In fact being the army builder I am and seeing as how I plan on purchasing at least 60 of those new Venom Vipers this year I can easily see myself getting three of these APCs. I don't know if it's just my love of the older COBRA equipment and vehicles or just my basic distaste with all the new 'snake' design machinery Hasbro keeps belching out. Either way I'm very happy with this APC getting a comeback and since I only collect COBRA stuff anyway this will be the first time I've owned one of these. Now if only Hasbro would reissue the old Phantom X-19 fighter as a COBRA weapon. THAT would be awesome.
  6. If Spytroops can be counted as a 'start' for a new series of Joe cartoons then that's like making the funeral arrangements for someone's death before they've even kicked the bucket. I'd rather petition the Academy Awards to get "G.I. Joe: The Movie" an award as best animated film. I'd have been happier if Hasbro hadn't made anything period if they were going to f*** things up. Yeah, the Joe movie was really outlandish but at least it was imaginative and true enough to the series. This thing was just commercialized crap. If Hasbro wants to do another Joe series they should take an example from Transformers and go Anime style. This CGI BS is for the birds!
  7. Mostly JvC and VvV. Particular I'm trying to get my hands on a few more Cobra Polar Blasts, and at least 3 of those Cobra B.A.T. transports. I'm also looking forward to the single packs of B.A.T. III's and IRON Grenadiers. And of course as many VvV Vipers as I can lay my hands on.
  8. I've been trying for the last three months to find a place in my area that sells the Cobra Crimson Command Copter but not one store I've tried has had it. I know people on this board sometimes offer sales on stuff they find at surplus and offer it to fans who don't have the product yet so I was wondering if anyone here had a CCC to sell or knew of somewhere one could be found for sale online.
  9. I so relate to what you mean, on so many different points. I always have and probably always will only collect Cobra. Even the one Joe figure I really liked the most was Mercer and he was an ex-Cobra Viper. Cobra just seemed more interesting to me then the Joes, plus on many levels cooler. Cooler uniforms, sleeker vehicles, a wide and wild collection of personalitys and they each and every last one of them were hard edged, leather wearing, kick-ass, take no prisoners, mother@#$%er's with attitude. And of course the story plots in the cartoons and comics I thought were the best were always when Cobra's own forces were at each other's throats. And what with all the different factions popping up over the years (Dreadnoks, IRON Grenadiers, Python Patrol, Night Creepers, Headhunters, Red Ninja Clan, etc.) my 'G.I. Joe universe' was strictly a 'Cobra Universe'. I can understand where you're coming from in the fact that Cobra's side really let's the military fans in a lot of us do more with their army then the Joes. Except of course for the ponies and appetizer swords. You're on your own their my friend.
  10. I was very surprised to find Valor vs. Venom figures as well the Strike Venom in my local Wal-Mart today here in Connecticut since this is always one of the last states to get anything. They only had two of each of the 2 packs so I grabbed up both Viper/Alley-Viper packs, one of the new Cobra Commander's, and the only Strike Venom the place had. I am very pleased and happy to say the new Viper is everything I hoped for and more. I guess it was worth it braving the highways after the biggest snow storm we've had since last year.
  11. I'm glad there are other people who like the new Viper's colors as much as I do. Purple and red really do look better then blue and red. As far as the guns are concerned I've seen both figures with the different guns so it could go either way. I prefer to use the G36 with the Vipers and the Scorpion machine pistols with the Alley-Viper. However during Walmart's 2 for 1 sale I picked up a slew of Grunt vs. Destro packs and plan on using the M4 and SPAS12 shotgun with my Alley-Vipers instead. I still think this new Viper is the crown achievement of Hasbro's efforts with the new COBRA line of figures. Sleek mold with a nod to the original, great colors, and the best new weapon the HK G36. I so hope Hasbro releases this figure as a single pack with the same colors so I can really build up a significant force.
  12. I'm in but only if we can have some seriously big battles involving lots of Cobra troops. Perhaps something along the lines of a Cobra civil war.
  13. I especially like the shot of the Night Creeper scaling the Terror Drome wall. Very dramatic.
  14. Mekk Z

    Wave 9

    I really don't care that much about the rest of the figures, but the new Viper is the best new mainline infantry trooper I've seen released from Hasbro since the line got reinvented in 2002 and I'm picking up every single one that crosses my path. And if everyone else doesn't like them, heh, just means more for me
  15. I've just added one new original character of late. I got a copy of the Wave 8 Zarana, but I have no use for her character so I just came up with a new one: Code Name: RAINA Mercenary File Name: Unknown Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan Primary Military Specialty: Infiltration At first glance the woman known as RAINA seems like some valley girl ditz with pink hair, playing at being a punk. But it's that same non-threatening look about her that has gotten more then one person a one way trip to the morgue. An orphan, RAINA grew up on the streets of Tokyo and spent most of her early life running with street gangs. She plyed her sweet natured innocent face as a way of hustling and extoring anyone unfortunate enough to cross her path. But not until a chance encounter with the Dreadnok ZANDAR did RAINA discover that she could use her talents for bigger and grander payoffs. Learning the mercenary practice from ZANDAR and those Dreadnoks loyal to him, RAINA joined BLIGHT's faction in the Cobra civil war. Since taking her on RAINA's become an indispensible asset to BLIGHT's intelligence division in gathering intel on the rival factions and prying information out of enemy troops. Unfortunately, RAINA's flirtatous habits have rubbed some of BLIGHT's other female officers the wrong way - including CHAMELEON. "The girl may look like a pop idol, but don't let that fool you. Any woman who has enough smarts, and guts, to spend the night with someone like COBRA COMMANDER and sweet talk HIM out of some of his most guarded secrets has got to be a lot more conniving then she's letting on." - Darklon's Personal Journal
  16. Personally I'm happy. After sampling the Agent Faces ver. of the new Crimson Guard I'm glad Hasbro is scraping this lame concept. If they want to do a proper Crimson Guard troop builder pack, have them retool the head for the rest of the body, package 3 of them with 2 repainted Crimson Guard Immortals and sell the whole thing with one Crimson Guard Commander and you have the next Cobra troop builder set without oversized helmets.
  17. I got my two figures in the mail as well and I have to say I agree with everybody else - the helmet is just too big. I'm sorry but I've seen Hasbro make smaller helmets for good COBRA troops (Hydro-Viper, Toxo-Viper, Astro-Viper) and this is just lazy. They did a stellar job bringing back the rest of the body but now way am I army building these cheap Spytroop CG knockoffs. I knew this would be a major problem ever since I saw the prototypes at last year's convention. Hopefully when this pathetic Spytroops crap is over and the Valor vs. Venom saga is in full swing we might actually see a REAL Crimson Guard troop builder set with a good head. But as this Agent Faces ripoff goes, I'll probably sell the figure and give the SPAS shotgun to one of my Headhunter troops.
  18. Actually that F-17 looking jet would have made for a decent COBRA fighter. A lot better then that Night Adder piece of crap that's about to hit the shelves. (Yuck!)
  19. SINGLE PACKS! SINGLE PACKS!SINGLE PACKS!SINGLE PACKS!SINGLE PACKS! Finally after 3 YEARS of this 2-pack BS, the COBRA generals and warlords of the nation can once again stock up on as many Vipers, BATS, and IRON Grenadiers without piling up shoeboxs full of unwanted, crudy G.I. Joes. This is excellent news and I'm very excited by it.
  20. I have to agree with Nasburado that that was a great episode of Justice League but not exactly for the same reasons. Anyone whose read the horror novels of H.P. Lovecraft or seen movies based on his works recongnized the insidious god demons, the Old Ones and their ruler Cthulhu. Lovecraft's works always ended on a sour note with the villanous race of interdimensional monsters always either triumphant or threatening to return to sow more havoc and destruction. So it was a real treat seeing them getting their asses kicked for once. The show's writers I thought rather cleverly wove many of the factors of the Cthulhu mythos into the show, especially about how Hawkgirl's race once worshipped the Old Ones, how they gave the Tanarians wisdom and power in exchange for sacrifices, and how it was noted that the Old Ones visited many other worlds, all key elements in many of Lovecraft's books. More surprising even that Grundy, a villain himself, helped deal the dark gods such a fatal blow. I'm not a major JL fan but if these two episodes are ever on again I'm going to have to set my VCR.
  21. He's right, it's just you. My Cobra army currently numbers around 254 figures consisting of both RAH and JVC figures and I doubt I'll be slowing down anytime soon especially with all the great figures coming out with Wave 9, which I think is going to be the pinnacle of the JvC series. And I can throughly justiy any Army Builder's obsession with the practice since there are collectors out there who have more Vipers then me and many of the other army builders (IE, Cobra Command Online for one). The guy must have collected at least 50 sets of the TRU Viper Infantry pack when it came out in 1998. So I say to all those who are true followers of the snake, whenever you think you have enough Cobra warriors - you really don't.
  22. Frankly I like this storyplot so far. It was the 'sci-fi' elements of stories like "Arise Serpentor, Arise" that first got me turned on to G.I. Joe so I'm glad to see something like that done again. After all, they couldn't do a poorer job of doing a G.I. Joe special. So maybe the concept of turning one of the Joes own members into a major villain will give the next film a darker, more serious atmosphere instead of another 44 minute long toy commercial that "Spytroops" was. Plus maybe this will be the jumping off point for a new third faction in the G.I. Joe franchise, and Cobra will finally get an interesting opponent instead of dull-as-dish-washer-soap G.I. Joe. I wouldn't mind this new Venomous Maximus character creating his own faction like what Serpentor is doing right now in the comics with his COIL group. Also, I think the new COBRA leader's name, Maximus, is a nice little salute to Serpentor's legacy. Maximus being a name of many a Roman emperor and that Serpentor was originally created using DNA from Julius Caesar.
  23. I think the new packaging rocks, especially for COBRA. It's much darker and has a far more menacing look to it. The only thing I don't care much for is the new filecard and the fact that it only shows a head shot of the C.L.A.W.S. which was one aspect of the old G.I. Joe regime that should have stayed dead.
  24. Not to get off the subject but I'm right there with you. @propeller@ Thank you. It's nice to know someone else out there would like to see G.I. Joe and Cobra get a proper animation series and frankly I can't think of any better a way of making it an Anime series. And the idea of mixing in some mecha action isn't such a bad idea either. Anyone seen that new SNAKE armor in the GI Joe vs. Transformers series!
  25. I already LOVE Wave 9! I can tell this wave of figures is going to blow every previous wave out of the water. The packaging is made up of much darker colors which makes them much cooler. I'm estatic that the new Viper, which I already think takes the prize for best figure in this wave is going to be packaged with the No.1 weapon in the JvC line, IE the G36 rifle. The IRON Grenadiers I wasn't wild about because of all that removable armor and helmets but this new black/gray camo scheme they got going on makes me want to give them a second try. And I don't care what ANYONE says, Storm Shadow looks bada$$ and I'm going to enjoy adding him to my Cobra hierarchy in his new duds. I might even buy the new Commander since I always thought he looked better in black anyway. Way to go Hasbro on the 9th Wave of JvC figures. Now if they could just make a decent Cobra fighter jet. The only thing that could make me happier was if Hasbro decided to make the next G.I. Joe animated special an Anime.
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