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  1. Hasbro you mother . . . . . GGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Whose your source? I want names, documents, the works! I can't believe Hasbro is going to make yet another boneheaded mistake and make a Cobra figure set with not one, not two, but THREE Cobra unique characters and only ONE HEADHUNTER, maybe?! That's it Hasbro has officially made the mother of all f*** ups!
  2. I'm hopping this new Cobra Urban set is packed with Headhunter troops. The Night Creepers are ninjas, they should be used for a Cobra ninja set and the Headhunters are actually URBAN Cobra troops. We certainly don't need the Alley-Viper V.2 mold anymore or for that matter the new Venom one. I'd only get more Alley-Vipers if they were the original V.1. But yeah, personally I hopping this set will be made mainly out of Headhunters. Perhaps 4 regular Headhunters and two Headhunter Stormtroopers per set. I passed on the Cobra Infantry set because I never liked the original Cobra trooper design. But the Headhunters had one of the best uniforms in Cobra history and if TRU released a trooper builder set like that I'd be being it by the case.
  3. Mekk Z

    Wave 2 Vvv

    He's a repaint of sand scorpion from wavw 1. I meant his profile not the figure itself. I mean is the Neurotoxin just a variant of the Sand Scorpion trooper or a unique character like Storm Shadow or Major Bludd or Zandar?
  4. Mekk Z

    Wave 2 Vvv

    Hey, can you do me a favor and tell me whether Neurotoxin is a Cobra trooper or a new Cobra unique character?
  5. I checked out Hasbro's official G.I. Joe website today and was surprised to find out they had finally gotten the "Cobra Secret Files" feature of their game section up and running. The feature is basically just picking certain animal DNA and combining them with a Sand Scorpion trooper who turns into different Cobra troops. In addition to pics of the new Swamp Rat and Eel troopers there's artwork for a possibly new Cobra trooper when you select the Python option. I haven't a clue who this new Cobra warrior is but he looks more like a Dreadnok then another Cobra footsoldier. The Alligator option however has not been done yet. Anyway you can all see for yourselves just visit www.gijoe.com and go to the games section. Now if Hasbro would just update the Cobra intelligence section so I could get some artwork for the new Vipers and Razor Troopers.
  6. I voted for the Headhunters as well. In my opinion they were one of the best Cobra troopers ever designed and conceived and I would very much like to see them, in their original mold, make a come back in mass quantity. The Crimson Guard was my other choice but I had a feeling they had enough representation already. The '86 or Venom Vipers would be nice to collect but only if they were the black & purple JvC Wave 2 version of the original Viper or the original red & purple colors of the Venom Viper as the figure is now (purple's my thing). The Neo-Vipers and C.L.A.W.S. I was never very wild about to begin with. The JvC IRON Grenadiers and B.A.T.s are available as singles right now and I have enough of both anyway. If Hasbro brought the original IRON Grenadier and B.A.T. molds back now those I would buy in bulk but there's little chance of that ever happening unless they were completely retooled like the Cobra infantry figures. The Red Ninjas I think would need a completely original design. Perhaps something close to the look of the 12" inch figure out now. The artwork for that figure is awesome. And the Greenshirts . . . well I don't even collect the Joes so what do I care. Come to think of it when you look at recent events the two best figures from this poll to get reissued are probably the Crimson Guard figure or the Headhunter. I can't believe Hasbro would retool a Crimson Guard mold for that Agent Faces mail away and not capitalize on it. But I'm glad their not taking the Spytroops angle because those helmets are just too big. And as for the Headhunters, I'm hopping DePriest will use them in the upcoming Cobra Urban Strike Force everyone voted on months ago on Hasbro's website.
  7. FINALLY one of the 4 CVS' in my area got the single packs. They received one each of Duke, the Neo-Viper, and IRON Grenadier. The IRON Grenadier was the only one I picked up, because that and the BAT III are the only ones I'm looking for but none the less it was nice to at least find one. Now if only they got more figures then 3 at a time in!
  8. One word . . . DAMNNNNNNNN! Of course this only reminds me of just how magnificient most of the original Joe and Cobra aerial vehicles were and only helps to thus make me further PISSED OFF! Since G.I. Joe got relaunched we've gotten a fair treatment of Cobra troops and ground vehicles, but our air force has suffered TEN times more then the Joes. Sure both sides got the Night Attack Chopper, but only the Joes version didn't come with a bunch of extra acessories that looked like mutated tin foil. Apart from that they've also gotten both a reissue of the classic and still much loved Conquest X-30, the new Tigerhawk, and an upcoming new jet which is a take on the F-22 Raptor. Not to mention the still strong possibility of a reissue of the X-14 Skystriker in the future. While Cobra has been saddled with a gold Rattler with no gunner canopy and pink missiles and another, even uglier jet by way of the Night Adder. And here these guys comfortably have an abundance of Night Ravens, Mambas, and Condors all of which (barring the excellent Hurricane VTOL and Python Conquests) were the creme da la creme of the Cobra air force during that decade of decadance known as the 80's. Let's face it my Cobra comrades, as far as our Cobra air force is concerned here in the 21st - we've been royally SCREWED!
  9. So far the most exciting news I've garnered from this is that we may be getting both the Snow Serpent (Snow Wolf) and BAT IV in the same 2 pack when Wave III comes around in May. I was already looking forward to the new Eel figure but I'm excited about this new announcement because it means that Hasbro is keeping up the momentum to release at least one troop builder pack with each new Wave this year, like they did with the new Viper and Alley-Viper. Although I'm still not sure if the new Neurotoxin figure packaged with the Razor Troopers is going to be a Cobra unique or a new trooper. But other then that I'm dissapointed that we still haven't heard about any new Cobra vehicles and that this Ice Sabre (which really pisses me off because that's the name of a Cobra vehicle) makes the FIFTH new vehicle we've seen the Joes get, including the repainted Grizzly Tank. It seems like Hasbro can't make a single good decision without screwing up at the same time.
  10. The single figure packs are only being distributed to pharmacy stores so the odds of being able to collect a lot of the Cobra trooper types, much less any at all, are slim to none. Hasbro doesn't want to sell singles at TRU or Wal-Mart because they claim their doing good business with the two -packs so they won't change that. So any chances of getting troop builders in the singles this year for the MAJORITY or fans will (I hope) be in the form of these new mission disc packs. But then again this is Hasbro and if they can #$### it up, they will #$### it up. The only figure I would absolutely want as a Mission Disc figure would be the new Venom Vipers in their original red and purple colors.
  11. I stopped by my local TRU this morning looking for G.I. Joe stuff like more Venom Vipers, Polar Blasts, or possibly the new Tiger Storm with the new Sand-Viper repaint. I found none but what I did find was 12 sets of Cobra Infantry Squad packs. So for anyone in the area looking for these hard to find troopers I suggest you get down there before some scalper reads this and picks them all up.
  12. This may just be the Anime fanatic in me, but Ghost Bear's haircut pictured in his filecard reminds me of about more then half a dozen Anime characters I could name. This whole Mech concept might just be owed to the popularity of the Anime scene. Just a thought.
  13. Serpentor's Throne Room (G.I. Joe: The Movie) - I always thought Serpentor's throne room looked kick ass and thought it was better then any that Cobra Commander ever had. Plus the patterns of the walls looked like they were straight out of a H.R. Giger painting. Destro's Scottish Castle ("Skeletons In The Closet") - Specifically the shootout in the main hallway. Inspired, at least in my opinion, by the works of H.P. Lovecraft the battle between Joe and Cobra troops in Destro's ancestral home would make an interesting piece for a diorama. Cobra Island Beach (Opening of second season of G.I. Joe) - The opening sequence of the second season of G.I. Joe with the Joes landing on the beach of Cobra island and facing a legion of Cobra Vipers head on was always the best opening I thought.
  14. The HISS tank rocks. I would have gotten a lot more of them if Hasbro had taken the kind of approach to designing it that you did in modifying it. Great job.
  15. Mekk Z

    Joe Or Cobra??

    COBRAAAAAAAAAAAA! -Member Since 1986- Who wants to be a Joe, when they get paid minimum wage, fight for politicians who think you are nothing but cannon fodder and always have to wear green. And no way are women accepted that easily in our armed forces as Lady Jaye and Scarlett are. Cobra on the other hand accepts membership from everybody, has the coolest uniforms and machines, you're encouraged be a money grubbing mercenary and usually are and if you don't like what the Commander tells your . . . screw him and go can go start your own splinter group like the Coil or IRON Grenadiers.
  16. Blitzwing Cyclonus Stunticons Seacons Targetmasters Headmaster Horrorcons I agree that the Autobots have the Decepticons grossly outnumbered and it's starting to really, really piss me off.
  17. One - big - reason . . . I'm a COBRA FANATIC. Ever since I got into G.I. Joe in 1986 I've always had at least one of every single Viper and Cobra trooper that came out since the original Viper and B.A.T. However I didn't get into army building until I got a little older because I started seeing the massive Cobra figure collections other guys had on the net and wasn't going to miss out on what was obviously a COBRA trend. At the same time however I got into real-time strategy games and tabletop war games, and thought how cool it would be to have a Cobra army of my own. It's taken 3 years but my collection has increased from just 40 figures to 336, not to mention all the extra Buzz Boars, HISS III tanks, C.A.T. II's, Piranhas, Dominators, and other Cobra vehicles I've amassed. And seeing them all on display at once - f'get about it! Money wise I've spent a pretty penny here and there but I think it's averaged out with what most G.I. Joe collectors spend because I don't buy one of everything only the stuff I really like. I'm not a G.I. Joe completist and what I don't need I can usually sell for a decent enough price elsewhere or trade in for more Cobra troops and vehicles. When you only root for one side it's easy to build up your ranks. And if you want someone to fight against after all it's Cobra - THEIR THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY!
  18. I'm still waiting for a Target to open in my area so I all I have are Wal-Mart and TRU. The problem is either way this slides it's going to cause problems for us in the long run because both these stores have their advantages. Wal-Mart's being their low prices and outrageous sales. Let's all not forget that about a couple of months ago they had a 2 for 1 sale that was every Cobra army builder's dream come true. I came away with 10 Coils, 12 Night Creepers, 13 B.A.T.s, and 3 IRON Grenadiers for prices close to what I would have to pay if they were being sold as singles. Wal-Mart's bosses may be slimeballs but since their giving the prices I wish TRU would give me I'll keep checking them out. On the other hand Toys R Us' big advantage is their reissuing of older Joe/Cobra figures and vehicles and their multi-figure packs like Python Patrol and the Infantry Set. Granted they've had a miss here and there (Rattler) but if it wasn't for TRU's savy understanding of G.I. Joe we never would have gotten the HISS III, Python Patrol, the BAT APCs, or the Cobra trooper sets. However after purchasing most of the newer Cobra troops and vehicles I've wanted already and not being too optimistic so far as to the coming year's selection of product this may not be a problem for very much longer. Hasbro may just wind up shooting themselves in the foot just when they've finally achieved success with reviving G.I. Joe if they keep putzing around like this.
  19. Visited my local Toys R Us today and to my surprise and delight they FINALLY got the new COBRA Android Personnel Carriers. I picked up four of them if you can believe that and in the process got five Mission disk figures for free. They were having a sale where if you bought more then 14.99 worth of Joe stuff you could get a free mission disk figure. I picked up 3 Recondos and 2 Wild Bills. I probably will sell the figures because I don't collect Joes, but the weapons they come with are sweet and so I'll probably distribute them among my Cobra troops. I hope TRU is going to have some more great Cobra reissues this year because after seeing the photos from this weekend's Toyfair, we're going to need them. I'm hoping for a Cobra fighter jet reissue myself.
  20. Pathetic. Hasbro shows us nothing new, except a couple of new ground vehicles for the Joes and a repainted Grizzly Tank. The thieves in Hong Kong who sell their stuff on E-Bay are more reliable in reporting what new stuff Hasbro is going to release then Hasbro. At this point we won't know about any good stuff coming out this year (if any at this point @grumpy@ ) until Joe con.
  21. Unless you can play as Cobra characters as well as Joes I'm going to pass on it. Also, the two video game formats that I think would do GI Joe justice the most would be a real-time strategy game (Command & Conquer) or a third person shooter (Kill.Switch).
  22. I only collect Cobra vehicles so this has allowed me to build up quite the arsenal. This covers my collection from the original RAH to VvV: -Crimson Cruiser (2) -Venom Striker (4) -Evader (1) -Buzz Boar (3) -H.I.S.S. III (4) -H.I.S.S. IV (2) -Septic Tank (2) -Rage (TRU Exclusive) (1) -C.A.T. II (7) -Razorback (Funskool) (1) -Polar Blast (1) -Earthquake (1) -Parasite (1) -IMP (1) -Dreadnok Air Skiff (1) -Piranha (3) -Man'O'War (1) -Wave Crusher (2) -C.L.A.W. (Funskool) (5) -Battle Copter (1) -Mamba (1) -Dominator (JvC) (3) -Cobra Crimson Command Copter (modified) (1) -Liquidator (1) -Stellar Stilleto (1) -Toxo-Lab (1) In terms of what else I plan to add to my collection of vehicles this year I'd like to get 3 more Polar Blasts and at least 4 of those B.A.T. APCs (if my TRU ever gets their act together). What I'd really like though is a proper reissue of a Cobra jet figher like the Hurricane, Night Raven, or Python Conquest.
  23. The black one looks better then the dark blue you did, and I'm not even a fan of this Cobra fighter. But this paint job makes me think twice. Hasbro could learn a thing or two from you.
  24. Very cool. It's nice to see a website that favors Cobra rather then G.I. Joe in both presentation and content. The dio story is pretty interesting, I can't wait to see what happens next. Tell me, where did you get the sand bags and barb wire for the ASP emplacements?
  25. I don't suppose Jay C you could ask Hasbro if Cobra is going to get another jet fighter this year besides that awful Night Adder? A TRU reissue of the Hurricane VTOL would be nice or maybe the Phantom X-19 decked out as a Cobra fighter would be nice.
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