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  1. Its funny, eventhough these are official Mattel releases... they still feel like knock-offs. Especially the ninja design. Sun man has an odd history and was pretty unknown before the internet. I hope the original makers made a buttload selling to Mattel!
  2. I was only here for the O-Rings but very disappointed. No ball joint heads for any of these joes is a big fail. Same old deco and construction for the Soldier/officer If I want repro-figures, I can go to Black Major Customs. Also disappointed in the the CC figure... no ball joint head and no gloves on the arms (like from the cartoon). Would've loved for a chromed faceplate. By the sound of it, i would think Hasbro is including movie themed accessories like the bomb, jump backpack, CC black cape and American Flag. I doubt we'll get much more than that..if that at all. This is now the second version of CC for the new O-Ring line, so lets hope that by the v.14, I can finally get a chrome face-plate (although i'm sure it'll be a SDCC exclusive).
  3. GI Joe has always been about the America I want to live in. Its an America where people from all backgrounds work for a common good against evil. From the very inception GI Joe was intended to be inclusive. Think of all the different characters: African Americans, Women (I never saw so many Women figures in a Boys toyline, amazing!) Jews, Italians, Irish, Japanese, Chinese, Hispanic. Their names and bios where right there on the back of the packaging for everyone to read and learn about. It just seemed like GI Joe was able to capture what makes America great and how the ideas of cooperation were an inherent part of the brand. In GI Joe I saw an America that was unified and understood goodness and freedom and the need to help each other. Yes the Sci-Fi, Exotic locales, History themes were very exciting, but in the end when I think of GI Joe, its about the Real American Hero and the ideals that we all aspire to be.
  4. I definitely think the Skystriker is getting funded. Will it hit the extra tiers? I hope so... I don't think Hasbro can afford for it not to hit those tiers (even if they make up the needed backers). If these Haslab projects stop hitting their maximum stretch goals people are really going to think twice about supporting them. I'd really love the skystriker, its a bit expensive.. but its very possible that this Lt. Ruthel figure will become the RAREST Gi Joe. So who knows?!
  5. I'm a huge gi joe collector but only O Rings. I don't see the point in buying different scales of the same characters and to me gi joe has always been 3 3/4 o rings. Im very excited by hasbros refocus on o rings and hope it will bring in new characters from the tv and comic that were never done in O Ring. Top of the list is Pythona , so here's hoping. I was interested in Super7 but when I found out it was non-oring I lost interest fast.. now we know why! I just hope any new products will be widely available and not a scalper exclusive.
  6. You it's so funny when people are writing about Booker T, I'm thinking about the musician. LoL. But yeah he looks like wrestler. What a shame the new cartoon show has such poor writers that they have to resort to race swapping instead of creating new characters that are appealing. Figure looks like all the others so far...tiny head on a big body. 7" scale just seems like too much plastic. Are kids actually buying these?
  7. I really like the Villains from these sets. I think Shredder is in the right scale for the other villains. The problem is that those turtles look huge next to them. If I can find these at market I will pick them up for sure, but I'll probably have to find a different set of turtles to display.
  8. $55 per figure means I'll stay away from the 7" line. Honestly, I expect Hasbro to do similar deco on their GI Joe Classified lines at some point anyway. It also seems like these 7" Joes look kinda plain. I understand its the cartoon translation but they don't seem very exciting. I agree that the card art for the Reaction figures looks really good, but I'm not spending $18 for packaging. I think Super7 would have had a huge hit if they did the old O Ring style Joes. I think older collectors would snap them up in a second! and newer collectors would've probably bought it anyway. Super7 already explained that added articulation doesn't add that much cost to making figures because the use of the plastic is basically the same with or without. So why not make these O Ring Joes??? Black Major makes a killing on his Factory Made customs. Many of the 82-85 joes are in major need of an update anyway, especially because they don't have ball joint heads... and then all the figures that were never made for the original line (or made poorly by Hasbro in the 2000's). So many options! What a missed opportunity!! I would've bought them all.
  9. Its a shame the heads are all too small on these figures. I might have bought them for my classics collection. The body sculpts look great but those heads are waaaay too tiny.
  10. Sculpts look like the actors, but as a huge GI joe fan, I just don't see myself getting excited for the movie or toys. For comic readers, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is THE central story of the original series. They're just too far away from the source material and the costume designs aren't that interesting. The plus side is I get to save $$$
  11. I'll be so surprised if we see Night Creepers and Scarlet actually looking almost comic accurate on screen. Really dislike the Snake Eyes and storm shadow costumes. Why does everyone need body armor? How can they even move in that, they're frickin' ninjas!
  12. $550 is just too much for this. I love thundercats and bought the Savage World Thundercats figures awhile back. I have the Classics Greyskull and Super7 Snake Mountain playset, as well as the Jabba Sailbarge. I feel like I got so much more out of those playsets, then this vehicle. I'm sure its in scale for the 6" Thundercats figures, but for my purpose I was looking to upgrade my vintage Thundertank so I could fit my Savage Thundercats figures in it. I think this vehicle would be too big for my use. Besides that, the rubber treads are a big mistake for Super7. I think they had the target price of $500 first and worked backwards to create the vehicle and features to fit that budget, so they included anything they could to come in budget and justify it for $500. But honestly, I would buy this at the $250-300 range. It just seems like Super7 was not interested in considering that price range.
  13. Curious if the cancellation had anything to do with the first episode script? They describe Flor as a Latina "Dreamer," was there some kinda political consideration here?
  14. Well I for one am awaiting to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League. I have no idea what to expect but i'm wishfully hoping it brings a sense of continuity to the DC films. It is a terrible shame that Warner Bros. seems unable to get actors to commit to cameos in movies, or commitments to multiple films. It certainly should have been done in the Shazam movie with Henry Cavil. I also don't understand Warner Brothers plans for multiple continuity films like the Batman and the recent Joker film. Its confusing and annoying. This has been DC's major fault since the Silver Age in Comics and I can't believe they haven't learned anything from 50 years of Marvel and even the mcu movies. I think we all just want a series of good DC comic book movies.
  15. I have to say that If I was Super7 and heard fans saying that they were willing to pay $300-400, and I had been planning to list it for less. I would definately scrap my pricing and raise it to whatever i felt comfortable that people were saying they would pay. LOL! High price? Self fulfilling prophesy.
  16. Wait! No shinguards, elbow pads, wrist guantlets????? Where are all of Shipwreck and Sgt Slaughter's unnecissary armor?
  17. I think it looks like an interpretation of Jim Lee's artwork which is what it's supposed to be. I don't think they were trying for realism. It would be cool to see a realistic superhero sculpture. All the proportions and anatomy are greatly exaggerated bc that's what they want because that's what comic book art is. The statue is stiff and lifeless. Comic designers are graphic designers and they don't see things in the round like classical artists so you can't judge it by these standards.
  18. This whole idea of Exclusives going to pre-order is absolutely great! I hope Hasbro continues it. It gives everyone a chance to get the figure they want without being at SDCC (which most of us can't go to) and its still limited production to the time window. It also cuts down on scalpers and the insane prices on Ebay, which are ridiculous for some of this stuff. I was signed on at 12 and it did take me some time but finally got the Hellfire set, which I was really looking forward to. I was so worried I would be shut out of the set that I was already thinking about Customizing ideas. Now I'll be happy to get the figures in march and order some Hellfire goons as well. (which I wouldn't have ordered if I didn't get the set) However, I definitely would NOT pay $50 service for the privilege to buy figures. If that's what it takes for people to get their figures early, that's fine, I don't mind the wait.
  19. I thought I would chime in on the percentage debate here and let you guys know that 10% is called decimation. Its extremely devastating when it was practiced in warfare and you can also apply it to physical businesses. While it's not a kill blow to the business it is significant enough to allow for financial restructuring. I think most people's relationship to percentages are in terms of discounts, and a 10% discount isn't much of a deal but when applied to trimming a business this is a meaningful first step.
  20. I think i'm probably the only person offended at this McFarlane Batman. Just on the basis that the core of Batman is that he's not a killer! So not only would he not use guns but also knives, swords, stabbing spikes on his gloves...he's not a ninja! he's also not Deadpool. I don't think McFarlane understands how deadly edged weapons can be. It's true batman is just a man, but his "power" is always that he's a master detective, scientist, strategist, as well as someone who is learned in many forms of combat. I just don't see what the thought is behind a "Spawnized" Batman especially when there is no storyline behind it. If this is a "What If McFarlane created the DC Universe?" then give him the line of comics and lets see!
  21. If these are O-Ring 3 3/4 figures, i'm not sure what "New" figures they can come up with except for Pythona and Dr. Venom? They made every other figure I can recall from the comics or cartoon in "O-Ring" style. They did the entire Oktober Guard, Big Lob, Kwinn. They even did a Vietnam Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Crimson Twins in their Business suits. Unmasked figures, Hologram figures, General Flagg. I believe the 25th anniversary style took it one step further, I think they've re-done the entire line and cartoon series, as well as foreign variants and new figures. (But I don't collect this line) I'm open to "New" O-Ring figures: 1) Pythona 2) Dr. Venom 3) Kwinn (Jungle costume) 4) Dr. Biggles-Jones 5) Snake (from Transformers) 6) Cobra Commander (Snake version from Movie) 7) Evey (from the DIC series) Rocky Balboa Zanya from the Devils Due Cobra Commander Movie Version with Cape and Staff Dr. Mindbender Winter Gear
  22. Wow. This is UUUUGGGGGLLLYYY! I can't believe we went from DC Classics to something so bizarrely sculpted. What is up with that mid torso cut?? It's so chunky and distracting. Paint Apps? are there any past the color of the plastic? And of course the size is way out of wack. Now the NECA figure looks fantastic, Guess they should be doing the license...but wow this figure sucks. Mattel put out some pretty descent figures but not so much at the end. Just shocked how ugly these McFarlane figures are.
  23. Well honestly, I don't think it has anything to do with people in general not wanting to go to theaters because of pricing and snacks. Clearly people are seeing movies still despite this. Why did this movie fail? 1) Nobody was really in their costumes (it didn't look like a superhero movie) 2) didn't follow any real relation to the comics (of which that's a main market for getting fan butts in the seats) 3) mainly a female cast that seems to be pitched only to a female market (be smart and cast a wider appeal; both Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman had men in the supporting cast) I think DC tried to make this a "Deadpool" and I think it would've worked if it was just a Harley movie and had a smaller cast. Also, I think the studio relied on the popularity of the character for comic fans and played only to newcomer viewers and assumed comic fans would see it regardless of what they put up on screen.
  24. I really liked the Super7 retro line. They were making the figures in the exact style of the originals except for fixing the rubberband problem. Eldor and He-Ro were a dream come true and then they began to expand to She-Ra and Shadow Weaver. That was fantastic because you could continue to add to your vintage collection, and there are soooo many characters from TV, Movies and Comics that never made it in the Vintage toyline. The Origins line is doing a weird combination of Vintage and Classics and it really isn't offering much, except maybe a shot at getting new vehicles or a playset. It looks like figures that we already have but then with modern articulation similar to figures that we already have.
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