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  1. If these are O-Ring 3 3/4 figures, i'm not sure what "New" figures they can come up with except for Pythona and Dr. Venom? They made every other figure I can recall from the comics or cartoon in "O-Ring" style. They did the entire Oktober Guard, Big Lob, Kwinn. They even did a Vietnam Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Crimson Twins in their Business suits. Unmasked figures, Hologram figures, General Flagg. I believe the 25th anniversary style took it one step further, I think they've re-done the entire line and cartoon series, as well as foreign variants and new figures. (But I don't collect this line) I'm open to "New" O-Ring figures: 1) Pythona 2) Dr. Venom 3) Kwinn (Jungle costume) 4) Dr. Biggles-Jones 5) Snake (from Transformers) 6) Cobra Commander (Snake version from Movie) 7) Evey (from the DIC series) Rocky Balboa Zanya from the Devils Due Cobra Commander Movie Version with Cape and Staff Dr. Mindbender Winter Gear
  2. Wow. This is UUUUGGGGGLLLYYY! I can't believe we went from DC Classics to something so bizarrely sculpted. What is up with that mid torso cut?? It's so chunky and distracting. Paint Apps? are there any past the color of the plastic? And of course the size is way out of wack. Now the NECA figure looks fantastic, Guess they should be doing the license...but wow this figure sucks. Mattel put out some pretty descent figures but not so much at the end. Just shocked how ugly these McFarlane figures are.
  3. Well honestly, I don't think it has anything to do with people in general not wanting to go to theaters because of pricing and snacks. Clearly people are seeing movies still despite this. Why did this movie fail? 1) Nobody was really in their costumes (it didn't look like a superhero movie) 2) didn't follow any real relation to the comics (of which that's a main market for getting fan butts in the seats) 3) mainly a female cast that seems to be pitched only to a female market (be smart and cast a wider appeal; both Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman had men in the supporting cast) I think DC tried to make this a "Deadpool" and I think it would've worked if it was just a Harley movie and had a smaller cast. Also, I think the studio relied on the popularity of the character for comic fans and played only to newcomer viewers and assumed comic fans would see it regardless of what they put up on screen.
  4. I really liked the Super7 retro line. They were making the figures in the exact style of the originals except for fixing the rubberband problem. Eldor and He-Ro were a dream come true and then they began to expand to She-Ra and Shadow Weaver. That was fantastic because you could continue to add to your vintage collection, and there are soooo many characters from TV, Movies and Comics that never made it in the Vintage toyline. The Origins line is doing a weird combination of Vintage and Classics and it really isn't offering much, except maybe a shot at getting new vehicles or a playset. It looks like figures that we already have but then with modern articulation similar to figures that we already have.
  5. Still making ads for Titans with their comic book coloring... Spoiler Alert: Beast Boy isn;t Green, Starfire isn't Orange, and Robin's suit has barely any color and oh yeah he stops wearing it after the second episode.
  6. Very Cool, Glad to see Hasbro and Mattel creating awareness for Gi Joe and He Man.. hopefully this will lead to a more larger revival of the properies. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/936804836/israeli-defense-comics-2-jewish-superhero-golem-co?ref=nav_search
  7. Hi TNI friends, I am excited to announce that I launched my Kickstarter for the second issue of my comic! The Israeli Defense Comics # 02 features a re-imagined Golem story set in modern day Israel. Israeli Defense Comics features the adventures of Magen: The Shield of Israel! Check out the video I put together which explains the project and rewards (original art, signed comics etc...) Here's the link for the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/936804836/israeli-defense-comics-2-jewish-superhero-golem-co?ref=category Please feel free to share it with anyone you think might enjoy it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Joshua Stulman www.israelidefensecomics.com
  8. I've seen most of the episodes and most of the things I like about shield are totally absent! So here's a list of complaints (why not, its the internet) 1) No Shield flying cars- I only saw it for a tiny bit in the first episode and never again 2) Way too many shield agents- there seems to be thousands of shield agents all over the place. It just looks like a huge bloated beaurocratic organization. 3) No Hellicarrier- The hellicarier is THE shield base of operations...that's it! None of these other "Hub" or whatever. 4) Shield logos EVERYWHERE- I understand branding, but this is ridiculous! The logo is huge on the side of their vehicles. Whatever happened to SHIELD as a "Secret Spy organization" 5) No recognizable SHIELD characters- We go a cameo by the Sam Jackson fury in one episode, Where are any of the other shield agents from the comics? 6) No Marvel Superheroes- No familiar Marvel Superhero cameos! They have people with superpowers but they won't use a familiar marvel character or have costumes. There most be hundreds of C and D list marvel characters they could throw in just for fun easter eggs and to also build up interest in the show. 7) Piss poor storylines- The longterm story arches are uninspired overused cliche's, the only one everyone is interested in (Coulson's) is barely touched BUT The Main reason is... 8) NO familiar villains!!- Where is Baron Strucker, Viper, Aim, MODOK or freaking HYDRA??!! Centipede WTF is that?? On a better note, I do like the dick tracy watch cameo and the 3D hologram science thing. Honestly, It feels like a C list X-Files w/ very poor relation to an overarching plot. They really should take a look at Mission Impossible 60's TV show... even GET Smart was more interesting than this!
  9. I agree that the movie should have been over at least 2 movies. Part 1: should have been: Origin story, Daredevil fighting minor villians (The Owl/stiltman etc..), Kingpin introduction, bullseye intro Part 2: Kingpin plot, intro of Elektra, DD vs Elektra, Elektra reveal, Bullseye vs Elektra, Elektra dies Part 3: Funeral of Elektra, DD brings down Kingpin, DD vs Bullseye conclusion, Elektra revived in the after screen credits That's pretty much what i'm looking for. The reason I hated daredevil: 1) Daredevil Kills 2) Kingpin is Black 3) Nobody wore their costumes 4) The Elektra story was rushed and crammed in; the audience didn't feel the pain of elektra dying
  10. Agreed but I DID miss the Stan Lee cameo. I want to see him in every Marvel movie. I just get a kick out of it..... I really hate seeing stan lee in every Marvel movie. I can see him in movies with characters he created, like spiderman ect.. but not ones he didnt, ie captain america, wolverine, ghostrider, blade, punisher ect...
  11. There are so many great characters for DC, but most used the same old buck so its hard to see which ones were really outstanding sculpts. So here are my favorites for best sculpts: 1) Clayface- Huge and unique, a great interpretation of the Bruce Timm version 2) Man Bat- same as above 3) Darkseid- great improvement on DC Super heroes vers. 4) Kilowog- Huge and strong I Suppose i could go on but these are the ones that i thought were just perfect (ie, I like Solomon Grundy but he came out too tall, same for lobo ect..) regards Joshua
  12. I don't really care what Matty Collector does, or how much they charge for it. I can live without Doomsday, Damian Wayne and even the Four Horsemen. I just want to see DC become a retail entity again. I want retail to be Mattel's main focus. I want this years Toyfair to be about stuff I'll see at Wal-Mart and Target, not stuff I MIGHT see at Matty. Yeah I agree, I would love to see a smaller wave with equal distribution at retail that is not impossible to find/collect. In general, this has really ruined collecting for me and why I never will sub.
  13. It doesnt matter if the meter is real. If the sub doesnt go through, Matty will still release these as exclusives on the site at MAXimum sales. THat Doomsday will probably sell at $80 alone. I'm not too worried about this line either way.
  14. that costume was alright This: did Scarlet Spider convince him to dress like that? I'm just going to jump in and say that bringing up that superman costume is not fair, it only appeared in the Superman/Doomsday mini series for 2 issues...but yes electric superman was pretty bad but i'm surprised how long they kept him around like that...toys marketing ect...
  15. Hey, thank you for your story. I saw the new star trek movie. I really didnt care for it. I also dont know much about star trek. The movie wasnt that exciting, the storyline was pretty simplified and I didnt like al the close up fast moving action scenes. There were elements taken straight from Star wars (millenium falcon), and I really didnt see a whole lot of aliens which would have been cooler. I feel like the basic story's been done so many times (recently in James Bond). The Nemoy cameo was pointless, and I think it detracted from the new Spock b/c how good is the new spock if he can call up the nemoy one and have him give the answers to stuff instead of figuring it out on his own. The movie was ok, but I expected something more epic for star trek. Also, the heavy accents were annoying and pointless in this era.
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