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  1. Good answer by Hasbro in regards to the Germans/Nazis. I would really have liked the issue of paint quality to have been tackled though. If for nothing else than to just know why it's happened.
  2. Oops; I didn't realize there was more than one card set floating around now. I guess it would explain why my cards all depict scenes and concepts from the first three films, haha.
  3. They've got a nice old school feel to them, which I really like. I hated cards from the 90's with the super gloss and foil this and hologram that. Heck- these even come with gum! I bought two packs tonight and ended up with an Indy magnet.
  4. I would love to score some of those autograph cards. I saw these at Hollywood video the last couple of times I went, but didn't grab them. I might just have to pick some up now that I see the sketch art, and the chance at getting an autographed card.
  5. It's a really dark gray, almost black in person. The super bright flash just makes it look lighter than it really is. I actually thought the figure was all black until I saw the pics myself.
  6. Man, I had a pretty nice review written up for the Batman figure, but Photobucket crashed my Firefox session and my review was erased. Well, here's the gist of it: Sculpt: Excellent. What one would expect from the 4H Paint: Kind of sloppy on the belt, but otherwise good Articulation: Identical to DCUC, minus the ab joint Rest: He's a little short. Shorter than Hasbro's Iron Man. His hands are molded like the 200X Batman figures, with space to hold accessories, but closed enough to pass for fists. The case I popped had one regular Batman, one chase Batman, one henchman, and one Joker. The Christian Bale headsculpt is dead-on, but the one I saw had bad paint on one of the eyes, so I passed. Price was $11 and some change, and I had no problem with him ringing up, as the cases weren't stamped for 5/1 like the Hasbro stuff.
  7. OK, I'm a year late, but I just built Pitt. Everything went together with the expected amount of force, but the torso just won't click into place. Does anyone who might have had the same problem have a suggestion to get the two spring-loaded pins to pop into the holes? Edit: Man, what a useless post I just made I got the pins to click in right after I posted--yahoo!
  8. Wal-Mart and most other places have them for $10. I picked up Green Goblin yesterday, because I've been wanting one for a while. I felt the price was about right, especially since the old Toybiz one was going for a lot more on the secondary market, plus he comes with the sweet glider and a couple of pumpkin bombs. They all seem to be worth $10, but I would stay away from black suit Spidey, as it appears his right hand is stuck in a web-slinging position.
  9. MUNDO


    Whoa, I didn't realize Halo 1 went that many series. Reading in your other post that you prefer Joyride's Halo over McFarlane's, that's a nice little collection there.
  10. MUNDO


    I sent mine in Thursday or Friday, mainly so the form with stickers wouldn't get lost.
  11. I have a bunch of these guys. I love this line. You're best bet at this point would be to ask around the trade forums because these are still available in other parts of the world (I got a bunch of sets in Panama around December). Your second best route would be searching the "cheap aisle" and clearance aisle of Wal-Mart. These figures were released in $10 sets with an alien flyer, a tank, and a couple of different turrets. MARS Toyfair coverage that went unnoticed by a lot of people. The pics show some really sweet accessories and new sculpt figures, including more bots. No news yet on when these will be available.
  12. Probably late adopters of the 25th line. It seems collectors are always looking for the next "hawt line" and when they come in late, they have to back track a little. The 25th line has really taken off and I see a lot of people that never showed the least bit of interest in Joes, jumping on board because they can't find Marvel Legends, DCUC, or some other "hawt line." Once they grow tired of Joes, they'll move onto the next line and dump all their Joes on the message board and Ebay.
  13. Joyride's were the best Halo figures ever because...well there was nothing to compare them to. Now that we have the McF Halo figures to compare to, Joyride's just look cheap. They have Muppet hands and oddly colored weapons, the detail wasn't as good as McF's (which should be the opposite considering the size), and aside from the stationary guns and flag, it seems that they just quit trying after a few series.
  14. Man, that Donkey Kong board game looks pretty fun. Not only that, but my wife could pick it up pretty easily, unlike some other games I've tried to get her to play, like Zombies!!! Those Animal Crossing toys are brilliant too. Nothing like a relaxing game of AC. I would let my wife know ahead of time that there was a fishing tournament coming up, so that she could pretty much forget about me for a couple of hours Keep up the great work with these episodes
  15. That sounds more like the figure swapper edition Legion set.
  16. The newer figures are coming with double pegged stands. I'm not sure how much that helps, since I haven't seen them yet. The only real problem I've had with the stands are with Roadblock and Gung Ho. But when posing figures outside for shots, I usually use the ROTS Kashyyyk stands that look like soil and grass.
  17. I do both. For Joes online, I just hit HTS and smalljoes. I honestly do not go on toy hunts anymore. The only time to hit the toy aisle is if I am going to the store anyway for something else. I've done pretty well this way AND I don't get agitated because a store hasn't stocked figures in X number of days.
  18. Bring a marker with you next time. If you see one of these packs, make a nice big note on the bubble to let them know.
  19. Whoa- I hauled the same figures last night too And I too left the CG/Scar Face pack on the pegs because I'm sure we'll be seeing both molds sometime down the line. The twins are pure awesome. The colors are super crisp and there's no sign of any paint mishaps. Wild Weasel is now my favorite 25th Cobra figure. It's funny that Snow Job is my favorite 25th Joe and the both share the same body. It just works. The removable goggles and holster with the Cobra symbol on it are nice little details that really add to this one. I was pleasantly surprised with Ace. I didn't think he was going to be much of anything, but after opening him and playing around with him, I'd say he's the most solid of all the 25th figures in regards to plastic and joint tightness. Also, the Skystriker symbol on his arm is another nice touch. The only bad thing about this one is the googly eye problem that a lot of people are having.
  20. I bet people will start attacking the 21st Century pegs at Wal-Mart for the Nazis once the Indy figs hit. I saw that they even have them in 2-packs now for under $10.
  21. Wow; lots of great stuff coming out this year. Hasbro has themselves an amazing team working on Joe now, and I hope they keep them right where they're at for a long time.
  22. That's all I've got I tried to get the latest Disney exclusive, but ran into some snags, then just decided to wait for the great-looking Hasbro stuff that's coming up.
  23. Great job on these. I can tell a difference in the quality from the first episode to the second (way better audio). Onto the figures: I had the Ocarina of Time Link/Ganondorf/Zelda three pack that I bought from Gamestop back when the game was just out. How many rupees did that last Majora's Mask young Link set you back? I've never seen him, even on Ebay. He's definitely a figure I'd love to own. I've also got a small (compared to yours) Megaman collection, mostly comprised of the Jazzwares stuff with a Rockman Gutsman model thrown in. I've got other videogame figures too, but I'll wait for future episodes to give my opinion of them if you cover them. It's cool to see some other videogame figure fans here, so keep the show coming!
  24. Man, only one more month for the first series to hit, and I can't wait. As for the exclusives, I'm going for the steel colored ODSTs and maybe the red and brown Spartans.
  25. Yeah, that's actually one of the best fitting holsters of the whole line. Like Zod said, you just hook the little piece on top of the torch to the holster. They should have gone with a tube instead of the molded hoses though. The hoses on mine are always popping out of the pack.
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