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  1. Mine is a 2-part complaint. 1) My Firestorm has two left hands, which I didn't notice when I bought it because of his snap-on energy deals. 2) I haven't seen another one to replace him due to the distribution...
  2. Ooh, I hope the Batpod gets a $15 sale price like the Indy battle packs. I haven't spotted it yet here, but maybe they're holding it next week.
  3. Thanks, guys. I was actually able to save the hat, as I made a careful cut. I dremeled it out, but there's not enough room in it for him to actually wear it unfortunately.
  4. Yeah, the prices are creeping up to the price I used to pay when living in Puerto Rico. When everyone was here playing $5 for a Joe, I was paying $8+ The only thing I could think of that would effect the price of Joes is the extra articulation and the addition of the metal parts (screws and t-bar). Petroleum costs no doubt played some part in the increase though.
  5. I really like the Dovchenko character in the movie, and while his figure is pretty cool, the way the eyes were painted on made him look like an old man. I wanted a fight scene Dovchenko with no hat and with better paint apps. So I cut off the hat and sculpted the top of his head, then repainted the eyes, all the skin, and painted on his buzz cut.
  6. VAMP for me. I love all the little upgrades, and Clutch is a pretty solid figure.
  7. Would it be possible to at least release Toht as an HTS exclusive seeing as how the figure already has a mold (used for the Cobra Commander exclusive)? If there's one figure that a lot of fans were looking forward to, it was that excellent Toht figure with alternate head. GIJoe, Marvel, and Transformers have all had exclusives on HTS. What would be the deciding factor(s) in not releasing Toht as an exclusive?
  8. I felt this film was full-on Indy from start to finish. We had our hero, we had the sidekick, we had the love interest (kind of), and we had the villains. Add in some action and comedy, and mix for two hours. I felt Mutt was a good sidekick, and Shia played it perfectly. The only thing I didn't like was the diner scene and the constant "Indy's old now" references. The diner scene felt dry to me. Harrison didn't have the enthusiasm he had in the past films when talking about the treasures.
  9. Synch said something about waiting for the figs to get in the $3-$5 range, so I was letting him know that they're right around that price. That is...if you were talking to me in the first place
  10. How can anyone complain about paying $15 and getting two figures, a FANG, and a CLAW? That's like buying two figures and only paying $2 more for the FANG and CLAW. Now onto the CLAW itself- I like it more than the original. I like that it's designed specifically for the figures and not as some remote flyer. And the handle bars are a nice touch. It's like a true Cobra equivalent to the Joes' JUMP pack now, just with more armament. You can also put the missiles from the FANG on it to take up those empty spots. I think the figures look great with it, and they can even stand up while wearing it.
  11. All Indy figures are $5.44 at Wal-Mart now, so he's in your price range. I got one this afternoon to do a custom, and I have to say that it's really not a bad figure once you get to messing with it. Heck, it's at least a good source for customizing a figure with short sleeves. Something you don't run into much when customizing 25th Joes, unless you want the goofy Shipwreck arms.
  12. Yeah, I went through all the past codes, including disc20, and then finally disc10. That's only $.70 though, and still too much with shipping for one figure.
  13. All I really want is Mutt right now, but when the shipping is as much as the figure, I can pass.
  14. I grabbed the DVD and LC battle pack. The battle packs were located at the front of the store on the endcaps where they usually have DVDs. The price on the packs said $19.99 I believe, but ended up being $15.99 as mentioned above. The manager actually let me know about the $5 gift card deal, which was pretty cool I think. When I paid, the cashier gave me the card without having to ask for it (I guess it pops up on their register screens). At $16, the LC set is a deal, mainly because you get Vogel and two German soldiers. The Indy is the deluxe pitfall version, so he's junk. Papa Jones is the same previously released figure, minus his accessories, so he's custom fodder. I expect this set to sell through quickly, with the ROTLA set selling not quite as well, but definitely better than the crappy KOTCS set.
  15. Brawn was my first TF as a kid, and this one looks to be my favorite of all the Legends class figures. I don't know why people complain about the articulation on these. They're not supposed to be Deluxe caliber figures. They are what they are- just a fun mini version of some old school bots. I like these because I can take a handful of them with us on trips and my son stays busy either playing with them as TFs or as vehicles with Hotwheels. The sub-$5 price tag doesn't hurt either
  16. I'm thinking that Hasbro would use their usual model and include a large item (Sentinel in this case) with a handful of 4" Universe figures all boxed into a "battle pack."
  17. I grabbed Iron Hide and Silverstreak last night. Sideswipe can wait. If I remember correctly, Galvatron and Prowl were packed in the same case, but I can't remember if Sunstreaker was in there too. I don't know the pack-out ratio either, as I was mainly looking for Iron Hide. Something to note here is that, the $7.77 sale price is still in effect, so getting two for the price of one-and-a-half was awesome.
  18. I've only bought the Target planes, and three of the vehicle sets, and I have not had a problem with any of them, save for the stickers on the planes. Heck, I even got an extra bag of Clutch gear in my VAMP set The only problem I have with the figures is the rubbery hands. I wish they'd go with harder hands like Star Wars figures have.
  19. I actually would have bought one of those blue HISS drivers
  20. MUNDO

    Joe 10 pack?

    $27.99 looks like K-Mart's price for the 5-pack. It's probably just a typo or the wrong info was entered to make the tag.
  21. Walgreens had them a couple of years ago for $1 each, and Wal-Mart usually gets an awesome battle pack with I think three figures, an alien flyer, and a couple of others things all for $10 around the holiday season. They had some stuff at the last Toy Fair that looked sweet, but I don't know when to expect it.
  22. I've got a ton of these guys, but I don't think they'd blend really well with Joes without some splicing of Joe parts. For the price though, they're awesome figures.
  23. Just trying to feel out the collectors here to get a general idea of collecting habits for filecards and cardbacks. Filecards 1) Do you collect filecards? 2) If so, how do you store your filecards? 3) About how many filecards are in your collection? 4) Would you purchase storage sheets cut specifically for filecards to store your collection? 5) If so, how would you prefer the size of the sheet and orientation of the card slots? Small sheet with three filecard slots oriented horizontally? Full size sheet with four filecard slots oriented vertically? Other? Cardbacks 1) Do you collect cardbacks? 2) If so, how do you store your cardbacks? 3) About how many cardbacks are in your collection? 4) Would you purchase storage sheets cut specifically for cardbacks to store your collection? 5) If so, how would you prefer the size of the sheet? Small sheet cut to fit a little larger than the dimensions of the cardback? Full size with the cardback centered? Other?
  24. I'll be swapping Cobra Commander's gloves with the first hooded Cobra Commander, which I really like.
  25. For me, the pros are: Quick Kick Snake Eyes Major Bludd, which I missed the first time MASS device piece Cool Cobra cube thing. I haven't seen Pyramid of Darkness in years, so I forgot what that piece does Cons: Quick Kick's chopping hand. I hate when the designers or sculptors get cute with the figures. Kind of like with Shipwreck's Popeye forearms and Spirit's "peace out" fingers. No dog tags with Bludd. Another Cobra Commander No Fatal Fluffies!
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