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  1. The stand-outs for me are: Accelerator Suit Ripcord (Solid construction; tight joints; good likeness to the actor; awesome hinged helmet; can shoulder his rifle easily; and just an all around cool sci-fi looking figure) Baroness (Nice sculpt; tight joints; pegs on guns that plug into sockets on her hips for stowage; cool removable glasses that aren't oversized. I love the grappling hook/platform. Her face may need a little touch up on the paint. I painted her up, making her eyebrows smaller and her lips bigger. Looks tons better) Covergirl (Nice standard female body, that would be great for customs; excellent elbow design that doesn't break up the sculpt; laptop) Snake Eyes and Stormshadow (It's just good to get something different than the typical designs) Lame-ducks: Vipers, Neo Viper (So lame I didn't even buy them. I really dislike the design with the death masks and insectoid armor. The commander has a cool grappling hook backpack though) Covert Ops Scarlett (Not so lame as just poorly painted. The head is cast in the orange hair color, with the face painted over it. It looks so unnatural because the hairline is too high, especially around the ears. She has an ugly silver backpack; crossbow is just a bad design. It looks to have what I figure is a handle on the back, making it look like a pick. It would be a good base body for customs if not for the unique belt that's sculpted on.
  2. From Target I grabbed: Covergirl, Snake Eyes, Stormshadow, Baroness, and Shipwreck.
  3. I saw the Gunship and Ice Dagger this morning at Target in Peoria, IL. The $25 price tag kind of turned me off though.
  4. I've completed a couple of DCUC waves through Kroger, as well as found the ToD Indy wave, Sigma 6, and some 25th army builders there. I regularly check them because they stock DCUC better than the department stores around here.
  5. Something I've been wanting to do for a while now, but never had good enough base bodies to work with. Frozone is an Iron First figure with a 25th Roadblock head.
  6. That Serpentor head is an excellent choice.
  7. For the shirt, I used Folk Art's Butter Pecan, Old Ivy, and some white to lighten it up to the correct shade. You can find Folk Art at Wal-Mart. For the skin color I used Citadel's Elf Flesh.
  8. Thanks a lot. I painted that one myself this afternoon. I'm more surprised that I was able to match the uniform color just about perfectly, hehe. The cap came from a German soldier. I just separated the head and used a Dremel to hollow it out more. I actually haven't tried the fit yet, but I think Quazar mentioned on CTR that it does fit.
  9. Thanks to everyone involved with this project. This was a nice gesture as a fan and fellow Indy fan. Here's my version of the tough sergeant:
  10. MUNDO

    4" Logan

    I'll admit that I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know much about how they wrote the pre-Weapon X Wolverine, but I've been playing the heck out of the game. I got inspired to do a commando style Wolverine (with Adamantium.) that you control during the flashback missions. Normal head Battle-damaged alternate head Side view With flash Heads, upper body - WM exclusive Wolverine Lower body - Aliens Drake Skull - 25th DVD pack Dog tags - modified Maj. Bludd tags The pants look a lot more shiny in the pics. They're actually not shiny, but have a satin look like plastic.
  11. Mine has an eye problem also. Actually, the other eye is messed up too; it was painted lower than it should have been.
  12. I think all anyone was ever interested in were casts of the heads, not the entire figures. The rest of the figures could be made from already available figures, so there would be no need to destroy anything. There would be no loss in "value" of the original prototypes, as only the heads would be cast. It would seem logical (at least to me) to make head casts and make a little money while at the same time enjoying the satisfaction of having a rare item(s).
  13. I'd start with getting a Chief Temple Guard figure for the base torso. From there, you can scrounge parts to make a decent one. I'm working on mine now, and just need to get some good lower arms. For the head, I am using a sanded-down Bazooka head.
  14. It was meant to attach to something else - Jedi duel platform things, and Darth Vader's operating table that came out with the ROTS merchandise, hehe. Akator was previously Mustafar, but with the added additions, it makes a far better Akator.
  15. With the way they've handled Universe (mix of different eras) I could see Arcee and any other "canceled" Animated figures showing up in the next Universe/Classics line. I'd rather they do it that way rather than just scrap the figure all together.
  16. GI Joe for me means getting down and dirty (literally) while playing. The diverse roster and specialties meant that year round, I'd be able to take my Joes outside no matter what the season or location. Usually it was around a mud hole or body of water; as in my eyes, I wasn't using them to their fullest potential unless they were waist deep in mud or diving to the bottom of a creek or tide pool. I'm surprised my Mauler still works 25 years later after running it through some of the mud holes Cobra always seemed to congregate around. Being from the South, I had very few opportunities to play in the snow, but that one year I received my Snow Cat, it snowed; so it was a GI Joe fan's wish come true for me. As a father now, I make sure my son understands GI Joe's true calling of mud holes, ditches, creeks, and the occasional snow. Well, I've got to go now to get the Moccasin and SHARC packed up for tomorrow. We're heading out to the nature trail where there's the perfect creek for Copperhead and a few EELs to "surprisingly" run into Deep Six and Torpedo.
  17. MUNDO

    Big Lots

    I ended up grabbing the last cargo truck this morning. My son was playing with mine yesterday and I don't know if he rammed it or stepped on it, but there's a stress mark on the bumper now. I figured now was the best opportunity to get a backup, and for $10 at Big Lots. I went ahead and grabbed another Indy with Ark for custom fodder.
  18. Legwork is definitely the key. I've seen enough sale/trade threads among a few message boards that would have would have completed this wave. Heck, I missed out on the last wave of POTC figures due to the same circumstances, and they're harder to come by than the TOD wave. I still need them, and I could hit Ebay for them, but it's going to run me about $200 probably. So if you're dedicated enough, try a little legwork and even Ebay. The markup will definitely suck, but you'll have the figures you need. But to be honest, $100 for the case, or even the set, isn't too bad considering the Ebay route. $100 puts the figures at $16 each for the wave. I'd bite the bullet before they become harder to find and more expensive.
  19. MUNDO

    Big Lots

    The deluxe packs are actually $6, and the singles are $4 like you mentioned. I grabbed a Vogel the other day, and might stop by from time to time to grab a deluxe set here and there for customs.
  20. Have: Metallo torso Desparo right leg, left arm Kalibak right leg Gorilla Grodd left leg, right arm Need: Nothing now. I just finished Grundy finally
  21. I don't know if I'd call those rare, but they do look pretty nice in the package. I don't have this one, but he's still pretty neat. I only have one super articulated Sonic I bought a couple of years ago.
  22. I found the same case last night. While these are all improvements, and a couple even come with accessories, the price is close to $7 at Wal-Mart. I really hope they implement the updated articulation soon to make the $7 less painful
  23. I had read that they were $20, but when I went today I saw that they were $15, and there were tons of them. Just a heads-up to you Sam's club members (or those who know someone with a membership) and who were on the fence about getting this at the $35-$40 price. It's the version with Indy, Ugha Warrior, Spalko, and Mutt, so it's an awesome deal.
  24. That pic is of an ODST, not the ODST Spartan, which is just a multiplayer figure with an ODST-style helmet. I'm on vacation, so I can't take a comparison pic, but trust me, the ODST's are out of scale. At 1:18 scale, they'd be almost 7' tall. They're actually 1:16 scale, which would puts them at 6'. So to have a Chief or any other Spartan in 1:18 scale, they'd have to be 4.67". The best you'd be able to pull off is a Brute with the Joes, but that even puts the Brutes a foot taller than they're supposed to be. Just trying to save you guys some money so you don't buy the figure only to see that it won't work Trust me though, I've got about five ODST's in my Halo collection, and over 100 25th Joes.
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