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  1. I also picked this up today. Definitely a pretty cool repaint. I passed on the original ROC version, but the color scheme on this one really makes for a cool stand-out Cobra vehicle. The Star Viper is pretty "meh" but I've got a couple of Cobra pilots that would be more than happy to take his spot. For the most part the stickers make this one pop. Apart from a couple of them, the placement and style make sense and they're not lazy at all like some of the other modern releases of the past. Now, one question I have is: what the heck are the front-most two buttons? One does a wild electronic chirping sound and the other is incoherent babbling. I can't make out what it's saying. I don't know if I have a defecting one or if they're all like that.

  2. Bauer1.jpg






    Head = SW Jeremoch Colton

    Base Body = XMO Lumberjack Logan

    Feet = ROC Snake Eyes

    Pistol = Either 25th or ROC

    Radio = Probably bbi

    Briefcase = BnB Razor Ramon

    Holster = Playmates Star Trek

  3. The BnB ankles are too skinny for the Turtles' typical build, so I decided to experiment. For larger ankles I yanked the lower arms from a Serpentor, plugged the hands into the elbow peg, and then chopped off the forearm right below the hinge, and then the hand right at the peg. Sounds weird, but check the WIP pic for what the heck I'm trying to explain:





    I then (after my Dremel was back up) hollowed out the foot to accept the piece of hand so that the feet would be able to function like a 25th Joe foot, only with the swivel below the hinge instead of above [see above pic]. The rest was just sculpting and painting. He did have articulation in his waist up until I did the belt. I couldn't find a stretchy material that was the right width, so I ended up using a folded piece of box tape. The articulation is still there, but the tape doesn't give like rubber or soft plastic.



    Base body = any BnB wrestler

    Head, feet = TMNT Mini Mutants

    Scabbards = ROC Storm Shadow, modified to fit two long swords

    Swords = 25th Storm Shadow



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  4. This is something I've wanted to tackle for a few years now, especially since the Mini Mutant Turtles came out. I had a few extra Turtles lying around from buying multiple packs for the different baddies, and my Dremel was out of commission for a few days, so I figured I'd get on it since I couldn't work on my NJC figures.


    Vanilla pose



    I could have gotten the kick higher



    Good range in the head. You can't really tell from the angle, but he's looking down quite a bit



    Showing off the ankle articulation



    Height comparison. He's right at 3.75", so perfect height for today's 4"ers


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  5. This is one that I've seriously had on my table for about two years. I gave up on him due to moving and losing interest, or "moto." Especially with having to make templates for the softgoods parts. Finally, after getting back into the groove lately, he's finished. And better than before, as his bracer blade is functional now.








    Bracer blade extended



    Head = Will Turner

    Torso/ upper arms = Stinger Driver

    Lower arms = ROC Storm Shadow

    Right hand = Probably Indiana Jones

    Legs = Red Ninja

    Sword = Joe DVD pack, modified

    Short sword = POTC, modified

    Bracer mechanism and blade = Arctic Storm Shadow, modified


    As mentioned above, the bracer blade is functional. Something I really tried to do initially but could not accomplish until the ROC Stormy came out. It, along with the softgoods, give it a nice "toy" feel.

  6. The running Yoshi is actually the key chain version. I got all excited too this morning when I came around the corner of the aisle and saw one on the peg. But, it's actually a pretty good size, and the chain should come easily if it's anything like the Toad one, which I bought to go with my Mario PVC's.


    Back to Sonic - I finally found Silver today. I spotted the Metal Sonic packs, but passed for now. Hopefully they'll put Metal in a single pack some time in the future, as I don't need a fourth Sonic.

  7. In Deep 6's defense, the SHARC is a sub and is not supposed to float. The new Moccasin actually floats 100 times better than the original, which maybe stayed afloat for a few seconds. The Whale did a good job of staying afloat, but would take in water slowly, especially with movement. I think the winner would be the Morey though.

  8. What an ass. The guy who's selling the shadow has a broken handlebar in shadow's hand showing that it snapped off but he's saying it's brand new. Zoom into the picture to see it.

    It is new. It's never been opened, it isn't his fault that they made the mistake.


    It doesn't look broken to me. It looks like his hand slipped off the handle grip.

  9. Alley Viper: Not too bad.


    Beach Head: Awesome. Actually beats out the comic pack version in my opinion.


    Cobra Commander: Works as an exclusive.


    Destro: Awesome. It looks like he's got snow on his mask though. I hope it's not on the final product.


    Duke: Pretty neat figure. I might have to make him into Tunnel Rat though, after a head swap.


    Dusty: A little busy, but still cool.


    Firefly: I really like it. I'm getting a big Metal Gear/Sigma Six vibe from all these figures, and I like that.


    Jungle Viper: I think that huge apparatus is some sort of tech-camo shroud rather than wings.


    Recondo: Looks good. I can already see Hasbro re-using him for Gung Ho though.


    Snake Eyes and Timber: I like this Snake Eyes. Not too busy, but well-equipped. It looks like Timber has an articulated head.


    Techy Snake Eyes: Not feeling this one.


    Snow Job: Awesome. I can't wait to get him. One of my favorite Joes.


    Prince of Persia Storm Shadow: Kind of neat, but I don't like the head.


    Zartan: Not feeling this one either.


    Overall, I'm loving how we're getting different environment-specific figures. I don't know if they're going to split the theme up into waves, or mix them in.

  10. Brilliant. That came out perfect. I especially like how you went the extra mile to make the alternate head. The only thing I would have done different would have been to make snap-on extensions. It would have been more "toy-like" but it would fit the style of Hasbro's snap-on accessories.

  11. That badly painted head inside Iron Monger always bugged me because I knew the sculpt looked like a halfway decent Bridges, but the googly eyes that were painted on his cheeks and the eyebrows on his eye lids really hid it. So I cut the head out, took the Dremel to it, then completely repainted it. The side view looks more like Bridges than the front view. I think it's a mix of the distance of the shot and the lighting.






    The head could probably be pushed down just a tad more, as he's got a really bushy beard that goes well below his chin line.

  12. MUMags1.jpg




    Capt. Atom's head painted and stuck on Magneto's body. The neck ball is the same size, so no alterations were needed, although I did trim a little bit of the ring inside the head to allow for more movement.

  13. Abe1.jpg








    All along I thought most of the work was going to be sculpting the head. That was until I realized Abe had so many different stripes and shades of colors. Overall a fun custom that came out better than I expected. The base figure is a MU Silver Surfer with a resculpted head and a HISS Tank Driver belt.

  14. 100_0416.jpg






    Sorry for the bad pics, but I'm still visiting my parents and using their camera and computer, so I couldn't edit the contrast and brightness.


    Head= Pitt Scarlett

    Base figure= RA Scarlett

    Left hand= Ms. Marvel

    Boots= Stalker

  15. We saw Zartan more in this outfit than in the Pit disguise. Plus he has black/salt&pepper hair and no face paint; so I wanted to whip up a quick version for myself.




    Head = Zartan

    Torso = Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes

    Arms, jacket = Dr. Henry Jones

    Legs - Cobra Commander


    I'm visiting my parents, and had to use their camera, so the date is on the pic. Something that I really hate doing, hehe.

  16. I don't doubt one bit that MOTU grossed a billion during the 80's. Mattel has such a huge international market it's not even funny. Mattel is huge in Latin America and Europe. Add in North America, and I think MOTU could have beaten Joe. Not saying they did, but it's not totally unrealistic.

  17. Number two in my little project. *Cheetara isn't far behind*










    Panthro is a mix of Bobby Lashley, Jericho, and William Regal Build-n-Brawl figures with the Panthro mouth area and ears sculpted on. The belt and straps are from transparency paper, with the spikes and piping sculpted on. I sculpted the split toe boots on him and added string as the wrappings at the top and ankles. Lastly, the nunchucks are from the ML movie Daredevil with paws sculpted on.

  18. Tygra1.jpg










    Base body= Iron Fist

    Head, left hand= 25th Duke

    Toes= SHS Namor

    Bolo whips= pieces cut from 25th Red Ninja weapon and beads. On the extended one, the whip is a twist tie with the end split.


    I've been wanting to make a Tygra from the Duke head for a while now. I wanted to do like the SW Jedi figures and give one extended version of his weapon, and one retracted. I might put a peg on the retracted one so he can stow it on his hip.


    I'm planning on making the rest of the cats. Panthro's already in process, with Cheetara in the parts-scrounging stage.

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