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  1. Urlacher retired. sad day for the Bears. I wish he would have accepted their offer, but his pride got in the way. He saw that there wasn't any big money contracts out there, so he retired instead. oh well, at least he didn't go play for the Raiders like Woodson. sheesh man, poor Woodson!
  2. they have been out for months.. I just have never seen them in stores. At one store I went to they had an empty spot for them, at the other one they had the price tag on the shelf but not even an empty spot.
  3. I am a mod at both sites and I even I lost my log in ability after the recent upgrade. I had to have JayC take care of it. If the recovery steps aren't working, the only thing I can recommend is trying different email addresses and screen names that you might have used HERE and there. try to log in using a screen name/password, try to log in using email/password... keep trying different combos try to email JayC directly using the contact us email address or create a new account at Marvelousnews and try to PM him there
  4. personally, I haven't enjoyed any of the X-men movies so far. first class was a fun movie, but it was not true to the material and thus not an "X-men" movie in my eyes. I don't have very high hopes for the Days of Future Past movie either. I am 99% sure that I won't see it in the theaters, just based on how they have handled all the other Xmen movies. it kinda looks like the new Wolverine movie might be the best of all of the X-men franchise films .
  5. after looking at it again.. it's a little disappointing that he doesn't come with alternate hands. I don't really like permanent gun-holding positioned hands.
  6. yeah I want it. I would happily pay 45 for it.... but I don't think I will get the chance to. I expect these will be going for 120 on ebay.. and I can't pay that
  7. on a positive note... whenever I got to a store, the pegs are mostly empty.. so it's not like they are sitting on a ton of old crap. they shouldn't have problems getting the new waves out
  8. hey, I said "any" good. I am always confident that the Bears will be JUST good enough to disappoint. I am not sure which is worse.. knowing there is no chance, or getting your hopes up every year.. only to be crushed once again
  9. I still think DJ Hayden is better... I really hope so! Raider Nation! We need the help! poor Raiders.. how does it feel to know that your team won't be any good for at least 4 more years? @loll@
  10. Guardians of the Galaxy is a strange property to get a movie treatment so soon IMO. It's not that I dislike cosmic characters or their story.. but I would have preferred something more classic first. I thought that the reason they were pushing it so soon is because it tied into all of the upcoming storylines.. space aliens, Thanos, etc.. but to hear that it DOESN'T really tie into the other movies that much is very odd to me. It makes me wonder why they are making it at all.. other movies that should be done by Marvel Studios sooner than GoTG: Hulk 2 Namor Black Panther Antman/Wasp Powerman/Iron Fist Captain Marvel Dr.Strange She-Hulk and now Daredevil is back at home with Marvel too!
  11. it's not hard to figure out the Revis/Milliner situation. Revis was going to be too expensive. He is getting 16M per year! way too much. They didn't want to pay him that. So they picked up the best CB in the draft and will have to pay him just a fraction of that. Plus Revis is coming off of an injury. So I think they did well on that part. The pick of Geno Smith is good too.. except for they already have to pay Sanchez. But they do seem to need a QB pretty badly
  12. yeah, Kurtz's plan sounds better. I like ROTJ, but it does have its flaws. And Empire is hands down the best of the StarWars movies. Man.. if we could have gotten a ROTJ that was like EMPIRE... that would have been epic.
  13. well, look at Lord of the Rings... there are plenty of characters in those movies that wear helmets, and they usually look great. (Gimli wears a similar helmet) The Asgardian look is not too far off from those costumes.
  14. Clam, can I ask you what you didn't like about FF. I know most people didn't like it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think it is a really difficult movie to make and maybe that is why I gave it a pass. Most superhero movies really only have to establish 1 hero and 1 villain. FF has the challenge of balancing 4 heroes plus a villian. Was it campy, yeah. Thing's costume was a little cheesy, but I liked the family angle they used. To me that is what the FF is about. Doom also could have been handled better, but again I think he is a pretty difficult villain to develop especially when he shares the screen with 4 other heroes. Anywho, I am just really curious on your thoughts like you said, I didn't mind so much their take on the actual FF. I didn't love the castings, or the costumes (Thing's look was really bad, especially his face. They should have went with the comics look more), but for the most part, the FF themselves were pretty decent. However, like you pointed out, Dr.Doom was not done very well. I didn't like the way he looked or how they changed his character. And since Doom played such a large role in the movie, it really hurt the entire film. But other than that, I can't really remember anything about it. I just remember that I didn't like it very much. I should probably watch it again. that being said, it is probably Fox's best Superhero movie. but there looks to be some hope for the upcoming Wolverine sequel. It doesn't look too bad.
  15. nice set up. I want to do something like that too eventually. But I will probably also have a display for the vehicles. Without the vehicles and playsets, GiJoe would have never been what it was, and they hold a big place in my love for Joe. you might want to look into some of those tiered shelves to put inside of your cabinets. smalljoes has them for like 10 bucks each APEX Action Figure and Collectibles Display Case
  16. This is good news indeed. I like Daredevil, and was disappointed with his movie. also, I hate what Fox did with the X-men and FF.. so anytime they lose the rights to a superhero, it's a good day.
  17. There wasn't much in that trailer to judge how the movie will go on. I do like the story from the comics that they are supposedly basing this one on. I still don't love Thor's costume though. I wish they would have based it on his classic costume more.. at least let the guy go sleeveless and put a helmet on him somtimes
  18. What the heck? Your poor Joes! #hang@ what are you doing with them?
  19. the first book I ever got was from a grocery store. There was a spinning rack that had a handful of comics on it. One day I was in there with my stepmom and she offered me a comic. They were only a dollar back then I picked up Fearsome Foes of Spiderman #2. I read it a bunch of times and then to my surprise, pretty soon after, Fearsome Foes of Spiderman #3 appeared! So I got that one too, and then later #4. Before that, I really didn't have any idea that comics came out sequentially every month. After that I got into the Marvel Universe cards from Impel. I picked those up because I used to collect baseball cards. I had to take my first trip to a comic book store to pick the set up. And from there, I was hooked. The comic store was awesome! and then I started collecting comics here and there. The first series that I really collected were Namor, Darkhawk, and Ghost Rider.
  20. I used to have a list of all the figures I needed to be complete from 83 (I don't like the green shirts) to about 92ish also.. I think the last time I checked I needed about 60 more figures.. since then I have added a handful, but I don't remember what happened to the list. to be honest, since the modern stuff came out, my RAH collection has taken a back seat because it's done.. what is out there will be there later I guess.. it's not jumping up in price or disappearing. But I still love it a hundred times more than anything else, and I would never get rid of any of my old stuff.. especially the ones from my original (played with) collection. this topic has actually helped me to remember that I still need a few pieces.. and when I get around to it and get some more spendin cash, I plan on picking up a few figures a month until I am done
  21. what do you COLLECT personally, for yourself, not to sell? what toys did you grow up playing with? what is your favorite toy? toyline?
  22. what up Chazz! I always wondered what happened to you I'm still here all day every day btw.. I haven't seen the movie yet, but probably because I already knew that they killed Duke. but from what I have heard, they never showed his body.. so he can come back for part 3 lol
  23. I don't know if anything new can taint the originals for me. I love the originals.. they are still head and shoulders above anything else Star Wars for me. However, the original 3 didn't cover EVERYTHING and there has always been room for more stories to be told in the Star Wars universe IMO. I think that there have been some great new additions to the Star Wars universe lore.. be it comics, cartoons, video games, or even some of the new trilogy. I don't love all of it though.. for example, I loved the original Clone Wars series.. you know, the one that was made up of a bunch of short episodes with the ultra crazy Samurai Jack style. Those were awesome. The new Clone Wars series starring Anakin and Asohka is just alright for the most part. I have tried to watch it, but it doesn't draw me in like other SW stuff does. the new trilogy didn't exactly reflect the originals as much as I hoped it would. But they are certainly enjoyable and I am glad that they were made. They did get better and better as they went on. I just think that for the most part Anakin was played badly.
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