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  1. I do admit that I really enjoy Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and I don't think they could recast his role. I wouldn't want to see another actor try to be Tony Stark, it just wouldn't work. I also think that Robert Downey Jr. had his career resurrected by IronMan. In my opinion, when RDJ decides that he doesn't want to play Tony Stark anymore, that is when they should stop featuring Tony Stark in their movies. Marvel has plenty of other characters at its disposal, and it's not like IronMan is the best one. The Avengers franchise doesn't need IronMan in it, but he still could have some cameos, just no Tony Stark. If RDJ doesn't want to do IM4, then it's probably time to stop making those movies, unless you want to feature James Rhodes as the main character. I don't even care about the IM movies. I didn't even see IM3 because they took a dump on the Mandarin character
  2. pfft.. an OBVIOUS foul on on Ray Allen as Ginobli Drives to the hoop was not called. It would have put Ginobli at the line and they probably would have won the game. But of course the refs didn't call it. on the other hand, you can't even look at Lebron without getting a foul called on you. He has turned into the biggest cry-baby in the league and I can't stand him. He flops for calls and then cries when he doesn't get his calls.. and look at how badly Cris Bosh has caught the flopping disease. The Heat are a disgrace and it would be a shame if those low-lifes get the title. Lebron even admits that he cheats. He gave an interview where he said he doesn't think it's bad to flop and he just does it to get whatever edge he can to win. Well, flopping is illegal and against the rules, so he is a cheater. To me, he is as bad as all of those baseball players that get busted for using steroids. The Spurs aren't much better though. Ginobli used to be the league's biggest flop-artist. so this is actually one of the WORST series of all-time, not the best. You have the two biggest cheating teams in the league going at it. Neither one deserve to win. but the Spurs are the better team and should have already won it
  3. yeah, they cast Emma Stone as Gwen, but I always thought she would have been a better MJ... especially since I am used to seeing her with red hair
  4. hell no the Heat don't deserve the championship. They flop on every play. No heart, no respect for the game, they are cheaters. And they lost that game last night. They lost it but the Spurs missed their free throws in the final minute and the refs didn't give the Spurs obvious calls at the end of the game. Queen Lebron turned the ball over twice in the final minute of regulation and pulled up one of the worst shots you'll ever see with the game on the line. the Spurs are a better team, but I don't think the NBA wants them to win, so they won't. The Heat will win, and it will be controversial..
  5. yeah.. good choice cutting Mary Jane out. That girl doesn't have the look anyways. The only thing they need to do when they cast MJ is pick the hottest chick possible. She doesn't need to act. MJ was quite the ditzy air-head when she was younger anyhow. but whatever.. this movie looks worst than the first one .. and I didn't think that would be possible
  6. I would agree with that. yeah man.. the movies are like, "these guys are the GiJoe team, the best of the best, they even have special codenames"..... but as you are watching it, you are like "uh.. are you sure these aren't the same generic soldier guys I have seen in about a hundred other movies this year?" They should even be in uniforms at all. And they should actually have unique characteristics,like their RAH counterparts
  7. tough game for the Spurs. I just caught the end of it cuz I was bored. Lebron James looked like crap in the clutch again, so that was great to see. But missed free throws in the last minute by Ginobli and Leonard might have cost them the series. Greg Popovich is an idiot for taking Tim Duncan out of the game on those defensive posessions and that's how Ray Allen was able to knock down that 3 to end regulation. And then the Spurs don't get an obvious foul call when Ginobli goes for the game-winning layup. poor Spurs.. looks like the Heat will get the NBA to give them another one
  8. glad to see the production pieces look good too. Hasbro has a habit of making great prototypes and then forgetting to put paint apps or even changing parts on the final product. But I would be happy to buy all of these. as for which ones I'll buy.. right now I am thinking ALL of them if they keep looking this good.
  9. yeah, I would buy those.. but it's unlikely that they would give us so many comic-based figures
  10. I would just like to see actual GiJoes on the screen.. not characters loosely based on GiJoe
  11. ah thanks for reminding me. I am sure I have them all, just been too long
  12. still hoping for a single-carded figure to be revealed. they have done one every other year
  13. as for the new systems, I will definitely be going for the PS4. I have had my PS3 since launch day, and I have loved it all the way and it has never broken or let me down (I only wish it had more storage since it's an original 60GB version). My brother and nephew have gone through several 360s during that time and I have never cared for it all that much. I am not much of an online gamer, so I don't miss the XBOX live supremacy. And it seems like all of the exclusive titles I like are on PS, not Xbox. I'll get a PS4, but not for a long while. I still have tons of PS3 games to get around to. I'll probably pick it up when there is a good enough sale and when there are enough PS4 games out that I need to play. at this point, I have zero plans to ever buy a Xbox One. Not only because of my preference for PS, but because I also would hate to have to have my system online all the time and whatnot.
  14. makes more sense, since original megaman premiered on the original nes. Original MM is more of a nintendo legacy than X is however I DO love me some X, i feel like he wouldnt be as fitting as orig MM is. I think the Megaman-X stuff was only on Playstation.. so I agree it makes sense to be the original Bluebomber
  15. Uh . . . no. Speaking as a PURIST, as much as I liked "Amazing Spider-Man," I'm gonna need a little more than "Electro Smurf and Dying Girl" if I'm gonna part with my movie going money. I skipped Amazing Spiderman in the theaters as soon as I saw what they did to the Lizard. I saw it on Netflix as soon as it came out, and I was very pleased with my decision. It wasn't worth paying to see. And part 2 looks like it's not worth BEING PAID to see. I still can't understand why movie studios feel the need to change the source material or redesign characters.. or EVER EVER go with the Ultimate Universe instead of the true Marvel Universe for inspiration
  16. still rockin that horrible articulation? I was hoping that the new Black Series figures would finally be up to the same standards of Hasbro's other 4 inch lines
  17. I like the set. But I won't be terribly disappointed if I never get it. They just aren't characters that I really care about all that much. I already have classic Luke Cage, I already have Crossbones.. so I am good on the two really important guys in this. I also want Moonstone and she looks really cool.. But I don't care about that version of Ghost or whoever Judith Chambers is. It's cool that they picked these guys though... they aren't important enough characters that everybody NEEDS them
  18. I think it's probably a mistake and they will be priced down later. These should be the exact same price as the IM3 figures. These figures should be 5 bucks max, even though I think most stores are trying 6.99 on them I might buy the Logan if he looks as good as the proto pics. I just want to use his head on an MU body. The others in this line are all easy passes. We already have a far superior Silver Samurai in the MU line, there are a ton of better ninjas in the Joe line, and plenty of better Wolverine figures out there too.
  19. I liked the first crossover alot.. it made good sense to me. The Skystriker as Starscream was great and Cobra Commander came with the Megatron pistol, perfect. Then last year's set wasn't nearly as cool to me.. The new Hisstank as Shockblast was okay I guess. But it seemed that they were reaching a bit. And Destro in Decepticon gear was okay. I didn't get buy it and I don't miss it that much. This year's set is the least interesting of the 3 to me. The set doesn't do much for me personally. I have never been a big Jetfire fan, and this Jetfire/Skystriker is less exciting than it should be because the Starscream/Skystriker thing was already done. And the Hound/Vamp isn't as cool as it should be either..Sure, it looks just like G1 Hound, but it also looks too much like any of the other Vamps they have already done. The Snake Eyes is especially boring. I do like the Baroness figure though, she looks like the best Baroness ever. Bludgeon really works, but I wasn't a big enough Transformers fan to care about this guy. I would probably buy the Hound/Vamp at retail, maybe the Jetfire/Skystriker, and definitely the Baroness.. but I don't know if I want to plop down 100 bucks or more for it. Brawn would have also been a good choice using the new Vamp body Optimus could have been the APC? Or Maybe Ratchet could have been the APC? Seaspray could have used the Killer Whale !!! Springer could have been the Dragonfly or somethin Beachcomber is the AWE Striker
  20. 5 million for 1 year? and if Denver offered him a contract, why wouldn't he take it? doesn't make any sense to me Yup $5 mill 1 year. I think because Denver offered less and despite wanting a championship he probably realizes his days are numbered and 5 mill is a nice way to go out. wow, that is alot of money.. I know I heard teams were offering Ed Reed something like 2 or 3. I think the Raiders overpaid for him knowing that he is a fan favorite and will put some butts in the seats. Still, I can't think that Denver's offer was so bad that Woodson would choose the Raiders. I know he is PISSED that Green Bay didn't bring him back. He said he never thought he would leave, and now he will enter the Hall of Fame as a Raider
  21. 5 million for 1 year? and if Denver offered him a contract, why wouldn't he take it? doesn't make any sense to me
  22. That should tell you something when he'd rather retire than play for the Bears... he thought 2 million bucks was too low. The Bears thought it was a fair price considering that he hasn't been healthy, and they didn't have any cap space to pay him more money. He should have accepted the offer if he wanted to keep playing. He thought that it was disrespectful so he went out to get a bigger contract. I already knew that nobody would offer him a big contract.. meanwhile the Bears signed 2 LBs and drafted 2 more.. so there was no way he could come back. so instead of getting another small contract to play for a different team for another year, he just decided to hang it up... which was the right decision at this time. Woodson should have taken an lesser contract for a team that actually matters this season instead of signing for the Raiders for what? a million bucks?
  23. I am super happy with this figure.. because I don't want him at all so I don't feel that I missed out. I wouldn't even buy him for 8 bucks at retail
  24. ugh. watching the last few playoff games reminds me of why I hate watching NBA basketball. The refs are just terrible. I can't stand how the Spurs and Heat get all the calls and how they flop all over the place. you can't even look at a Heat player without getting a foul called on you. it's embarrassing
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