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  1. no no, you aren't getting it. the mohawk guy's name is Gladiator, and he was definitely a welcome edition to the line. Fans have been begging for him to be put into the Marvel Legends line for years. I have to say he is a great figure. The problem is that Hasbro is terrible at knowing who to put into their case assortments. Gladiator is from a couple years ago (wave 13 to be exact, and they are now up to wave 22ish, including about 8 months last year where they didn't ship anything).. so he is pretty old. Gladiator sold very well the first time he was released, as most MU figures do. But then Hasbro decides to release revision cases containing all old figures that are not in demand, and they also pack old figures into the waves of new figures. New cases seem to always contain 3-4 old figures. Hasbro doesn't have any clue about who to pack into these cases. Certainly, there are old figures that are in high demand and would be welcomed by fans (like I said, Vision has only been released once and goes for 200+ on ebay. Fans directly told Dwight Stall last year that they wanted him at the Hasbro Q&A session, he replied that he had no idea. However, of course Vision has still not been reissued)... anyhow, back to Gladiator. Gladiator has been reiussed 3 or 4 times.. so of course he is going to peg warm because everybody already has him. that's what I am talking about... Hasbro shooting themselves in the foot. All I hear about is people going into stores and only seeing 3-4 figures on the pegs, including guys like Gladiator. But Hasbro keeps making the same mistake and then blames distribution.. the pegs are mostly empty, the only thing available is old crap. who is to blame? Hasbro
  2. uh oh.. I didn't see close up pics before.. but it looks like we got our first crappy figure for the line... Slave Leai. her awesome sculpt is completely ruined by the hideous cloth skirt thing. I don't understand why they didn't go with the soft plastic stuff that capes are made of. She looks stupid
  3. Marvel even admitted that Hasbro is screwing up. Like last year at the NYCC, Marvel was supposed to be offering the Old Man Logan MU figure at the con for folks who ordered a digital subscription. They did this for the previous few years with Nick Fury, X-Force Archangel, and unmasked Dr.Doom. However, Hasbro FAILED to deliver the figures. They didn't get them done in time. So now Marvel is behind on their subscription figures because Hasbro screwed them over. They are offering the Old Man Logan at SDCC for 20 bucks and trying to get rid of them all so that they can offer the new subscription figure at NYCC '13 in October. (and when you say that all you see is the "mohawk guy" in the MU line at all of your stores, that is a nation-wide problem that everyone is seeing too. and you have to ask, who decided to release this figure so many times instead of someone like Vision?
  4. that is exactly what I picked up when he said that! Pixel Dan should have asked him, "where are all of the toys?"
  5. Speederbike! that's awesome! wave 2 figures look great too! count me in
  6. Why do so many collectors assume that Hasbro is an all-powerful entity that can just MAKE retailers (and end-consumers) buy their stuff? There is no magic button to make toy lines successful. Hasbro can't force retailers or consumers to buy their stuff, and they certainly can't turn around a lousy economy that has made toys something that's easily cut from the household budget. Nor can they stop China's factory workers from demanding better pay and benefits, or stop the rising price of oil in order to keep the costs of their product low. Hasbro's far from perfect, but people need to stop assuming that the implosion of the action figure market that we've been seeing over the last couple years is solely Hasbro's doing. There's a whole heck of a lot more to the situation than just "Hasbro should've just fixed it all!" I do blame Hasbro's problems squarely on Hasbro. Stores are willing to order their products and people are willing to buy it. When new products appear online, they sell out pretty fast. Stores across the country have empty pegs or a handful of old figures. The only figures you see pegwarming are GARBAGE figures that Hasbro tries to shell out to ride the popularity of movies. - Marvel Legends relaunch went great. Until Hasbro stopped producing the stuff and their silly variant schemes to make more figures that never make it to retail. Dwight Stall even admitted that they haven't even been done yet and they will change the way they ship figures in the future. You can't find The last couple of waves of Marvel Legends anywhere.. not in stores, and usually not online at regular retail avenues. You can only find Ironman, Klaw, and Constrictor. If you go to TRU you can find Drax and Bucky Cap because for some reason they received cases of almost all Bucky Cap. - Marvel Universe was a very successful toyline until Hasbro decided to cut costs and fire the head of the MU line. After that the line didn't ship for about 8 months. It went on hiatus basically, losing alot of steam. When it came back, they made plenty of big mistakes .... Most notably repacking the same figures over and over (figures that were already pegwarming) instead of ones that people actually want. Last year at SDCC people asked Dwight Stall why they hadn't reiussed Vision, he didn't have much of an answer, insisting that he didn't even know that Vision was in demand (going for about 200 bucks on ebay). This year the pegs have been mostly bare, except for when Hasbro ships out a revision case (instead of new figures). This year for their comic packs, they canceled ones that people wanted like Antman/Moonknight and instead released 8 packs of entirely repainted figures (not NEW characters using existing parts, just repainted figures that weren't interesting at all).. like Captain America with a bunch of black blobs on him to represent comic-shading or Dr.Strange with blue legs instead of black with the same exact Silver Surfer. We have seen them create new figures using old parts for new characters, and that is fine.. but it's not cool to just do slight repaints of the same characters over and over. - with Gijoe they had success with the Pursuit of Cobra after the first movie, then with the 30th anniversary line. Then they canceled that in favor of the new movie stuff, which is expected. But then they had to recall/hold all of their movie figures after the movie was delayed. 16 months later, they have still only released the same stuff that they pulled from retailers last year.. some wave 1 stuff and a trickle of wave 2. You would think that after a year delay, they would have things ready to go. But they didn't. Shelves are empty, Hasbro hasn't suppplied any product, even with the support of a movie and fans ready to buy after waiting so long. And of course we saw all of the awesome stuff in the concept cases that they had designed but chose not to produce. those are the only things I collect.. but I have seen the same problem with StarWars when they didn't ship any of those Vintage figures for about 6 months or so. but I see other toys from other companies being shipped without problem. I blame Hasbro's problems on Hasbro's terrible decisions.
  7. dude.. they were just great toys.. designed to be GREAT.. instead of designed to be as cheap as possible
  8. 6 inchers look good. the smaller figures still look boring and lame.
  9. Almost always it's around Monday after the con although last year I think it was Wednesday, your best bet is to constantly refresh their exclusives page starting Monday, good luck. I think last year it was actually the week after the con
  10. the figures all look good, as usual. But will any of these figures actually be available? I still haven't seen anything past wave 2
  11. ugh... Hasbro is killing me this year. I just want everyone who runs anything there to be fired. They are making such terrible decisions across the board. I never expected them to sink all of their toylines at the same time
  12. they don't announce it. it can be pretty much ANY time after the con ends.
  13. I hope to hear them say that they have fired all of the heads of their departments and every person who works in distribution. I mean seriously, as if the entire 2012 fiasco wasn't bad enough (the movie delayed, recall of product for a year, etc), they have done nothing to improve things this year. Wave 2 was shipped in such a small quantity, it's unbelievable. I can't understand how we weren't swamped with wave 2 stuff, even wave 3 and 4. They had this stuff sitting around for a year waiting for the movie to drop, and then they barely ship out anything? but if you collect other Hasbro lines, then you know that ALL of their action figure lines have been completely screwed up the last year and a half. Nothing is shipping
  14. it comes out on my birthday, but I am not going to buy it or ask for it. I'll just get it on Netflix.
  15. this is probably the only item I will attempt to get on HTS.com the others (Thunderbolts, Joe vs Transformers, Deadpool Taco truck) I have some interest in, but I don't have the cash right now, and it won't be a big deal if I don't get them. I am really disappointed that Hasbro doesn't have any single pack figures this year
  16. they need to just give him a real Cap suit. It's working for Spiderman, why not Cap?
  17. I'm going to ask for it for my Birthday. I would just go ahead and pick it up, but people usually complain that they don't know what to get me. So I'll let someone buy me the Eaglehawk
  18. I like the way Winter Soldier looks.. not sure if he would have looked better with the eye mask instead. Cap looks like crap still
  19. I would have to say I'm with you here. That's one of the main reasons I got rid of most of my Star Wars stuff years ago. Most of the figures just plain suck in comparison to many other lines. I know.. a friggin T-crotch still? that's 40+ year old technology there man! plus I hate the StarWars knee joints too. I wanted to collect the Vintage line, but I only was able to force myself to get a few. I just can't get over how crappy StarWars figures are compared to Joes and MU. then when I heard of this Black Line.. I was like, hurray, they are finally going to up their game. But the "Black Line" figures look pretty much exactly like the same crap they have been doing. I don't understand how they think this deserves any special kind of recognition of being a new line.
  20. I think I will buy most, if not ALL, of the 6 inchers. I think they look great so far, and I will be happy to grab them all up. But it's not like I have been waiting for StarWars to be produced in the 6 inch scale, it's that I have been waiting FOREVER for a line of StarWars figures to finally have decent articulation and sculpts. In fact, I would much rather buy good StarWars figures in the 4 inch scale, but they suck. I LOVE StarWars. But I have always hated t-crotchs and fabric on figures. In my opinion, Hasbro is WAY behind the times with all of their StarWars 3 3/4 lines. I do not understand why they haven't brought them up to the level of GiJoe and Marvel Universe yet. I was hoping that their new Black label would finally see StarWars figures done well... but they screwed up again and decided to make more of the same junk they have been forever.
  21. I can definitely say that I have seen different Target stores have different clearance sales. Like I mentioned before, most of the stores here marked the vehicles down to 13.98, but I found one that had them at 9.98 already. Also, none of my stores put the singles on clearance at the same time that other items went on clearance. But weeks later, one finally put them on clearance, while one down the street still hasn't. and I have heard other folks finding the 3-packs on clearance, but none of my stores have marked them down
  22. yo! you left out YES from the poll options! haha.. I am going to buy one, but I don't have it on preorder or anything like that.. and I don't need it to go on clearance. I just haven't seen it yet. 40 bucks is well worth this thing. But since I do already have the vintage one, even though the blades are showing signs of age (like most of them do), I was thinking of painting the new one.. maybe like a battleship grey
  23. hahah.. come on man.. I was happy to buy them at 10 bucks. The vehicles are worth it. The power of your (and everyone else's) boycott has already been seen. That is why these things are on clearance right now, because folks weren't buying them. Hasbro has learned their lesson. so at this point, go ahead and get yourself a nice ugly teal VAMP that you can repaint into something cool. or somebody else will
  24. ah gotcha. went to Target again today and they had put the Joe Singles down to 7.08. Vehicles were still 13.98 at this one. 3-packs were NOT on clearance.
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