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  1. Whale Hovercraft Tomahawk Desert Fox! (one of my personal favs) Night Raven (never had one) Monster Blaster APC (hey, it would be good in different colors) Water Moccasin Cobra Moray Hydrofoil (one of the very best vehicles of all time) Locust (original version) Equalizer etc...
  2. some others: Batman- ? Darkseid is Colossus maybe? a different Green Lantern is Magneto Parallax is also Magneto Wonder Woman- ? Flash - ? DarkClaw is Wolvie Firestorm - Cyclops? Baroness - BB Hood Duke- ? Snake Eyes - ? Storm Shadow is Stryder Human Torch - I have no Clue, but it rocks! Havok - ? DareDevil - ? cyclops? Doc Ock is Cyclops I think Taskmaster is Cap Punisher - ? Bullseye is Cyclops I think, maybe Cable Guardian - ? Dr. Strange is magneto Deadpool is ? KingPin is ? other MOTU characters ----? Wrestling characters ---- stupid :oops: :lol:
  3. have you guys noticed that these "animated" style avatars are somehow retooled Marvel Vs Capcom pictures? Like this Boba Fett I have is a Captain Commando shell.. I have noticed it on a lot of them.. like the Beastman is really Sabretooth.. One of the Green Lanterns is actually Captain America I think Superman is Magneto etc..
  4. Hey guys.. with all the new Avatars added.. I thought we might like to all take the opportunity to show which avatars we have decided to use.. that way we can get acquainted with new "faces" :lol: and check to make sure that nobody is using the same one (if you care about that).. right now I have picked Boba.. I had chosen Triclops, but someone else was already using it.. but if someone else was already using this Boba, I have no problem changing it.
  5. I played for the Sacramento Hurricanes the past couple seasons.. but last year our team was disqualified from the leage for using illegal players.. and we were not asked back.. so this season I am not playing in the GSAFL.. I am going to try and make Sacramento State team instead, since I am transfering there anyway
  6. CLAM

    YO CLAM.

    I know what you mean.. when I first started, I wasn't benching very much at all.. and these guys were buff.. it was embarassing having them spot me when it wasn't even very much weight.. but now I don't have a gym membership, I just have a weight set at home.. so I can never get a spot.. I just have to make sure I can lift what I got on there
  7. CLAM

    YO CLAM.

    very impressive wut position u play ?? I play all of them! last season, I started all every game at Defensive tackle. I played a bunch of plays at Defensive End. a few at Linebacker. a few at Tight End. I subbed in the Offensive tackle position when injuries wore out team down too. I also played about half of the Special teams plays. But for college, I am going to have to beef up to be able to play on the D-line.. I won't be tall enough to play Tight End I don't think, but I would prefer it.. I am thinking about trying H-back. cause you don't have to be as tall.. I am not good enough at Linebacker to play that in college though.. so my best bet is to gain alot of weight
  8. I love the Equalizer.. I got one about a year ago for 16 bucks, MISB! it was a beautiful thing to put together.. probably the most underrated GiJoe vehicle ever.. Last week, I saw a MIB one go for like 100 bucks :lol:
  9. I told you guys it SUCKED! yeah, a stupid wall.. what an awesome base :roll:
  10. I thought the Kings were going to blast them this game, the way they were playing halfway through the second quart.. they were really in control the entire game but got sloppy at the end.. Plus Divac got hurt and had to sit for a while, Bibby got hurt and started to play like crap, and I don't think the coach had the right guys in there.. I would start Funderburke in Webber's place.. last year he started the final 15 games and averaged 20 points.. he is the closest thing to Webber they have right now, and the Mavericks wouldn't have anyone to cover him.
  11. CLAM

    YO CLAM.

    how much do you weigh dude? that is alot of lifting!
  12. there was a cobra base for the eco warriors.. so the terrordrome and the missle command weren't the only bases for Cobra.. but the Terrordrome is the only one I want to own
  13. well, I am super-psyched to see another AWE Striker.. the 5 buck increase is kinda crappy, since it just came out 2 years ago for 10 bucks.. the 5 bucks more makes me wonder if they are gonna ruin it with some kinda action crap feature. I hope not.. even if they do, I will probably get at least one to make another custom AWE striker like I have done with the Stargate version. I wonder what color its going to be? If they give it a good color, and don't mess it up with action features, I will probably get 4 of them. as for Crankcase, I love his original figure.. he has an awesome gun.. I hope the new one comes with his gun and helmet.. but that's unlikely since Hasbro doesn't give drivers weapons anymore. and about being dead.. I don't care what happens in the comics.. none of my Joes are dead. even when they die during a battle, they are just fine the next time I look at them :lol:
  14. i did! i put all of my figures that died in the comic in a showbox, and burried them in my back yard! if they can't survive in the comics they don't need to survive in my toy chest! :Blurp: @-@ :lol: That reminds me of the kid in the movie The Boy Who Could Fly that played with G.I.Joes and because his father had died (in the war or something) he kept killing off his Joes and burying them in the backyard, and when it started to rain & wash them away, he panicked and ran outside in the storm to find them all. yeah, I love that movie.. I remember the first time I saw it.. there were a bunch of Joes.. Barbecue was definitely noticable.. But when he burried them, I was like "WHAT THE HELL?" How could you do that? My brother always threatened to do that to my Joes after that.. :cry:
  15. I like the twins characters, and I like their figures even better.. they are classic, a must have part of every Cobra Army.. I just wish I got the Crimson strike set.
  16. I still think they will win without him too. If he other players play well, then the Kings still have a good enought team to do it. We'll see tomorrow night how well they do. this will be a make or break game.. they will either come out with a fire in their stomachs, out to avenge their huge loss in Dallas, and play well inspired by Webber.. or they will have the attitude of failure, upset by the big loss and Webber's injury.. I think they will win.
  17. CLAM

    YO CLAM.

    right now, only about 300. not sure. I used to lif weights alot.. but last summer I got my wisom teeth pulled. and the Dr. told me I couldn't lift weights for 1 month if I wanted the holes to heal correctly.. SO I stopped and never got started again until early this year.. then I had some shoulder problems, old football injury, sometimes it pops out.. So I have really only been lifting for about 3 weeks now. I am trying to put on about 30 more pounds by August for football season.
  18. actually, this isn't that bad really.. It is only a torn MCL, not and ACL.. the ACL takes up to a year to heal.. this is only supposed to take 4 to 6 weeks to heal up.. but by then the playoffs will be over.
  19. Teelu! ps. when was her involvment discussed? was she really Azrael? somebody give me the news?
  20. what I feel bad about is the fact that he was planning on returning to the Wizards when he decided to come back and play.. that was the entire point behind why he decided to play.. to help the young guys get better, and bring in more money so that they team would be better when he went back into the GM postion. now it just seems like he wasted two years playing for them when he could have played on a good team and picked up a few more rings in the process.. the Wizards just used him, those dirty bastards. I hope they suck from now on, forever.
  21. awe man! Webber is out for the rest of the playoffs with torn crap in his knee! This really sucks, even if the Kings do win the championship, which they still can.. it will be tarnished by the fact that he didn't get to be a bigger part of it.
  22. dang.. after readin lots of comments on this.. I have decided that this thing just plain Sucks.. and the standards have really gone down around here.. maybe thats the point of GvC, to gradually lower the standards of GiJoe fans until they can put a plastic square cube in a package, and lable it as Snake Eyes. they will give him a button that makes sounds and paint a happy face on him. fans will reply, "well, its not the best version of him ever, but I'll still get him"
  23. nice colors, but from some reason I can always spot out corps parts from a mile away.. they just don't fit the same
  24. yes, that would make alot of sense.. every Cobra base ever has always had some kind of big Cobra sybol, wether it was just the red logo, or a big Cobra head carved in rock
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