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  1. I was planning on seeing it but I read a review that said that they changed Silver Samurai so much that he isn't even Silver Samurai anymore. so nope, I'll wait for it until Netflix. I won't support these comic movies that take a dump on comics
  2. one thing that bugs me is that there are some characters that have way too many card versions. Like there is the Duke that you can get as your leader at first, then there is the Renegades common Duke that can progress 2 stars, then there is the Jet-pack Duke, etc.. and there is common Dusty, then there is Rare Dusty than can progress into epic Dusty... same with Gung Ho there should only be one series for each character. and all cards should have a progression series. Like is there any reason for the existence of common cards that only have 1 star slot? completely useless. Even common cards should be able to progress a few stars so that you might be able to use them. also, I don't like that the progressions are chronological. Like with Gung Ho.. the classic Gung Ho that we all know and love is only a 2-star series common card. Then there is a blue GvC version Uncommon card that can progress into a rare 1991 BattleCorps Gung Ho.. since when is the battlecorps Gung-Ho the best version?
  3. wow.. you have a lot of guys that I don't!
  4. okay thanks.. I will change it. I don't know why it was set up for auto. I thought all the settings would be the same, I just renewed it
  5. I have renewed the league. everybody should have received an email invite
  6. the fact that it's a "rare" stormy doesn't matter if they are all low levels. most likely that guy was trying to level up his stormys so that he could combine them into one good one later. I made the mistake of Promoting my Gunhoes without leveling them up.. I didn't know how the system worked yet. if you level your card up to the top level, let's say 70.. then the new card will inherit 10% of those high-level stats, which is a pretty good bump in stats. if you do not level up the card, then the new card will only get 5% of the low-level stats, which is nothing at all. I like the new event too.. you just have to know how to choose your oponents. and when you run into somebody that is buying cards and amo, you can't really win lol
  7. I would like to hear how they are justifying raising the cost up 50 bucks. I know they aren't going to say that it's to cover their labor for processing the orders.. because Hasbrotoyshop.com would have done that without raising the cost.
  8. I can't find any justifiable reason for this to happen. there is no excuse. every year these go up on HTS along with everything else. people are used to it, people prepare for it. people live with that as their opportunity to get it if they are unable to go to the con. now Hasbro and the Club are taking away that opportunity completely and giving it only to a select few.. AND making it more expensive at the same time.
  9. they can't get a pass with me. I never LOVED SW figures because I was too little when the original stuff came out (born in 79).. I had a few figures though, and my brother had a bunch too. I remember getting Jedi Luke and losing his lightsaber in the grass.. I was devastated. but I was much more into Joes because they were such better toys. and Hasbro has been making Starwars since what? 1995? during that time, they should have adopted the same construction and articulation that they gave to Joes... now StarWars are soo far behind everything else on the pegs.. I hate them ! lol I started collecting SW in 95 and kept on for a while, I mean I do have hundreds of figures MOC.. but they are just so boring. I have never even been tempted to start collecting SW again. If they decided to start over the entire SW collection with the same construction that Joes and MU figures have, or even their Marvel Movie figures have.. I would be on board for every figure. That is exactly what they should have done with the Black series. until then, I will be collecting the 6 inchers
  10. BTW.. this game is bumming me out how I am constantly running out of stamina points.. so I get to play basically a couple times a day, for about 15 minutes each time... and when I was trying to fight the Destro event, I was only able to attack once every couple of hours because of the amo needed.. I get they are trying to get you to buy tokens so that you can keep playing more.. but nickle and diming you to death isn't the way. I aint paying to play it lol... even if you spent 10 bucks on tokens, those would all be used up in about an hour or less.
  11. I got an ally request from you.. but the ones that get you the rare card gifts are when you invite a NEW player to the game. every player is able to enter an invite code ONE time.. the new player gets the rare Storm Shadow card and some other goodies, the player who invited them also gets the Stormy card.
  12. holy crap.. I think that is a totally ridiculous and BS thing for Hasbro and the Club to pull. these sets should have been sold by Hasbrotoyshop.com along with the rest of the SDCC items. I do not understand how either of these companies thinks that it is fair in any way to allow the GiJoe Club to hoard the extras instead of offering them to the general public. You have to be a member of the club to have a shot at the set. That is complete BS. AND the club is marking up the set to 150! wow. I have never had a problem with the GiJoe club before this, but now, I think this is one of the biggest a-hole moves I have seen pulled by anyone in the toy world in a LONG time. horrible move by Hasbro to give them the extra sets, way to screw over your fans! And I will make sure to never give a dime to the club ever again. jerks, man.. jerks
  13. I just like things to be like they should be.. and I don't see a reason why they can't be. it seems to me like whoever makes changes to these things (be it costumes or storylines) is just taking the easy way out because they lack the talent to find a way to make it work.... sacrificing quality for simplicity.
  14. I agree with that to some extent. They could just introduce him and have him already building Ultron... so within about the first 15 minutes you could have Pym and Ultron already. I think they messed up not having the Antman movie come out before Avengers 2
  15. use my code to get the StormShadow rare card. LnZHCu
  16. Uh-oh! You know changing any kind of origin even the slightest bit is the greatest sin any comic movie can create! Surely some "fans" have already decided not to see it. Ha! you should read the comments section on the link I posted above. Oh, I'm sure I can already guess. "The comic version was fine! Why can't they leave it alone! Waaaaah!" "That's not the way I knew it growing up! How dare they change it! Waaaah!" "Comic movies have no respect for cannon! Waaaah!" "This movie will suck! Waaaah!" sorry man. but I am going to probably be one of those people if that is really what they are planning to do. Why not have Antman create Ultron? I don't see how the story is improved by having Tony Stark create Ultron instead... just sounds like even MORE focusing on and giving Robert Downey Jr. even more screentime, and Avengers was already plenty of that. Ironman already has 3 of his own movies and he was the star of Avengers 1. it's getting a little old. big mistake screwing up the story.. Mandarin was bad enough
  17. I think it's probably way too early to go with that story. They have so much more fleshing out to be done. it would probably serve them better to just go with some early Ultron stuff.. and then leading to the creation of Vision.
  18. it took me forever to get a Dusty! and why does he come with a wolf instead of a coyote? Sandstorm was a coyote. I got like 5 of those GvC Gunghos right away, then I promoted him to Battle Corps Gungho. lol I don't know how I am seeing other people with multiple elites at low levels. I also remember hearing about getting rare cards by entering codes, but I can't figure that out
  19. agree about Obi.. this is the first figure that kind of lets me down with the sculpt. But I am not sure what they could have done differently. it's just a boring look
  20. Maybe so she can do something really crazy....like sit down no, they have the ability to make plastic capes and stuff that is nearly as flexible as real cloth.. especially in this scale I must have missed that. I have a lot of 6" guys with capes and none of them can sit. Soft goods is where it's, at baby! meh, if you like cloth, that's fine. personally I hate it on any scale smaller than 12 inchers. they should have done her skirt thingy the same as the Baron Zemo figure that is coming out for Marvel Legends next year. MUCH better looking
  21. I started this last night just to check it out.. and I don't know why, but I am hooked. I can't explain it because I think the game is pretty dumb. I mean there is no strategy involved whatsoever... but I keep playing
  22. Maybe so she can do something really crazy....like sit down no, they have the ability to make plastic capes and stuff that is nearly as flexible as real cloth.. especially in this scale
  23. seriously, the only question I want anyone to ask is why aren't there any toys on the shelves. You guys pulled your stuff 16 months ago, how can the shelves possibly be empty? With a year's delay, how were you not fully ready to pump your product into the stores, especially with the movie to support it. Why is wave 1 Roadblock the only figure available?
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