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    I used to buy awesome Marvel Legends made by Toybiz for 6.89... and I could find them all over the place. @grumpy@
  2. that's a really sad story. I feel terrible for AP.
  3. CLAM


    once again.. Legends scale figures look great! Marvel Universe scale figures look like junk
  4. I enjoyed it, but it was nothing great. I mean there are certainly a hundred other shows on tv that are much better. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that it ties into the Marvel Universe, I don't know if I would like it at all. I do really like Clark Gregg and Colby Smolders the rest of the team is pretty weak. I don't like how this SHIELD team is nothing at all like the comics. They are more like a rag-tag team of highschoolers..and I absolutely hated how the new girl Sky was able to hack into everything she wanted to at SHIELD and they had no clue and couldn't stop her.. and they just welcomed her right on the team without vetting her or seeing who she is.. 1, that makes SHIELD look pretty bad and not at all like the top spy agency in the world.. 2, the "discover a new person who is awesome at everything and immediately have them join the team" is WAY overdone and one of the worst cliches out there. But what I am really afraid of, and what would definitely ruin this show, is the "newly discovered villain of the week" thing.. anybody remember all of the meteor-powered kids that kept popping up around Smallville every episode? yeah, the Extremis powered guy from the pilot episode reminded me of that. (and why did he have that thing on his forearm when the Extremis soldiers from IM3 didn't?).. anyhow, I am worried that they are just going to create a new cheesy character every week instead of having the SHIELD team actually battle established villains or threats like HYDRA, AIM, etc.. this episode reminded me more of a mix of Smallville and No Ordinary Family than the SHIELD from the movies.
  5. I know my closest TRU has got them in at least 3 times... but it seems that someone that works there keeps on getting most of them. I have only been able to get their leftovers, even though I went at opening and was the first one to get to the pegs. So I only have 5 of them, still needing Stormy and CC the most. I'll probably just have to order them online.. Target isn't selling Joes anymore, and I don't think any of my Walmarts are either.
  6. the game is like down for me or something. everytime I try to play I get this network error message and I can't move forward on the map.. anybody else?
  7. about half an hour until our fantasy league draft! don't miss it
  8. so is the wave 2 Boba Fett the exact same paint scheme as the SDCC version?
  9. Vin Diesel as Groot is an excellent choice. Remember he also voiced the Iron Giant. and yeah, the costumes don't look very good so far.. but most comic movies don't, especially Marvel's
  10. August 24 is no go for me. August 25 in the late afternoon/early evening would be fine. I can't do it on August 30 either. I have changed the draft time to Sunday, Aug 25th at 2pm PST/5pm EST I thought this would be a better time afterall because it is after the majority of the week 3 games have been played, so there will be less chance of drafting a player and then having them get hurt before the season starts also, we still only have 11 teams. New York Zeons still haven't joined back up
  11. you should have got an email sent to the same one you registered with last time. I don't want to give it out here in public, but it's a yahoo email addy. starts with a j or try it this way: League ID#: 310566 I don't know the password or how to find it. it's probably adc or tni
  12. I'll pick them all up next month after I get paid
  13. the draft time is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Aug 24th, at 2pm Pacific time... that would be 5pm Eastern. I can move it to a different time if I hear from people. doesn't really matter to me. also we only have 9 teams signed up right now. Still missing Halfback Hamsters, Vick's Dog Park, and New York Zeons
  14. saw 2x of Biggs, Speederbike Scout, and Anakin at TRU... I didn't think anything special of them, and I don't like the new card style either with the big bubble right in the middle
  15. wow.. that Artoo looks dope! can't wait to pick them up
  16. I got it for my birthday! thanks Mom!
  17. oh right! that was another thing that was crazy to me.. it didn't feel like GiJoe at all. just some random action movie
  18. I found Ultimate Roadblock at TRU. that was the only new figure they had.
  19. I saw Ultimate Roadblock at TRU today.. that was the only one they had
  20. Shortduty - uh.. what the hell? Firetrooper - er.. I guess I can deal with that
  21. I just finished watching it for the first time. I waited for Netflix, and man.. I am sooo glad I did. I really expected to like it, at least quite a bit more than the first one. But I haven't been so disappointed in a movie in years. I pretty much think it was a disaster without any redeeming qualities. I honestly can't think of anything "good" about it other than the fact that they tried to actually have a more traditional look for Cobra Commander. er wait, the part where Stormy goes to the secret prison and then bails out CC was kinda good. but that's it I think that most of the actors were fine and did the best they could possibly do with a terrible script and awful directing.. with the exception of RZA (Blind Master) and Ray Stevens (Firefly) I mean seriously, all of the BlindMaster scenes were painful to watch. It was like they were trying to make a joke and it wasn't landing. the script, direction, costumes, and even music were all garbage. at times I felt like I was watching a SciFi channel or Spike TV cable movie. - the most enjoyable scenes were with Duke and Roadblock. Huge mistake to take Duke out. - I don't like how the Joe team ended up essentially being Roadblock, Lady Jaye, and Flint (and Flint was a complete non-entity, such a waste), with the addition of Snake Eyes and Jinx later. I am surprised at how much the team became Roadblock and the Joes.. instead of Snake Eyes and the Joes.. Snake Eyes part was much smaller than I though it would be. The Rock was fine, but they shouldn't have made Roadblock the only Joe who mattered at all and gave him 90% of the movie. -Mouse. why? with hundreds of characters to pick from, why create a new one... and a new CRAPPY one at that. Why did he get a figure? -Snake Eyes in his giant helmet and rubber pads looked like a little kid in a Halloween costume. -Cobra Commander's voice.. ugh.. is that the same voice of the villain in the Saw movies? embarrassing.. but at least he takes the heat off of Christian Bale's Batman voice. I am surprised that I actually think the first movie was MUCH better and higher quality in every regard. if they do decide to go ahead and make part 3, they need a new director, writers, and costume designer.. or it has no chance at being good.
  22. total loser move. you would think that after he has had such bad luck with his career, that he would be hungry and want to earn something and show people he can play. I used to wish him good luck with his comeback, but I can't stand people who take the easy road.
  23. I hear ya on suddenly getting jumped on in the groups... one time I was rolling with 250,000 ish, thinking I would get double promoted. but then the other guys sprung up out of nowhere, and when I woke up, the top guys were at like 800,000.. I ended up getting Demoted that time... argh, I was pissed. I don't know if my luck has been good with the recruits, I don't think so. I have only picked up: rare Firefly * rare Roadblock * rare LadyeJaye * Epic Snake Eyes *** (bronze coin) rare Beachhead * Epic Zartan *** (used gold coin from event reward) rare BAT * rare Jinx * rare Dr.Mindbender* rare Zarana * rare Crimson Guard * rare HOODED CC (I don't remember where I got them, but I have 3) rare CrocMaster (captured after 5 or 6 attempts) rare Interrogator (captured with stun grenade) rare Gung-ho (which I turned into epics without leveling them first. totally screwed him up) rare Dusty x3 (from the Destro takedown event) epic Baroness* (my free tactical epic card) rare Battlearmor CC x3 (my event reward)
  24. man.. that last event sucked. I played it whenever I could and I won 9 out of 10 matches I had... but I kept getting stuck in groups with these guys that were putting up double my points because they were obviously buying more amo and stamina. I don't like games that let people PAY for a competitive advantage
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