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  1. Doom, Surfer, and the Thing don't stand out to me as anything special at all

    I never said they were special (especially when compared with most of Hasbro's more recent stuff), I was just saying they're improvements over their ToyBiz counterparts.


    See, I own the Toy Biz Doom, Thing, and Silver Surfer and I have no problem with any of them. I have no desire to replace them.



    yeah.. I don't agree that those figures are improvements. Thing looks like a cheesepuff. He really needed some paint apps pretty badly.

  2. I am curious to hear which Hasbro figures from the past few years have been blowing Toybiz away

    Just about all of them really. But if you want specifics . . .


    Avengers Movie Hulk


    Spider-Man Legends Black Cat


    Spider-Man Legends Movie Spider-Man


    Wolverine Legends Wolverine


    Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, and The Thing from the FF line a couple of years ago.


    . . . but that's just part of my short list.



    see, I hate that Hulk figure. Black Cat is pretty badass.. Spiderman looks good, but he isn't any better than Toybiz's best Spidey. I like the Wolverine figure, but he doesn't have a proper mold to be Wolvie (too big).


    Doom, Surfer, and the Thing don't stand out to me as anything special at all

  3. TB Phoenix, Ms. Marvel, and Storm all all perfectly good female figures. I also like the Rogue but knowing everyone's deep, deep hatred for the head sculpt, I'm not going to try to convince anyone to agree with me.


    At the same time, I think Hasbro's Jean Grey is a great figure too. Like I say, there's give and take with both companies.



    Toybiz's Phoenix, Ms.Marvel, and Storm are some of the best female figures ever. Kitty Pryde, Mystique, Psylocke, and Spiderwoman are pretty good too


    but then you get uggos like Elektra, Rogue, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch.




    but even those aren't as bad as Hasbro's Emma Frost, movie-verse Phoenix, and Rachel Summers (Hasbro's first few years were terrible).




    I like Hasbro's new figures, but they aren't GREAT. They don't wow me like Toybiz used to do with each new wave. Hasbro can't put the attention to detail into their figures like Toybiz did. Sure, they are more sturdy, but they really lack paint and they don't do anything crazy like Toybiz did.. I mean all of their figures are pretty standard, and they won't do figures that take alot of effort to do (I mean Thor and Ghost Rider are the only figures they have done that took alot of tooling to make)

  4. Iceman and Beast are so disappointing. Beast should be decked out in articulation...for obvious reasons. But he seems to be the least of the five. And shouldn't Iceman be more "snowman" than ice if it's First Appearance?



    these aren't "first appearance" figures... these are based on the recent comics... the original 5 came back somehow into today's world.


    I really don't know much more than that since I haven't read anything new in years

  5. wow really?? These are not up to Hasbro Standards but the last few years Hasbro has been blowing TB away. I hate most TB ML now, awkward porportions. Useless articulation. Even sloppier pants than Hasbro. The worst female head sculpts in the modern age @loll@ I could keep going. To each their own though




    I admit that Hasbro does the female characters better.. in some cases, MUCH better.


    but to me, Hasbro hasn't even begun to approach the craftsmanship that Toybiz gave us.


    I am curious to hear which Hasbro figures from the past few years have been blowing Toybiz away

  6. I can't believe how terrible that game was.. and honestly, I would have bet that the exact opposite would have happened. I have been watching these games all year (DirecTV NFL ticket) and the Seahawks are not THAT good and the Broncos are not THAT bad.


    I just really can't explain what happened. The Seahawks haven't dominated anyone like that all year... and the Broncos haven't made those mistakes. They literally made more mistakes in the Superbowl than they did all season long.


    I feel like it was a fluke... 99 times out of a 100 that isn't going to happen. I mean heck, the Seahawks needed the refs' help to get into the Superbowl in the first place.. and then Manning and the Broncos gift them 4 turnovers, a fumble into the endzone, and a kickoff return for a TD.. and all of these things happened at the worst possible moments.. It was like whatever bad could have happened, did.


    It was almost like the game was over after the first play. The snap goes into the endzone for a safety... the Seahawks get a short field off of the punt and get the field goal.. the Broncos looked rattle and never had field position the rest of the game.. and everytime they had something positive, the followed it up with a turnover. They never had a chance to get back on their feet after that initial loss of momentum


    embarrassing. worst superbowl I have ever seen.



    but at least Sherman got hurt. that was awesome

  7. wow. this looks like one of the worst comic movies ever.



    Spiderman himself looks fantastic. Everything else looks terrible. .... especially the Rhino and Green Goblin



    I just don't understand how some of these people have jobs in Hollywood

  8. and that is saying alot since FOX hasn't done a good one yet


    A good FF or good comic book movie?


    If FF, True. Why does a do-over have to be so radical in change? Could they not identify the problems with the previous movies? (hint one: Doctor D___)



    a good Comic book movie. period.


    really? someone is seeing those X-men movies. X-2 is one of the tops for me



    yup. including all the X-films. they all suck.


    err.. actually, THE WOLVERINE was kinda good (aside from the stupid Silver Samurai junk). but that's it.

  9. and that is saying alot since FOX hasn't done a good one yet


    A good FF or good comic book movie?


    If FF, True. Why does a do-over have to be so radical in change? Could they not identify the problems with the previous movies? (hint one: Doctor D___)



    a good Comic book movie. period.

  10. He is just a talker like Joey Porter and Deion Sanders. Kinda reminds me of pro wrestlers just a persona because the Hawks don't get enough credit on defense and offense from ESPN and the east coast press. GO HAWKS!!!!! NFC Champions going to the SUPER BOWL.



    not at all. Sherman has ZERO class. He isn't just a talker and it isn't just about playing the game or getting into peoples' heads. After the interception, realizing that the game is over and that his team is going to the Superbowl, he isn't just happy or excited for his team and his team mates... the very first thing that comes to his mind is to go up to Crabtree and rub it in his face. What a complete and total piece of garbage. A waste of a human being. We all already know he is a dirty player, everytime I see him he is holding. And he is a cheater, he already got popped for talking PEDs.. so he has no business calling himself the best anything.


    He shoulda just shut his mouth and went to the locker room to celebrate in the shower with his boyfriend Golden Tate.




    he really shoulda just been happy that the refs made some of the biggest blunders in playoff history and helped them out.. and that Kaepernick fell apart under the pressure as a result

  11. last night's episode was pretty crappy again. This "centipede" extremis thing isn't interesting at all. I just can't understand what the writers were thinking when they planned these storylines or created the characters. It's just a really simple and boring show. There isn't anything good about it... and there could be sooo much GREAT about it. it's just dumb.


    and the big "mysteries" that they have been alluding to all season have completely failed to generate any intrigue. They are finally going to "reveal" what happened to Colsen after he died. I think we all already know.. and at this point, who cares?....


    And the "who are Skye's parents?" storyline... ugh. Who the hell cares about who the parents are of the lamest character on the show. This show is sooo bad that they are probably going to say her parents are Agent May and Colsen.




    I was excited when I heard they were going to make this show. the Marvel Universe SHIELD stuff is pretty cool and would make for an excellent show. The movie universe stuff is decent enough to carry a show. But THIS is nothing at all like SHIELD, or Marvel. it's a bad mix of Firefly and Smallville. I loved Firefly and I liked Smallville.. but this show sucks

  12. Spiderman looks great. Electro and Rhino look like garbage... just like Lizard did. ASM2 will suck, just like ASM1 did.



    Tobey Maguire's Spiderman 1 (except for Green Goblin) and 2 were great... part 3 wasn't but mostly because the story was bad and they tried to do too much.

  13. you kidding? I wouldn't even consider keeping a litterbox in any room that I have anything I own in. that's hella disgusting.


    would you display your toys or comics next to a toilet?



    You can SMELL a litterbox as soon as you enter a house.. that there is enough to tell you that there is microscopic poop particles in the air settling on all of your stuff.


    get rid of it


    Watch the show yourself before making any drastic decisions. Most of the moaning your hearing is from people who just don't get that this isn't a superhero show.


    What it IS is a show in the finest tradition of Mission Impossible (the show not that movie crap), Man from Uncle, or I Spy. In other words, all the things that originally inspired the S.H.I.E.L.D. comics in the first place.


    Agreed. This show will not appeal to the CGI, explosions of epic proportions, eye candy addicted folks.



    the moaning has nothing to do with the fact that it isn't a superhero show... and people aren't losing interest because it lacks epic "eye candy".... you are insulting people with good taste.



    the show simply isn't a good show. it's boring, has bland characters, STUPID and annoying characters, is poorly written and planned, has a terrible premise and storyline etc..


    and it is NOT a spy show.. Disney/Marvel promised a spy show set in the Marvel Universe spun off from the movies where they have already done a pretty good job establishing SHIELD. But the show is nothing like the SHIELD from the movies.


    in fact, the show betrays SHIELD in every way... they make SHIELD seem more like an afterschool crime-fighting club... and nothing at all like the world's greatest spy agency.



    They need to keep Coulsen and the older Asian Chick and kill off the rest of the team. Ward could have been an okay character, but not in a role where he is kinda the only real Agent on the team and in the starring role. He is more of a background character because he is too one dimensional.


    The only reason I watch this show is because it is in the Marvel Universe. That is the only redeeming quality of the show. Without that fact, it wouldn't be able to stand on it's own... so if they were smart, they would take advantage of that and actually start to utilize the wealth of characters and stories available to them.

  15. Marvel can't "fix" IronMan 3 unless they go back in time and completely change it. I don't know what is going on with Marvel Studios, but their movies are going down hill fast. Iron Man 1 was pretty good. Iron Man 2 wasn't. Iron Man 3 sucked.


    There were so many crappy things about IM3.. it's impossible for them to fix it by simply slapping together a short film about Mandarin... and YES, the Mandarin character thing in IM3 was stupid as hell. What was the point of having Kingsly's character call himself Mandarin at all? Only comic fans would know about the Mandarin, and the trick was only a trick on them... and then having Guy Pierce's character reveal that he is the Mandarin at the end was even more dumb. I don't understand it, if they are wanting to create new stories instead of making movies that follow the comics, then just leave the comics out of it completely. Don't make some muddled movie that has some things that sort of relate to the comics forced in.



    Cap 1 was pretty decent, except for his costume. Cap 2 doesn't look very promising.


    Avengers was pretty good, almost great, except for the chitauri. Avengers 2 doesn't sound as good.


    Thor was pretty good, and thankfully, Thor 2 looks as good.


    Who knows what we can expect for Guardians of the Galaxy, but James Gunn isn't someone I am a fan of, so my expectations are low.


    Antman doesn't sound great....


    the Agents of Shield tv show sucks prett bad..



    it's like Marvel Studios has just decided that they have had enough success from their first few movies to be able to draw in audiences just by slapping the MARVEL name in front of the title of a new movie... They don't need to keep making quality movies. Pretty soon the audiences are going to realize it and every movie won't be a blockbuster just because it's a MARVEL movie.

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