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  1. If it was the alt paint scheme Blowtorch i'd snag in a heart beat, I never understood including that blow torch as it was. Hasbro has said they were indeed produced, but no one believes them at this point right? Wouldn't it be a crazy shock for them to start popping up though?



    yeah... that regular blowtorch was such a waste of a spot

  2. I went to two of them today.. saw a blue Cobra Trooper that I don't need... and a Blowtorch that I wanted, but couldn't justify paying 11 bucks for him when I already have the original

  3. my brother really wanted the Hardened Edition.. he was worried they would sell out so he waited in line at Walmart for 3 hours.. He was able to get it.



    When I found out I told him that Target had a better deal.. if you bought the game you could get Xbox live for only 40 bucks (down from 60) and they also had a coupon for 10$ off any video game purchase of 100. So you saved 30 bucks by getting it at Target.


    SO we went into Target at 12:30 to get another copy for his son. He was shocked to see that they still had several copies of the Hardened Edition just sitting there. No waiting required lol

  4. Any chance we see Thor, Captain America, etc. for $10 bucks (Bluray)?...



    yes. somebody has it for 9 I think.. I definitely remember seeing Cap for that price. I think Walmart, but maybe Target or Best Buy.... less likely it w

  5. Hey, it's still a cool vintage piece! I don't care that it's SneakPeek... I actually kinda like the guy. And no matter who it is, he looks beautiful on that card! I would have paid 20 for that one, even with the price tag tear



    I don't actively collect MOC RAH figures.. but I do have a bunch from after 1990ish... not real gems.



    However, one day I went into a comic shop a few years ago and they had a MOC Pathfinder for 12 bucks. I flipped! one of my favorites

  6. After they played Baltimore they just gave up



    I don't think they gave up at all.. they just aren't as good as people think they are. Baltimore took them to 5 games. That shouldn't have even happened. In fact, Baltimore should have won if it weren't for the crazy homers that Ibanez pulled out of his butt!


    They showed against the Tigers that they can't handle great pitching


    No i'm a fan of the team they gave up and didn't look like they were interested..If they were they would of beat Detroit


    I feel whoever winns the NL which looks like St Louis they will win because to me the Tigers aren't that tough after Verlander



    they weren't interested in winning the series against Detroit? And if they were interested they would have won it?


    lol come on man. quit making excuses. they got beat. and they got beat BIG TIME!

  7. After they played Baltimore they just gave up



    I don't think they gave up at all.. they just aren't as good as people think they are. Baltimore took them to 5 games. That shouldn't have even happened. In fact, Baltimore should have won if it weren't for the crazy homers that Ibanez pulled out of his butt!


    They showed against the Tigers that they can't handle great pitching

  8. wow I don't know how I missed this before, but that is beyond cool! Seriously one of the most creative, unique, and badass pieces I have ever seen.


    If I had the money I would scoop one of those masterpieces up from you in a heartbeat

  9. To me there is a difference between stretching the truth a bit and just basically making crap up, but even if you don't mind the fact the show is bogus, it still portrays people such as yourselves as essentially people who can barely function in society. If that's what you want to be associated with then by all means keep watching and enjoy the laugh, but I hate to break it to you. People aren't laughing with you, they are laughing at you.



    I supposed you are right, to the outside person, it does make collectors look bad because all of the collectors they show have problems. But to me, I am able to see that they aren't trying to portray normal collectors, they are showing collectors with problems.. sort of like those hoarding shows.


    and it actually helps me see that I have too much stuff and need to let some of it go too lol

  10. So much for Andrew Luck.



    woah woah woah.. you can't put that on Andrew Luck.. he was facing the Bears afterall!



    but seriously, he has a terrible team around him.. and the Bears threw some things at him. I watched the whole game, and he didn't play as bad as the stats looked

  11. Help me out. This came in an old GI Joe box, but I've never seen one like this, and I'd love to know. What is this? And please forgive me. I clearly know nothing about what I'm talking about!



    GI Joe, or what?



    I don't know. sorry. Never seen it myself.


    did it have any markings on it for the date of manufacture or maybe the producer?

  12. anybody see the latest episode? The guy named Sean with a massive action figure collection lives here in Sacramento. The host takes him to a store called "Toy Fusion" here in town to sell some of his extra... and nobody comes to his sale for a long time lol


    I have been to Toy Fusion lots of times, and I am not shocked that nobody came for a while. It's a pretty weak consignment store. There isn't much good stuff there, and what they have is overpriced. It's basically an ebay that you can walk into, but the sellers set the prices high instead of the market. It used to be an epic warehouse store a long time ago though.


    anyways.. I think I have definitely seen him roaming the aisles.. but I didn't know he was a toy reviewer.


    cool episode.. even better because it was local. And Sean has the same kinds of stuff that I have.. minus the Hot Toys


    You really thought that was a good episode?????? They sat there and said a Bandai Thundertank which you can go to any store and find for $20 or less was valued at $150. They said a loose, open vintage Cat's Lair which you can get off eBay for $100 or less was worth $500-$600. They tried to say loose opened Hot Toys figures were were $1k. The entire thing was bogus. Sean Long even basically says so in some videos he posted afterwards. He's said they came to him and they had his girlfriend act that way. They had her bring in her toys and throw them around the apt so that it was more cluttered than it really is. Not only does the show try and make collectors (IE, you guys) look like utter morons who can't control themselves. Basically taking all of the worst sterotypes people think of when they think of toy collectors and put it on the screen. Its a complete and utter sham. I think the show's producers where hoping that Sean would promote the show for them through his YouTube channel which does have 50k subscribers, despite the fact he doesn't really have anything valuable in his collection (Because he's a guy who gets sent free toys from etailers in return for advertising) and opens and reviews stuff. So they had to basically make stuff up to sell. I mean really, he was sitting there selling Mattel 3.75" Green Lantern figures at that store. Figures you can go into almost any TRU store and find on discount. Who is honestly going to pay a marked up second hand cost for something like that????


    I don't want to be mean, but anyone who thinks Collection Intervention is a good show, probably really does need their head examined.



    awe man.. I didn't know it was fake like that. You can't trust Hollywood. Oh well, guess I won't be watching that anymore

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