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  1. if you mean do older Joes blend with new ones? no. The differences in sculpt are too great.



    if you mean do movie or cartoon modern era Joes blend with RAH-inspired Joes? sometimes.. not so much with alot of movie figures




    if you mean do Joes blend with each other as a rag-tag offbeat group? absolutely! I know some of them are whacky, but I always loved how each Joe was unique and had his own style. So I am happy to display my neon-green Sci-Fi right next to my tan Dusty

  2. 2012 was a REALLY slow year for me. I can barely remember buying anything of interest. I blame Hasbro for their horrible year of not sending out toys...



    so I guess..


    1. GiJoe 30th Airtight (but these guys might have actually been 2011

    2. GiJoe 30th Scifi

    3. Marvel Universe Beta Ray Bill

    4. Marvel Universe Baron Zemo (SDCC)

    5. GiJoe Jinx (SDCC)

  3. didn't care so much about the Hama cameo as I did the scene where they tried to capture Storm Shadow.. awesome



    actually, over the last 4 episodes or so, they have had some great GiJoe stuff... I also liked the one where the kid was mangling his Joes. The part where Scarlet had been "enhanced" was hecka funny

  4. I like SS better than the rare renegades one. Visually he looks cooler and more like vintage V1 Stormie. I don't really think they are more animated than other Renegade figs. Just the way the pants are designed to be big and baggy. Same with the coat arms.




    awe man! now I think you done gone crazy! That single carded SS is epic! There is a reason why it used to go for like 50 bucks.



    these renegades figures look like they came straight out of that Jackie Chan cartoon

  5. I never felt very good about the sequel because the first one was sooooo dumb... and they didn't just come out and say "complete reboot"


    the worst strike was the director IMO... and then learning that it would be all ninja stuff... made me cringe.



    then the first trailer gave some hope, seeing that CC would actually be CC.. but that was about it.


    I think it's going to suck hard, I'll wait for it on Netflix

  6. The SS is better than the single card to me. Just looks more classic SS to me, especially after you switch the red shash to blk. SE is awesome in the coat. They really are not any more animated than the other single card ones. Great deal!




    which single card SE?


    and you don't think they are more animated style than the regular figures? Or you mean the other Renegades figures? In any case, to me they are very animated... from the overly dramatic folds and curves in the Storm Shadow pants to the angled and lanky arms... and even SE's jacket.

  7. I have only seen this at 3 different stores:


    1. blue Cobra Trooper


    2. Blowtorch


    3. Blowtorch and Steel Brigade


    I passed on them all.. been looking for Gen Hawk mostly, maybe a jungle Bat

  8. next year the sales will start the day before thanksgiving... they already had a bunch of online sales this year on thanksgiving eve



    btw.. gamestop had a horrible blackfriday ad this year! they sucked



    lol tell me about it, I saw the flyer and I thought: meh. My boss tried to convince me that we had good deals and gave up after 10 minutes of my facial expression not changing. Maybe I'm getting too old and grouchy for my job.



    really.. they didn't have any good deals. I mean they had good deals if their sale was happening in July or something.. but not the holiday season. Every one of their "deals" was easily beaten by comparable sales at all the other stores... sometimes even by double the savings. It was pretty sad for me to see. It makes me think GameStop won't be in business for much longer if they aren't even trying to compete anymore

  9. Who goes first this year? Jason Garrett, Andy Reid, Rex Ryan, Norv Turner, or Ron Rivera?

    I'm gonna say J. Garrett because Jerry Jones is such a egotistical douche bag.



    you aint wrong about Jerry Jones... but Garrett should have been fired a while ago. He isn't a good head coach. The guy does stupid things and has no control over his players

  10. personally, I hate Twinkies... but I used to love Hohos and Dingdongs... and their fruit pies too


    I haven't had Suzy Q's in year but I have noticed this week of how small they are compared to about 20 years ago when they were almost twice the size they are now...Hell Devil Dogs are bigger



    are they smaller, or are you bigger than you used to be?


    I have a hard time with that one too.. seems that all kinds of candybars and snacks are smaller to me.. but maybe I am just bigger lol

  11. Made a stop at one yesterday. Good news is they had a buy one get one 50% off sign. Bad news is they only had a lone Renegades Ripcord.


    Not all Wallgreens are POC havens yet....



    at both stores I went to they only had 1 Joe figure.. weak... but they had plenty of their other toys

  12. I have worked union too in the grocery business.. and I was thankful for the benefits that I had, but I am sure that everything in my job would have been just as good without the union.


    The company I worked for is called Raleys, a very nice grocery chain in northern california, family-owned for 77 years. It was a great place to work. They treated us well and we had great benefits. In fact, it is the only job that I could have got as a young guy that offered medical insurance for all employees, even part-timers.



    Recently the company has been struggling as discount grocery stores have come to be more commonplace and Walmart and Target have started selling groceries. In this tough economy, shoppers care more about the lowest prices than they do about service and quality. So a company like Raleys is having a hard time competing. They have had to cut-back on employee hours and even closed several stores just to stay in business.


    However, when the union contract came up for renewal this month, the union decided to strike instead of allow Raley's to make some adjustments that would allow them to compete with other stores. Raleys wanted to cut back on some of their benefits but the union said no, and they went on strike.


    To me this was a terribly selfish move because even as a company is struggling to stay alive, the union wants everything they can get. They fail to realize that if they get everything they want NOW, those same workers might not have jobs at all in the very near future if the company has to go out of business because their union contract is too expensive for them to keep operating.


    And these workers.. I couldn't believe them. Don't they know what is happening in the world? So many people don't have jobs at all, and they were unwilling to give up any of their benefits. They should be grateful to have a job like this. The job pays well and offers benefits, while not requiring it's employees to have any real skills or work more than 16 hours to receive them. They could never find a job this good again.. and if the company goes under, these people will be working at McDonald's for minimum wage without ANY benefits.



    I went by a few of the stores because that is where I shop... and the strikers were picketing outside and harassing people going into the stores. They also had the support of some veterans groups who were helping them torment shoppers. It made the news here every night as tensions heated up. There was even an incident where strikers used their cars to block a delivery truck going into one of the stores and caused an accident.



    this is the same thing that happened to Hostess.. they had been in and out of bankruptcy this decade, even filing again this January.. but do the unions take that into consideration? no. they would rather have the company go out of business than back down from their demands.


    My brother in law works construction, and he gets paid almost twice as much for union jobs than non-union jobs. And all of the jobs hired by the state of California have to be union jobs.. so that is why our taxes are so high.


    A month ago a park near me was burned up by vandals. They say it will cost tax payers 777,000 to repair the playground because it has to be a union job.



    so yeah.. unions stink. they are ruining our country. flat out.

  13. Unions are the worst part of american business... and the reason why our taxes are so high, nothing is made in America, there are so many people without jobs, our economy stinks, etc.


    unions should be illegal. they are just gangs that force corporations and the government to overpay for everything.

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