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  1. the fact that the "Special Ops Starter Pack" is only 4.99 makes me question if these could even actually be 4 inch figures.. I doubt it because we know that the price point for all of Hasbro's 4 inchers is 10 bucks now.. except for their new Ironman 3 figures, which have zero articulation.



    Also, a Tomahawk reissue would probably cost more like 60 - 70 bucks I think



    but then again.. there were those dollar general figures that came out for 5 bucks each.


    who knows?


    like everybody else, I would love to see a new Tomahawk and I hope these "Special Ops" items are something related to a 4 inch line and not something like Kreo or mini figures or bonkazonks lol

  2. apperently at the last joecon it as said that Duke was added to wave 3 not 4, but 3 has been spotted with no Duke, so maybe i'm crazy wrong and we will see him in March.



    3 has been spotted already?


    I thought only wave 2 had been found

  3. Short answer: Cloth, hands down.


    Long answer: Pretty much spelled out already by others about articulation being hampered. And cloth can work wonderfully, even more so for this scale, if they do it like they did with some of the Jedi figures in the Target Order 66 2-packs. A thin piece of wire in the bottom.




    They've improved the cloth look by leaps & bounds since the first time they used it. And having a larger canvas to work with should make it look even better.



    and see, your example of a "good cloth" looks like garbage to me. I would never buy a figure with that. it looks like homemade lol



    oh well.. it seems like fans are either love it or hate it with plastic vs cloth.. we'll see who Hasbro is going to pursue as customers in a week hopefully

  4. I picked cloth, Mandarin is a perfect example why plastic does not work. If there's a vehicle for this line everyone will start complaining that plastic robes etc wont allow their figures to fit.




    I don't think there will ever be vehicles for this line... or maybe in like 5 years


    If they do something like this, they'll alienate a lot of Star Wars fans:







    This is what I think of when I picture 6" Emperor done with plastic robes. Or my POTF 2 Royal Guard who has all the poseability of a salt 'n pepper shaker. Why would I want that in 6" form?


    I was OK with the plastic capes on the MLs, but I also think the figures that got soft goods pulled it off well. The Gambit with cloth trench coat is one of my favorite MLs. He looks great!



    I think that this Mandarin is an exception to the rule.. they were trying something new there, and it didn't work.


    IMO, all the ML figures with cloth looked stupid. That Gambit even looks way better if you swap out his coat with the plastic one that came with the X-treme Gambit later on.


    different strokes for different folks I guess

  6. Toybiz used plastic for the most part in their LotR line, and it didn't hamper articulation. I'd go with plastic because if their cloth I won't be picking up those figures.



    right.. plastic worked great for those guys.



    check out this Gandalf... 100X better looking than anything you could ever get with cloth



  7. I have been a Marvel Legends collector since that line started and I have always wanted a 6-inch Star Wars line.. which I thought would have happened when Hasbro took over the Marvel license and hired some of their Marvel Legends creators.. and it's finally happening!


    but one MAJOR concern I have is how they will handle capes/robes/coats/etc.


    Marvel Legends have always used a very flexible plastic for their capes (for the most part). And I feel that this works very well to allow poseability and it also looks great.. much better than soft goods cloth IMO


    However, the Star Wars line has always featured real cloth for their figures.. and I worry that this will continue for the 6 inch line.


    I have to say, if they put real cloth on these figures, I will probably skip the entire line.


    But I guess we will find out soon when we see Darth Maul.



    So what do you guys prefer?

  8. I disagree pizza, you can't have all the main characters come out at once. I feel that's what Mattel did wrong with DCUC & MOTUC. I personally like their mix here, a couple core characters and then some background ones to fill it out.


    This way, they can have at least 3-4 waves before most of the main characters are out... gives them time to plan this out and see how it goes. If they brought them all out in wave 1, then all we'd have were Lobots and scout troopers coming out, or a whole wave of cantina aliens... which will do okay, bit wont sell as well as the core characters.


    Right now Maul is huge, just coming back on the big screen in 3D, bringing him back in the clone wars, I see nothing wrong with bringing him out right now.


    I can't wait to see where this line goes, I personally wont be geting them all, but I'll be watching this line and can't wait to see future waves announced.



    yeah, I agree with what you are saying. They couldn't do all of the biggest names all at once because then there wouldn't be enough left later to keep the interest strong. But with StarWars, there are a heck of alot more big name characters than other properties.. and SW collectors don't seem to lose interest as fast as other properties' fans.


    I am perfectly happy with X-wing Luke, Artoo, and Maul.. but I don't like the Sandtrooper coming out before the regular Stormtrooper

  9. We all know this line will be successful... Star Wars fans will buy anything and everything...


    I wish there was bicep swivel though... Hopefully they at least have the ankle pivot like the newer MLs...



    I was thinking that too.. the only thing missing is the bicep swivel... and that's a big one on figures this big and expensive. it should be there

  10. Randy Moss got burned by Jerry Rice. Moss is claiming he's the best WR of all time. Jerry replied on ESPN by asking how many Super Bowl rings does Moss have?



    I don't think Moss is the best WR of all time..


    but I don't agree with Rice. Superbowl rings has nothing to do with how good you are.



    Football, of all the major sports, is a game completely reliant on the concept of a TEAM. No one player could ever raise his team up to Super Bowl level.



    ask Barry Sanders how many rings he has.. every team he was on his entire career sucked.. and nobody could ever say that he isn't one of the top 3 RBs of all time. (Walter Payton and Jim Brown being the other 2)

  11. Wow, the cobra portion of this set isn't looking that great at this point. Asp looks like a custom with a badly painted head. Saw Viper would be alright for $8.99 at walmart, but not $360 in a box set. Really there isn't anything about these two that would make me want to pay that much.


    This set costs $360?!? Is that true?


    the set only costs 360 if you are already a member of their club. It is 430 for everyone else!

  12. Hit N Run is a miss for me.. just barely. He would have been helped with his trademark camo on his arms and face.


    Repeater is good. I think that mold works really well for him. They did a nice job on him.


    Spearhead is another miss for me. They made him brown instead of black for some reason. And he is missing his high boots.



    I like these figures.. but definitely not for 30 each. (the set costs 430 bucks)

  13. I just thought of the tooling issue for both figures, it really shouldn't be that much of a problem,

    Deathlok: Cable's torso, arms, upper part of the legs and upper body. Colossus' lower legs. only thing needed would be the backpack and new head sculpt.

    AOA Sunfire: Johnny Storm, body with chest and back retooled for the collar around neck and shoulders and new head sculpt



    unfortunately, the cable and Colossus bodies would both be way too big for Deathlok.


    also, Deathlok's right arm is cyborg and his left arm is human.. which is the opposite of Cable and Wintersoldier.


    I think that the right arm would have to come from Titanium Man or Maverick

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