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  1. meh.. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver looks kinda dumb. I especially hate the long hair on Quicksilver.


    but Ultron... ULTRON looks dumb as hell. I am hoping that is just some kind of stand-in for the actors to play off of and they will make him CGI and look just like the comics

  2. I have seen a bunch of these in stores.. but honestly, 20 bucks is too much for me for most of these guys. The only one I would be happy to pay 20 bucks for is Black Cat.


    I have seen the Spidey, Electro, Superior Spiderman, and Beetle (never Black Cat or Cargnage.. and no Boomerang or Spidergirl).



    I initially wanted Beetle, but they didn't give him the same paint apps that the prototypes had. He looks really cheap.



    I don't care at all for the BAF Goblin.. so I guess I will just wait for a sale.




    as for the Cap line, I got all of wave one back when they were 15 bucks still at Target right before Christmas. and it was also during a sale BOGO 50% off.. so that was a steal

  3. The Ultimate Wave had figures that were much better than their previous releases... namely Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander.


    You might not have needed another version, but I don't see how anyone could pass them up when they are so good. I mean that Stormy is one of the best figures in this scale ever.



    As for Destro, Flint, and Beach Head. The only v1 Destro we have sucks, this one is 10x better. So if you like Destro at all, you have to get him. The Flint and BeachHead figures are finally pretty much just as they should be done. I am psyched for both of them.

  4. i just saw a slave leia the other day in target. only seen a couple since the release.



    I see a buttload of Slave Leia's everywhere here. She is probably the most plentiful figure on the pegs in my area, followed by X-Wing Luke, R2D2, and Greedo


    you won't find Sandtrooper, Han, Darth Maul, or Boba Fett peg-warming here

  5. ugh.. the "comedy" junk forced in just pisses me off.


    we have seen this movie a hundred times... a rag-tag group of misfits teams up to... blah blah blah



    I couldn't tell from the trailer, is this Guardians of the Galaxy, or Police Academy 8?



    and since when is Star Lord the same guy as Mahony?

  6. Leatherneck is really the only figure I'm interest in for what was shown at Toy Fair, The Terror Drome did look cool, but just not enough into Kre-O's to be work paying $100 for.



    Leatherneck is probably my favorite of the new figures.


    the ones I really like are:



    HEAT Viper




  7. I was really expecting to see a couple new waves of the 4 inch Multiverse series.


    wave 1 has been in the stores for a while, and wave 2 was revealed months ago.



    It seemed to me that Mattel was going to be going full-steam with this series.. especially since the only other new DC thing they have going forward is those stupid 6 inch cartoon figures.. no movies coming up, etc.



    but nothing? that is really surprising to me..


    and nothing new for the DC Collectibles line in this scale either?




    I was really hoping to see some comic-inspired figures.. since most of the DC figures in this scale from both companies have been based on video-games with designs I don't like.


    seems like Mattel is missing a big opportunity here.

  8. LOVE the Speeder Bike.. looks like it could be one of the coolest toys in this scale of all time.


    Jedi Luke and Chewie are also amazing.



    The sculpt on Vader is great... but I have to admit, the cape looks like crap. It's super cheesy. I wish they would have included a molded cape and a cloth cape. Or I hope they will released a molded cape version later. Otherwise, I am going to have to scrounge around for a good cape to give him.




    as for Jabba.. it's not something I have very high on my wants list

  9. I have a crush on ScarJo... but I wouldn't care at all if Black Widow didn't appear in a movie ever again. She is completely unnecessary and doesn't add anything worthwhile. Hawkeye was disappointing too, for that matter.


    if they make a Black Widow movie, I won't see it until it comes out on Netflix

  10. first, I am really glad that we are getting Joe product on the shelft again. It's a little disappointing though that they have to go this route instead of a full on regular series release at full retail. I feel GiJoe is strong enough that they shouldn't have to rely on multipacks of mostly re-issued figures as TRU exclusives.


    there are only a total of 18 figures being released.

    7 of 18 figures are straight re-issues with little or no changes.

    3 of 18 are re-decos of figures we already have.

    7 of 18 are new kitbashes from the concept cases.

    1 of 18 is a new unseen kitbash (Ice Viper)

    so pretty much 8 new figures out of 18



    2 packs

    Low-Light vs. Night Viper - This set is a little frustrating to me. I am sure there were lots of people unable to score Low-Light, so I don't really mind that he is exactly the same as POC version. Still, it would have been nice if he were slightly different. However, the Night Viper stings because I wish they released him in the original green deco. I never scored one because he was nearly impossible to get at retail. They are re-releasing half a dozen figures in these sets, why did they decide to change ONLY Night Viper?


    Snow Job vs Arctic B.A.T - only thing different about SnowJob is grey camo/hat instead of green. The Arctic BAT isn't bad, but it's something I never needed. They could have done a more interesting figure here. So really, this set is kinda unecessary because we already have the Snowjob and could use a better 2nd figure.


    Blowtorch vs H.E.A.T. Viper - I love the HEAT Viper figure... another gem from the concept case we saw a while back. But Blowtorch again? The Blowtorch looks like the exact same figure from the POC line. You would think they would have at least went with the unreleased green variant. Cheap move by Hasbro on this one.


    Baroness vs Lady Jaye - Lady Jaye looks like the version from the concept case. Baroness is pretty much the same figure from the 2009 5pack. This set is boring for me. Hard to tell if the face sculpts are any good.



    3 Packs

    Cobra Trooper, Cobra Viper, Beach Head - I love this BeachHead figure! He will quickly become one of my favorites from the last couple of years. I really wanted Hasbro to do this figure when we saw the concept case and the khaki version from the Retaliation 3-pack. As for the Cobras, we already have that Cobra Trooper, and the Viper is just kinda okay. He definitely wasn't one of the stars of the concept case. ... they could have found some better figures to stick in there.


    Destro, Leather Neck and Hawk - I really like this set. The Leatherneck and Destro are much needed improvements over their previous releases. I am very happy to get both of them. I also don't mind seeing Hawk here, even though another new figure would have been preferable. I never got that Hawk, but I am surprised that they didn't change up the paint scheme on him. He looks to be exactly the same.


    Vehicle Sets

    Cobra Wolf with Ice Viper vs. Arctic Sky Hawk with Arctic Snake Eyes - The WOLF was alwasy one of my favorite vehicles. And the Ice Viper looks badass. I do like Skyhawks, but an arctic Skyhawk? I can't help but think something else would have been more suitable here and they are just going with this because it's cheap and they already have the Skyhawk mold ready to go. The arctic Snake Eyes is just a repaint of the Pursuite of Cobra figure. They were going to release this arctic version but canceled it. It's alright I guess. So I guess I am going to buy this set just for the Wolf and the Ice Viper. The Skyhawk and SE are okay, but could be something better.


    VAMP MkII with Flint vs. Cobra Eel with Night Landing Craft. - The version with the classic VAMP MKII is the one I hope to get at retail. The Flint looks like the one from the concept case I loved. The EELS is okay in that color scheme and I have always liked the Night Landing raft.. but it seems like an odd pairing. We all know Hasbro had the Night Landing craft ready to go for the movie stuff.. so looks like they are just cutting costs here. The grey urban deco MKII and Flint is alright, but not something I need. If I did pick it up I would probably try to wipe the urban deco off and just have a straight grey MKII.



    figures I wish we were seeing released: concept case GUNG HO, concept StormShadow v2, concept Hit n Run, concept Laser Viper, concept Televiper, concept Stinger driver, concept Zartan,

  11. I disagree. The headsculpts other than maybe Emma Frost (I remember reading that her headsculpt was ruined from the initial prototype to the casting) were ruined by Hasbro - though Warworld Hulk seems to have gotten his head ruined during casting as well since his left? cheek has a hole in it. The rest are all TB even Quicksilver. The released version looks worse since the skin isn't painted and Hasbro used a glossy flesh tone plastic. If you have the QS head repainted by a professional prototype artist, you'll end up with a QS looking like the prototype. None of the headsculpts were redone - it would had been silly if they were since not only it would cost Hasbro thousands, it wasn't necessarily.



    I guess you are right about the warping.. because the prototypes we were shown didn't make it to production looking the same.


    We didn't get this Quicksilver



    we got this one



    notice how the mouth and nose look very different. The overall shape of the face is different too, with the released version having a pointy chin and less of a jaw line.

  12. Its the molds themselves. So many TB molds have wonky proportions. Hasbro is much better at that. And least we forgot that the first Hasbro Emma is actually a TB mold... all of those first 2 waves were. @loll@

    Pretty much almost any figure released since Hasbro brought back ML are better than TB. NOt the original but the return label stuff and some 2 pack stuff too. To each their own though. I love a lot of TB like Phoenix (that is the only female mold that holds up), Gambit LR Logan with a swapped out head. Just to name a few.



    The first two waves of Hasbro stuff definitely built off of Toybiz molds... and it's not the molds that are the problem, it's the terribly paint (or lack of) and the new heads that they did. Anyone remember the initial prototypes for guys like Quicksilver, he looked amazing.. then Hasbro completely redid the headsculpts for those lines and didn't apply any paint. They would have been perfectly fine if not for that.



    and I don't agree at all about the figures released since the "Return of Marvel Legends" being better than Toybiz or having better proportions.


    Wave 1 -

    Steve Rogers is WAY too tall and has a GIANT head.

    Klaw pretty hard, really lame sculpt.

    Ironman is TINY.

    Constrictor is the dumbed-down Toybiz Bullseye mold (seemingly warped or something after Hasbro got it)

    Terrax has baby arms.

    Thor is like 8 feet tall.


    Wave 2 -

    Thunderball/Piledriver are still mostly Toybiz parts.

    Is Fantomex Toybiz?

    FF Spiderman is Toybiz


    Wave 3 -

    Punisher uses Toybiz parts

    Ironman is too small



    etc etc


    the only new sculpting Hasbro has done that I can applaud is for the new female bodies and the new bucks used for UsAgent and Archangel, and the one for Hyperion/Sentry. But they still have to remember to paint their figures

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