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  1. Specialized stormtroopers of the Empire, Incinerator Stormtroopers wield flamethrowers and are equipped with heat-resistant armor. In The Mandalorian, Moff Gideon commands this dangerous soldier to flush out the Mandalorian and his friends from the cantina with devastating power. Further expanding the collectible series of the highly acclaimed, The Mandalorian, Hot Toys is pleased to introduce the new 1/6th scale Incinerator Stormtrooper collectible figure based on the first-ever live action Star Wars series! The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of Incinerator Stormtrooper from the show. It features highly detailed helmet and armor, skillfully applied weathering effects, the trooper’s signature flamethrower weapon, and a figure base!
  2. This week's custom is the Galaxy's Edge Soda Droids by PsyFoolRulez Customz "Running out of R5 movie droids to build, so I thought why not build this Coca-Cola R5 which sells Coca-Cola drinks at Galaxy's Edge? I haven't been there yet but I believe there are a couple variants of this droid scattered around Black Spire Outpost....there is another version with red legs...While I'm at it, I will also be making the Diet Coke R2 droid.....and if I really get carried away, might just scratchbuild the entire Coke speeder..." "Done with the Coke droids....As you can see, I have 3 heads and 2 bodies as I realised there are at least, two versions of the R5 Coke droid...so instead of building 3 complete droids (2 of which have identical color schemes), I came up with this....I have the option of swapping the heads around for different shots....Now, to complete the set and build the Sprite R2 droid!..." "Completed Sprite R2 with seamless dome...Now the set is complete!....Should I get started on the speeder? Check out the image(s) of their custom below in our GALLERY! Click here if you would like to submit your own custom figure(s) to be displayed on JediInsider.com, and be sure to check out our Custom Forum section, where you can discuss and show off your work among other customizers.
  3. On Instagram, The Mandalorian writer and executive producer Jon Favreau shares this photo of George Lucas holding the character referred to as "The ChIld"
  4. Limited to 600 pieces, the Sideshow Exclusive Premium Format Stormtrooper features a Han Solo headsculpt. “Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!” We’re gonna have company! Sideshow is proud to present the Stormtrooper Premium Format™ Figure Star Wars collectible. From the iconic helmet to the striking white armor, these famous footsoldiers are known throughout the galaxy. Standing 18.5” tall atop a Death Star inspired base, the Stormtrooper Premium Format™ Figure is prepared to seek out rebel scum in your collection. Wearing a screen-accurate suit of resin armor based on the Stormtrooper’s appearance in Episode IV: A New Hope, this polystone statue captures the lone trooper in a moment of pursuit, with blaster prepared to take down spies aboard the Death Star. The Stormtrooper Premium Format™ Figure features custom tailored fabric elements, including the fabric blaster holster, belt, and undersuit. The Exclusive edition of the Stormtrooper Premium Format™ Figure includes an alternate realistic portrait of the dashing smuggler Han Solo. Swap the Stormtrooper helmet for Han Solo’s portrait to recreate an iconic moment from Episode IV and prove that everything’s under control in your collection. Situation normal. Add to your army of Star Wars collectibles and order the Stormtrooper Premium Format™ Figure today!
  5. This week's custom is a 28mm Rogue One Scariff Shoretroopers Dio by Hemble Creations "Hi All, Shoretrooper Scarif 28mmS Recipe. Figure's - are from Fantasy Flight Games and have been painted and weathered using Vallejo Paints. Base - is high density foam and the tarmac was done by using a sharp pencil and scribing into the foam. The control panel is from Fantasy Flight Games and is from their Priority Supplies Battlefield expansion set. The sand is a mix of fine sand and spakfilla with Vallejo's Iraqui Sand mixed in and the palm tree's I got of ebay and repainted the using Vallejo paints. the small ground foliage I picked up from my local gaming store and the large bushes are from Woodland Scenics, Olive Green foliage set." Check out the image(s) of their custom below in our GALLERY! Click here if you would like to submit your own custom figure(s) to be displayed on JediInsider.com, and be sure to check out our Custom Forum section, where you can discuss and show off your work among other customizers.
  6. This week's custom is a Black Series 6" Incenerator Trooper by PsyfoolRulez Customz "Done the Incinerator Trooper custom some time back using a Black Series Sandtrooper....When the character appeared in Episode 8 of The Mandalorian, I had to make the changes to my figure to look more screen accurate.....Firstly, my figure didn't have any backpack on.....someone gave the idea to use the First Order Flametrooper backpack....but instead of just attaching it as how it is supposed to, I rotated the backpack and reattached the fuel hose to the base to change up the look a little....attached a new peg so it can be slotted into the existing hole for the Sandtrooper backpack....the other end of the fuel hose is then connected to the custom flamethrower, which also got some update, the double fuel nozzle....Another thing I did was to re-create the harness for the backpack....I used some matt black vinyl decals, folded in two and cut out strips as the harness straps........The ammo pouch was also removed....." Check out the image(s) of their custom below in our GALLERY! Click here if you would like to submit your own custom figure(s) to be displayed on JediInsider.com, and be sure to check out our Custom Forum section, where you can discuss and show off your work among other customizers.
  7. Even though its only shown in flashbacks, how about a Super Battle Droid? Yeah, it'll eventually be released in a prequel wave, but, I could also see it trying to take on a squad of Mandalorians
  8. While it has now been a week since the season 1 finale of "The Mandalorian", I will try to avoid any specific spoilers for those still unable to watch the series, but, there may still be minor spoilers below. At the end of the episode, there were at least two potential storylines shown for the upcoming season. First was the Mandalorian's journey to reunite 'the child' with his people, second was the reveal of Moff Gideon and the item he was holding. Thankfully, we won't have to wait too long for the series to continue, as Jon Favreau teased a Fall 2020 premiere for season 2. In the last week or so, a story has circulated, which states, "several established characters' from the Skywalker Saga will make appearances during the next season." I've been thinking about this over the last couple of days, and have a few ideas who it could be. First, could the main cast be 'de-aged' (like Michael Douglas in the Ant-Man films) to fit into the ROTJ+5 time frame? Possibly, but most likely only for very limited scenes (see Rise Of Skywalker) Could they be recast? (Solo, rumors/fan speculation of Sebastian Stan as younger Luke and/or Millie Bobby Brown as Leia). Again, possibly, but, I think using the main characters will lead to problems of 'too small of a galaxy', as well as the 'uncanny valley' seen with Tarkin and Leia' in Rogue One. Besides, I just don't see the Mandalorian working directly with any of them. Boba Fett has been rumored since a mysterious character was partially shown in one of the episodes, time will tell if that pans out, though. So. who does that leave? One of my ideas, from the prequel trilogy, is Attack Of The Clones' Dexter Jetster. Assuming Coruscant and the core worlds are not deemed too risky, due to Imperial remnants or New Republic interference, Deter (or a similar character?) could be a good source of intel. It could also be way to reuse some of those 'Underworld' storylines we've heard about. Another character that comes to mind is Maz Kanata from the sequel trlolgy. Like Deter, see also seems like a good source of info, as well as multitude of characters hanging out in her castle prior to its destruction. Her insight could also help out with Mando's path Looking beyond the films, I would not be surprised to see some of the animated characters make live-action appearances, specifically, Sabine Wren and Ahsoka Tano, from Star Wars: Rebels. If I remember correctly, Sabine is last seen on Lothal sometime after the Battle of Endor, before leaving with Ahsoka to find Ezra. Seems like their paths could cross at some point? Am I overlooking anybody? Who do you think could appear in season 2?
  9. As the new year nears, it is time to look back on some of my personal favorite toys and collectibles from 2019*. Last year's Toy Fair kicked off with the announcement of the Retro Collection, which started off as Target exclusives. By now, I would've expected to see announcements on the potential expansion of the line. (any more 'unptroduced characters?). There was also the introduction of the 8" HyperReal line, which includes Darth Vader and Bespin Luke. With the arrival of the HasLab Jabba;'s Sail Barge, we also got a new skiff, as well as, a number of associated figures. One of my favorite items from this year is the Jabba's Palace Adventure set. I'm still hoping to see this concept applied to some other environments, like the Cantina, Cloud City, and Death Star. With the 20th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, The Black Series Fan Choice winner, Dagobah Luke Skywalker, was also chosen and announced. As the release of The Rise Of Skywalker and Jedi: Fallen Order, as well as the premiere of The Mandalorian, Triple Force Friday saw the release of the related merchandise. I wasn't able to watch The Mandalorian right away, but, once I saw it, the Black Series figure went on my wish list. Thankfully, I was able to get one, Personally, most of my favorite items this year are from the Black Series, the Archive rereleases, the Amazon exclusive Emperor Palpatine and Chewbacca w C-3PO,(another wishlist item to check off) and the prequel figure announcements. I can't wait to see what the new year holds. Only a month and a half until Toy Fair... * I intend to exclude all of the other companies (Bandai, Funko,Kotobukiya, Sideshow, etc...), but, the Hasbro lines are the focus of my collection. Please, feel free to add your personal favorites in the comments.
  10. The bounty is out on this little guy, so be sure to get your pre-orders in for the 11" "The Child" plush. It's priced at $24.99, and expected to arrive Feb. 20, 2020.
  11. "Show me again, the power of the darkness... and I will let nothing stand in our way. Show me, Grandfather, and I will finish, what you started." Limited to 250 pieces, this helmet prop is 3D printed from a combination of the original 3D files from the original prop model shop, a digital scan and extensive research of the screen-used prop. The Force Awakens Darth Vader Pyro Helmet replica is priced at $1,599.99, and available for pre-order from our sponsor, Big Bad Toy Store.
  12. After the opening cameos (what if Knox's paper had been Billy Dee Williiams as Two Face instead? ), the first ep felt kinda...meh? Maybe I set myself up for disappointment, I don't know. Yeah, it was cool to see all of the heroes gathered together, but, there didn't seem to be anything really special about fighting endless faceless foes. I think Ep 2 was my favorite, w/ all of the Supes references, The 'Death of' homage, Smallville, and Kingdom Come, I loved the musical cues, seeing the suit (it was like seeing the Fleischer Supes in live-action for a second, and reference to the Supes vs Supes fight from Superman 3 After the build up, Bruce Wayne was a let down,. While it was cool to see the suit and ''trophies', and hearing the voice, seeing him taken out like that was disappointing. And in a story packed with homages and references, why did the 'strange visitor' speech feel so forced? Before any potential teasers, I'm already wondering how they'll top this storyline for the next event? How do you top the biggest story in DC Comics, esp, since they already used the 'Death Of Superman' and 'Kingdom Come' as a part of Crisis? 'Darkest Night? While GL has yet to be introdced, The Guardians were referenced in Crisis.
  13. Disney Toybox Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywallker Millennium Falcon Playset Disney's Toybox line for The Rise Of Skywallker includes a Millennium Falcon playset with figures of Rey, BB-8, and D-O. It features lights and oounds, and costs $79.95. Play set includes Millennium Falcon, Rey, BB-8 and D-O Blue panel lights up Sound effects Rotating gun with seat for figure on top Launch missiles by pressing top of gun Assembly required Five legs can be folded up into the ship or folded out for landing Cockpit has rotating panel and bracket where figure can sit Array flips back and forth Bottom hatch opens Accessories are interchangeable between all Star Wars Toybox figures Collect all of our Star Wars Toybox action figures, each sold separately Part of the Star Wars Toybox Collection
  14. With the Dec 5th opening (Walt Disney World) of Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction, "Rise Of The Resistance", also come the merchandise launch, including clothing, toys, and more (Check out the IMAGE GALLERY below). One of the items now available is a toy version of the ride vehicle with droid action figure. (Source: DisneyPark Blog) Here are some in-hand images
  15. Disney's Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance Attraction Opens December 5th At Walt Disney World Rise Of The Resistance, the Experience that will put guests in the middle of the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order, is finally set to open today (Dec 5th) at Walt Disney World Resort, and then, on Friday, January 17th, at Disneyland Resort. Here;s a look at the attraction
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