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  1. Sure thing... Here you go! He even has his little tattoo on his arm. Already seen these selling on Ebay for $80 plus! Crazy!... Still a good set though... But $80?!... Come on! Why has collecting turned into this?!
  2. Not sure if this is being discussed anywhere else, but I just wanted to say... The new Jabba's Throne set exclusive to Walmart is simply... Terrific! I have wanted an updated throne set for years, and hasbro deffinitely did not disappoint! His throne is massive... it has all of these individual little pillows that go on it. Salacious Crumb... Oola... Jabba himself (rubbery body with bendable tail)... Hell, the throne even rolls and everything! If you do not have one... find it!... buy it!... any Star Wars fan that remembers the old 1983 one will absolutely soil themselves over this one! Simply terrific!
  3. WEll... Who'd have thunk it?! My Hasbro tale of Sgt. Slaughter woe took an even worse turn today. I received my "order shipped" email from Hasbro on Tuesday. Today a Fed-Ex truck pulls into my driveway and I meet the driver at my door. Finally... FINALLY, I will at least have my 2 USA Deco Slaughters (I had ordered 2, one for myself and another I had offered to another member here) that I had ordered during the 15 minutes of fame frenzy when the Sarge finally showed up on Hasbro's site. I wanted (want) the Triple T version, but the USA will do for now. I cut open the huge box and pull all of the unnecessary packing paper out to find my Sarge looking up at me. Finally... Sarge is home! But wait... What's this?! There is only "my Sarge" looking up at me. One... not two... ONE! I frantically search the box for some sort of packing slip... Something! There is nothing! I head over to my email to double check my emails and all of them ( the order confirmation, the shipping confirmation, my Paypal confirmation)... All of them are for 2 (!) USA Deco Sgt. Slaughters!! WTF?! I ordered 2... my Paypal account was charged for 2... I got 1!! I am just wondering if they are shipping them seperately?! Has this happened to anyone else?! I have sent Hasbro another email... I am even more flabergasted by this whole experience. Luckily I was able to find the Wal-mart exclusive Jabba's Throne at Wally World the other day or I would be so pissed at Hasbro. Luckily Jabba is such an awesome figure... I will wait and see what Hasbro does to clarify this problem before giving up completely!
  4. I sent this after about 2 hours of the figures showing on the site, with no pictures, and saying out of stock. I asked them if these figures were truly out of stock or if they had never been in stock to begin with. I then asked, if they hadn't been in stock at all, when were they expected to be. Last, I asked if they had indeed been sold out, would any more be made available. Those were the questions I asked, and that was the (oh so) helpful response I received.
  5. I sent Hasbro Customer Service a question regarding the "out of stock" Slaughter firgures on Monday when they first appeared (without pics anyway) for sale. I heard nothing until today. Look at this VERY helpful... VERY insightful response. I don't know about everyone else, but this helped me out A LOT... Dear Jamie, Thank you for contacting HasbroToyShop.com. Thank you for your interest in our products. In regards to your inquiry, we do apologize, but unfortunately, the items in question are currently out of stock. We encourage you to check the website frequently for updates. We greatly appreciate your business. If you have additional questions, please visit our website, www.HasbroToyShop.com, or contact our Customer Service Center via e-mail at CustomerService@HasbroToyShop.com or phone at 1-800-408-0052. Sincerely, Florence D. HasbroToySop.com CustomerServiceRep Check out the website frequently? Man... I sure as hell am glad that they were able to give me some information on what to do! I had NEVER thought of that! HOORAY HASBRO!!!! HOORAY FLORENCE!!!! You get a gold star! Maybe they'll dumb that down a little for us next time.
  6. Do we have any real confirmation on this? Yes, I can deffinitely confirm that the USA version did go on sale today. I have already received my confirmation email. They sold out in about 10 minutes. I believe they went on sale around 12:00 or 12:10. I can't remember. Which standard time? Thank you. Eastern. I'm in North Carolina. Thank you, set the alarm, sgt. slaughter hopefully in stock tomorrow...... Hey JD... I ordered 2 today... one for me and one for another member here, but they got one themselves. I will sell it to you at cost plus the shipping. I will just split the bill down the middle. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks...
  7. Do we have any real confirmation on this? Yes, I can deffinitely confirm that the USA version did go on sale today. I have already received my confirmation email. They sold out in about 10 minutes. I believe they went on sale around 12:00 or 12:10. I can't remember. Which standard time? Thank you. Eastern. I'm in North Carolina.
  8. Do we have any real confirmation on this? Yes, I can deffinitely confirm that the USA version did go on sale today. I have already received my confirmation email. They sold out in about 10 minutes. I believe they went on sale around 12:00 or 12:10. I can't remember.
  9. Great story. I am glad you got them! I preordered them as well... WEEKS ago, but the seller I bought from has not contacted me or answered any of my emails. I paid $99.99 for the set. Not sure what's going on. He had 100% positive feedback and guaranteed me he'd score them for me. This sucks!
  10. Same with the Transformers Blaster that I also wanted... Hopefully there be a second or third run like last year... Just wanted to let you know that Blaster is back in stock accordingto the Hasbro site a few minutes ago. I hope you get one!
  11. I'm double pissed now! I had these on pre-order with a guy on Ebay who has 100% positive feedback and I thought could be trusted to get them. I ordered the set and he said that he had filled every single preorder he had ever listed and guaranteed he'd get them for me. He also said he would contact me and let me know as soon as he got them or if for some reason he couldn't get them. He told me I would hear from him no later than this morning. I have heard NOTHING! I have contacted him numerous times during the show when I heard the variant had sold out, as well as numerous times this morning with no response. This whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I don't have acarded set, or the set I was going to buy from Hasbro's site this morning to open! Not to mention the cash I paid that guy to get them for me... and it was more than I wanted to spend in the first place, but most on here know that you do it because you love collecting. I am just at a loss over this.
  12. I started watching the Hasbro Toyshop website at 6 am this morning for the SDCC Sgt. Slaughter figures to go on sale. I refreshed the page every 10 minutes as I went about my morning. At 11:14 I refreshed the page again. Nothing! I poured myself some Mt. Dew, got some potato chips, then came back and hit refresh again. The time 11:22. The figure was finally listed... as OUT OF STOCK!!! What the hell?! They listed the figure and sold out of BOTH versions in 8 minutes?! I thought that only happened with Masters of the Universe Classics! I am truly pissed at the amount of time I wasted watching for this thing. Ridiculous! I guess it's off to Ebay now if I am going to find one. Hasbro has let me down... hell, toy collecting has let me down. I just can't believe it!
  13. I started watching the Hasbro toyshop website this morning at 6 am. I refreshed the "exclusive G.I Joe" page every 10 minutes waiting for Sgt. Slaughter to show up. I checked at 11:14... nothing! I poured myself some Mt. Dew, got a couple potato chips, came back to the computer, hit refresh... the damn things were already listed as out of stock! This was at 11:22! Do you mean to tell me that they hit the website and BOTH versions sold out in 8 minutes?! Jeeze... Give m,e a break!
  14. What are you looking for for the Dent and Wayne figures? I have all of them but those. Thanks...
  15. I believe that came from the Robot Chicken Star Wars special that is available on DVD. Boba is talking to Han frozen in Carbonite in the Slave 1. It's funny as hell! It turns a little homoerotic at the end... LOL!
  16. I would LOVE to see some pics of your DX Joker! Mine is scheduled to arrive on the 22 and I can't wait! I don't know why mine is taking so long to get here. I've had the darn thing preordered since April!
  17. To my friend DikTator32... I got the call from my store yesterday and went to pick up a total of 8 of these boxes. I looked at them in the store and found that EVERY LAST ONE of them had scratches all over them. Most didn't have the little rubber stickers either that you put on the bottoms to make them level. I am so sorry. I was needing another one for my DX Joker tas well. I was really pissed. Anyway, I still have the other store looking for me. As far as the size you are needing for your larger figures... They also make a box that is 15 " X 6.5" X 6.5". That is the biggest I can find. Would that work? Let me know and I will add that to my search. The only thing I have personally that is bigger is a flimsy plastic doll display stand that is 13" X 11" X 11". It is nowhere near as sturdy as my Pioneer cases, but it still looks good and would keep your figures nice and dust free. Again, sorry fo the long wait. I am at the store's mercy.
  18. Thanks a lot for the reply and the heads up. Yeah! Let me know if you are able to get youre hands on some of those extra cases. When it comes to my collection nothing drives me more crazy than dust, it gets everywhere! There are, actually a couple of hobby stores out near where I live. I will be checking those to see if they have some cases similar to the ones you have. Thanks again and, oh by the way did I mention "nice collection"! I went to the store today and they were sold out. I did get them to contact some of their other stores and they are trying to get me some shipped to their store so I can pick them up. The manager is supposed to call me when they show up. I will keep you posted. BTW, how many do you think you might need? I am going to get as many as I can just so I can put them up for future releases. Let me know...
  19. Bank Robber Joker went up for sale on the 15th last month... Is there going to be one for November or is all lost for the Movie Masters?
  20. Here are a few more pics of the Hot Toys Jokers and cases. I know the last Joker is the Medicom Joker (which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be), but I just wanted to let you see that most 1/6 figures fit these cases. Also... Diktator32, if you have trouble finding any of these, let me know. I will see if the Moore's store nearby (I have 2 about 45 minutes away) has any left. They were on clearance for $10 last time I was there. I think the usual price is around $16. If they have some, I'll get you some. I have to buy one more anyway for the Police Joker (since there are practically 2 figures in that one) after I buy another Hot Toys body for the extra costume. Hope I helped.
  21. Dude!!! How and where do I go to get some of those cases? I want some to display my HOT TOYS Terminator figures in. I won't open them until I have some of those protective cases to display them in. Nice collection by the way! They are PIONEER 13X 51/2 X 5 Display Cases. I get mine from a store here in NC called A.C. Moore's. It is a crafts/collectibles store. I have no idea how widespread they are. There are also quite a few sellers on Ebay that have them. I ordered 2 from there before I found them in stores. They are mostly used for diecast Nacscar collectibles. You might try any collectibles or craft store. If not, like I said, Ebay has quite a few most of the time. They are PERFECT for these figures though. They allow a full 360 degree view without worry of dust or anything else that might get on them. I also have the extra heads that I am not using (plus a couple custom Joker heads I purchased on Ebay) in small little Hot wheels boxes that came with "Connect Cars" which are cars featuring details from all 50 states. These are perfect for Hot Toys head display in that they are sort of like little display case legos... they connect together like Legos so that you can stack them on top of each other, or end to end, and they won't fall. I will try and post more pics of my collection tonight.
  22. I currently own 6 Hot Toys Joker figures (2 customs, one of which not shown of Jail Cell Joker) and I think they are the GREATEST figures of all time! I have the DX Police Joker on preorder and can't wait until I get it! Hot Toys is the BEST company out there! Also... Thanks to some late nights on Ebay, I haven't had to pay too much for any of these figures. Just one was over $100. Patience... patience... patience.
  23. AWESOME!!!! I am so excited to see the return of (what I think is) the best written and most entertaining cartoon EVER!! Finally, more "good" cartoons on Cartoon Network. Emphasis on "cartoon"... I still can't believe they have stupid kid gameshows and "America's Funniest Video... Jackass" reality style shows. It's CARTOON Network people!!!!
  24. I got 2 of these Joker figures and they aren't as bad as I thought. I wasn't going to order them (not at $20 anyway), but a friend ordered a couple and I traded some other figures he needed for them. I like the head more than I thought I would. It looks more like the bank robber mask in person than it did in the pics on mattycollector. $20 bucks is still ridiculous though... But I may be a little biased... I hate Mattel and how they kill every line they touch! I do have one major problem with the figure though... THAT DAMN USELESS MASK ACCESSORY!!!!! What is the freakin' point?! And to top it off, the one that came with this figure is even worse than the one that came with the Gotham City Thug figure. I don't know about everyone else's (who ordered this figure), but the mask accessory with mine looks fat! It's distorted and looks stoooopid! It has these funny bulges under the ears that look like fat neck rolls. Just odd! Anyway, not a bad figure... Just a bad price!
  25. I think the head on the jail cell Joker looks just like the head on the Mattel 12 inch Joker that was/is exclusive to TRU stores. Only difference I see is the hair hanging down over the face. If you all have that 12 incher, compare the two and let me know what you think. The back of the 12 inch Joker even states: "In the making of BATMAN 6" figures a 12" model is created to maximize detail when reduced down in scale. The 12" figure you are holding has been tooled 1 to 1 from a 12" model and shows exceptional detail especially at this scale! These 12" figures feature exquisite paint highlights and critical points of articulation. Perfect for play or display!" I just think they used the head sculpt on the 12 inch figure for the 6 inch. Anyone else agree with me or am I just seeing something that noone else is seeing? Still, I have the Hot Toys Jokers, so no headsculpt in the world is going to impress me now... LOL!
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