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  1. My husband knows the manager at one of the local Dollar General stores and she told him that they haven't heard anything at all about any GI Joe figures. She told him that they are still sitting on a bunch of the older "dollar store" figures like Televiper, Ace, and Dusty. We also spoke with the manager at the local Family Dollar and she didn't know anything about them either. She told us that they deffinitely didn't have any peg signage or anything to put out. Nothing was showing up on orders or truck info either. It looks like, if these figures are coming, it's going to be a while. We can't wait for them. I think they look a lot better than the Retaliation figures.
  2. Wow! Sounds like you really lucked up! My husband and I are still bigger fans of the vintage figures. I paid $15 for a Sgt. Slaughter baton a few weeks ago on Ebay. If you come across the vintage Snow Serpent accessories, keep me in mind. I bought one that just had a backpack and one snow shoe. The figure is mint as can be, but I need to rest of his stuff.
  3. Just a quick heads up to everyone still looking for Zombie Vipers. My husband and I took a trip to the Raleigh / Durham area in North Carolina which involved driving from almost the furthest point west in NC all tha way down on I-40. We stopped at every TRU, Target, Walmart, Ross, Marshalls, Walgreens, and any other locale that looked like it might have toys. Both the TRU and Target in Hickory, NC had over five Zombie Vipers (at buy one get one half price), and Target had three at $7.99. Raleigh Walgreens on Wake Forest Road (or Avenue... I can't remember) had three as well. I also stopped at various other stores on the way back home and found that almost EVERY Walgreens had him. The TRU in Greensboro and Winston Salem also had a couple. Maybe that is the place to look right now. Just wanted to let you know... In case you have a Walgreens nearby. NOONE had Renegades Storm Shadow though. Hope I could help...
  4. Yep, back to normal now. This morning threw me off I guess. They had the 2009 SDCC exclusives and everything on there. CGC graded 25th figures. All out of stock, but it was fun looking back at all those horrible ROC figures my husband and I skipped on.
  5. Anyone else notice something screwy going on with hasbrotoyshop.com? After MONTHS of showing the same "21 of 21 items shown" in the GI Joe section, I go there this morning and see "27 of 251 items shown". NEW STUFF?!? I'm excited! Until I see that it is all just "out of stock" 25th Anniversary and Rise of Cobra items. M.A.R.S. trooper and officer 3 pack is even back up to $24.99 from $6.99. Newer stuff was all gone even. No listing anymore for the Sky Striker, Crimson H.I.S.S. tank... Nothing. Just a bunch of old stuff that disappeared from the site long before the SDCC Zarana craziness... Have I stepped back in time? Did an earthquake plunge me into the Land of the Lost?! What's the deal... anyone?
  6. One other thing... Does anyone out there know what's going on with the Hasbro Toy Shop. After MONTHS of going hsbrotoyshop.com and seeing the same old "21 of 21 items shown", I went there this morning and saw "27 of 251 items shown" ! I was excited, thinking we might have some new merchandise on there. WRONG!! It was nothing but "out of stock" 25th Anniversary and Rise of Cobra stuff. The usual items that had been there for months were mostly gone. On top of that, the $6.99 M.A.R.S trooper and officer 3-pack was back to $24.99. Have I gone back in time or something? I am a little confused. Anyone know what it's all about?
  7. My husband and I both collect GI Joe figures (I know... weird right? Two Joe fans finding each other in this cruel world...), and like many of you, we have found NOTHING new since well before Christmas. We lucked up and found all of the Zombie Viper wave (except for Storm Shadow of course) about two weeks before Christmas and that has been it. Unfortunately we also live in a very small town with no major stores except for Walmart. We are at least an hour away from any Target, TRU, etc. I see mention on here of a lot of collectors finding figures in grocery stores. Our grocery stores carry absolutley no toys worth mentioning (except maybe Hot Wheels and the occasional holiday themed Barbie) and have never had Joes. Also, our Rite Aid and CVS (no Walgreens either) carry Joes, but they have had nothing more than one or two figures at a time, and still have Rise of Cobra figures on the pegs. I found Hawk, Cobra Eel, Agent Helix, and Sgt. Stone just last weekend at Rite Aid, and Sgt. Stalker and Arctic Destro from the Pursuit of Cobra line at CVS. I guess I am just curious as to why Joes have apparently fallen off the face of the earth. I mean, I go to Walmart every day and find nothing. They can keep The Corps figures in stock but cannot keep a line that sells out on a regular basis. I just fail to understand. My husband even has a friend that works there and he hasn't seen anything. One thing that really puzzles us is this though... Our Walmart's action figure aisle is almost empty. The only new arrivals since Christmas have been some Star Wars figures that came in about a week or two before the rerelease of Phantom Menace in 3D. The other night, we were at the store picking up some everyday items and came across pallets sitting in the middle of the aisle with new merchandise on them. We counted FIVE cases of new Star Wars figures. 2 cases of Clone Wars, 2 cases of the Vintage Collection, and one vehicle case. There were also two cases of new Mattel WWE 2-packs (not that it matters, but they do play a part in this... as the WWE figures are almost completely sold out as well). We got our stuff and decided to head home and conme back out the next day to see what new Star Wars figures had shown up. Any port in a storm when looking for new figures. We no longer collect Star Wars, but we do enjoy checking out the new selections. When we got to the store, NOTHING new was out. All of those cases of new merchandise were gone already?! There is no possible way. We know most of the collectors in this town, and none of them saw anything new. It's like these cases of new merchandise just disappeared. How can this be? So, do they just keep new stuff in the back? Are they selling cases to someone that swoops in during the night and then buys and sells them on Ebay? I am confused. I know that we both used to work at a Walmart, third shift stocking crew, and every once in a while we would buy one or two figures out of the cases for our collection (hey... one of the perks working stock crew at Walmart or any other store selling collectible toys), but we were never allowed to buy entire cases, and we could only buy the few figures we got after our shift was done, and after they had been put out on the sales floor. I guess I am just a little put off at the state of collecting these days. The joy of finding figures and the excitement of finding that one holy grail that you have been looking for for weeks is gone. I used to love going on all day toy hunting trips and finding something every time I went out. Now it is nothing but dissapointing. Does anyone else feel this way? I hate the subscription mess. I hate the "only available on Mattycollector.com". I hate the hassle of Ebay and paying outrageous prices. I hate all the shortpacked, one per case (if that) figures. I have just gotten to the point where collecting is no longer fun. It's more like work. Now, after wasting all of your time reading my rants, I would like to ask for some help from the collecting community. If anyone out there has a Ross nearby (yet another store we do not have), if you could help me and my husband out, we would like to offer to purchase the H.I.S.S. and the Armour Cycle that some folks have been finding. We would be more than happy to pay for your time and energy to get them as well. We would have to spend gas money and such if we drove the hour trip, one way, to the nearest Ross store, so we would be more than happy to pay for your time. So... If anyone can help, we'd appreciate it. I am going to end my post here by saying that we appreciate your time and any help we can get. We love GI Joe and the collecting community out there. And lastly, my husband surprised me with a great gift for our anniversary. We had a great night out together, and since we don't do the traditional gift giving thing, it shocked me when he gave me a surprise gift. A brand new, mint on card, Renegades Storm Shadow. He got it off of Ebay... I wouldn't, and still won't, let him tell me how much it cost.
  8. I also got Crazy Legs and Rock Viper. I wish they had used a different head on Rock Viper to make him look more like the original... That funky triangular looking helmet with the green goggles. I also found it weird that they used the extra, pack in head that came with Zartan for Crazy Legs. Maybe that's who Zartan is supposed to be instead of some nameless guy infiltrating the Joe ranks.
  9. I just sent you a message! Thanks for letting me know. I hope we can work out a deal!
  10. Hey... Would anyone who got the Dial Tone figure consider a trade for the 2010 SDCC Sgt. Slaughter (Triple T) figure? I could also trade both Sarges... USA and Triple T for the Dial Tone and Leatherneck. Please contact me if interested. I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay and can give pics of the figures if needed. It's just that I have EVERY carded 25th figure and would love to add the Dial Tone. Thanks!
  11. Looks like I was a little late letting everyone know about these. That's what sucks about living in a small town in North Carolina. By the time stuff gets here it is old news. Not as many collectors though, so I guess it balances out.
  12. Just wanted to let everyone know that I found the M.A.R.S. Rise of Cobra 3-pack at Ross' today for $6.99. I think the Hasbro Toy Site has it at the same price, but no shipping if you are near one... and don't have to spend a lot on gas to get there. I also picked up a Pursuit of Cobra Fury vehicle with Alley Viper Officer for $11.99!!! The best deal of the two. Like I said... Just wanted to give a heads up.
  13. And so it begins... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290540494477&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  14. This is the kind of crap that got me out of collecting for the longest time! I was really excited about being able to add Dial Tone to my carded 25th Anniversary collection, so I join the fan club. Now I find out that the only way to get the carded figure is to buy it from some price gouger on Ebay because it is only available at JoeCon! What the hell!? I love the old card art, so having the figure carded was the most important thing to me. Now I could care less. SUX!!!
  15. here u go http://www.bigbadtoy...829&mode=retail i would love to but i cant this yr. i hope i can next yr. $400...?... Is that around what they cost at the show, or is that some buffed up steroid price? I've never been to the shows and usually just buy the pieces I want off of Ebay, but wow! I never thought they'd be that expensive. I gave $60 for the Crimson Strike Tomax and Xamot from 2007, I believe, in the 25th style, but $400 for one or two that I want... and then some I could really care less about?! I don't really have room to display them all loose, so I usually leave all of my 25th Anniversary style figures on card and hang them on the wall, and put all that came with vehicles or in box sets in small ziploc style bags with their filecards and hang them as well. I just don't have very much shelf space since I have all of my figures in my workroom. I just love the 25th style for the nastalgia reasons. Is anyone going that would want to sell bits and pieces from the set? I really want the Leatherneck to go with my 25th collection. I wouldn't mind having a few more, but that is the one I really want. Thanks for the link though xhairs... I appreciate it... Just can't afford it
  16. Any chance of anyone going picking me up a set of the exclusive figures? I am really wanting the 25th / 30th style Leatherneck, but would be interested in the set. Anyone know usual cost and could help? Thanks.
  17. My Walmart still has the 4 that they have been sitting on for weeks. They have become shelf warmers around here in North Carolina. Price is still $38.88.
  18. Wow! Those look awesome! Do you make these for people to buy? I would love to have individual cards for all of the figures that came in multi packs or the comic 2-packs. I always loved the card art... Now and when I was a kid and had all of the originals. I would love to have 25th anniversary cards for my Dusty, Alpine, Tunnel Rat, Alley Viper, Dr. Mindbender, etc.
  19. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up... If you haven't been to Walmart lately and are still looking for this set, they have started showing up again. My local Walmart has had 4 for about a week now, and the Walmart about 40 minutes away from me had 4 as well. They are priced at $38.88 (here in western North Carolina anyway). Just thought I'd pass this along.
  20. Even though I never got my second Slaughter figure, at 11:00 Eastern this morning, the Hasbro Toy Shop site has the USA version listed as "Add To Cart". Just wanted to pass the info along.
  21. Even though I never got my second Slaughter figure, at 11:00 Eastern this morning, the Hasbro Toy Shop site has the USA version listed as "Add To Cart". Just wanted to pass the info along.
  22. It is Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 11:00 am Eastern time and the Hasbro Toy Shop site has the USA version of Sgt. Slaughter listed as in stock with "Add to Cart" in blue underneath him. I already have it, but I was able to go all the way through the order process and then didn't hit "confirm payment". Just wanted to let everyone know!
  23. I could care less at this point! Hell, I am still waiting for my second USA version of Slaughter that I ordered and never received. It has been weeks now... I ordered two USA Slaughters, received one and was still charged for two and still have gotten no refund or information. I sent an email to Hasbro with no response so far. I am sick of refreshing that page every 10 minutes for fear that they will sell out in 15 minutes like they did with the USA, or in (what appeared to be) 5 minutes with the Triple T variant. I am sick of this whole mess. Thanks a lot Hasblow!
  24. I got mine off the shelf. It was the last one at my Walmart. I saw the 2 others on shelf at another Walmart about an hour away. I was back at my local Walmart today and they had not gotten anything else. Problem with my Walmart is this... they haven't been getting a lot of stock as they are getting ready to switch to a Super Walmart.
  25. $34.97 at the Walmarts here in N.C. I've seen them at 2 different stores so far. If I see any more I will pick them up for people on here that can't get them at cost plus shipping. I'll post if I find them and you all can let me know if you need them.
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