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  1. I'm in NC and found mot of them...all except the Sandtrooper. Take that stock number mentioned above and ask the employees to check for you. According to most managers, they aren't really supposed to be out until October / November, so a lot of stores are holding them in the back.
  2. ...man, it's like the principal hounding you to rat out your friends! I have a feeling a lot of Walgreens are guilty of this "violation" because these new figures are all over ebay now. I think I'll take that number and head to a Walgreens today to try my luck. Vader is calling to me! Don't bother! I actually took a trip out of ton and visited 7 different Walgreens during my travels and was able to find every one of the new figures except the Sandtrooper. I can honestly say that I have never been more le down by a set of figures. Chewie is ok, the Prototype Fett is good, but the Luke and Vader are nothing to write home about. The paintjob on Luke's face is horrible and his legs look too short! He is also deathly skinny which makes his head look HUGE! lol To quote Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, He looks like a "frickin' Jack in the box!" Vader is just horrible. His eyes are way too big (helmet, not actual face) and his mask is just so flat. There is no definition to it. Then, the top dome part of the helmet is just too small. Add to that the flat black paint that should have been shiny like Han's boots or something and it just keeps getting worse. His arms are also too skinny... they just don't fit. It just seems like the quality of this line is just getting worse and worse. They started getting bad when Bespin Luke came out, and they have been bad ever since. Bespin Luke looks more like Droopy Dog, Anakin Looks like Frankie Muniz with long hair, and now Jedi Luke has freakishly short legs and bad painted crossed eyes and Vader... well, Vader is just a disappointment. It kills me too because Hasbro really showed us what they were capable of when sculpting helmeted figures with Boba and that beautiful Stormtrooper, but they really dropped the ball with everyone's favorite bad guy. I was looking forward to Jedi Luke and Vader more than any others as they were my favorites as a youngster, but I am extremely let down. I will say that my experience with Walgreens has been a story in itself though. I have learned that each store manager is as different as night and day (some were really terrific and did everything they could to help me during my search... others didn't care at all and acted like it was an insult and just too much for them to do to even check their stock or computers for those numbers. My dealings with their customer service on the phone was also a nightmare Now I know which Walgreens to go to though if there is ever another exclusive I am trying to find.
  3. That's basically what I told them! Heck, eBay is overflowing with them! It just makes me mad that I have had not only this Boba Fett, but this entire wave, plus the wave before it, pre-ordered for MONTHS and haven't gotten a thing! Kinda makes no sense to pre-order anything when they show up in stores WAY before the pre-orders show up!
  4. Should say "Not sure" in the last sentence... not "Bot sure" lol
  5. The more and more I think about what happened to me today, the more I think it was total nonsense. I mean, WHY on earth would the customer service people make such a big deal about a simple toy?! And why, if there was any legitimacy to what they were saying, WHY would store managers sell something that they might get fired for? Maybe these people were poking a little fun at me? Bot sure if that makes me feel any better, or even more upset!@grumpy@
  6. I appreciate the info and decided to call a store to check on the availability before making a 45 minute drive to my nearest Walgreens. Before I did that though, I made a quick call to the walgreens.com customer service to check on my pre-order status and to ask why these seem to be available everywhere before any of the pre-orders have shipped. The girl I spoke with at customer service checked my order and said that these were "not in stock" and that they had "stopped taking orders for them" and then told me that they would not be available until November. When I told her what you had said about the item number and so many people finding them in stores, she then transferred me to another customer service rep. I then had to tell the same story to them. Long story short, the person I spoke with then asked me where these stores were that were selling them and said that those figures were not supposed to be on the shelves until November and that any manager selling these beforehand would be in serious trouble. He said it was like putting dvds out on shelves before their release date (which a Walgreens I had gone into on a trip a week before the Man of Steel Bluray came out and had them on the shelf until I tried to buy one and they were taken to the back) and that was not allowed. This guy would not stop as he kept probing me to tell him where the stores were that these figures were being found. I then told him to just check eBay as these figures were showing up everywhere, and he said that whoever was selling them early would get in serious trouble once the sales reports were all turned in and these were seen as being sold in their store. He said that was a "serious breach of their policy" and that the store managers could be fired! "These items have a specific release date and ARE NOT to be sold early. Employees can be fired for doing so." Sheesh... seems a little severe for a toy! Anyway, I decided to call my nearest Walgreens and gave them the number, 352867, and the associate told me to wait and she would check. She then got back on the line about 30 seconds later and said the manager would be with me in a moment. After about 2 or 3 minutes, the manager got on and said that they had nothing by that number. She then asked, "Is that for a Darth Vader thing?" To which I said that yes, he was a figure in the assortment. She then said that, "We are doing some resets, so you might want to check back in a month or so." I thanked her and hung up. Seems to me a little strange what I was told by the customer service, but that is what I got! NOTHING! lol
  7. I just went to walgreens.com to check on my two Proto Bobas that I have on pre-order and check out what the text under the pic of that figure says... http://www.walgreens.com/search/results.jsp?Ntt=boba+fett Funny huh? "Not sold in stores"! Yet everyone is finding them in stores and I still have not gotten my pre-order! I wish I had a store near me, but there are none within at least an hours drive. Can anyone out there that has a Walgreens anywhere near help me out?!
  8. Maybe it was supposed to be Chewie? Remember Hasbro showed him off in the smaller orange/black packaging in a wonky looking pose? But then they apparently thought better of it and pushed him back so he'd only appear in the updated packaging. Hadn't thought about that. Makes perfect sense. It leaves a strange hole in my collection though... lol
  9. Yeah, the others are going to be available wherever the Black figures are sold. Speaking of which, I have a question that I was wondering if anyone could help me out with... I recently got the Anakin and Clone Trooper figures and noticed something strange about their numbering. As everyone knows, every figure so far has been numbered, and from what I have seen of the boxes so far, that numbering system begins all over again with the new blue boxed figures, thus ending the numbering of the orange figures. Until I received my Anakin and Clone Trooper in the mail last week, Bespin Luke was my last, numbered 11. Then when I got my package in the mail, I noticed that Anakin is numbered 12 and the Clone Trooper is 14! Who is number 13?! Can anyone out there help me out? Does anyone know why they left a hole where 13 should be? I have looked at numerous auctions and such for the Stormtrooper and Boba Fett, the other figures that round out this wave, and they all have the same numbers they had before. I am just a little confused.
  10. This is the kind of stuff that really pisses me off! I have had the Boba Fett pre-ordered from Walgreens for over a month now, and have had this series of Black figures pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth even longer, and they are BOTH all over eBay and I haven't gotten a darn thing! Why even pre-order?! I had a case of the Speeder Bike and Jabba pre-ordered from EE as well and found them at K-Mart weeks ago. I cancelled that order, and it looks like I am more than likely going to find Vader, Chewbacca, Jedi Luke, and the new Sand trooper in stores before EE ever gets them in. Heck, EE hasn't even gotten the Anakain and Clone Trooper in yet either! @grumpy@
  11. Sorry that posted twice... Computer burped!
  12. My husband and I had a great day yesterday! The morning saw the arrival of his SDCC Jabba that a buyer of his picked up for him at the con. Outstanding figure by the way... The box is so awesome! Then, since we didn't have kids for the first time this summer, we went out of town to do a little toy shopping. We stopped at a K-Mart and found both the Speeder Bike as well as the retail version of Jabba! BOTH the SDCC and retail versions of Jabba in one day! Then we headed to TRU and found the Han and Greedo "Cantina Showdown" set! After that we headed to Target and saw some new, larger size figures there. Not sure exactly how big, but they had a Vader that was a shrunk down version of the 31 inch tall Vader that came out last year. They also had a Chewbacca in that same scale. Both were nice, but we don't really have room for a lot of 12 or 18 inch figures. Needless to say, yesterday was the best Thursday I think we have ever had!
  13. I just pre-ordered 2 Boba Fetts from walgreens.com and got free shipping for an order over $25! The site also lists a release date of 10/15/14
  14. Does the article on the Walgreens Boba Fett say that it will be available August, 2015 ?! That sounds like FOR-EVER! lol
  15. We have looked everywhere and no one seems to have it. Amazon has it for around $580 plus shipping, and most eBay auctions are between $350 and $600 plus shipping.
  16. HI... my husband and I are trying to find a mint in box Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon... Can anyone give me a reasonable asking price for one? We have found a seller that has one and is asking $300 including shipping. Is that a good deal or should we hold out? Any help or advice?
  17. The "regular" Jabba is coming out later this year as an oversized figure as well as a Biker Scout with Speeder Bike, just in a different box without the hooka and Salacious Crumb. I( know you can already preorder them at dorksidetoys.com... Listed as being released as a fourth quarter 2014. I just wish the regular Jabba came with the throne. Kinda sucks having Jabba with no throne. Why couldn't the Crumb be the exclusive part and everyone get that awesome display box?!
  18. Looks like my husband and I, who are huge Star Wars fans (especially Jabba) are going to miss out on this one as well. I am truly upset that this is a SDCC exclusive. Ebay sellers already have it for preorder for over $200. Oh well... Looks like Hasbro has screwed us again. Too bad... such a beautiful set and display.
  19. I have been away for a while and not sure if this has been mentioned in another thread, but my husband and I just saw the Jail Cell Joker (the one with the goofy bazooka) and the Bank Robber Joker figures from the Mattel Movie Masters line at Ollie's for $5.99. There were around 20 to 25 Cell Jokers and around 10 Bank Robber Jokers. Just thought I'd pass it along if noone else has. Not a bad stocking stuffer if you still need that Robber figure.
  20. I have just found a complete set of Dollar General excluive figures (minus Cobra Trooper) that I am willing to trade. Someone just in front of me got the trooper (I tried to talk him out of it(, but I do have all the other figures: Duke, Shipwreck, Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, along with the white shipping case that the figures come in. I was a few seconds too late to get the whole set. I am needing the Ross Armour Cycle, H.I.S.S. Scout, and any Retaliation Cobra Troopers I can get. Preferrably the Armour Cycle or H.I.S.S. Scout. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
  21. Here's a new report for all you collectors out there! I had to travel out of town today to a destination that I do not get to that often. There are three Dollar Generals in this town, 2 new ones, and the old one that is part of a building that is shared with Big Lots. I went into the newest one and found nothing. Then I went into the older store and found nothing... then I went into the oldest new one (does that even make sense!?) and saw a small child carrying around a Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Oh Crap!?! Here I go beating it to the toys aisle. I search and find nothing. So, being the talker that I am, I go and find the kid that had them and ask where he found them (greeting his mother first of course... I am not going to just talk to a child and get carted off for being some sort of freak). He then leads me to an aisle, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GROCERY SECTION where he found them. Yes, the grocery section! There, smack between an aisle with breakfast cereal and an aisle with assorted snacks, was an aisle with toys! WHAT?! No wonder I can't find these things in the stores! On this aisle was a selection of dolls, figures, and board games, along with a crapload of Combat Heroes and guess what... a Cobra Commander and a Shipwreck! Captain Crunch, Cobra Commander, and Shipwreck! All on one aisle. This is what I mean by "check every aisle in Dollar General for these figures" because these stores are a complete and total mess! No telling how many stores I have been to and couldn't find anything because I wasn't looking between the cereal and snack aisles! Sheesh! So, long story short, I have a Shipwreck and a Cobra Commander that I am willing to trade if anyone has any Retaliation toys they may want to get rid of. Get in touch with me if interested. If I don't get any trade interest, I will just sell them at cost to whomever contacts me first. I would like to have some Retaliations though if I can trade for some. Thanks guys and go back to your local Dollar Generals and look in every nook and cranny. They could be ANYWHERE! By the way... I asked the child in the store if he was going to get the figures or if he was just carrying them around trying to convince his mom to buy them. He went and asked his mom and she said "maybe" I followed them around, just out of sight for a minute hoping that she would pass when the figures rang up at $6 each. She had three other children with her who were all getting much cheaper toys. They got in line, the kid asked one last time, and mom caved. I was still holding onto hope that the price would deter her. The cashier rang everything up and gave her the total. The mom hesitated a moment,, then paid. I guess she didn't realize what they had cost along with he few grocery items and the other kids' toys. I was defeated, but at least I got these two.
  22. I have been seeing A LOT of commercials for the stripper movie, "Magic Mike", or some such nonsense over the past couple weeks. Being a heterosexual woman, I can find NOTHING attractive about Channing Tatum. He is a horrible actor (in my opinion) and acts like the exact same character in every movie he is in. As soon as they reported he was playing Duke in ROC I made the mistake of watching some of his movies to see what I thought. Then I made the mistake of watching him act like some sort of street wise ex con janitor in some horrible dancing movie for about 5 minutes late one night on MTV while flipping through channels. Him dying in Retaliation would not hurt my feelings at all. I just wish they'd cut him out completely and reboot with another actor playing Duke. In response to the question of knowing how he was a male stripper befor becoming an actor... I know that I have an Entertainment Weekly magazine (I bought a subscription through my husband's nephew to help him win some sort of prize for selling the most magazine subscriptions at his elementary school) where he talks about it. He was indeed a male stripper to pay his way before becoming an actor. He should have stuck to being a stripper I guess because he has the acting ability of a boulder.
  23. Don't feel too bad about that! My town has four and there are around 20 or more within about 20 to 30 minutes driving distance. I live in rural Western N.C. and Dollar Generals seem to pop up around here overnight. I can say though that out of all of those stores, only two have gotten these figures. The one where I got my set, and the one where another collector I know got his. That's it. I am at most of the stores every Friday morning or Saturday because I have been told by all that trucks come in on Thursdays and they don't unload toys until Friday or Saturday. I was reading on another forum that the reason these are so hard to find is because they have no peg space on the stores' planagrams, so they are using the pegs that had, or have, the Marvel Univers figures because they are already marked at $6. Then, when they sell out, the managers order the empty pegs. Thus more MU show up instead of the GI Joes. I guess we can take that with a grain of salt, but none of the stores in my area besides the two have had them, and they have not gotten any more. I am still searching so I can hopefully help some other collectors get them. Just don't feel bad Dragonrider... It might be even more disheartening to have A LOT of stores that never have them instead of no stores. At least you don't have to drive around like some nut hunting for them. You also have fellow collectors (like myself and my husband) out there that are searching for them for you. On a side note... Why the heck has no other store gotten them?! Dollar store exclusives have always included Dollar General AND Family Dollar! Anyone else besides me think that Family Dollar might get that other wave of repaints? I think that it would be better if Family Dollar carried them anyway. I think Family Dollar stores are much nicer and more organized than Dollar Generals. My opinion anyway. Maybe if Family Dollars got them there wouldn't be this whole hassle with restocks and such. No more one and done. Dollar Generals are just too disorganized with merchandise everywhere. I don't know about all of them, but most of the stores here have toys all over the store. Randomly hanging on the sides of endcaps, in the seasonal department (and not seasonal toys either). It just seems to be a mess. When I go into one looking for these Joes, I have to search the entire store, almost every aisle, because they are so random with the placement of their merchandise!
  24. Were those repaints ever even produced? I have never seen them on Ebay or mentioned anywhere else. Let me ask you yojoebro... Which is your favorite? I lean more toward Storm Shadow or the Cobra Trooper. Also, do you think Snake Eyes is a little too short? He looks like the younger brother tag-along that would want to hang out with the others.
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