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  1. Seriously? I for one like the removable helmet gimmick. I don't want to bore out a helmet. I don't want to have to purchase another Luke ,Han, and Stormtroopers just for parts. I'd rather just pay 20 bucks for something that looks nice and was one of the better parts of A New Hope. I guess to each his own or whatever. My husband customized a set for our collection, and he had the worst time! He didn't even try to dremel out the helmets. They look good enough, but that huge neck ball was really hard to work around. He dremeled out the Han and Luke heads instead of messing around with trying to make that neck ball smaller and still keep it round (we wanted to keep the Stormtrooper bodies as original as we could so we could always pop the heads back on if the customs didn't work). That neck ball pushed the softer plastic of the heads out and made their faces look fat. I guess more seasoned veteran customizers could make it work, but we are novices. They are still a part of our displayed loose collection, but we will gladly retire them once these hit, pop those Trooper heads back on and re-enlist them into the Empire! I for one can't wait to get these... They are some of my favorites from the original Trilogy.
  2. I am sold on EVERY ONE of these figures until I saw the newly posted press release pics of the Emperor! The first set of pics shown had a nice, pale looking, ROTJ Emperor... The new images look more flesh-toned and that hood is horrible! His robe also looks like he left it in the dryer too long and it shrank! I hope Hasbro makes him more ROTJ and less ROTS. I am jonesing hard for the Han and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise, but Commander Cody impresses the hell out of me. He looks like ne of the best shown so far. I hate being impressed by anything that isn't original Trilogy, but the detail on him is amazing! Looks like I'm gonna have to black market some organs to pay for toys next year!!!
  3. WOW! just looked at the NYCC pics and I want to drive to New York right now, sneak into the show and steal the Han and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise figures!!! @stormtrooper@
  4. Saw the news that the Shadow Squadron was on target.com. I checked and it is already sold out online. Anybody able to get one?
  5. Has anyone ordered any Black figures from Amazon? How is the shipping? I have ordered fro them before and the cards have been destroyed! Creased, bent, some ripped even. TRU is the same way. I ordered Bespin Luke and Obi-Wan from TRU.com and they were shipped in a padded envelope! Their boxes were completely squished. I have not ordered anything else from either site since. Of course, I am mostly a carded collector, so the condition of packages might not matter as much to loose fans. Thanks for the heads up though!
  6. Anyone looking for Stormtroopers, start checking your Walmarts. I believe this has been mentioned before, but I found 2 more at my local Walmart and then had to go out of town for a doctor's appointment and found 5 more at their Walmart! My Empire is growing!!!
  7. Only one Clone Trooper has been released so far, and now this one, but I am sick of them already. I am going to be spending $20 each or more for a different number on a package and a painted stripe or two! I love this series and love them in box, so I ill buy them... But I won't like it! lol
  8. I got my Clone Troopers and Anakin on eBay. Anakin was $18.50 BIN with free shipping, and the Clone Troopers were from the same seller at $21.50 or best offer, also with free shipping. I offered the same as what I paid for Anakin and got them! All three for $18.50 each and free shipping... even cheaper than retail and I didn't have to waste a lot of time and gas hunting. There have been some great prices on eBay for these two... I suppose it is because they are both part of the new trilogy and not as "fan favorite" as the original trilogy figures.
  9. I always liked those Shardimus Prime reviews. Glad there's someone else out there who thinks Vader's awesome. I apologized and tried to make amends for my Vader hate once I opened him! Shardimus said the same thing about the eyes though. Both with Vader and Jedi Luke. After reading some of the new figures reports (IG-88, Commander Cody, etc.) and seeing the SDCC stuff, I am jut wondering if Hasbro will ever get around to making more Jabba badies! I would love to see a Bib Fortuna... a Gamorrean Guard! Also, since we are getting vehicle and creature type packs (Luke / Wampa, Han / Tauntaun, Shadow Squadron), do you think there will ever be an actual Jabba's throne accessory of any kind? I know the SDCC Throne Room box is cool and all, but I want something made out of plastic that you can hold and pose your figures on. Maybe with the pillows and such like the 3 3/4" Walmart exclusive had? Maybe Bib Fortuna could come with it? Would you guys buy something like that, or is that something you would rather live without?
  10. Not exactly sure, but I am finished with preorders. This Vader wave is one of three now that I have found at retail long before they are in stock. Like I had said before. EE has pushed the Anakin / Clone Trooper wave back until November! Who knows how long it will be before they have the Vader wave. I know BBTS is better than EE and already have the Anakin wave in stock, but I would say that it will be sometime in October before they have Vader.
  11. GET ME A LUKE AND A CHEWIE!!! LOL Seriously though, I really need those two... And a Sandtrooper!
  12. Loose or carded? I have a bunch of them!
  13. Stormtroopers, Anakin and Clone Troopers were available last night in hasbrotoyshop.com... Stormtroopers sold out quickly, but the Clone Troopers and Anakin were still in stock last time I checked. If anyone is interested in those.
  14. My Walmart has had 2 Obi-Wans, 2 Bespin Lukes, 2 Hans, and 2 Stormtroopers (which I bought... I'm addicted to Stormtroopers) and that's it so far. It's been about the same with all Walmarts that I have been to here in Western NC. Some still have none!
  15. You said it as far as the online tracker goes. I called four stores this weekend and all showed in stock online, but none of the stores had them. I also don't understand the whole online tracker deal... It gives you an icon to click that says "Pick up in store", but nowhere does it give you an option to enter your name or anything. It doesn't really give you the chance to reserve the figure til you get there or anything... as far as I can tell. That whole thing is really useless. When I mentioned it to the managers on the phone and told them the site said it was in stock, they said they'd never heard of that before. I also find it strange that you could (I say could because Boba as not on the walgreens.com site today when I checked) only check for the Boba Fett online. If they did it for the entire wave it would make more sense. Boba isn't the only figure in those cases right now. On a side not... I mentioned my displeasure with preorders I have with Entertainment Earth for not only this wave of Black figures, but also the Speeder Bike and Jabba set as well as the previous wave including Anakin and the Clone Trooper. Well, since placing those preorders, I have found all of those figures except the Sandtrooper in stores and nothing has changed as far as their availability from EE. I have cancelled my orders for the Jabba and Speeder Bike, as well as the Anakin / Clone Trooper wave, but I noticed something funny about that Anakin wave the other day. I go to EE and Big Bad every day to check the availability of their Black figures and when I checked EE, they still have the Vader wave as a September arrival (which was originally scheduled for August), but the Anakin wave (which still is not available) has changed from August arrival to September, then to November, and today wasn't even on the site at all!! The single Stormtroopers are still available as a September arrival, but the regular Boba Fett (the last of that Anakin wave) now says January!! What the heck is going on with EE?! I order from them to take advantage of their free shipping since Big Bad doesn't offer that, but they haven't gotten anything new in and I have found wave after wave at retail already!
  16. I have actually heard about, and seen, this a lot. Of the stores I have been able to go to looking for these figures, this Boba Fett has been the one constant that every store has had. In my travels (plus the numerous phone calls I have made), it seems that the Sandtrooper (of which I have found none), Chewie and Vader have been the hardest to find, followed closely by Luke. Most every store that I have called has had both the Boba fett along with, maybe, one other figure in the wave. That is why I haven't gotten any others as it isn't worth the time and gas to travel as far as I would have to to get one figure that I need. I suppose the only reason I can find for the availability of Boba compared to the others, when Boba is the ONLY Walgreens exclusive (where eBay sellers would have you believe otherwise as most list EVERY figure from the wave as a Walgreens exclusive) is that there are two of him in every case and only one of every other figure. I still find it funny that there are so many of the only true exclusive left on the shelves.
  17. Ok... Time for me to eat a little bit of crow. I got my two Darth Vaders that I won off of eBay today, so I finally had one to open, and I must say that having he figure loose in my hands has changed my mind a little on the figure. Sure there are still problems, like his eyes being too big, his skinny arms, and his skirt and cape both being too long, but he does look much, MUCH better out of the plastic and cardboard confines of his box. Looking at the size of the figure's head (which I thought the dome part of his helmet was too small) in the box is very deceiving s the plastic tray that holds the figure in place makes the helmet look smaller than it actually is. Upon opening him, it doesn't look too small at all and is actually quite nice. Taking the helmet apart and exposing the Anakin head underneath was a little bit of a let down (I don't think the sculpt much resembles the actor from Jedi and the head inside the helmet looks tiny compared to the bulk of the figure), but other than that, I am fairly pleased with Darth after all. So, to yojoebro82 and everyone else that had nothing but love for this figure as I tore it down... I apologize. After all is said and done, I can now, with a smile on my face, place this figure among the hoard of Stormtroopers I have to lead my evil Galactic Empire! In the end, I guess this just goes to show that you really can't judge a book by its cover, or how an action figure looks in its packaging, I display most of my collection loose anyway, but I fell in love with the way these figures look in their boxes, so I will hold off all other opinions til I have one to open as well. There may still be hope for that Jedi Luke as well... Who knows.
  18. If you can find Chewie, Jedi Luke, or a Sandtrooper, I would trade you a Boba! That goes for anyone else as well. What about Vader? I was needing Vader last week, but I ended up getting one to open this past weekend off of eBay. Sorry.
  19. If you can find Chewie, Jedi Luke, or a Sandtrooper, I would trade you a Boba! That goes for anyone else as well.
  20. Thanks so much. Vader can b knocked off that list as I got too impatient and bought him off of eBay a few minutes ago. I would still like a Chewie, Luke, and any Sandtroopers that can be found. I will be forever indebted to anyone who can fine them! If I can help anyone else out with their needs (as long as it isn't Walgreens exclusives), I will do my best to return the favor. Yojoebro82 can vouch for me... I think he's the only one on here I have ever traded with.
  21. I could use a Jedi Luke, Vader, Sandtrooper, ans Chewie if anyone out there can help. I have all except the Sandtrooper and would love to have another of each to open.
  22. That is the actual pic used on the back of the figure's packaging!
  23. I have three of them. I found 2 Bobas and Jedi Luke at one Walgreens and then one Boba, Darth and Chewie at another. I still don't have the Sandtrooper.
  24. For anyone that has the Black Series Vader figure, just take it and compare the head sculpt to this Jakks 31" figure. The dome that is the top of the helmet needs to be bigger on the Black figure. The mask part of his helmet needs to sit further inside than it does. Vader's facemask isn't pushed all the way out in the movies... it looks more like this Jakks sculpt. The face on the Black figure is just too flat. There needs to be more of a profile to it. Just hold your figure up to this pic and tell me that it looks as good. Maybe I am just too critical, but Vader should be perfect in every way... He IS the ultimate Star Wars villain. I own 18 of the Black Series Stormtroopers because they look so damn awesome! lol This figure just doesn't compare to the excellence that IS that figure. The Stormtrooper is the best figure in the line so far, and Vader sould be that awe inspiring. Hasbro got the dimensions and the proportions exactly right with the Stormtrooper... Vader is just a little... "off". That's just me though.
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