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  1. I just bought a whole case so I have both versions and neither of my Skeets are removable. What I would like to do is switch Skeets so that the Mr. Mind one is on the collared Booster Gold. I also want to switch heads. But I am totally not a customizer. Does anyone have any suggestions? How hard is it to switch heads without breaking something? Thanks.
  2. Red Arrow Vixen Dr. Mid-Nite modern (& classic variant) Martian Manhunter Power Girl Sandman modern (& classic variant) Cheetah C&C Ultra Humanite 2packs Flash Jay Garrick & Green Lantern Alan Scott Hourman & Liberty Belle And the last SDCC exclusive - AMBUSH BUG!!! with Cheeks & Argh!Yle
  3. I've seen a few DC Infinite Heroes Gotham City Patrol sets on ebay lately. I really want to get Catwoman & Killer Croc but I thought this set had been cancelled. Are they shipping it now or reshipping? I'm just wondering if these will become future peg warmers or should I break down and buy it now from ebay. What's the story with this set? Sorry if this has already been discussed but I didn't see any old topics about it. Thanks.
  4. great list, would especilly love a Humanite and Starro, but why Vandal as a BaF? I know at times he's been pictured at a normal height but in Justice Society of America #3 (current series) when he busts in on Wildcat & son, he looks like he's at 8 ft tall. He has to duck to get through the door. I just don't think he's that dynamic looking of a character to devote a C&C to.
  5. Yes! I totally hope they make more JSA members! Tops on my list are Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and Flash (Jay Garrick). I'd also like to see Power Girl, Dr. Mid-Nite, Sand/Sandman and Hourman & Liberty Belle. Maybe someday.
  6. My choices for C&C figures: Ultra-Humanite maybe Vandal Savage (but he would be kinda boring) Elongated Man Starro Shaggy Man See ya pals
  7. I love pic #4 - it looks like Wolvie's claws are going right into Hulk's head! That's gotta hurt! See ya pals
  8. Just got the Gotham City Patrol set from TRU and had to test it out. See ya pals
  9. Question for alainpas - are the Thing, Doctor Doom & Doctor Octopus in your pics from Marvel Legends Showdown or do you have some inside deal with Hasbro to get figures before they're even announced? Great pics everyone! I did one with the ML Showdown figures I'm kinda proud of. See ya pals
  10. I've only gotten Avenger characters - Iron Man, Captain America, Thor & Vision - and the exclusive Thanos Mugg. That's all I've gotten and Avengers are all I'm planning on getting. See ya pals
  11. So glad your site is back! Too bad you had to get rid of the amatuer photo part. @sad@ But I imagine that was taking up a lot of server space. See ya pals
  12. Hey Lady Jaye - I just thought of a real easy re-paint. How about Chronos made out of Red Tornado or Mister Miracle? He's always been one of my favorite villains. See ya pals
  13. Damn, now that would be awesome!!! Great call Jacen, hopefully that'll be the case!! We'd finally get a hopefully to scale Man Bat!!! And in Wal Mart's eyes, it be a heavy Batman lineup. Ok, that takes Man Bat out of the equation for the 6 figures, I'll take an idea from Card!! Perhaps this could be a good time to start introducing Legion members!! Albeit I wouldn't collect em!! 1 - Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom 2 - Red Arrow 3 - Cheetah 4 - John Stewart 5 - Legion member 6 - Joker C&C - Man Mat Personally, I hope they don't include any Legion members. I know they've crossed over into the modern DC Universe a few times, but IMO they're like Ultimate characters from Marvel Legends (or even worse the X3 figures). They just don't fit in with current, modern day characters. What about an all Legion wave? Would anyone be interested in that? That way I could pass that entire wave. lol, yes, because it's all about ME @lol@ See ya pals
  14. Eclipso - definately Eclipso superheroes - honestly, no. See ya pals
  15. I just got Dr. Impossible yesterday so I just had to use him in a photo, right? See ya pals
  16. Here's a little pic I call Steel vs. Ultron & Danger. Yeah, I know the laser beams are lame, lol. See ya pals
  17. Sorry if this has already been asked (I'm doing my best to read through all the old messages). How come Dr. Impossible doesn't come with a Father Box since Mr. Miracle came with a Mother Box hidden behind his back? I just got Dr. I. today (awesome!!!) and I had to peek behind his back to see if there were any goodies - kinda like peeking up Barbie's skirt! @twisted@ See ya pals
  18. Thanks! It's just a board with plastic brick glued on it with spots cut out for the door and windows. Mostly all stuff from Hobby Lobby or a craft store. It was originally going to be Avengers Mansion but I'm not that creative and crafty. See ya pals
  19. Not sure if it counts to use a ML fig. Hope this works, it's my first time posting pics. See ya pals
  20. I just hit the motherload of DCIHs at Wal-Mart. I picked up Scarecrow, Wonder Woman, Sinestro, Alex Luthor, Batman (blue), and a Thanagarian wingman. What's weird is that they didn't have any of the ones I didn't need like Starfire, Wonder Girl, Black Canary, Gotham City SWAT, etc. Now if only I could find Wildcat, Power Girl, Star Sapphire, the Question & Batwoman - I've never seen any of those in the metro Detroit area. See ya pals
  21. I was just thinking about this the other day, not knowing there was a message board out there already discussing it! I think it would be very beneficial to Hasbro to do a Marvel Legends Classics series in a couple years. Do away with the BAF, to keep cost down, and do two classic re-releases like Thor or Captain America, do two re-works/re-paints like the Ultimate Iron Man/Ultimate War Machine deal and then do two totally new characters (like Mockingbird or Medusa). But the trick would be to keep them all equal in quantity. That way, kids would buy up the Spider-Man and Wolverine figures, collectors would buy up the new figures and everyone would be happy. Ah, what a perfect world we make in our minds BTW, this is my first post. I LOVE THIS BOARD!!! I totally agree with you guys who talk about wasting time and gas driving around to different stores just to be disappointed. It's like a sickness! At least we can all be sick together. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Oh well! See ya pals
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