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  1. Cool and wether they do or not explain to them who the characters are get them interested to help insure future toys for all us collectors. See my point?? anybody?? Ooooooooooh, so get the kiddies hooked on the product to feed OUR wants? What part of that is not the same kind of selfish consumer agenda I've talked about? All of the thinking points back to the self. Haven't heard you......(or anyone else ever on this spin) mention making toys that kids alone would be interested in--it always got OUR (or your) interests worked in there somehow. That is why the whole "for the children" crap does not hold water-its always got this piggy-backed condition attached to it that WE get something out of it. Frankly, I do not give a damn if kids buy into the toy-lines I collect. There's a reason I don't collect Fisher-Price. Well apparently marvel gets it because who do you think the super hero squad is aimed at ? us ? I don't think so,it's marvel way of getting a new generation interested in their characters.And why would that be? oooooooh maybe to insure future product for us consumers. Here is the point I take away from this comparison: Superhero squad is always plentiful everywhere. I see people buying them. If it get kids into superheroes great, but they are not for me. Arrow is right. I am selfish, but I help people too, by selling extras or sharing info with locals (Ares6009, Spidey1967) so it balances. In the end, supply should satify demand. If the store knows about you and others like you who want DCUC, they should order more and it should be there for (the general) you and me to buy. ...but if there is wave 6 and 7 or whatever on the shelves, don't cry. The store has DC for you, but you are not buying it. They do not know the difference. I know it sucks to hear, but thats how they work. Whenever I move, I discover my local Walmart blows for toys. Not the worst, but I have to go out of my region to find anything in the wild. The toy floor workers know me. I have his number programmed in my phone. He has only been able to help with wave 3 he got at a Target, and in truth I sell more to him. On numerous occasions, I've complained about their nomad treatment of DC while Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, and tons of other stuf I do not buy flood the shelves, multiple areas, endcaps, space filler, etc...I told him to tell his supervisors, hell give them my number, make an appointment I'll complain in person.....and it solves nothing THAT IS WHERE THE ANGER OF FRUSTRATION COMES FROM, BEING IGNORED. So, who is to blame? Mattel or the retailer? Target, TRU and Walmart all share the 3 peg space, is Mattel not sending enough, or is the scalper ninja to blame? And about scalpers, in my experience, the live in their moms basement, were spoiled all their life, and have no real life or responsibility, so the can and will drive all over, spend all nite searching and raiding. What about having kids is relevant to this topic? Your original post mentioned NOTHING about children, it mentioned your own frustrations with your own consumption. I have three step-children. When their interests coincide with mine, I do indeed share. When they do not......they do not enter into the equation. Why should they, when their needs and wants have been met? Most of the stuff I collect, they are not interested in anyways. And why aren't they interested? Because you don't tell them about the characters? I battled with my son for years with his dragonball vs. my marvel or d.c. characters who's tuffer and so forth. It finally got him interested in them and now he gets it. Dragonball wins. It is in a land that doesn't exist with superbeings so powerful they can't be beaten, but yet do no damage to each other. Dragonball sucks!
  2. So you mean you quit BECAUSE Bagley took over after Larsen? Personally I think Bags is better by leaps and bounds but I WAS a Larsen fan in the early 90s too (because I was 13 and because all the women he drew had their nipples poking through their costumes). As for the X-Men villians, the Upstarts are history, the classic villians are back, but the X-Men Universe? Still screwed up. Not exactly, but the stories he drew sucked writingwise.
  3. From everyones opinions and my opinion, trying to be realistic to the posed question, I figure: Classic Martian Manhunter, new outfit is too recent for a DC Universe CLASSICS line. Classic Dick Grayson Robin, though if they did green pants with boots, it would be OK by me. I hate the elf shoes! Roy Harper Red Arrow/Speedy modern outfit would work as just a Green Arrow repaint adds viability for Mattel. Aqualad/Tempest modern red/black swirl out fit adds viabilty as an Aquaman repaint. Lois Lane is necessary as a victim. Alfred is too iconic not to be done, and could be viable as a Gentleman Ghost/Joker repaint. C&C Doomsday, absolutely! Zatanna I agree with, but might be too racey for the kiddies. Maybe Black Canary was the fishnet test? modernish Huntress, I agree to lock in that JLU Question team. Ra's Al Ghul, Elongated Man, Doctor Light all have some validity, if they were not all dead and if this was around the time of Identity Crisis... Poison Ivy as a main Batman foe, could share Lois parts with the heels and not so buff Wonder Woman arms... Mr. Freeze only needs an articulation upgrade and better designed gun, maybe reuse Killer Moths pistol this time? Bane as a C&C The DCSH was too preposed. Just a retool with new lower body would be nice. Mongul as a Sinestro Corps repaint should have been done already while the story was hotter than hot. Red Robin, a classic from Earth-2, I think. Costume has resurfaced and is relevant enough to be made. Conner Ken/Kon-El is a must. Reign version is a cop out. How many people care? Yup, Vixen is her name, could share the exact base body as Ivy. Mirror Master for sure, at least the others of the main 4 Rogues too like Weather Wizard, Heat Wave. I'd like Pied Piper too. Guy Gardner should be done, but I never like him. Classic Superfriends Toyman for sure, but I'd accept a small boy-bot pack-in instead of a C&C part with a Luthor in a suit??? Classic jumpsuit Riddler. They screwed the pooch when they forgot the ?'s on his arms. My additions: Tomar Re, parts are out there ready to be made, no retooling... Plastic Man Steel reissue Metallo (normal size John Corbin Cyborg) featured everywhere (Superman:TAS, The Batman, JLU, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies...) Is it that hard to do? No one wants a Swamp Thing? Starro C&C Classic Batgirl in black & yellow, New series is bringing it back Killer Frost, Again featured everywhere. Shouldn't Firestorm get a nemesis like everyone else? Silver Banshee needs a new head. Star Sapphire! Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders! My commentary: Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, would probaly get done, but I hate the LEGION, and I'm not buying them. Wally as the Flash would be nice, but the costumes are so close does it matter? Bizarro and Scarecrow only really need to be reissued. I really wish they'd skip on more of the New Gods, but I'd buy a Lashina. I agree with Warlord as including more solo characters, but I think Sgt. Rock is pushing it. Why not repaint Negative man into the Unknown Soldier, while we are at it....
  4. Excellant point, what is the plural form of Mantis? You sir have provided something for me to do this morning They aren't real chase figs. Both the regular and variant are packed in every case. For it to be a chase fig, it'd have to be packed in less than every case. I actually prefer the purple Wildcat as well. Only seen 2, never saw a black one. Think it would be spelled the same Mantises pronounced as Mantuhzees or Mantizzuz. Aquaman has to be a Mattel mistake as the "chase" shipped first and the normal later and more so during Targets stock up. Strange on Superman, as most regular buyers might want a recognizable "chase" red & blue not the few issue "normal" black. Silver Captain Atom is what he looks like, and is cool (cooler if vacuum metallized?) and the gold one sucks, and who wanted that? I'll admit, if vecmet in gold I would keep one.
  5. Simplest way to put my own long-winded message. If its not fun, why do it, right? And there's no reason it cannot be fun. I am a collector and reseller. I hate hunting, and I get paid to do it as a truck driver. I really just wish that what you want is there for you to buy while you are there, but it isn't. It forces people like me to buy stuff I do not like to generate more money to afford or have to trade for other "rare" stuff. I'll be the first to admit my flaws. I am not patient. I grew up in the '80's, when you could go to Bradlees, Caldor, Toys R Us, Child World, etc.. and get whatever GIJoe, Transformer, Star Wars item you wanted because they each had 1/2 an aisle devoted to them, not 2 or 3 pegs like now. I used to work at TRU, when I only collected Transformers and MOTU. My friend who got me the job and myself would buy new MOTU before the floor. That was Mattels fault of a 4 or 5 He Man, 1x hero Ym, and/or 1x hero Z case pack. Is that wrong? (I expect a reply) but at the same time mocked Marvel Legends. Hell a Toad was kicking around for 3 months (literally all over the store), until I bought it because someone asked me to.
  6. That may work for you in Iowa, but here in Connecticut, it is a different world. Population concentration and stores lower stock make it very hard. I drive 200 miles a day, and hit every TRU, Walmart, & Target I can, when I have available funds. My wife has been out of work since last October, and I am paying ALL the bills. My truck is steadily failing. Even with doing collectible & comic shows, and trading, I still struggle to keep up. So if trying to keep "real life" up while collecting isn't good enough for your ideals, thats too bad.
  7. What exactly are you asking for? I personally need an affordable Metallo Laft arm.
  8. He was one of 3 reasons why I quit comics in the 90's #1 Marvel screwing up the X-universe. killing all of the historic villains to replace with "the Upstarts"? Good choice. Where are they now? #2 Larsons art. Too crazy, but I'll admit Savage Dragon has been flowing consistently. #3 Bagley. The nail in the coffin after Larson quit ASM. I read that JLA. What you said was right on.
  9. Blue Beetle= PASS Cyclotron= PASS Superfriends Cheetah= probably '90's Cheetah= modern would be better, but a MUST HAVE Donna aka Wonder Girl= OK, but pefer the starfield outfit so Cassie could use this outfit Negative man= "Unknown Soldier" version would be OK if found cheap Superboy= should be melted down. SUPA PASS. I am so glad Sunday I got 2 of the DCD Teen Titans/modern look in. Got the spare for sale $35. Trigon= I'll keep if he comes together cheap
  10. I liked Roulette a lot, until you discover she worked for Chloe. I am not liking that it seems like it is becoming the Green Arrow show, but I do like them using "real" DC vilians instead of the meteor freak of the week.
  11. Don't feel too bad. I've only ever seen out of wave 9: TRU Waterford: Green Arrow, Guardian x2, Robo-Mantis, Black Adam, Deadshot TRU Manchester: Mantis, Black Canary, blue Wildcat, Deadshot, Guardian At $13.77 each, and the $20 in gas to get to those TRU's you didn't do so bad. NO others anywhere, and I drive 200 miles a day. BTW, Never seen Hawkgirl, Gentleman Ghost, aor a Dr. Fate in the wild. Also, expect your local Walmart to get more wave 10 in. I found a lonely Joker there.
  12. 'Not even a friggin Batman which is the weakest one of the bunch and should have had at least 1 or 2 left behind since he doesn't even come with a piece to Mega Putz!! @smilepunch@ I realy can't stand that BAF!! scalpers are leaving no prisoners. LOL Strangely, I found a lonely Joker hanging out with 2 Wilrow Hood Cyborgs.
  13. Thanks the UFC figs have the best articulation I have ever seen, You can get some real good posses, Wildcat fits right on in with the UFC fighters, maybe I'll buy the cage if they sell it and wildcat can bust some heads in the octagon. @loll@ Dammit! Thats my plan...
  14. They all have "bubbles", but some have an extra part inside that adds more "bubbles"
  15. This just about says it all. I'd be all over a Thundercats line. I think about slowing down to a crawl as there are just some figures that I do not like, but it seems the Kirby characters are almost though, and I find myself wondering if I should keep Kalibak, Barda, Miracle, Orion & Lightray, Parademon, Mantis, & Demon. Steppenwolf is the tipping point. I like him, but the related characters are necessary for him to have a purpose. I dunno. And future waves have even less of the characters I like, especially 12. I really do not know where to go now.
  16. Might be OK. Does anyone know if Dick is bigger than Bruce?
  17. I think if you get the scars off, it would be an awesome Tomar-Re.
  18. If you didn't see Romat-Ru yet check this out:
  19. As shown, I have both legs. What are you offering?
  20. some people on other forums have reported the same thing. i dont know exactly what area theyre in, but youre probally not the only one. it seems that a lot of targets are only getting one case of these. i bought 4 of the 6 figures yesterday, my son came home from a b-day party and seen them, and instantly wanted them. i ran to target 1st thing this morining and only managed to snag him a batman.(the guy ahead of me wouldve had bats too if someone wouldve put him in the right spot) i went to 2 other targets, and one didnt get them, and the other was sold out. im guessing that mattel will send more in the near future, but its just weird that they only sent 1 case. they shouldve just packed BL and MF instead of supes/bats doubles imo. Ah, but then we could accuse Mattel of making sense, and that is just soooo wrong.
  21. Should be 3: Superman, Black Lightning and Major Force. That's why I never got any of Hasbro's Clone Wars line. Had they been made to look realistic, I might have have way more Clones and characters than I have now!!! As is, I only stuck to the main line!! So I guess thanks Hasbro for saving me money!! Hasbro has been saving me lots. No more Star Wars, GI Joe is way down, and Transformers is non-existant. I can't imagine their idea men could think all this movie related stuff appeals to the fanbase that made the product so popular to demand a movie. Reverse logic I guess.
  22. So I stopped into the Newington CT Target on my way back from UCONN, truthfully because I had to make a pitstop. I looked around the toy section, which was utter crap, but I asked a target employee who was messing around in games to run the DCPI. She said she didn't have a telstar, so we went to a price checker. For some reason the buttons were not working. There were 4 employees puttering around in electronics. Again no telstar. I said screw it, I'll go to customer service. On my way I went to a price checker in health & beauty, typed in the DCPI. Wow 6 in the back. I went to customer service and she typed in the DCPI and I asked if we could get them brought out. She radioed the back 3 times with no reply. After 15 minutes, the store manager came over and asked what the problem was and I explained the situation. I am going to type it once here as during this trip I had to say it SIX TIMES! There are none on the floor, but 6 in back. The movie came out not just LAST Tuesday, but Tuesday of LAST WEEK. The are similar to 6 inch DC Universe, but different. DC Universe are sold everywhere, even Stop & Shop. These are ONLY at Target. At electronics he ran the DCPI in a telstar. He consulted the first woman I talked to about a planagram, These were not listed. He consulted another woman who was in electronics, and they were discussing that somehow they were listed as entertainment, by another code that I didn't catch. He said "No, they are a toy right?", to me. I nodded. He meantioned something about the 11th, but I told above story again. So those 2 disappear into the back for 10 minutes. She comes out with an opened case and says "Sorry, we only have Supermans." I said "No way! Let me see." I proceeded to pull out Silver Banshee and then Icicle. Note: There were 2 Batman and 2 Superman left. Then the manager comes back and starts talking about If they are on the shelf, they couldn't break a case and add more and what not. I told the story again, and followed with: You got the stuff. I got money. You are here to sell stuff, right? This isn't a museum, right? He goes, "How many are you going to get?" I said, "Two" He said' "Fine." I had to ring out electronics because, If they didn't register, I'd have to give them back. Fortunately, they worked. So after an hour, I got Silver Banshee and Icicle. $13.77 each. BTW, judgeing by the size of the legs, Brimstone would probaly be the size of Solomon Grundy. I do like how they hide the stand in the corner, behind paper. I do not like how the C&C parts are not in a "stock" position like DCUC. I do not mind the "anime" heads on these two. Icicles features could be muted by the ice. Banshees face is tolerable for an "at peace" look, but unfortunately she I really wish she was screaming. As a side note, I can't understand why her upper arms are black plastic with grey paint. It would look better reversed and would not have been difficult to do. They already painted black on the torso & thighs. They didn't have to mix the grey at all. ??? Just now I noticed my Grundy has a 2 tone shirt. odd.
  23. Between the new mask and shoes, He is different enough to get for me. I need to get more goons for the Joker anyways.
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