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  1. Oh yeah! I loved Wildmans stuff on Joe, Transformers and Black Cat. His newer work on Transformers was un inspiring though.
  2. Why is everyone so shocked? An F-14 is enormous. Thats why a Skystriker is a piece of crap. I have been waiting for this for 25 years,m even as a Jolly Rogers plane. Pretty cheap if you've saved $10 a year. That how I see it. A couple of questions. What does the pilot look like? Are the markings pre-applied? If you want more, could you chage the pilot names or plane numbers?
  3. Pretty much how I felt as well. I thought this was a pretty cool Quick Kick custom... Moves QK in the direction of Snake Eyes a little more and does look better than the bare chested version. Although.... How EASILY could this even work for a bare chested, and bloody from battle, Quick Kick? Hama didn't appreciate the potential of his own character creation. Like a recording artist that hates the song that became more popular than the ones he thought would be more popular with the fans? it happens. quick question why is that quick kick custom using a nazi mp-40 sub-machine gun He stole it from Indy? Those Quick Kick customs do look good. Looks like he used a Stalker body, who comes with that gun. I like Quick Kick as he was intrduced in the cartoon. A wise-crackin' valley boy. He helped in the Pyramid of Darkness crisis, but should have been gone soon afterwards. Really, How do you go from a frozen ice cream commercial actor to clearance into the USA's most elite fighting unit? If he was hired as a martial arts instructor and stsyed on base thats fine. Back on topic, I always liked the comic back story as: Vietnam platoon buddies SE family is killed and pretty much has no will to go anywhere Tommy's family takes him in and trains him. Now Zartan as a Cobra asassin derails it. Too much trouble for a civilian, but it forced SE to return to Amaerica and was recruited for GI Joe. Face and vocal chords damaged in an early training exercise, hence can't speak. Storm Shadow infiltrating Cobra was dumb, and led to that stupid heroic Storm Shadow and Ninja Force crap. I guess, in the end it was the all black silent killer is kool.
  4. I like where you are going with these. Spirit look OK, but the hair is a little strange. Is it Baroness hair? The DTC Spirit might have been a better choice. Chuckles is just awesome. The Cobra crate looks great too. I do not feel Wild Weasel needed an update, except maybe thinning his legs to fit in a jet, but yours looks good. The Gyro-Viper looks OK, but maybe using a Lamprey body to put the maps on his thighs. I always liked that about the vintage ones.
  5. They already repack figure like Wave 8 Vigilate in Wave 9, WGSH as case filler, plus "best of" cases. How more lazy can you be? As a side note, I've had completed Grodd and Grundy in my Ecrater store for months, and I have extra C&C parts too.
  6. The more you read of Larry Trainor, the more you will love him. Also, imagine he has Judge Reinhold's voice like he did on Teen Titanime! Well, it wasn't just that. I was going to skip Robotman too, until I read a crossover event book where he got trashed and was strapped to a console. Now I want a beat up legless one. Both characters aren't super popular and were odd choices per the events surrounding them. Think of Secret Wars and ALL of the characters involved and try to reason why Constrictor was chosen out of how many that weren't???? Same deal with Cylcotron, you have stnadout characters at the time in both the comics and cartoons including Crisis on infinite Earth's and of all characters Cyclotron was included, look how many they overlooked...same deal I am mainly a DC dude but have tons of Marvel stuff and I never read or heard about Constrictor until the Secret Wars toys, and haven't seen him since. I only know of Cyclotron as a Super Powers toy, and we all know the 4H is playing p to the Super Powers collection. I have never heard of him in any other way. I am relatively new to DC reading, but used to be a big Marvel guy years ago. I do not even remember Constrictor in Secret Wars at all. Kinda like most of the wave 2 guys who were still running around on Earth as the A-listers were on vacation. If I remember correctly, he is also a frequent Captain America/Avengers villian in the Serpent Society. A valid point by you, none the less.
  7. I am not buting Beetle so I'll take it. I agree, that at this point there should be alterate unmasked heads with the figures. My thoughts: Donn Troy is growing on me. I wish they did the black star feild outfit, but I hate the silver "KISS" boots. Can't win..A variant thought would have been her Darkstars uniform.... Blue Devil is stupid in every way. A powerplay by Mattel because you need to get him for the C&C part. I hate it when they do that: Demon, Big Barda, Forager, Superman & Batman repaints, etc... I got a Blue Beetle already.... Superboy clone is another waste.. Shoulda been the black shirt & jeans... Classic Cheetah, I'll skip for the recent one. It isn't even modern anymore... Cyclotron is a pass...... At first Negative man was a pass but being forced to buy Doom Patrol #4 to get the ring I read it and the book sucked, but the characters are OK. At 3/3, I suppose I'll try to build Trigon on the cheap.
  8. such as the python patrol conquest jetfighter which I bought awhile ago I got the regular version Conquest rerelease, was never crazy about the whole Python Patrol thing. In any case, my jet of choice has to be the Thunderwing from Vvs.V. Really? Like what? Maybe the Phantom X-19? This jet will probably be the thing I have been looking for since 1984 when I was disappointed by the Skystriker. I know the Thunderwing is probably acceptable enough as a modern USAF jet, but can you really beat a Tomcat?
  9. Woulda been nice if they made it the Fatality Star Sapphire...
  10. I want a Tomar-Re or Tomar-Tu most of all. Again they have the Xudarian head. BTW, does it seem like all Green Lanterns are right handed? The 3 DCUC Sinestro Corps are left handed, but my DCD Cyborg Superman has all the rings on the right....strange
  11. Yeah, that picture has been around a long time. Pure awesomeness!!
  12. Strangely, I have been finding Banshee and Icicle everywhere plus maybe a scattered Superman, but no Batmans. Any, signs of Major Force?
  13. I agree with these: Hawk & Dove (any of the 3 combos, Hawk and Don, Hank and Dawn, or Holly and Dawn) Tomar Re vs. Amon Sur Arkillo and SC Mongul clark kent & lois lane. bruce wayne and alfred gordon and gotham city officer. or Gordon and Harvey Bullock and better generic police officer and street thug Evil Star was meantioned, I'd like him made versus a Darkstar...
  14. I still need a fourth for the display I'm buying. It's ten dollars and shipping. If I had a way to get all of the rings, I'd be interested in the ring display. Alas, I only have a Green Lantern, Sinestros original Qwardian, and a Black Lantern.
  15. I know I got a Steppenwolf from a Kresge, a subsidiary of K-mart here in New Haven. My sister got a Wonder Woman that day too. I know I had Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkman, and a Darkseid but I do not remember from where. I also got a Superman for christmas from a Bradlees.
  16. I too was thinking, isn't it time for the Superman suit? At least they finally brought his glasses in.
  17. Just to slightly jump in: I do not collect Marvel comics or toys, but I used to. Both types of media did things I didn't agree with, so I stopped supporting them both. Just add a comment on the X-men films: Worse than just outright not knowing who some characters are, I found it worse to hear a name you recognize and be baffled by their relative age, look, and behavior being inconsistent with the version from the comics. I now find DC comics more enjoyable, and I like the figures 90% acceptable with some minor hiccups: Grundy too tall, Womnder Woman too small, Man-Bat cant look up/forward when gliding, and I totally hate the thigh cut joint! Even so reading about 11 current titles and back tracking, I have trouble keeping up with some characters. BTW, Shark does suck, but I intend on using him for Meta-Brawl!
  18. You should cal on her to help with other things.... But seriously, I am so happy my local Walmartfinally redeemed itself. I found a full case last nite. I picked up the four I was missing. Beast Boy is OK. Man-Bat seems like a good idea. I understand why they made his wings how they did, but it is visually weird. I wish his head tilted back more to get him in a gliding pose. Robotman looks good but i didn't open him yet. Forager I got for completion sake. Useless otherwise.
  19. Yeah, there is a jester guy who wears a hood like his in Arkham.
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