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  1. Some of you are saying something about a Moss Man fiasco? What happened? I don't collect MOTUC, so I missed what happened.


    Moss Man sold out in like 12 minutes.



    I plan on ordering a set. I only need an Eradicator and his C&C part, Metallos arm.


    I am willing to sell off the other four, if anyone wants to jump on.



    --->Xorr, I actually have a package fresh Amazo in my Ecrator store.

  2. BBTS preorder offers 2 alternate figures. I hope for either a modern Starman and/or a white Raven.


    1st, I 'd agree on the appearance of Martain Manhunter. I hope it looks like the Super Powers version. Otherwise, I'll keep my DCD one.

    2nd, Jemm, probably a vaiant of Martain Manhunter. If so, SP version more plausable. A waste of plastic.

    3rd, Starman I'd be happy with the modern Starman with the starfeild outfit, or better yet a Stargirl. Otherwise I'll keep my DCD one.

    4th, Mento I'd be happy with the pic below's look.

    5th, Batman SC who knows?

    6th, Golden Pharoah, I can do without.

    7th, Raven I hope it looks like below:


    C&C I could only hope for a better articulated Doomsday or Bane.





  3. Seems like wave 11 is going, going, gone. I saw some last month near Rhode Island, a Shark in central Connecticut, and got a Deadman in Massachusetts last week.

    Today, I stumbled onto a Walmart in the woods and found ALL of wave 11 EXCEPT what I needed, a Cyborg Superman. I picked up phasing Deadman and a Question at $15.47 plus tax.


    I used to complain about my local Walmart having next to nothing, but that has moved on to wave 12.

  4. See, what I figure is that with the recent acquisition of Wildstorm as Earth-50 or whatever since the Infinite Crisis of Finality bs, those characters are now officially part of the DC universe proper. Then there's the recent DC/Wildstorm Dreamwar series, which was suppoused to promote the WS universe. Also, Mr Majestic took Superman's place for a couple issues of Action Comics a few years back.


    Those points aside, even if they weren't any character recognition (despite the Wildc.a.t.s cartoon and the Gen-13 movie and the fact that the idea of a gay Superman/Batman makes DC exec's piss their pants at night), they would still be cool looking figures. However, I refuse to believe that the combined demand for a Killer Moth figure is greater than that of Gen-13's Caitlin Fairchild..



    I thought mattel got the rights to alllll dc heroes no matter who.Seems like i read when this first happend that mattel bought the rights to them all maybe im wrong


    Nope. The Vertigo Comics line is considered an adult line, and so was not included in the license (no Swamp Thing, Constantine, Spider Jerusalim, etc.). Wildstorm, though technically part of DC, is not part of DCU proper, so no Wildstorm characters (Warblade, Grifter, Spartan, etc.).


    It was recently hinted that if a charcter from one of these "no-fly zones" got enough play in the main DCU (a single cameo or guest shot isn't enough), he could become eligible for DCUC. So I may still get that Static I've been waiting for.


    I cannot understand all the hate for Killer Moth. Sure he looks weird, but is really awesome. I was excited to get him.


    Out of all of Wildstorm, I'd accept Majestic, and Majestic only!


    God no Static, please!

  5. While I do think the original Sinestro was a bit small, but this is what they plan on giving us?


    I think a repaint of the original Sinestro would work better so that he stays consistant throughout the line. Otherwise, I am excited about most of the DC announcement of the weekend.


    I agree on his size but I'd like him to have a mask.

  6. Heroes:

    > > > Batman (Green Lantern)

    > > > Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)

    > > > Batgirl (current outfit)

    > > > Bruce Wayne (in a maskless & capeless Black & grey Batman suit that can sit in a chair)

    > > > Green Lantern Soranik Natu

    > > > Green Lantern Tomar Re

    > > > Hawk & Dove (either Hank & the girl or both girls)

    > > > Hawkgirl (current outfit)

    > > > Huntress (Hush style)

    > > > Martian Manhunter (classic)

    > > > Plastic Man

    > > > Red Arrow (modern)

    > > > Red Robin

    > > > Supergirl (classic red & blue outfit)

    > > > Swamp Thing

    > > > Tempest

    > > > Vixen

    > > > Warlord

    > > > Zatanna (tuxedo)

    > > > Darkstars (especially a Donna Troy)




    > > > Atomic Skull

    > > > Black Hand

    > > > Black Flash

    > > > Blight

    > > > Doomsday (bigger)

    > > > Dr. Light

    > > > Heat Wave

    > > > Killer Frost

    > > > Lex Luthor in suit

    > > > Merlyn

    > > > Metallo (regular size, John Corbin cyborg)

    > > > Mirror Master

    > > > Mongul (Yellow Lantern)

    > > > Pied Piper

    > > > Poison Ivy

    > > > Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash

    > > > Ra's Al Ghul

    > > > Roulette

    > > > Shadow Thief

    > > > Silver Banshee

    > > > Star Sapphire Fatality (Violet Lantern)

    > > > Star Sapphire Ferris (Violet Lantern)

    > > > Starro C&C (with clip on Starros for the face)

    > > > The Toyman (Superfriends jester outfit)

    > > > Weather Wizard

    > > > Yellow Lantern Amon Sur

    > > > Yellow Lantern Arkillo



    2 down, 37 to go.....

  7. I posted one earlier in the wants area but I thought it would be more on-topic here. Or are all trades/buys confined to the wants section? Not much for trade outside what I can get in the stores right now. Robotman, Powergirl, Forager, Cyborg, and some others.


    At the very least, I'd reccommend using the C&C parts thread, as people looking for parts ask for additional items and items they have for trade.


    I believe Van Flyheit has a loose set. I dunno what he is asking, but they were in the box when he was here Sunday.

  8. As long as they only have Legion figures in the wave, I'll be happy to skip the wave!! I don"t want Legion figures mixed in with current continuity DC characters, bad enough we have 2 get a Kamandi figure yo complete a BAF!! @grumpy@


    Thats about how I feel too, but I may bend on a Dawnstar. Other than that, I am not buying them.

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  9. Yeah, that Sabretooth is out of control.


    I have not put Darkseid together yet, but based on pictures I"ve seen, it look like a decent height. I cannot understand the love for the DCSH pin head.


    To me most of the C&C figure have been decent, but Grundy is too damn big. If he was made Darkseids height, I would like it better.

  10. Mattel is continuing on the trend in the teen waves less and less I actually desire.


    Zatanna is a keeper.

    Ultra Humanite is a keeper.

    Gold is nice, and if they keep doing the Metal Men is good.

    Alan Scott is OK.

    Obsidian is a new character to me.

    Kamandi is almost worthless to me.

    Tyr is going to be sold as soon as he comes in.

  11. None of the caped figures released so far are able to sit in anything.


    That aside, I wouldn't spend money on playsets or vehicles. I'm happy just to get good well-made, nicely sculpted figures. If anything, I'd go for some more accessories to be included with the figures such as...


    1. Kryptonite for Superman

    2. Batarangs for the Batman Family

    3. More green constructs for all Green Lanterns

    4. Lanterns for all Green Lanterns

    5. Weapons and ray guns for bad guys like Luthor and Brainiac.

    6. A phantom zone projector for Superman or better yet, some future General Zod figure!

    7. A shrunken city of Kandor for a future Supergirl figure.


    I like most of these, but if you want Kryptonite, I could sell you some.


    If any vehicle is made, it should be a Batmobile. I like the Bat cave idea too. Maybe as a C&C style pack in.



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