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  1. ok, bit of a stupid question. I cant find my tape measure or ruler and I am wondering, what are the packages dimensions?


    Wave 13 Cheetahs card is 10 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide, and the blister is 3 inches deep.

  2. I have Weird Western Tales but I never read them. I have the Blackest Night Hex issue and it was pretty kool.


    The trailer looks pretty sweet, but I can never understand why movie companies can't just do era-appropriate weapons?

  3. Just ignore the rant. Obviously Xorr doesn't get it.


    I calculate the Collect & Connect part cost is factored into the cost of each figure in a given wave.


    I both buy figure I do not want to get the part and buy loose parts.


    What is really upsetting are the plain blue stands. Figure with stands are the same price as one with C&C parts. You know they just toss in stands that didn't sell on Matty Collector in there.


    Now aside from their "anime" look Public Enemies figures were:


    #1 an exclusive

    #2 cheaper

    #3 had both a stand and C&C part.


    A far better deal, but again "forced" you buy extra Batmans or Supermans. Not me. I traded for the pelvis and I still need the right arm.


    But you gotta do what is right for you.

  4. As I've gotten back into Joes with the 25th style stuff, I choose blue all with black mask & silver sigils, with some off shoots. Here is how Cobra chain of command works:



    Cobra Commander


    The Baroness



    Major Bludd (overall Infantry leader)

    Dr. Mindbender

    Storm Shadow





    Wild Weasel (overall Air Force leader)

    Scrap-Iron (when in use, normal is as designed, but RoC black version is Night Watch leader)


    Azure Guard Commanders Elite Bodyguards ONLY Four

    Crimson Guard 5 units of 6

    Crimson Guard, desert attire 1 unit of 6


    Python Conquest X-30 (only Cobra fighter jet)

    Strato-Viper (actually the RoC red version)


    Special Forces operate in units of 3.


    1 Snow Serpent Officer has the 2 troopers from his unit, but oversees 2 other 3 troop units

    Para-viper 3 units of 3 (RoC red/black)

    Eel 2 units of 3 (RoC black/grey)

    Aqua-Viper Officer only 3 (RoC red/black Lamprey)


    Cobra Officer, Scarface F.A.N.G. Flight Leader

    F.A.N.G. Pilot only 2


    Arctic H.I.S.S. Driver (Actually drives my Wolf)


    H.I.S.S. tanks are in sets of 3, but I have 1 red, 3 black, and 9 blue

    Night Watch H.I.S.S. Driver (Rip-It in black H.I.S.S.)

    H.I.S.S. Driver (red driver in blue H.I.S.S.)



    One of each per Stinger.

    Stinger Commander

    Stinger Driver


    Arctic H.I.S.S. Gunner (Actually in my Wolf)

    Night Watch H.I.S.S. Gunner

    blue H.I.S.S. Gunner Gunner


    All Infantry squads of 5 have 1 officer, 1 RPG, 1 SAW, 2 regular troops


    1 desert unit of 5

    2 Python units of 5

    3 Night Watch units of 5

    9 regular squads of 5


    Desert Cobra Officer

    Night Watch Cobra Officer

    Cobra Officer

    Underwater Trooper (diver Baroness 4 troops)

    Cobra Trooper Desert

    Python Patrol Trooper

    Night Watch Trooper

    Cobra Trooper


    1 red face with 4 silver face for 5 units

    Battle Android Trooper (DVD red face)

    Battle Android Trooper

  5. Have:

    Grodd---- right arm

    Kalibak--- left arm

    Metallo--- torso, right leg

    Imperiex--head/crotch, right leg, left leg, left arm, torso

    Kilowog--- head/crotch, left arm

    Chemo----lower torso, right arm

    Giganta---left arm, right arm




    Grundy----------left leg, right leg, torso

    Kilowog---------left leg, right leg, right arm

    Imperiex--------right arm

    Metamorpho---right arm, right leg

    ML Ares---------right leg, left leg

    ML Red Hulk---head, torso






    -Chemo Head & Upper Torso (Wildcat Piece)

    -Chemo Lower Torso

    -Grundy Right Arm & Right Leg

    -Despero Right Leg

    -Despero Torso & Head

    -Kalibak Right Arm


    Marvel Legends

    -Galactus Left Leg X 2






    -Kilowog Parts - Head/Crotch, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg


    You two should contact each other about a trade. And the dude above has Metamorphos Right leg.


    -->to TigerKnee


    I Have available:

    Grundy----------left leg

    Metamorpho---right arm


    I can use:

    Metallo--- right leg


    Giganta---left arm, right arm

  6. The story is progressing nicely. One criticism though. I do not like Mantis going from organic to robotic. Maybe a human into Man-Bat, a Joker thug into Clayface, or something would be better?

  7. Tell me something here: has there been a toy company/toy line in the last 50 years that has NOT had quality control issues?


    I don't recall ever really having an issue with TOY-BIZ MARVEL figures in the mid-to-late 90's.


    However, when they released MARVEL LEGENDS, that was a different story altogether.


    This is a lie! It sometimes took forever to find a figure with a good paint job. I finally gave up on a Tarantula and finally just quit because the Marvel figures were evolving into 5 1/2-6 inch scale.


    I never gave Legends a chance because the over articulation and horrid paint jobs turned me off.

  8. Pooda <-- awesome stuff! @notworthy@


    Ironspiderman <-- Great story, and action. I dunno what the dimesional machine was or was made from but it is simple and I like it, even the clear vortex. Good job for what you were working with! @peace@

  9. The light blue Cobra issue helmet only rested on the silver "true" helmet, so when he hit the cypress branch it only knocked off kilter.

    Issue #24 is wher he told Duke about the shaped plastique.


    Back in the day, I only used the hooded version.

    I felt it matched the darker blue of the Cobra troops better.

    Later in Battle Corps, I switched to the black hooded version.

    Even later than that, I used the black mask crew cut Star Brigade head on the black hood body.


    Now I only collect 25th style, I use a darker blue battle helmet version, because the choices on hooded is either too light or too dark.


    The 1987 Battle Armor Commander has its own use as an armored soldier. It would have been perfct if they did a masked trooper head with the removable armored helmet, like the 25th CP version did.

  10. Anyways...back on topic.


    What has the possibility of being made by mixing parts and repaints:


    Sinestro Corps Amon Sur (repaint Abin Sur)

    Sinestro Corps Lyssa Drax ( Karu Sil body with a Starfire head & hair)

    Sinestro Corps Scarecrow

    Green Lantern Tomar Tu

    Blue Lantern Flash

    Orange Lantern Luthor

  11. The Glow in the Dark is a cool feature and in the dark that one is the better choice, but IMO the regular figure, for just normal appearances is the better looking figure.


    Exactly how I feel.

  12. Yeah, I got 2 (or 3, I forget) of those if it was the same guy, and traded one to CA. They aren't that great though, because the resin stays tacky long after they come out of the mold, and there were some air bubbles. And on mine, the yellow coloring bled all over. And the caster says it's not cost effective to cast them and sell them even at $5 each.


    I accidentally destroyed mine as well, when attempting to clean them.


    As for Riddler, the only complaint I saw was that there were no q-marks on his arms. You'd think they could fix that, but NOOOOOOOO...



    yup!...same guy. as for riddler, im glad they didnt fix him. i dont wanna buy another set just for him.


    But deep down, you know you want it.

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