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  1. Neal Adams is my choice. His art defined Batman. I like Lees detail, but hated Jones' huge "ears".
  2. Gi Joe means a lot to my. Seeing particular figires brings back memories of that point in time. Breaker was my first, along with the RAM and Collectors case. The Child World they came from is gone, but I remember it. I got those on a trip with my mom, when we saw Trail of the Pink Panther. Grunt is a noteworthy member. He was the only one of the original thirteen I was missing. My father told his mother not to get me any GI Joes, I already had too many. Little did he know of the future. I remember flying my Viper glider, at my older sisters apartment, the day my younger sister was born. I remeber getting Snow Job for graduation. Then later getting his Battle Bear and Airborne from my fathers sister that christmas. On a trip to see my mothers mother, my mom surprised me with mail away Duke. I never knew she ordered it. Funny how no one believes he came with a flag sticker, until the internet. Later at a christmas on Long Island, I got the massive Headquarters from my mothers mother, which was quite a large and expensive gift from a woman that was handicapped and had to take the bus. Again from that Child World. My mothers brothers gave me a Rattler and a MOBAT. I was ecstatic. Once, I remember getting a Whirlwind from my fathers brother for my birthday. Later we went up Mount Washington. The only time I've gone. My older sister gave me 2x CLAWs, a SNAKE and a missile PAC/RAT. Every trip to Keene, New Hampshire I remember going to Bradlees or the drug store across the way and getting something. One trip, I got the JUMP with Grand Slam. I thought it was awesome, but little did I know what a rarity it was. On another trip, I got Dusty and Lady Jaye. The only one I've ever seen before the 1990's. Again at christmas on Long Island my mothers brother got me a Snow Cat. Exactly what I asked for! Later that day I saw the VAMP & HAL set at KB in the Nassau mall. The art was kool, but I was denied, as I already had a VAMP. Once I saw Airtights card, I was stunned. Not only was he from my state, but my town, and collected plastic dinosaurs like me. He became my favorite joe. On my next birthday, Grandma bought me Dr. Mindbender, Beachhead, Iceberg, Monkeywrench, and a Viper. I got them early and hid them under my bed. Once I even smuggled a Wolf, Law, and Techno Viper back from a trip to the mall. I was ashamed to let the other eigth graders see. I claimed they were for my nephew, but they were not. Non-collectors just don't get it. Approaching the seventh series, my father told me to get whatever I wanted, but those going to be the last toys he ever bought me. He thought I was too old to play with toys. I chose Falcon, Shockwave and a Swampmasher. At the time, I was pissed because Shockwave didn't fit in it. Now the tables have turned, his tune changed when people started coming by to buy my stuff using hundred dollar bills. We jointly built a display table in the basement, and he got me artificial grass for my Cobra Island. Now he gives what he finds at flea markets and tag sales to me. I've collected Star Wars, Transformers, and Starcom, but never as in depth as my beloved GI Joes. Mike.
  3. I mix them together as well, but in the end i'd like the uniformity, but I am torn on Black Lightning. I like the uniformity of the DCUC V one, but the DCD JLA one has all the right articulation points I require and is taller. I dunno. On the other hand my DCD Red Arrow, I do not think Mattel could make one this great! I am waiting for DCUC version to replace me DCD ones of: Cheetah Poison Ivy Current Hawkgirl Martian Manhunter Black Hand Mirror Master These three, it would be hard for Mattel to beat, except stability for standing on the chicks: Vixen SC Cyborg Superman Star Sapphire
  4. Oh, yes please!! I yearn for the return of the pre-crisis outfit. I agree! Three thumbs up! There is no denying Laura Vandervoort is smoking hot, but that is not the Supergirl, I'd want a toy figure of. Now her real figure, I'd really like to get a hold of. But she got old....
  5. I can accept that, except he is taller than almost everyone else too. But I guess thats OK for a clone?
  6. My sentiments exactly. Too bad, it is a good mystery, and if you didn't you should also atch Sub Zero, Worlds Finest, and Mystery of the Batwoman.
  7. I am sorry for your bad figure, but my extra is a carded body with black shoulders. This is truly bad news, as I wanted the bank job Joker.
  8. Good match up for two figures that are taller than they need to be!
  9. I am glad you did that. That is what I would have reccommended. I think DCSH Superman is awesome. His head scult is great, and I like the darker red better. sets him apart from the true red group of Red Tornado, Firestorm, Atom Smasher, Atom, Shazam, and Flash. wow, you're the first person that felt the same way as me, i always hear that the dc superheroes supes is ok but to me it looks really good Yeah, I don't understand the hate for him. He could be a little taller and needs a kung fu grip, but he suits my needs.
  10. I am glad you did that. That is what I would have reccommended. I think DCSH Superman is awesome. His head scult is great, and I like the darker red better. sets him apart from the true red group of Red Tornado, Firestorm, Atom Smasher, Atom, Shazam, and Flash.
  11. My take on things: Marvel Howard the Duck (1986) A campy movie from a not-too seriouscomic book series. I think it was true to the source. The Punisher (1989) Good enough for early Marvel movies. Kind of an extension of those Hulk made for TV movies. Could have used the skull but at least the origin was true to the books. And Frank has tangled with the Yakuza, so it works. Blade (1998) One of my favorites. Great for a non-superhero movie. X-Men (2000) Good for getting people used to mutants, but as usual didn't follow the books by mixing up the roster. I hate that. Blade II (2002) A good action movie, but I liked it less than the other two. Spider-Man (2002) One of my favorites. Except for choice of villian, good series starter. Could used Lizard. Daredevil (2003) Never saw. X2: X-Men United (2003) Decent movie. Love the drop the knives scene on the porch, and focused more on lesser featured characters. Hulk (2003) Terrible! The Punisher (2004) I liked it overall, except bonding with neighbors. Blah! Spider-Man 2 (2004) so-so, coulda been worse. Still no lizard! Blade: Trinity (2004) Awesome, and Reynolds added to it. He fit for his jockular attitude and made it less depressing. Elektra (2005) Never saw. Fantastic Four (2005) Good starter movie, just like Spider-man. Sandman was awesome, except tie-in to uncle Ben. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) Just weird. Killing people who are not dead and a sorta Phoenix. What a waste! Ghost Rider (2007) Decent, I believe it worked out alright. Spider-Man 3 (2007) Stupid overall, by not following the books. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Decent. Tolerable to watch. Iron Man (2008) Just plain awesome, except villian choice. The Incredible Hulk (2008) Didn't see. Punisher: War Zone (2008) I haven't seen it. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) I haven't seen it. DC Comics Superman (1978) Dated, but awesome. Superman II (1980) Filmed simultaneously, truly an extension of the first. Could do without the love story, but oh well. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! Swamp Thing (1982) Decent for an off beat source. Superman III (1983) Liked when I was a kid, but now it tries my patience. Shoulda fought Brainiac like they planned. Supergirl (1984) Bad, but with a good villian and/or Superman cameo coulda worked. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) Watch this with commentary, you'll understand how the studio de-railed this. The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) Barely remember, except Hather Thomas. Thats the best part! Batman (1989) Too cheesy. Definitely dated in the '90's urban influence. Batdance anyone? Joker isn't dead! Batman Returns (1992) Series progression is good, but the mass appeal aspects ruin it. Theres that love story nonsense again. Batman Forever (1995) New Bruce Wayne?, but Tommy Lee jones and the Riddler. Yay! Mass appeal aspects ruin it. Steel (1997) Just bad! Batman & Robin (1997) New Bruce Wayne again? Driving on rooftops? please! Batgirl Alfreds neice? Did they ever read the books? Freeze, Ivy, and Bane were a plausable mix. Freeze shoulda been another actor. Arnold did OK, but not his type of role. Catwoman (2004) Just bad! There is that urban influence again. Batman Begins (2005) Awesome, except that damn crappy villian choice again. Not that Scarecrow was bad, but the tie to League of Shadows irked me. Superman Returns (2006) I liked it a lot, except everyone was younger than they were in the original? Kevin Spacey rulez! The Dark Knight (2008) Awesome, not as much as the hype, but awesome. The Spirit (2008) Don't care to see it. Watchmen (2009) Don't care to see it. Also, the old Captain America movie never gets its due. It is a low budget flick that follows the story, has believable action, and Caps #1 villian. If I could own a copy on DVD I'd buy it.
  12. The Skeets on my classic that I kept and the modern that I sold came off freely. Also Mr. Terrifics balls stayed in the blister and I didn't re-attach them.
  13. I have Kalibak's Left Leg if you want. Also have for trade/sell: Grodd's Right arm Atom Smasher's Left Leg I'm looking for Grundy or Giganta parts. CybertronianArtifact, I'll take your Grundy part if you'll take my Grodd part What Grundy part? I only have a complete one for sale, though I may contemplate opening a Deathstroke for his part. For the right trade? Update my list: CLICK ME!
  14. They were released in small quantities, among older repacks. If you didn't see them at regular retail, they were probably bought, or not sent to your stores.
  15. Well, I saw quite a few wave 5 in the wild at 4 seperate stores. I wish I picked them up. All but Riddler go for big dollars. It especially hurts, because I regret selling my Eradicator & Metallo, even though he sucks! I too have gone to ordering online. I've had wave 8 for 2 weeks now, while stores are empty. I even went as far as lodging a complaint at my now local Walmart. It is frustrating going there only for groceries. Thats no fun!
  16. Yup, I agree, lame-o! I am sick of the saop opera.
  17. Where did you get the graphic for the brick walls? Any other secret tips you can share?
  18. I like these ideas: Superman with a cloth cape with a yellow S, and an extra head that is angry and using heat vision. Batman with more details like supes and an unmasked head. Aquaman would be awsome maybe with a seahorse or shark. <-- How about a squid? Flash with Cosmic treadmill. Green Lantern(s) with various green "constructs" made of translucent green plastic I'd really like a Nighwing with a 1:12 scale black/blue motorcycle.
  19. Everyone thinks Batman is dead, but he is not. I always thought Black Hand was a kool figure.
  20. I always thought SuperMan should of been called SuperPansy. Dude i have been seeing you post here and in the marvel thread if your that unhappy with what seems to be all the toy line then plase stop posting here you negitive attiude is really getting on my last nerve. you say marvel is sux which in itself is not great english and you think DCUC sux and gijoe sux then why even come here. Ok we get it you think it all sux thanks for stoping by. Really come on now. i will only take so much but now your steping on one of my loves which is superman and you should only be so lucky to be half the man this fictional hero is No need to start crying when someone makes fun of your sissy hero. I've never said marvel is the SUX. Marvel is the greatest company of all time. I said the sissy Super hero squad is THE SUX. Get it right boy. And I'll post where ever I want when ever I want. Well, I think Marvel does suck! Their recent figures do suck, made worse by Has-been! The Iron Sheik sucks, and is a symbol of the enemy! Superman may be too goody-goody, but at least he stands for all that is the best we should be.
  21. I thought Mattel said at Toy Fair, Man-Bat was in wave 10 for sure. Power Girl and Joker inclusion is probably just speculation.
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