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  1. maybe they'll put outback in the mix.
  2. you never know, they're not really making great decisions around there. i would be pretty pissed if the undertaker lost too.
  3. after coaches match, he heads back to eclipse's office. coach: hey boss eclipse: what do you think your doing? your tracking mud all over my office. coach: i'm being chased. eclipse: that still doesn't mean you can track mud into my office. what's worse, you didn't even win the match. coach: but i did what you asked, i humiliated ms walker. look, i even came back with her trunks. eclipse: coach you sick pervert. i didn't tell you to do that. coach: i thought it would be embarassing. look how big these are. eclipse: man, those will make j lo jealous. i don't know what the deal is, but somewhere out there, someone is jumping out of a plane wishing that was still in their pack. coach: so what do i do now? eclipse: what do you mean? coach: i think they're real pissed. eclipse: well first, your going to get out of my office. you can leave early tonight. coach leaves the office taking his souvenir with him.
  4. i saw conan last night, i think he was genuinely freaked out.
  5. *IC* All of a sudden! The General kicks the door down attacking the Professor with lefts and rights. Here it comes.... THE BUNKER BUSTER! The crowd is chanting USA! USA! USA! *He then looks at Mohamed* Gen. Johnston: This Thursday, I challenge you to a Prisoner of War Capture the Flag match. What is that you ask? It's simple you have to get your country's flag to your corner. Problem, it's at your opponent's corner. No outside interference at all and no cheating. That's why I'm bringing some army buddies to act as security. Winner get's to keep his opponent as a POW until Monday Night. Get ready, 'cause your going to get your ass whooped by A Real American Hero. *He all of a sudden looks at the camera* General: I have nothing to do with these two guys named Xinos and What's-His-Name. So Thursday, after all this flag match stuff is over, I want you two to come down to the ring, face to face, so we can have a little chat...... *He then stares at the fallen Mohamed* General: SALAM!!!! And God Bless America. *The General now leaves the bathroom, muttering "Lebanese spit my ass" *OOC* GR81 says: As Hamed Mohamed agent, he gladly accepts your challenge for this thursday at Meltdown, if of course the powers to be permits it. Rest assure Mr. General, Hamed Mohamed is not happy with your comments and it will be shown this thursday. O/C: Good promo bro by the way heheh *IC* As an aide to General Johnston, he comments that he will kick Mr. Mohamed's ass at Meltdown. He is currently training for this match, so this is why I am sending this message to Mr. Mohamed or his agent. And don't worry, even if you lose, Mr. Mohamed, you will still fight in your match at Wrestlefest on Sunday, but you are to report to General Johnston after the match. As for Xinos and his friend, General Johnston will meet with you after his match. Thank you, and God Bless America. *OOC* I can't wait for Meltdown this Thurs. eclipse just happens to walk by as all this transpires. as usual, eclipse waits until the beating is done. eclipse: hey GI JOE! do i know you? who do you think you are coming on to my show and making all these matches. have you earned this match? no. in case you didn't know, there's a rule that everyone must follow, if you want something from me, impress me. you certainly haven't done that rookie! eclipse: but to be fair, eclipse is a man of opportunity. i can see some potential here, so if you want a match, you got it.... of course there are conditions. the rules have changed! i'm making this a 3 on 3 tag match between you, skarab and xinos vs hamed, brock lesnar and batista. it will still be a capture the flag POW match, but since your on my show, it will be under my terms. good day gentleman! eclipse walks off as the rules are still unknown, what does he have in mind?
  6. i almost thought triple h was al snow with that beard.
  7. it'd not that i think the movie will be directed poorly, but that aspect of the movie would stick on my mind and that's all i'll be focussing on, this kid. it diverts attention away form the rest of the movie. i guess i would just be sore about it. since it's just a rumour, i'll wait and see, but it would mean that i will wait a few days after the release to make sure that it's not a flop. if the rumours are true, it'll be too much for me to accept.
  8. it is pointless. why can't you do it without the kid, lois trying to move on after 6 years and is engaged, clark/superman has to win her back? that's the same thing. if they think they can add a kid in there for a few cute scenes, they're just shooting themselves in the foot. the story of lois and clark/ superman has always been a huge part of the superman universe. there was always this bond that can't be so easily broken. a few people may not see it as such a big deal, maybe even accept the fact it reflects a modern norm, but to me, it does change things in that the bond isn't as strong. it really changes the way we view the relationship between the two characters. if they get back together, what's next, cheating? it's like if we changed the story of snow white in the same way. while snow white is waiting for the prince, she has several torrid affairs with the dwarves and gets pregnant by one of them. she needs a paternaity test to figure it out. then the prince comes along and takes her away only to reveal that he himself, is having a gay affair. doesn't sound right, does it. kinda takes the fairy tale out of things and that's the same way i see this rumour. it was a fairly tale relationship ruined. why does everything have to be turned into an episode of jerry springer.
  9. realizing what had just happened, eclipse starts laughing. eclipse: to be honest with you, that was great. i guess this week they won't be bothering me for a match. now i don't know what it is you had in mind, but if i were a guy who had a title shot and just got my ass handed to me twice by my opponents, i wouldn't waste my time messing around. i would focus on my match and i would make sure that everyone is on the same page. otherwise, you see this belt around my waist, this is as close as you'll ever get to it. eclipse taps on the belt that he's still wearing since he walked out for the contract signing. eclipse: and as for these clowns, if your looking to collect on their bounty, you better make sure the job is done, or are you going to screw that up too. just be sure you don't get hurt before your title match, unless you think you can afford it. eclipse then looks over at ms walker, who is trying to revive her men. eclipse: if your looking to make an impact, your sure not doing a good job. instead of standing around making demands every week, why don't you show everyone what your all made of. eclipse gestures towards annihilation. then aloud to everyone. eclipse: don't start what you can't finish! eclipse walks away as eternal and annihilation is left wondering what to do about their matches. ms walker is still standing with her eyes now focussed on annihilation. end man, i'm having a busy night.
  10. i couldn't care less if singer or the actor is gay, as long as superman is still the same superman. it's sad if there is a secret agenda here, but as long as it doesn't affect the product on the screen, i'm fine. now i know these are just rumours, but i think the rumour about lois having a kid is much worse than the gay issues off set . superman gone for 6 years and a 5 year old kid would mean lois moved on the second he left. that's not the lois i know from the legend. it's one thing to bend the storyline, but going too far would alienate many fans. if this is confirmed, i doubt i'll waste my time seeing it.
  11. after the show, eclipse walks backstage where coach meets up with him. coach: great show boss, your a genius.. eclipse: whoa...shut up! what's this? eclipse listens in as el bandito makes his promo. eclipse quickly walks over as bandito is wrapping things up. cameras are still rolling. eclipse: hey, what was that? maybe i didn't hear you correctly, since no one understands what your saying half the time. el bandito: i was jus sayin.. eclipse: shut up! listen up AMIGO! i'll speak slowly so you understand. who do you think you are? i make the matches around here, no one tells eclipse how to run his show! eclipse: you see, maybe this is my fault. when you were hired, you didn't speak much and with that mask, i thought you were the BANDIT. you know, come out, steal the title belt, we all have a few laughs. instead, each week you come pestering me for this and that. now since this is my fault, i'm going to give you a chance to show me what your made of. if you want your tag team match next week, you got it. but it's not going to be on your terms, it'll just be a regular tag match and if you make it through that, the match at wrestlefest 2005 will now be a ladder match for the cruiserweight title. (sarcastically) eclipse: are you happy now? is that enough to shut you up? the next time you want attention around here, maybe you should make an impact. maybe even try and claim a bounty, i'll even pay you in pesos. now get out of here before i change my mind. comprende? eclipse turns to the camera eclipse: now i've got another issue to address. kool aid man, i know you nabbed cowboy bob orton earlier tonight. what are you thinking? are you nuts? have you no respect? cowboy bob orton is a legend, why he's almost as big a legend as eclipse and i don't want anyone getting any bright ideas of disrespecting a living legend like me. i know you can't sleep without holding onto your chair at night and i can see that you'll do anything to get that chair back, but taking bob orton is going too far! so i'll tell you what i'm going to do. at wrestlefest, you asked for a hell in the cell retirement match and that's exactly what your going to get... but let me remind you of this, if you lose...you and that chair are gone!!!
  12. after the ring clears, eclipse grabs the mic and addresses the crowed. eclipse: there you have it, the match is officially on. at wrestlefest 2005, you will see, The Eternal Vs. Darren Andrews Vs. John Thomas - Heavyweight Championship - NO DQ Armageddon Vs. Chris Warren Vs. Ugly Bulldog - Intercontinental Bill Goldberg Vs. Hamed Mohamed Vs. Big Show - USA Scott Hall & Kevin Nash Vs. Annihilation Vs. The Syndicate Vs. Mr. Han & RJ Brian - Tag Team - Tabbles, Ladders & Chairs Genocide Hyde Vs. Johnny Blazer Vs. Skarab Vs. Xinos - Hardcore AJ Styles Vs. Jay Daniels Vs. Devon Storm Vs. El Bandito - Cruiserweight Randy Orton Vs. Kool-Aid Man - Hell In A Cell now i know what your all thinking, what's going on around here? those weren't the scheduled matches. well due to some bizarre events around here, i have been forced to make these changes and who knows, things may change again. it appears that someone, or something has been secretly taking out my wrestlers in the back. one by one, superstars on the hitlist are being picked off. although i appreciate the effort, what's strange is unlike some of these other idiots in the back, no one has barged in to collect their bounty. personally i don't care either way, just more money for me, but i would still like to know who i have on the job. there's no point in hiding in the shadows, i can make you a very rich man!
  13. that would give them a huge push. i can't imagine vince letting that happen.
  14. as ms walker leaves eclipse's office, the GM gets an idea and sends for coach, who quickly responds. coach: what's up boss, i was about to go get a few statements. eclipse: do you know what just happened. just like last week, ms walker comes barging into my office demanding a tag team title shot. coach: some people never learn. eclipse: she came in here and had the nerve to tell me that i can make any match i want. OF COURSE I CAN MAKE ANY MATCH I WANT, I'M THE GENERAL MANAGER! coach: calm down boss, what are you going to do? eclipse: i'll tell you what i'm going to do. eclipse picks up the contract and tears it up. eclipse: if she wants a match, she'll have to earn it like everyone else. no one threatens me, i make the threats around here! i'm going to set a bounty on that dimwit deacon, $100,000 and a match of their choice. coach: that's right boss, no one messes with you. by the way, did you hear what john thomas said earlier? he wants to make the championship match at wrestlefest a no holds barred, no disqualification match. eclipse: you know what, i'm feeling generous since he helped take care of deacon last week. if that's the match he wants, consider it done. it's not my job to talk people out of hurting themselves. eclipse: coach, go make an announcement. on thursday night meltdown, we are going to have an official contract signing for the main event at wrestlefest.
  15. they're just feeding these guys to him. for a guy with such a huge push, you would expect him to be a lot more over. i don't think it's worth it when you consider all those wrestlers just for one guy. i'd hate to see the undertaker suffer the same fate and orton still being where he is with the fans.
  16. they seem to have a lot of wrestlers. there's the original roster and then there's everyone wwe releases. it's like they're hoarding talent.
  17. they desperate to have people carry the torch down the road, but at what cost.
  18. no one's going to see them. they'll be fogging up the back of some car.
  19. eclipse is in his office going over footage from tonights show. after viewing one of the matches, he gets an idea for the next show. as he begins to write it down, john thomas comes barging into his office. thomas: we gotta talk! eclipse: what do you think your doing? thomas: look, you and i both know that match at wrestlefest will be the biggest spectacle ever and you know that with eternal and cobra, there's no way it's going to be a fair fight. there's bound to be some interference. the odds are stacked against me. i've even got some sick freak sending me these cd's. eclipse: so, what's your point. aren't you the one going around claiming to be the best technical wrestler around? your always sucking up to the fans and telling people you can beat anyone, yet here you are crying about cd's and not having any friends to back you up. well, it's not my fault that no one likes you enough to be in your corner. what do you want me to do, force someone to be your friend. while i'm at it, maybe i'll pay for your plastice surgery so that your dog will play with you again. thomas: all i want is a fair shot, i demand that you change this match! eclipse: change the match? who do you think you are? the last time you came barging into my office, i put a bounty on you. now your back making more demands. you don't get it do you! let me ask you this, your here making these demands, but what have you done for me lately? nothing! other than running your mouth off, you've done nothing to impress me. in fact, i should punish you for barging in... just then a 7ft giant comes marching in. eclipse: what's this??? deacon: my boss wants a word with you! eclipse: do you even work here? i don't care who your boss is, if they want to talk to me, they can make an appointment. deacon: i said, your coming with me! thomas: hey, i was here first! deacon grabs john thomas by the throat and pins him against the wall. eclipse grabs a keyboard and smashes it over deacons head. deacon turns around and grabs eclipse by the throat. john thomas picks up a wooden chair and breaks it over deacons back. finally the monster is down. the two men continue to stomp on him until security arrives. eclipse turns to john thomas eclipse: about that punishment, consider us even.
  20. i hope this wrestlemania match isn't just another attempt to push orton by crapping over someones else's accomplishments.
  21. i saw the recap with jake the snake and alice cooper. that was a pretty memorable moment.
  22. seems like they're just signing every wwe wrestler they can. even if they don't use them, the wwe won't get to either if they wanted to rehire.
  23. i voted yes, because it would give more people chances to create feuds. it would also give people time if they can't post for 2 shows a week. but it still means we need people to post for shows.
  24. since he's a heel, this attention may work for him. but backstage, i'm sure he's getting a lot of heat. there's really no point of trying to ruin his push, either you want him on the show or not. by lowering his stock and keeping him, the wwe is just taking it's own sales away. might as well just get rid of him if your going to do that. of course, some temporary punishment may be prefered. i think we all agree that what happened was wrong and i was surprised when i read this here. i was actually more surprised to see lita on raw today. they could have done the segment without her.
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