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  1. Last month I started a new blog for my 1/6 scale custom Joes. I realize I'm not a very active member of TNI these days, but now that there's a few more articles up I wanted to extend an invitation to you guys as Joe-fans to come check it out. It will give a fairly in depth look at the how one is made and you'll find plenty of pics of each Joe. Also for the next week I'm running a poll to see which 1982 Joe is made first. Since there's already at least one from years '83-'86 I figure it was time for '82 and the original glory of the first 13. Anyway, here's the link: http://meanwhilebackathq.blogspot.com/ YO JOE!!!
  2. Uhhhhh, The KOTCS figure uses 360 degree scanning of Harrison's head and face NOW!! He will NOT look like Han solo now because the figure is based off of NOW!! not HAN SOLO!! People are ##$%$#ed if they buy a KOTCS indy and fuss because it DOES not look like Han solo.. well NO $HIT!! it looks like Harrison Ford. .the way Harrison looks TODAY!! Not to flip out or anything!
  3. I had this problem with the Episode III figures. It's not being recalled it's simply locked out of the system due to the release date. Some stores honor them others don't. The employees just say it's been recalled becasue they don't know any better and that's what it looks like when an item is on recall and supposed to be off the shelves.
  4. Sweet! What's the DCPI for the singles? I wanna try this!
  5. Pretty decent. Sr. looks better scukpt-wise, not feeling Indy at all. Personally I'm looking forward to the SSC one. With the new body and all the accessories and half the price of the Medicom version it's just a better deal all around.
  6. Is there a "Street Date" for the Indiana Jones figures etc. similar to what's been done for Star Wars figure in the past? Y'know like the Midnight Madness they had for the prequels.
  7. Why the hell'd they change the Killing Joke Batman to have the tear on his left bicep??? Is there a variant? I know it's there in the book but it looked so much better untattered. The Hugo Strange and Two-Face figures look pretty cool though.
  8. Thanks for the info guys! Probably gonna track down a v1 Ryu now. Anyway here's a quick shot of Guile:
  9. Good news! I found my Sakura and Guile figures! Also found my extra "bits" for my guys. I know I've got 3 or 4 more around here somewhere. Wanted to ask though, are the Revolution figures really THAT bad? There's a store here that's got Ryu still, but I don't want to pay $16 for a crap figure. Also do they fit in with the first few waves? He looks pretty big and I don't want him towering over my foriginal Ken. Oh yeah, pics later, photobuckets down for maintenence.
  10. I sold a lot of my SF figures a couple years ago, and the others are packed away. But I'm looking forward toposting more pics as soon as I can dig them out!
  11. Sounds great, but the Galoob Riker was actually beardless as well. Not many people remember these. Check it out.
  12. Sweet! I'm looking forward to this wave most of all, with the exception of Robin and Nightwing, who don't do a whole lote for me. But man, Hal, Grundy, Sinestro, and overcourse Deathstroke HELL YEAH!
  13. These are some really old shots from at least 2-3 years ago. I'd really forgotten how much fun these figures are! Sakura's still one of my favorite figures!
  14. Yeah, he holds the sword really well and it's nice and surdy. I think the Advent Cloud's sleeve gets in the way of two handed sword poses. I forgot to add, he come with an additional plug that goes in his back and always him to carry the sword on his back. My ONLY complaint about him would be the lack of 'relaxed' hands, similar to what Squall and Sephiroth had. Clouds got two grasping rights, a grasping left and then two fists.
  15. Found Cloud and the girls at the comic shop today. They all three look really nice, as is to be expected from this line. They look more like the Manga/Anime source art than the "realistic" Advent Children figures. Still I think they fit in pretty well. I only grabbed a Cloud because I've got the set on preorder with BigBad. Here's a few pics!
  16. He was never really a favorite character of mine, but he's definitely grown on me in past few days. I got the idea for this after converting an Air Trooper jetpack into a JUMP pack. I didn't bother with the silver grenade launcher as I'd never use it. Also I'm holding off on the star on the helmet until I find a sticker or decail. Recipe: Head: - Duke Torso & waist - Shipwreck Arms - shipwreck gloves - firefly upper legs - Hawk lower legs - firefly
  17. He was never really a favorite character of mine, but he's definitely grown on me in past few days. I got the idea for this after converting an Air Trooper jetpack into a JUMP pack. I didn't bother with the silver grenade launcher as I'd never use it. Also I'm holding off on the star on the helmet until I find a sticker or decail suitable. Recipe: Head: - Duke Torso & waist - Shipwreck Arms - shipwreck gloves - firefly upper legs - Hawk lower legs - firefly
  18. Agreed!!! Although this makes me cautious about preordering a case. I only want the Classic figures and not the Modern stuff. Hell I barely even want Superman blue, but I do want Grodd. I'm assumming wave four will contain Flash, both Barry and Wally.
  19. What's the casepack on these Clam? Is it still 2 CGs per case? Man I hope BBTS gets these soon!
  20. Just wondering if anyone's picked up the new Wrath of Khan series 1 figures? I know that the SDCC WOK Crew and battle damaged Kahn have been out for months, but did anyone get Kirk, Catwrght and reg. Kahn? I'm curious to know, are the shirts hard plastic or soft like the Original series figures?
  21. Really great work! You did an awesome job Mundo! Oddly enough I've got both figures lying around, so might give this a try over the holiday.
  22. This is easier than the first thread! 5)black Cobra Commander, not a bad repaint, but a really worthless figure! 4)Serpentor, DDP or the original would've been so much better! 3)Buzzer, just didn't look right to me, and where's the chainsaw gun??? 2))Storm Shadow v2, the second costume he had was cool, but it did not translate onto the 25th SS sculpt very well. There were too many compromises 1)Snake Eyes v2 wished he was closer to the original also. The lower legs and boots as well as the missing mini-crossbow on his right wrist annoyed me, OH and he wa grey...wtf! The original Snake Eyes v2 is my favorite ARAH Joe, and Hasbro kinda botched the 25th Anni. with a mediocre repaint
  23. Prince Adam

    Top 5 25th

    Here's mine: 1) Storm Shadow v1. Great sculpt all around and the accessories are fantastic 2) Firefly. A really great figure with awesome gear and a cool headsculpt. 3) Stinger Driver. Although I don't want an army of them, SDs show just has badass repaints CAN be! 4) Beachhead. One of my most anticipated figures for the line and he got made so early! The details are all top notch! 5) Scarlett. Best Scarlett ever, hands down. Snake Eyes, v1 was almost in there, but I would've preferred him black. Stalker would've followed, and of course the original Cobra Trooper. All in all, there have been more figures I love than ones I hate, but when you gotta pick five these are the quintet I'd go with!
  24. This is pretty exciting, although, only 3 new figures! Wonder what the deal is with Snake Eyes...Maybe he's being kept from wave 5 and put in 6. I'm pretty excited about the Fred VII Cobra Commander and I REALLY hope the helmet comes off! I ordered a case, hopefully the pack list remains unaltered, except for a maybe a thrown in CG. I must admit though, I really was hoping to see Vipers or Eels by now!
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