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  1. With season 4 on the last epidso of Rebirth yes Bumblebee is there but I play it off as a error and that he was sopost to be Goldbug. As with Silverbolt and the others I myself had clare them dead send we saw Swindle take them away when Blass Off and Brawl I think load them up in Swindle and never saw them again.
  2. Yes the Arielbots where kill but it was season 4 when Glavatron had use Cybertron as a moving planted and need full for the rockets. He told Swindle and the other Combaticons to rip out there power core for the roctet full.
  3. ok I take that back his windows where black as seen here.
  4. If I remember right Goldbug was all gold but the head the head was blue so there shouldn't be any black on him at all.
  5. I don't belive it was as far as I know they never said where Cybertron when after the Autobots blew up Megatron's ship to send Cybertron out of Earth orbit.
  6. That late in season 2 long after we seen the others show up? OK U got me there I didn't think about that.
  7. It just hit me maybe with the likes of Powerglide,Tracks,Smokescreen and others they came in Omega and Cosmos when they hear that Prime and the others where on earth.
  8. Well we did know about the Stunticons and Aerilbots and Combaticons. But the 2 of the Combaticons Onslaught and Blast Off was the confusing to me how they got those new forms from the old WW2 modes like how could Blast Off could change from a plane to a spaceshuttle and samething with Slaught. As for the first season 2 character which where Powerglide and Warpath they just POP up on A Prime Promblem. Where before that epidso it was still all the season 1 characters.
  9. Yeah know what you mean we never know where they came from if Ratchet and Wheeljack had made them or if they came from Cybertron samething you can say with the likes of Cosmos,Tracks,Blizwing and all the other second season Autobots & Decepticons is like when did they get to earth and how. We may got the back store on Omega and the Constuctions but all the others we never did.
  10. I want some Decepticons MP come on I have to many Autobots right now where is Thrust and Astrotrain.
  11. I saw that video it's so weird that they didn't show Red Alert with the others?
  12. Well now if they do Cliffjumper we now know the size he will be send he was the same size as Bumblebee in the cartoon. Also this may show what will happen to Cosmos. If I'm right Cosmos was smaller then Bumblebee in the shows and send there doing them by the show. So hopellu they will add some stuff to both Cliffjumper and Cosmos to make it the same price as Bumblebee.
  13. I kind of like the get the third party Slag to me he is the only one that looks like what Hasbro and Takara would do. The other 2 Swoop and Sludge do not look that good to me. As for Snarl I haven't seen any pics of him so can't stay with him.
  14. Usely right after they relest a MP in stores we get a hint of you is coming. I know when Wheeljack came out we had perviews that Star Saver and Wheeljacks evil twin is coming out. So I wonder who will be the next one they will hint to show coming out I hope it be a Decepticon.
  15. Body is a little different but car mode is the same.
  16. Well it's the same way with Goldbug they can use Bumblebee's mode just change the head and redo the legs and arms.
  17. The top 6 on my MP List I would like to see are. Goldbug Sunstreaker Jazz Beachcomber Astrotrain Thrust And maybe some more Dinobots like Swoop & Sludge send it seems like Hasbro is avoiding Sludge alot seem like they do more with the other 3 Dinos but not with Sludge.
  18. But we still need Thrust,Dirge & Ramjet MP and I figure they still will use Starscream's body just change the head and wings and side weapons but the rest would be Starscream.
  19. So far with this year and next year there isn't any MP I really want. Well I some what like to get Ultra Magnus but 1. He is going to be to big for my shelfs to put on and 2 no room for him with the small amont of space I have leaved for them. So I have to pass him. I don't care for Wheeljack evil brother and this so call Star Shaper or what ever his name is never seen him before on the cartoons so I will not be getting him.
  20. If these where the G1 Optimus and Bumblebee then yes I would of got them. But send they are the horrable movie verison forget it. To me Michale Bay has ruin the Transformers fandom and I refuss to watch this movie and the others he has made as well as the Turtles that he has ruin.
  21. Hey guys I have a question. I know there is a 3 party that is doing extra weapons for MP G2 Sideswipe but I forgot the name they are calling it. I know Big Bad Toy Store is saling them but like I said don't remember the name. Can anyone tell me what the name it was so I can look for them. I really want to get the extra webason for my G2 Sideswipe. Thx.
  22. The only two Autobots I can think Chip will come with is either Beachcomber or Percetor. Carly not sure WAIT WAIT WAIT.... If I remember right when she first came on she was more into Ironhide cause of the troble she cause him when the other Autobots got capure. So she could come with Ironhide.
  23. I would of though Danel would of come with Wheelie if they did him or Arcee. I wonder if they do Ratchet will Sparkplug be with him. Also Chip and Carly wonder about them who could they come with?
  24. Mine is also why is Wildrider a Truck? He never was a truck. I like how Deadend,Breakdown & Drag Strip look even Motormaster but Wildrider is a big turn down for me.
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