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  1. Wheeljack is that Silverbolt the same size as the Megatron's. My work has gotten in Megatron but I haven't yet seen Silverbolt,Optimus or Motormaster. Just trying to see if Motormaster is the same size as Megatron or smaller that is why I wonder about your Silverbolt send I figure Motormaster be the same size as Silverbolt.
  2. I finally found the second series of the Comber Wars at Wal-Mart I got myself Breakdown. He wasn't easy to Transformer from robot to car speacilly with his legs what they show on the exstration was wrong. I had to see how to do it from Youtube But here is my Breakdown.
  3. Has anyone yet seen any of the Stunticons like Motormaster,Dead End & Breakdown from the Combier Wars. I still haven't seen any of them. Infact I haven't seen the first series send I got Drag Strip back in late Jan. The latest I have seen if Huffer and that was last week at my work.
  4. Yeah just like in season 1 when Wheeljack & Sideswipe free Skyfire from his ice tome. How did Skyfire know who Wheeljack was either less how did he know who Brawn & Windcharger was and where Autobot HQ was at. I can see how Wheeljack & Sideswipe knew about Skyfire but how Skyfire knew Wheeljack,Brawn & Windcharger is pluzzing me? maybe he knew Wheeljack from back in the day, maybe they hung out in the same scientist circles. Well that part can't be right cause Skyfire was bestfriends with Starscream at the time so he still wouldn't know who Wheeljack was.
  5. Yeah just like in season 1 when Wheeljack & Sideswipe free Skyfire from his ice tome. How did Skyfire know who Wheeljack was either less how did he know who Brawn & Windcharger was and where Autobot HQ was at. I can see how Wheeljack & Sideswipe knew about Skyfire but how Skyfire knew Wheeljack,Brawn & Windcharger is pluzzing me?
  6. Was watching Return of Optimus Prime part 2 and what has always got my nerv is why they never had Sky Lynx get protected like they did with Optimus wouldn't they think he would of get the plaque. To me that was the stuipds thing they ever did.
  7. I'm with you Wheeljack I live in CA and I haven't seen any of the Combiner Wars figures at all but one time which I got Drag Strip from Target which was on sale for 9.99 that was about month ago today. Send then I haven't seen anything. I when to Target today to do some photos that I took when I was at DLand and wild I was waiting for them to get done I when walking over to the toys and there shelfs where empty they did have a Hulk Hogan I wanted but he was 25.99 and I couldn't get him but yeah there isn't nothing of Transformers at all.
  8. Yeah I think I found the blue print of that MP Huffer.
  9. tracks is looking pretty great! corss fingers mirage is next!!!!!!! The rumors are tracks, Road Rage [Red Female repaint of Tracks] and Ironhide. i can dig an ironhide if that falls true than we can bank on ratchet too. of the original 1984 autobot wave (not including minis), that leaves mirage, jazz, hound, trailbreaker, and sunstreaker. I hope they do more of the minis like Beachcomber,Cliffjumper and Huffer. Besides I think they have the blue prints still for Huffer right? I remember there was some photos awild ago that what so like a MP Huffer so if thats true then they can do him.
  10. Thanks Wheeljack for letting me know so then here is the link. http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/transformers-masterpiece-47/next-toys-r-us-exclusive-masterpiece-figure-is-starscream-182142/
  11. I don't know if I'm alond to post links or not but I was just on TFW2005 and they just said that the next TRU MP is going to be Starscream. This is great news for us that never got him. I just hope when he comes out I have the money for him and be able to get him.
  12. I want to stay I'm sorry for my complants here and I didn't mean any harm to you guys at all. I just want to say I'm so use to have the G1 Transformers where back in 84 to 87 that I just want them to look like that again, I mean if they can make Bumblebee and Wheeljack back in there old cars why not keep them that way. That is why I'm having this complant with how there new looks like Hot Spot and Ultra Magnus look now. Yes I can see that Streetwise,Blades,Breakdown,Drag Strip & even Dead End look almost like there old forms which is fine they look like them but Hot Spot,First Aid Huffer do not. Also I don't mine new characters which is fine but why have these new character take over old teams it doesn't make send at all. If the want this Root or what ever this guy name is that is taking the place of Groove why not have him in his own group. I don't read the new Transformers comics because I don't like how the drawing is I can't even tell who is who. Like I can't tell if I'm looking at Hot Rod or if it's Prowl Or if I'm looking at Swindle when it really is Hound. The way I have seen some of these comics is from TFW2005. So anyways that is why I'm having this fit on how they look and not happy with how the toys look. I am planing of getting both the Protectobots & Stuntcons but I will not add the two memebers that are not part of there right team. I already have Drag Strip for my Combier Wars. So anyways to you Wheeljack,Dragon,Adam and everyone else. I am sorry for my complants and giving you guys a hard time.
  13. I still like the Protectobots/Defensor, but I do admit that he lost a few points with me when I realized that Rook, who I never heard of, is a 6th Protectobot and that Groove is a chest piece. If I had to guess new things like this will be characters in the idw comics I don't read those comics I don't like the drawing to them. I can't tell who any of them are they look nothing like the Transformers I know. The only comics I read where the Marvel ones and Dream wave or what ever that other one was.
  14. I hope they do a Wildrider I want him for my Stunticons and not that Knockout or what ever that one that is taking Wildrider's place.
  15. I really don't like how any of them look to me they look nothing like there old school stile and who the heck is Rook never hear of him and why isn't Groove a leg. The Construtcons are about the only ones I really like and Streetwise all the others are trash looking.
  16. I though Devastator had purple arms not black. Other then the color of the arms he isn't that bad looking. Don't know if I will have the money for him when he comes out in the fall.
  17. This is what I'm talking about I mean Bruticus should of been alot bigger then that.
  18. Yes I notes that as well as when in the same episdo with Sandstorm they had Bruticus at the computer and he was about the same size as Glavatron and next seen you saw Brawl with Razor claw
  19. I saw todays Season 3 Transformers and it was kind of weird seeing Sandstorm transforming into earth vecil. modes when he was never on earth before. The artics really didn't think to well when doing the drawing to him he should of had a Cybertron mode.
  20. I think you're combining G2 and the throttlebots. The toy is G2 and your cartoon pic is Throttlebot. I'm not talking about the toy I was talking about Goldbug himself, He was mayle all gold only his head was blue and windows where black.
  21. Also what got me the ship that burger had for the Autobots look alot like there ship the Ark but painted a different color and send when did Cosmos had Teletran 1 controll him when he is his own self?
  22. Even though we didn't see him I wonder if Omgea was malfunctioning as well as Cosmos? Send those two are more in space then on earth.
  23. I know he isn't but he almost looks like he could be part of the Masterpiece collcetion. I would love to get him.
  24. Onr thing I hated about season 3 is how stuipe they made Grimlock he was more of a joke then a worrier like he was in season 1 & 2 and he was about the only Dinobot we saw once in a wild the others would show up.
  25. Of chourse it was move again in season 4 thanks to Glavatron.
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