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  1. I know what you mean with space my space is so limited as well. I have 2 small shelves for my MP The first one is already fill with only 6 in the front and only 5 in the back counting Optimus trailer. The second shelve is about the same only room really for about 11 maybe 12 MP. So I have to be very piggy on who I get and as of right now there is at less 6 that is a must even if they haven't made them yet that I want. Beachcomber is one of the 6 I must want which is why I got the 3rd party as a place holder until TTomy desides to make him. The other 5 are Goldbug,Sunstreaker,Jazz,Thrust & Astrotrain. Now not sure if these will get made or not but they are my made ones to really have. So out of the 6 I want there really is only room for about 5 or 6 more then that is it. Starscream starts the first of my MP for the second shelve so now that is cut down to only 4 to go and so Inferno would be the next. I pass on UM cause of 3 reasons. 1. The size he is to big for my shelve 2. Price & 3 room. I need to take a photo of what my space for them is so you guys can see what I mean. But yeah I get where you are coming from.
  2. Well here is a list of MP I have as of now. Grimlock =TRU Targetmaster Hot Rod= TRU Optimus Prime =TRU Red Alert=Tartaka Rumble=Tartaka Buzzsaw=Tartaka Soundwave with Frenzy & Laserbeak=TRU Bluestreak=Tarraka Smokescreen=Tartaka G2 Sideswipe=Tartaka Ratbat=Tartaka & Starscream=TRU This does not count Beachcomber send he isn't a Hasbro or Tartaka brand. If this rumor Inferno is true which I believe it is then he well join the others that I have.
  3. Rumor MP Inferno is coming. I got this info from TFW2005 http://news.tfw2005.com/2016/04/20/rumor-masterpiece-inferno-way-314432
  4. If you want Beachcomber I got him from BBTS. Here is the link to him. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=XTR10024&mode=retail BTW I put his Autobot logo on he doesn't come with any.
  5. Well I just got my 3rd Party Masterpiece Beachcomber today. I did have some trouble with transforming him in the legs but thanks to the video I got him done. Here are some photos of him and the size compaire with Optimus Prime & Red Alert.
  6. I should be getting my MP 3RD Party Beachcomber next Tuesday.
  7. I just hope the next set of MP that we get after Ratchet and Ramjet will be some Triple Changers like Astrotrain & Broadside. Also hope we get some more Dinobots & Thrust. Plus mini bots like Beachcomber and Pipes.
  8. Umm what happen to the heads of Sideswipe and Red Alert in that first photo with Tracks & Rumble?
  9. He would be sweet, but don't know if he could justify his own release, maybe release him with another bot? Well they could do Pipes or a mini Hoist that goes inside Huffer like he did in one of the cartoon show
  10. I don't think there is an official date yet... My guess would be after SDCC... Yeah could be after SDCC. Plus usely they will hint of the two MP for TRU. I wonder if the second one will be Sideswipe. I remember last year I hear that he was sopost to be at TRU but he was change to Prowl so I wonder now if Sideswipe will be out or do any of you think it be another Decepticon jet like maybe Skywarp or just a wish Ramjet.
  11. So that is what they where. I though they where also going to be MP of Rattrap & Rhinox.
  12. Now that I have Photobucket back here is that blueprint of Huffer that Takara had of him when they did MP10 Optimus. So I hope they still have this and will do him.
  13. I really hope they do some more of the mini Aboutbots like. Beachcomber,Warpath,Gears & Pipes. Also have that blue print of Huffer come true. P.S. I can't show the photo of MP Huffer right now Photobucket is down for Maintenance.
  14. If they do anymore MP Beast Wars the only ones I would get are Trans metal Cheetor,Waspitor, & Inferno oh and TM Rattrap & maybe Rampage a.k.a. Protoform X
  15. Well if you get the MP Ultra Magnus you can have Daniel cause I just look it up and Ultra Magnus comes with Daniel and another Spike.
  16. I think because this year is the year of the Monkey for Japan. So I think that is 1 reason why they are doing Optimus Primal as a MP.
  17. But the thing is in the movie Spike was with Bumblebee in the EXO-SUIT. Daniel never was with Bumblebee. Daniel was always close to Arcee,Rodimus Prime & Wheelie.
  18. Reason I haven't post lately is I haven't gotten any new Transformers for a long time cause of money wise. The last Transformer that I got was the Combiner Wars First Aid. I never got any of the other Protectobots cause of money and now I can't fine any of them anywhere. All I see now is the Combiner Wars Sunstreaker,Ironhide & Prowl which I don't like any of there looks so will not be getting them. As for the MP there hasn't been any that I want the last MP I got was the TRU Starscream send I work at TRU. so that is why I haven't post to much on here.
  19. I think the movie line did kill the Transformers the Bay crap formers to me even though I did get some of the first movie figures (which now are in a box put in the garage.) I think the movie ones where never really true Transformers. U are also right with the Combiners with the Protectobots. I have only seen them once all exsept for Hot Spot but I can't even get him cause don't have the money for him now. The only Protectobot I have is First Aid. As for the rest I really don't like them. The reason I don't care for them is all of them are the same just remodel and tire of seeing the same mode over and over and over again. I can see maybe using that same mode but only twice not so many times. Also the ones like Sunstreaker,Prowl & Ironhide don't like how they lok with the combiner gear in the middle of there chest it makes them look way off same with Mirage. The only Transformers that I will get anymore are the Masterpiece ones when and if they have the ones that I really want.
  20. Masterpiece 30 is now been shown as Ratchet. I got the news from TFW 2005 http://news.tfw2005.com/2015/11/06/mp-30-announced-confirmed-to-be-ratchet-304980
  21. I was just at my Wal-Mart yesturday and I had a hart time fining anything with Transformers and when I did they only had 5 all together. They had 4 Protectobots Combier Wars figures and Combier Wars Ironhide that was it. I would of gotten Streetwise or Blades but I didn't have enough money for them so I couldn't get any.
  22. I agree as you guys know I work at TRU and are Transformers stuff is the pitts. We use to have a huge land of them now it is so small that dinosaur movie has taken over the Transformers land,
  23. This is from Winsto Bot on TFW2005 on what he said today. The source of that rumor was from someone who heard from an Asian country distributor that first reported that the TTMall had pulled Ramjet due to an error and a Diaclone car was the real intended exclusive. Since that was the ONLY info anyone had, we thought it was plausible. As far as official Takara Tomy info goes: all we know is Ramjet was posted as a Mall exclusive in the middle of the night( depending on where you live) and by morning, all traces of its existence was removed from their site. No official word, nothing.
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