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  1. Corract me if I'm wrong here. But I always get this mix up. Ironhide was Prime's bodyguard and I believe Prowl was Prime's left hand or right hand bot or was that Jazz?
  2. You know I had hear years ago don't remember where it was from that in season 3 Jazz was going to have big roll in that series but when Scatman had die they had to change it all. So I would of though that he would be in second in command to Rodimus exspet of Ultra Magnus. So I could also see him beening next in charge as well besides Ironhide.
  3. Hmm well I know Ironhide step in charge when Megatron made a clone of Prime so he would been the next in line. Also I know you said before the movie. But say if Ironhide wasn't kill off I would of think he would of been the next leader since he was the oldest of all the Autobots before we knew about Kup.
  4. I don't have him anymore since I got a reissue one of him. But the Soundwave I had, I had to have his legs facing backwards to get him to stand up in robot mode. As with Sharpnle he is a shorty Incenticon his legs keeps making him shrink down to his feet is the same way with my Bluestreak.
  5. Oh also would of like the see a cartoon version of Hub Cap. It was so weird that he was the only mini bot that was never in the cartoons.
  6. I guess I would say the Jump Starters. I still have my Top Spin I guess I would of like to see him in the show. To me I had always though the clones of the Insecticons from the cartoon where the ones of the toys. But I know they where not really. That was just something I had always though the clones where the Deluxe Insecticons.
  7. I'm the same way I only have so far for the Headmasters Skullcrusher and only well get High Brow as for the Combiners the only ones I have are the true Stunticons with Wildride and only First Aid and my new Groove that I got last week. I don't plan on getting the ones that never combine like Prowl or Ironhide. I know Mirage and Optimus did in one epoiso but I just don't like how Mirage look in this combiner as like you Wheeljack I don't know why the likes of Blurr,Scoruge and Hot Rod and Blaster are Headmasters when they where Targetmaster exspet Blaster.
  8. For me the two I like the most where in season 2 The Autobot Run & City of Steal. With Autobot Run I love all the complants that Sunstreaker was having with his handsome robot mode to him acting like a stunt car that would jump over Optimus and the others but didn't made it that Windcharger had to use his magnet fill to put him down. With City of Steal I just love the drawing of it one of the best drawing and color they have ever use. The one thing with Call of the Primitives that bug me was. They had all of Soundwave's cassetts but Laserbeak & Buzzsaw. They where the only animal bots that was not in it. I also wonder now if Bombshell and the others where not reformat would Primeacon call them out as well.
  9. I could be wrong but didn't Hasbro bought the rights to the Go-Bots if so how can Bandai use them?
  10. I have 6 favorite Decepticons 5 before movie and 1 after. 1. Soundwave=Just like you guys said on here his voice what did it for me. Just love it. 2. Rumble= He just a smart a.. bot with cool pilldriver to make earthquakes. 3. Thrust= Love his jet mode never seen a jet like him ever and wasn't a cower like Dirge & Ramjet. 4. Hook=His voice he was about the only one with that deep voice from any of the Constutcons. 5. Blitzwing=Don't know why but I just like him 6. Triggerhappy= Two words He's Crazy. That is all who I like.
  11. Well I do have few I have to break it up from Before movie to after movie so here we go. BEFORE MOVIE 1. Bumblebee=I just though his character was just perfect. He act like a little brother to some of the Autobots and his attuide was just it. 2. Ironhide=Just love his country tuffness in him and would been a great leader if he didn't die from the movie. I have a filling he could been the next Prime. 3. Prowl=To me he had this cool look to him and was a great character. 4. Mirage=I love that he can disapair and his voice was just perfect for him. 5. Sunstreaker=He is a funny Autobot with how his ego about his paint job look and his body. 6. Swoop=I just like how he look 7. Brawn=His machoness to him and his tuff guy attuide. 8. Wheeljack=Love his looks and how when he talk is ears would light up. 9. Air Raid=I just love his look MOVIE AFTER 1. Goldbug=Just like his old form 2. Mirage 3. Sunstreaker 4. Swoop 5. Wreck-Gar=He was just to funny talks only TV 6. Brainstorm=I though he was a good character even though we only had him for 3 epios. and he sounded like Prowl. (I know he was voice by Michale Bell) So there you have it.
  12. I have and still love the Cartoon better then the comics. I think they had a better story then the comics and I had my heart crush when I saw that my favorite Autobots where kill off in the movie namely Prowl. When I saw his eyes light up in flames and mouth I just started crying and then see my other dieing Ironhide,Wheeljack & Brawn. The comics where good but to me the stories didn't match to well with the cartoon. In fact with alot of Cartoon/comics I when more with cartoon like Superfriends,G.I. Joe,He-Man and that is about it. This is another reason why with the new look to the Masterpiece Transformers how they are starting to look more like the cartoon then the toy they where made from. Also in the cartoon I like some of the jokes that where in it from Sunstreaker's ego with his paint job to Brawn beening this macho and wanted to take Huffer apart for beening chicken to his Let's bash brains. Even with the likes of hearing Sharplen last words repeating. That is what I love about the cartoon. The comics did not have any hummer in it was all bizness. So THE CARTOON for me.
  13. The only Dinobot I have like and is a favorite of mine is Swoop. Swoop says whoope go. I just have always like him. I just wish TT & Hasbro would do a MP verison of him and the rest of the Dinobots. I have seen some nice 3rd party Dino's but I need to stick with TT/Hasbro with them.
  14. There's been a Slugfest & Overkill? I've been waiting for TT to make them.
  15. Hmm from the ones I have so far. Grimlock (tru) Targetmaster Hot Rod (tru) Optimus Prime (tru) Red Alert (TT) Rumble/Buzzsaw (TT) Soundwave/Laserbeak/Frenzy (tru) Bluestreak (TT) Smokescreen (TT) G2 Sideswipe (TT) Ratbat (Knock off or 3rd party don't know from where) Starscream (TRU) Beachcomber (3rd party) I would say my favorite for right now would be maybe Soundwave. Once I get Thrust he well be my favorite send he was one of my favorite Decepticons.
  16. He comes with an alternative head that you might like better. I find it to be more toon accurate. Nice But if you see from this photo he does have a little light green in his face if you look on his side you can see the green
  17. Here is my 3rd party Beachcomber that I got last year if I recall.
  18. Hound to me seems off somewhat in the face. Doesn't really look like Hound to me. Also if I remember right Hound didn't have silver for his face it was more like a light green. That maybe what is wrong with him. Also Outback seems off as well. I don't recall seeing a roof on his head. I think it was just open air above his head.
  19. I'm in the same way. I'm not into the 3rd party Transformers I really don't like they way they look and how cheap looking they are. I do have a 3rd party Beachcomber even though he is ok this is just a stand in untell TT comes out with one then I well replace the 3rd party Beachcomber.
  20. It must be I mean it looks like he has two extra faces like how Inferno,Grapple and some others are coming with anymore. So I would say yes he is the real Megatron.
  21. Also to me Long Haul doesn't look right I mean like his legs are not right. So I don't count them MP even for Japans version.
  22. I don't either I have both Hook and Long Haul and I try to put them next to my MP Starscream and noway do they come close to MP and also with the looks of Mixmaster he doesn't look anything like his cartoon counterpart at all. Plus they don't have any guns other then Devastor himself.
  23. If they do I just hope they split them up. To me it would be to hard to get all 6 at ones. Maybe split them up by 2 each or like I said with any of the others the made bot like Motormaster,Hot Spot, Onslaught and so on be by them self and have the other in twos Dead End & Drag Strip, Brawl & Blast Off Groove & Streetwise and on and on. I just don't want them all in one box cause can u emagin [ms] how much it be for all of them. They be more then Ultra Magnus is and Ramjet & Thrust.
  24. I just hope in the next set of MP (Next Year) that we can get some MP Combiners like the Protectobots or even the Stuntacons. Also they don't need to do them all at once they could do say Motormaster by himself then do say Blaster and Rewind. Then go back to do Drag Strip and Dead End at the same time and then go and do say Glavatron then finish the rest of the Stuntacons.
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