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  1. Well as of today my work didn't get any MP Prime but we did get MP Thundercracker thou. So I hope next week I can get Prime.
  2. I don't care if there rubber or not I just want him. Beside to me the rubber tires break off to easy at less that is how my GEN. 1 Transformers turn out to be.
  3. I can hear it now. Rise Smokeimus Prime. @loll@
  4. Let me give you this heads up. Be there first thing when it opens up. Cause if it's like my store when we had Thundercracker he be gone right when the store opens.
  5. I may work for Toys but I don't know the stuff we get in all I do at Toys is beening a Janior. Clean the restrooms,Trash and stuff like that so I don't know what we get until I see my fallow co workers bring it out. I do hope we get more then one time on them.
  6. I wonder is Optimus the same size as Grimlock and Hot Rod or is he bigger then them. I like to know so I can see if Optimus will fit in the same shelf as Grim and Hot Rod.
  7. Well to tell you the turth. I live in California and even thou my manger said we got Prime in he still doesn't show up on our computers yet only MP Thundercracker and Hot Rod which we haven't had him in a long time. So I'm not sure how we got one case over here and that I didn't know we had him on Thursday when I was working until I said something to my boss about him yesturday. I do to hope we get more of him. When Thundercraker came out we had about 5 cases total in three weeks send he came out so I hope it's the same with Prime cause I want him as well.
  8. How dose this sound to you guys. Let a high school friend of mine take home my red Bumblebee figure and then fine out about about a few days later after wanting him back that his kid brother thew him out of the car on the freeway. I was so mad at him.
  9. Man I am so mad at my job right now. I was talking to one of my bosses about the Masterpiece Optimus Prime and told him I hope he will come next THURS when are truck is here. He told me today that he did came off this Thursday truck and nobody told me about it. I can't believe we had him and I was in the store when I was there. I had the money to get him I am soooo mad right now. I told him if he comes again next week to put one on hold for me. Just think I could of had Prime as of this Thursday. grrr
  10. Congrads Hope when I go in next Thurs. send that is our track days that my job will have him so I can get him as well.
  11. I may also get Rumble and Buzzsaw only of the MP.
  12. I didn't see any listing today for MP Prime but I did check on the price for MP Thundercraker and he has gone up to 74.99. I already got my pay check today and as soon as I cash some of it when MP Prime comes in I will be getting him.
  13. The other day me and my friend where thinking if Hasbro/TT where to have Fort. Max today how much he will be. I mean back in 87 he was like 100 dollors back then so now I can let my friend know how much he will be today.
  14. Same with me to me see the white Prime means is Prime and not UM.
  15. I was watching it to and the part what Zarak said at the end told me that they could of had more then 3 episos. Cause the last words he said to Galvatron was We will see Galvatron we will see. The We will see is the key that told me that there was going to be more then the 3 part.
  16. I'm just going have to wait until my store gets Prime in. As of now I don't have enough right now and besides I get a 10 percent discount on him send I work for Toys.
  17. am i really the only one who takes megatrons barrel and flip it up behind his back? ive owned several megs and always display him with the barrel behind him like in the toons No your not I may never had Megatron before but I had a friend who use to have him and when he let me see him I put the barrel as well in the back. I think it look better then they way Hasbro did it. Infact I try to copy the logos of both Autobots and Decepticons from the cartoon.
  18. Yeah I see what you mean and I do like your way alot better. I may do something like yours a little bit. But I will not add the c-8 c-9 or what ever send I'm not that good and telling how well my figures are most of them are play and wear. Like Brawn part of his foot is broken and Ultra Magnus doesn't really stay togehter. So I will not do that but I may do something like If I got it in the year when it came out of reissue like how my Starscream and Sideswipe are reissues.
  19. Here we go. I'm sorry that it's a little faded. Anyway this is just one page of it and the little * next to the character means that is who I have. Just saw that I guess I forgot to add the * next to Broadside and Mirage cause I do have them as well.
  20. Not bad I to have a list made when I was collecting the G1 Transformers but it wasn't on a spread sheet like that. If I have time I will scan my list the way I did it. But I do like your alot better then mine was. I also had titles on them like you but I did it a little different. For exsmple. I had for the Autotbots Leader: Optimus, Rodimus and Ultra Magnus. Commuetion Blaster. Sintest [ms] Perceptor stuff like that. Give me a few mins to get it.
  21. Give us a yell when you spot MP-10 Prime Believe me I will I want to get him to. I'm already starting to save money to get him.
  22. When in to work today and we had 4 of him in the front of coustermer serives desk when I leave there was only 3 left but in the back wild I was baling cardboard I saw another case on a U Boat that we had so we had 8 total today.
  23. Could we say that he is like one of the Pretender Decepticons in the inside he was human but outside a robot. So Breakdown became a pretender and the first that I know to air on a cartoon.
  24. This is my though of why there is so much Bumblebee's out still and only mine and I could be wrong but. I remember back in 1984 Bumblebee was 1 of the most famous characters on the cartoon almost everyone like him Optimus,Soundwave and Starscream. But when Hasbro did Bumblebee he was so hard to fine even my mom and dad at the time couldn't fine him for me. So my though is Hasbro thanks Bumblebee is still everyones favorite of today and they figure send he is a fan favorite they got to make alot of Bumblebee's in any kind of way. I don't think so. To me the only Bumblebee that I have ever like was the G1 Bumblebee these other Bumblebee's don't act like the G1 that I grown up with. To this day I haven't bought any other Bumblebee but the G1 Bumblebee from his red verison to his Prenter Classic to his Action Master verison or his Goldbug verison and I don't plan of getting any other Bumblebee.
  25. That and I hated how Michael Bay did the movie. As long he still is around doing the Transformers movies I will not. I as well didn't get any of the movie 3 figures at all did not like the looks to any of them. To me they didn't look anything like robots they all look like wires all put together in a jisaw puzzle. The figures that I have for the first two movies there i a box and put in the garage where the spiders can spin there webs all over them.
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