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  1. I would like to see the size differents between Fort. Max and this new Metroplex. Wasn't Fort. Max 2 feet as well?
  2. No they haven't done Tracks So far it's been Sideswipe,Red Alert, the soon to be out Prowl,Bluestreak & Smokescreen of the Autobots cars.
  3. I just recive today my MP Rumble and Buzzsaw. I did had a little trouble with Rumble's legs to get them open up but I got it. Here are some photos of them.
  4. Triggerhappy uhhh...that's a skylander. @smilepunch@ Yeah he is a Targetmaster that skylander took his name or should I say stole his name.
  5. I hear that to but looking at next week there going back to 2012. So as of right now I deleted my DVR for those two shows until I hear if they will come back or not speacilly the way how the way they both ended like I said early.
  6. The way it ended today as well as Green Lantern I think if they want to they can bring both of these two back if the buttheads from Cartoon Network and Warner Bros can stop with some of there BS they do. I which someone like the Hub or Nick could pick these two up.
  7. I know but like I said I don't have that much room and I'm hoping that they make some of my favorite Characters. Soundwave and Rumble are two that he has made that are my favorite characters but the others hasn't done yet. So that is why UM is a maybe for right now. I can change my mine by the time we ever see pics of him. Oh to let you know who my other favorites are. Goldbug Sunstreaker Mirage Swoop Thrust Hook These are the ones I have in toy form from G1 I have but the others that are my favorite that I don't have a toy of are... Wreck-Gar Blitzwing Triggerhappy Brainstorm. Also I'm waiting for and MP Inferno to hit the treatment to go with my MP Red Alert.
  8. UM is a maybe in my book. I some what would like to get him but my one fear is the cost would he be more then Prime or the same price. I know I need to limit my MP collection down. As of right now I have 5 Autobots if you count Firebolt Hot Rod's Targetmaster and I need some Decepitcons in the mix. So that is why I'm call him for now a MAYBE.
  9. When I was at my job today I was looking at our computer and it looks like they took down all the Masterpiece listing even thou we still have the MP Thundercracker at are store (3) of them the list for him isn't up. I think it's going to be hard from here on out to tell if any TRU will have any MP in stock or not. When we got MP Prime in also during last year he wasn't even listed. either TRU is putting them somewhere else on the computer and I can't fine it or there not going to tell any of the workers other then the Mrg. if we get any in. So when MP Soundwave comes in I may never know if we did get him or not unlist I see cases for him like how I did with Optimus.
  10. More: http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/transformers-prime-39/new-transformers-skus-from-toys-r-us-canada-177013/ meh looks fine to me, guess i'm not that picky, but who knows maybe he will have the grimlock eye treatment.....then again we did just get 5 tapes, so with all these bots we better see jazz/meister soon, and what about ratbat? didn't he get enough screen time to warrant a figure? Don't forget about Overkill and Slugfest. I know they where in only one epiod but I still count them in the cartoon.
  11. I put a per-order for Bluestreak the other day on BBTS. Now all I need is the money to get him. Hopely I can get my income tax done this weekend so I know how much I'll get back to use that money on him and if there is alot I will pre-order Smokescreen as well.
  12. Good question I know Mattel has Slingshot and Firebolt. Slingshot is beeing use for one of there Hot Wheel toys with the Angery birds. Firebolt is beening use for those big boots in a 3 pack I have seen at my work at Toys R Us. But others like Hot Rod or Wildrider no clue. I think I hear that Runabout is beening use for some Star Trak character.
  13. Was just on Bigbadtoy store and they got some new pics up on Prowl and Bluestreak and it looks like the numbers for Bluestreak and Smokesceen have change but the date releast is the same. Either BBTS got the numbers mix up or they where change. Here are new photos of Bluestreak and Prowl. Bluestreak http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TAK11679&mode=retail Prowl http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TAK11677&mode=retail
  14. Probably to convince people like me to buy both... I'll still get him but I was hoping he had his red eyes. This is the one reason why I got Tarka's verison of Red ALert cause if and when Hasbro does do Red Alert they will have him with a black head and not his red. Well I still will get him.
  15. Man why is Hasbro having Soundwave with Yellow eyes and not red. I like his red eyes better hope they change the color before it comes out later in the year.
  16. I was at Target today with my mom getting our usely Friday Groceries that we do after helpping my mom with things that we needed I when into the toy lane to see if they had any of the FOC Sideswipe which they didn't. I was a little bum cause I wanted him but when I was looking on the shelf I saw a FOC box that I though it was Soundwave or Soundblaster but when I pick it up it was Grimlock and the last one they had to. So I when and pick him up. He looks really cool. I did have troubles with him of transforming him from robot mode to Dino mode cause of his right leg falling off and having a hard time putting it back on to have him in dinobot mode. Here are some pics of Grimlock. I leaved the sheld off of him cause I really don't like on him. and I have him back in robot mode send I had a hard time with him in dino mode.
  17. No the cartoon came before the comics. I remember seeing the first TF comic about 3 months after the cartton came out. Yes the first 3 issuse had the Transformers look like the toys but in issue 4 they started to look like the cartoon. Like I said I go by the cartoon only to me it has more life then the comics or the toys so that is where I go with Rumble Blue,Frenzy Red, Skyfire over Jetfire and that Wheeljack,Windcharager are dead.
  18. To me Rumble will alway be blue and Frenzy Red I go by the cartoon and that is it. So when I get my MP RUMBLE & BUZZSAW next month I will be calling him by that Rumble and no box that has the name wrong will make me change his name.
  19. I wish we can get Thrust and the other 2 exspet this Acid Storm Decepticon.
  20. I'm going to start saving money next month for him by the time Soundwave comes out I should have the money by then.
  21. Well I guess I can give my friend the extra Rumble and Buzzsaw when I get Hasbro's MP Soundwave. I already pay for Rumble and Buzzsaw so I will get them next month. Wonder what happen to mp Sideswipe? I would love to get METROPLEX to but if Soundwave comes out the same time as Metroplex then I will go for Soundwave. Well time to start saying.
  22. I think there cute looking I just pre-order Jazz to bad Soundwave is sold out. I like to also get Prime,Starscream and Grimlock but for now just Jazz.
  23. Oh ok. I was going to say man you got them and I have to wait tell next month for Buzzsaw and Rumble to come.
  24. You already got Frenzy and Ravage. I though they come out next month?
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